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A thread on the Lockdown


Online Resources: Typhoon Yolanda (updated)

Tweet Online Resources: Typhoon Yolanda For updates on Typhoon Yolanda visit the feature page on the Official Gazette website. The page contains a Google Crisis Map in partnership with Google Philippines, including a cowdsourced map of evacuation centers, crisis areas, and relief drop zone areas in relation to Typhoon Haiyan/Yolanda. PCDSPO is working with Google to …

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Pleas for Pyro

My apologies to CaT and thanks to her for reminding me of my commitment.There isn’t any point worrying about the world if we’re deaf, mute, and blind to the plight of an individual times of pain has the story and updates on Joseph Pyro, who is very ill and has gone through, in his three years on earth, more than most of us will ever have to suffer.

Impeachment impasse?

Tweet This entry was revised at 11:36. Scuttbutt from sources close to Cory Aquino originally suggest things are headed down the long road of impeachment. This is without prejudice to those who have already called for the President’s resignation. Recall during President Estrada’s time, there were strong calls for his resignation, but this didn’t stop …

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The Morning After

Tweet Yesterday, news outfits and bloggers went into high gear;, as often happens in times of high public interest, shifted to a spartan version. Everyone’s topic: the Amazing Barnacle. A cacophony of voices to start the day. First of all, gleeful use of the term, “tipping point,” which I think I can safely say, …

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Command and Control

Tweet Apparently, according to people observing things in Makati, the Jinggoy-JV-Binay crowd disappeared promptly at 7 p.m. Acerbic comment was, “the meter stopped running.” The President returned to the Palace and didn’t go to Cebu, apparently ABS-CBN was led on a wild goose chase. The President retains Fidel Ramos, the police, and, conditionally, at least, …

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Vice-President: Pray

Tweet The Vice-President has appealed for calm. And for people to pray. He respects Cory Aquino’s appeal, but he believes the President will take the feelings of the people into consideration, and that she will ultimately decide what’s best for the people. New cabinet: Mario Relampagos -Dept. of Budget and Management Ramon Bacani -Dept. of …

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Imee Marcos: Will we tolerate liars and thieves?

Tweet The crowd: No! So… Well… Make of that situation at Ayala Avenue yourself. Will not be commenting for a few hours, as I have to address a group.

President: I am in control

Tweet President on air. She will not step down. She says no to Cory. She says the system is broken. She challenges her opponents to bring their complaints to Congress. She will announce a new cabinet in the coming days. Put together a new team -with “unimpeachable qualifications and democratic credentials”- to get the economy …

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President shifting to Cebu

Tweet A few minutes ago, the President left the Palace, first, reportedly, for Malate Church, and now, it seems, toward Quezon City. Update: ANC says the President is meeting Ramos at the Sulo Hotel, then to Malate Church, then on to Cebu. If this is true, the President has an official office and residence there. …

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The situation at present

Tweet The situation seems to be at this point: The President’s primary backer is Fidel Ramos. She has the Speaker, governors, mayors, behind her. Cory Aquino and Civil Society with business have called for resignation. Susan Roces has indicated that she is content to send friendly overtures to Cory. But the opposition sees this as …

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FVR: Charter change, now!

Tweet Once more, Fidel Ramos is on air, calling for a genuine solution: charter change, now, which could be effective come May, 2006. Now we know clearly, and unambiguously, that the President has Ramos to stiffen her spine, while the two widows cautiously call for her to resign for the good of the country. The …

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