The situation at present

The situation seems to be at this point:

The President’s primary backer is Fidel Ramos. She has the Speaker, governors, mayors, behind her.

Cory Aquino and Civil Society with business have called for resignation.

Susan Roces has indicated that she is content to send friendly overtures to Cory. But the opposition sees this as a chance to reclaim the initiative.

The Vice-President is the key. He has to move, to retain Susan Roces’s confidence; Cory and Civil Society and business has to convince the Vice-President to assert himself; if Susan Roces loses her patience, we have a thoroughly dangerous situation.

The President retains the ultimate option of trying to use the police, either to proclaim a state of emergency or impose martial law, which an administration-controlled Congress might endorse.

Manuel L. Quezon III.

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