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FVR: Charter change, now!
By mlq3 Posted in Crisis Mode on July 8, 2005 2 Comments 1 min read
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Once more, Fidel Ramos is on air, calling for a genuine solution: charter change, now, which could be effective come May, 2006.

Now we know clearly, and unambiguously, that the President has Ramos to stiffen her spine, while the two widows cautiously call for her to resign for the good of the country.

The Palace repeats that the President will issue a statement “within the hour.” President, according to reporter, gleefully shook Ramos’s hand after his statement.

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  1. kung magpapaparlyamentaryo tayo, tapos ganon at ganong mga tao pa rin sa gobyerno…anong pagkakaiba?

  2. I would like to believe that the intiative to fine tune the provisions in the constitution to avoid the pitfalls of the Cory Constitution deserves the attention of the public. we should weigh the pros and cons and decide with the Filipino public.