President: I am in control

President on air. She will not step down. She says no to Cory. She says the system is broken. She challenges her opponents to bring their complaints to Congress. She will announce a new cabinet in the coming days. Put together a new team -with “unimpeachable qualifications and democratic credentials”- to get the economy back on track. The President remains defiant.

Manuel L. Quezon III.

21 thoughts on “President: I am in control

  1. if GMA transfers the seat of govt to cebu and set up her new cabinet there, the opposition will set-up it’s own de-facto government. this is civil war in the offing.

  2. I hope not Sam. The opposition was bad enough to consider civil war even during Edsa 2. It’s a scary thought. Cooler heads should prevail.

  3. kung magpapaparlyamentaryo tayo, tapos ganon at ganong mga tao pa rin sa gobyerno…anong pagkakaiba?

  4. “unimpeachable qualifications and democratic credentials” – is she looking for miracles?

  5. dops – madaling magpalit ng leader basically. that’s it. plus masa uneducated votes will not be a problem. thing is they have to be certain about prime ministers rule. if they’ll give it a limit in x number of years or not (quasi parliamentary system like the french’s i think). maybe federal parliamentary?

  6. If GMA remains defiant, it will not be good for her and the country. There might even be the cvivil war possibility.

    Character is what we are in the dark.

    If she continues to be stubborn in her darkest hour, then it confirms what we have long suspected about her character.

    Pray harder to GOD she regains some sense in her head.

  7. Nampucha! I spoke too soon. Seems she’s made of sterner stuff than we gave her credit for. We overlooked the FVR factor, which must be the only thing now sustaining her will. What should have been a less turbulent transfer of power brokered by leaders of Civil Society, business and the clergy will, from here on, involve the foot-soldiers of the middle and the irregulars of the masa. So now we’re treading dangerously on extra-constitutional ground. It puts the militant Left and opposition back into the game.
    These forces may yet re-hijack history from Civil Society.

  8. as I posted before, gloria is desperate…
    desperately holding on to power. Another marcos clone: ‘chibi’ [Japanese for small,rotund person] version? Goodness!
    …and I thought she is making ‘sacrifices’?

  9. i believe its going to be Manila Vs. Cebu. Last election, Manila is for FPJ while Cebu is for GMA, stating they are more intelligent voters than the manilenos.Now, Manilenos are very aggresive, they want change, maybe because they are already fed up, Cebu on the otherhand want to show that they are better and different, and GMA is taking this opportunity to be cuddled by the Cebuanos.

  10. One can already smell a shift towards south-centered governance when GMA dangled again in her speech her preference for federalism.This is of course to assuage support by the local governments. Federalism has long been a welcome idea for Southern politicians especially Mindanao and Cebu.

  11. The south has been performing well and has stayed to be one, that is why GMA is using them. But it’s about time for the southerners to watch out, since GMA has been known to have fickled mind ever since.

    Kayo din baka baliktarin din kayo sa sunod, Babala lang.

    Gibunuangan lang ta ni GMA.

  12. WHEN WILL THIS COCK AND BULL STORY STOP? I hope never… the true tactic of this so called President is for people to get tired of the story, and for problems to arise while all this commotion is happening so tht those who are less fortunate will rather spend their time scurrying for food than Protesting in the streets for what they truly believe in… Good thinking Mrs. Arroyo, you really are smart, I hope this can bring you to hell, well, thats obvious…for the people… Do not lose hope.. be smarter..

  13. Filipinos….. think and think and deeply think.. sino ba gusto nila ipalit kay PGMA from the opposition? Si Abat or si Susan Roces?

    We cannot always compromise the country’s welfare for our impulsiveness and aggressiveness…

    It will be true na kapag tapos na ang crisis na ito at magwagi nga ang opposition block, for sure lalabas din ang mga tunay na kulay ng mga yan at kung anong uri ng ahas sila…

    for a young person like me, nakakapanghinayang talaga kung lagi tayong ganito..

  14. All I can say is that people who still believes in Gloria is called TANGA (TAong Naniniwala kay Gloria Arroyo)

  15. She would like to believe that she is in control. That is very much different from being actually in control of the situation

  16. ¿Quién más puede gobernar a las Filipinas sino una señora bien preparada y educada? Dejésmola en paz y ayúdemosla.. No seamos como cangrejos en una timba, los otros subiendo y los otros arrastrando a los demás hacia abajo!
    They hate her because she knows what she is doing… they despise and want her out because they know she can do it. GIVE HER A FRIGGIN CHANCE OK?

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