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Funny peculiar

Tweet As a marching music aficionado I couldn’t pass this up. It seems as part of the new Russian imperium, they’re brushing up on spit n’ polish militarism: The Russian Presidential Guards in their freshly dusted-off Czarist-era uniforms. And who better to learn from then their German brethren? Hence.. The Bundeswehr performing Prussian marches in …

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Sassy sashes

Blackshama on presidential sashes, etc. Also, with my comments.

Limits on the use of the Presidential Seal

Read Executive Order 310, s.  2004, and the limits on public use of the Presidential Seal.

ODM of the RP

This Wikipedia article, Orders, decorations, and medals the Philippines, gives an overview.  If you know of any recipients, you may want to submit their names here to help complete the national database of awardees.

RM and the Golden Heart

The Order of the Golden Heart was established by President Ramon Magsaysay.

Medal of Merit to Komiks artists

Six Presidential Medals of Merits awarded on February 24: Antonio Velasquez, creator of the comic strip character Kenkoy, Mars Ravelo, creater of Darna, cartoonist Larry Alcala, Francisco Coching who created 51 other komiks novels.  Plus director Carlo Caparas, creator and author of more than 800 Pinoy komiks novels, and Emilio Yap, publisher.Josie Natori, designer, was conferred the Order of Lakandula, rank of Commander, on March 7.

Leah Salonga decorated

Leah Salonga, singer, and Leo Oracion and Erwin Ermata were decorated with the Order of Lakandula on February 8.

Latest DCS conferment

Distinguished Conduct Star awarded to 1st Lt. Randy Galiza.

Order of the Golden Heart conferred

On Dr. Natividad Clavano for her pioneering work in the field of pediatrics with her work “Under-Five Clinic National Program,” and in infant feeding with her “Baby Friendly Hospital Initiative.”Also on Ms. Manuela Maramba who holds the distinction of being the first nutritionist in the Philippines.Both were conferred the rank of Commander on August 14.  2006.

Yes, I’m Blue

Tweet A handy resource on the internet is Flags Of The World: which, long before sites such as Wikepedia, was an exponent of collective learning and the sharing of expertise. I have been on and off again, active on the site and its mailing list. The debate over the colors of the Philippine flag has …

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Philippines Still in Dog House

Tweet Philippines Still in Dog House for Pulling Troops From Iraq: is my Arab News column for today. Amend the flag law – is my PDI column for today. This column makes reference to Republic Act 8491 or the “Flag and Heraldic Code of the Philippines,” which I often use as an example of …

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