Quezon Family Collection

I. The Quezon Family Collection 

This is composed of the papers, photographs, and other ephemera, including bound reports and books, of Manuel L. Quezon, Aurora A. Quezon, and their adult children, Maria Aurora Quezon, Maria Zeneida Quezon Avanceña, and Manuel L. Quezon Jr. The papers of President Quezon here primarily comprises his official and personal papers from World War II; those of Mrs. Quezon includes her personal and official papers after she became a widow, and the parents’ correspondence with their children.

At present, the Quezon Family Collection can be found in the Roderick Hall Collection in the Filipinas Heritage Library, which is cataloging, digitizing, and preserving, the collection.

Items from the Quezon Family Collection already digitized have been shared with other institutions and can be found online:

Selected Documents, Ephemera, and Books

The President Manuel Quezon Collection in the Presidential Museum and Library Archive.org collection. Particularly noteworthy here, and available for download, are the following:

A. Early biographies

Quezon, Man of Destiny, by Carlos Quirino (1935)

Manuel L. Quezon: His Life and Career, A Complete Biography by Sol Gwekoh (1948)

Aurora A. Quezon: Her Life and Deeds, by Sol Gwekoh (1950)

B. References

Quezon Memorial Book (1952)

Speeches Of Manuel L. Quezon As Resident Commissioner

Selected quotations from the letters and speeches of President Manuel L. Quezon

Manuel Luis Quezon on his Centenary, by Alfredo Saulo (1978)

This is a remarkable reference work consisting of an Appraisal, Chronology, Reader and Bibliography.

Volume I

Volume II

Report Of The Philippine Delegation To The Conference Of The Institute Of Pacific RelationsOn December 4-14, 1942, Philippine delegates attended the Eighth Conference of the Institute of Pacific Relations at Mont Tremblant, Quebec, Canada. This report includes the list of delegates to the conferences, issues discussed, and comments and observations

C. Compilations:

I. Philippine Press Clippings

Bound press clippings by The Philippine Press Clipping Co., Inc., “Clippings of His Excellency Hon. M.L. Quezon President of the Philippine Commonwealth.”

Vol. I-A (1931-1934)

Vol. II (1934B-1935)

Vol. III (1935)

Vol. IV-A (1936-1937)

Vol. V-B (1937)

Vol. V-C (1937)

Vol. V-D (19337)

Vol VI (1938-1939)

Vol. VII (1940-1945)

II. “Huk Ambush” Scrapbooks

Scrapbook A

Scrapbook 2

Scrapbook C

III. Photogravure of Manuel L. Quezon

Presented by Feliciano Navarro, a collection of press clippings focusing on weekend supplements for the years 1936-1938. Many of the pictures here are particularly fine.

Vol. IV

Vol. V

IV. Assorted Scrapbooks

1. Newsclippings on Manuel L. Quezon’s Death, August 1, 1944

2. Newspaper Clippings on Manuel L. Quezon and Aurora A. Quezon, 1942

3. Manuel L. Quezon Jr. 1958-1967 Articles


See the Quezon Family Collection on Flickr; see also, President Manuel L. Quezon and Doña Aurora A. Quezon in the Presidential Library and Museum (2010-2016) Flickr page. The Quezon Family Collection comprises personal and official photographs; the Presidential Museum ands Library also contains photographs from the collection of the National Library of the Philippines.


The Philippine Diary Project includes the diaries of Aurora A. Quezon and the Diary Notes of Manuel L. Quezon, as well as the Clinical Records of the Physicians of President Quezon.

II. The Presidential Papers of Manuel L. Quezon

The Presidential Papers of Manuel L. Quezon are part of the UNESCO Memory of the World Register. See Presidential Papers of Manuel L. Quezon.

By virtue of his Last Will and Testament executed in Del Monte, Bukidnon, on March 26, 1942, Manuel L. Quezon bequeathed his public and private papers to the Philippine Government, with the Director of the National Library of the Philippines as the custodian. These are known as the Manuel Luis Quezon Presidential Papers or the Quezon Papers. From 1967-1969, the University of Michigan microfilmed portions of the Quezon Papers, totaling 54 rolls of microfilm. See Manuel Luis Quezon papers: 1909-1944. UNESCO mentions another important repository of Quezon-related papers is the Jorge B. Vargas Museum and Filipiniana Research Center.

ItemNotesSeries GuidePeriod CoveredNo. of Boxes
Pres. Manuel Luis Quezon: A BiobibliographyUndertaken in 1962 during the time of Carlos Quirino.   
Pres. Manuel Luis Quezon: A Register of his papers in the National Library Note that the scanned copy online includes handwritten annotations.   
Pres. Manuel Luis Quezon: Finding Aid to Photograph CollectionProbationary edition prepared in 1997.   
Pres. Manuel Luis Quezon: Finding Aid to the Music Collection    
Pres. Manuel Luis Quezon: Guide to Papers Series 1, General Correspondence Letters, telegrams, cablegrams, radiograms, and memoranda sent and received of historical value. General Correspondence is arranged chronologically by date, year, month and day.  1901-1944 
Pres. Manuel Luis Quezon: Guide to Papers Series 2, Correspondent’s File Letters, telegrams, cablegrams, radiograms and memoranda sent and received, arranged alphabetically by correspondent, thereunder chronologically by date.  1902-1946 
Pres. Manuel Luis Quezon: Guide to Papers Series 3, Speeches, Articles, Statements, Reports, Interviews, Bookfile & Messages Speeches, articles, statements, reports, interviews, bookfile and messages. Arranged by type of material thereunder chronologically by year. Sub-series: Articles 1904-1944.   Articles 1904-1944
Bookfile 1914-1941
Interviews 1912-1943
Messages 1911-1931
Reports 1932
Pres. Manuel Luis Quezon: Guide to Papers Series 4, Family Correspondence, Family Correspondence w/ related material   1909 
Pres. Manuel Luis Quezon: Guide to Papers Series 5, Aurora A. Quezon File    
Pres. Manuel Luis Quezon: Guide to Papers Series 6, Financial Records    
Pres. Manuel Luis Quezon: Guide to Papers Series 7, Subject File    
Pres. Manuel Luis Quezon: Guide to Papers Series 8, Provincial and Municipal Governments    
Pres. Manuel Luis Quezon: Guide to Papers Series 9, General Miscellany, A. Photographs, B. Memorials    
Pres. Manuel Luis Quezon: Guide to Papers Series 10, Newsclippings, Printed Matters