Command and Control

Apparently, according to people observing things in Makati, the Jinggoy-JV-Binay crowd disappeared promptly at 7 p.m. Acerbic comment was, “the meter stopped running.”

The President returned to the Palace and didn’t go to Cebu, apparently ABS-CBN was led on a wild goose chase. The President retains Fidel Ramos, the police, and, conditionally, at least, the Armed Forces.

Brother Eddie’s attempt at an Edsa gathering fizzled out with about 100 people bothering to go.

Susan Roces kept her cool and maintained her statement, which was conciliatory to all those opposing the President.

This leaves tommorow as a day which Cory Aquino and Civil Society can begin to move more methodically, and without the fear of being sucked into an opposition power play. To their advantage, once again, the Binay-Estrada camp proved just how alienated they are, even from those opposed to the President. The advantage remains with Cory Aquino and friends, while the rest of the population watches and waits, and Susan Roces keeps her final card in hand.

The bishops are the only group with a national and local constituency that haven’t been heard from. Their call will determine which side can break the stalemate.

The Vice-President remains firmly decided upon keeping his options open. At a forum I attended this evening, one participant pointed out de Castro isn’t affiliated with the Marcos camp, the Edsa I, II, or III camps. So that’s a cause for a little optimism, isn’t it?

Two scuttlebutt items from people claiming to be in the know, although I’m rather skeptical:

1. Breakdown of the AFP -the majors are solidly against the President; colonels are worried they might get dragged in; the generals have no troops. PMA classes have met, and generally, they’re against the President.

2. The United States has decided to step in; agents coming in from Guam with airforce; CIA talking to the business community; the President forced to leave in 48 hours. The military has anticipated a martial law proclamation; a big faction in the military against such a proclamation.

Science-fiction aside, let me reiterate my thoughts about the President’s current stand: it’s big, bold, and lies. Tina Panganiban-Perez has a great account of running after the President. igmatv is a good source for video and stories on the past few days.

Ces Drilon says that the President is going to Cebu tommorow.

Manuel L. Quezon III.

9 thoughts on “Command and Control

  1. number 2 item re: the eagle has landed. they do not operate it that way. I like the mission impossible movie better. (the old one)
    Good morning mr. Phelps….

  2. Sometimes I’m tempted to believe that the Philippines is the best reason to doubt democracy in the philippines.

    I firmly believe that anything extra-judicial or extra-constitutional should not be tolerated. Similarly, I believe that the constitution is supposed to be held immutable. Otherwise, we shall all be governed by mob-rule. The ends never justify the means.

  3. Edsa 1 mob rule edsa 2 mob rule edsa 3 almost became a mob rule. It is what it is. we are what we are. if you want change start with oneself. then preach it to others.

  4. edsa 2 is to blame when they staged the walked out. davide should have called them back.
    there is some evidence that edsa 2 was a conspiracy and not totally spontaneous.

    win or lose. sport lang dapat. erap could have limped along to finish his term. he had already promised to share power. i thought
    his capacity for mischief was diminished.

    i did not vote for the guy. I was just of the opinion that he was voted in. Us Filipinos made our bed, now we must lie in it.

    people do not trust the impeachment process anymore because of what transpired. pag natalo isang side. walk out.

    As for me. by all means. let’s try it again.
    game ako. I trust our representatives to do the right thing. (oust gma). kung talo. sport lang.

  5. Erap could have hosed those protesters with bullets but he didint, Marcos could have bombed those protesters but didint. Gloria hurted lots of people when May 1 happened. I see a big difference between those 3.go figure

  6. “Let Manila resign from the Philippines. Manila can do whatever they want, but Manila is not the Philippines. It was not only Cory or the Makati Business Club or their groups who put Arroyo in position. The Philippines is not Manila or Makati. If opportunists who will create stories and fabricate lies can unseat any President, then the Philippines has no future,” said congresswoman Nerissa Soon-Ruiz.

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