Pleas for Pyro

My apologies to CaT and thanks to her for reminding me of my commitment.

There isn’t any point worrying about the world if we’re deaf, mute, and blind to the plight of an individual child.

in times of pain has the story and updates on Joseph Pyro, who is very ill and has gone through, in his three years on earth, more than most of us will ever have to suffer.

When I was a baby, I fell ill with viral meningitis. My father figured it out because he’d heard so many stories while growing up, of his sister, Nenita, who died of the same thing.

He recounted to me what his father, a man who had lost his faith at the time, had prayed: save my daugher, even if I have to carry her in my arms for the rest of my life.

For a child, the pain and suffering of illness is the entire world for that child; for parents, it is the horror of seeing their world collapse before their eyes.

The links in the blog with updates on Pyro point to Kythe, a foundation helping pediatric patients; as well as to Cancer Warriors. Wherever you are, you can help.

Read Pyro’s story for yourself, and help, if you can.

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7 thoughts on “Pleas for Pyro

  1. It seems so unfair that such a little baby should have to go through so much suffering but I’m confident God has plans for him – Pyro will vanquish this maladie.

  2. God. God! Oh, God! C’mon guys open your eyes. God is cruel! Period. God is Satan.

    Our politicians has better batting average in seeing thru their promises than God. God is useless. God is subjugating the mind of the Filipinos. It tamp on creativity. What creativity is for when we were taught from the moment we planted our feet on earth that God made everything. That our fate is in God’s hands.

    Remember that 12 years old from Davao who hanged herself out of desperation because her parents didn’t have money for school project?

    Now that was fakking cruel. God neglected her. If God were human, God would have been hanged.

    … And Filipinos are still waiting for God to make the Philippines better than our neighboring countries … and waiting for 480 years and counting … And stupid filipinos cannot discern, Filipinos are oblivious, Filipinos are blind, because Filipinos are dumb stupid low-iq-low-life-3rd-world-religious-Asian-Trash.

    Go ahead delete this post! Because you cannot handle the truth!!!! HA!HA!HA!


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