Vice-President: Pray

The Vice-President has appealed for calm. And for people to pray. He respects Cory Aquino’s appeal, but he believes the President will take the feelings of the people into consideration, and that she will ultimately decide what’s best for the people.

New cabinet:

Mario Relampagos -Dept. of Budget and Management
Ramon Bacani -Dept. of Education
Roberto Tan- Dept. of Finance
Obet Pagdanganan -Dept. of Land Reform
Tom Aquino- Dept. of Trade and Industry
Luwalhati Pablo -?

Presumably, Tiglao, Neri, Romulo, Bunye, and Ermita have also been retained.

Manuel L. Quezon III.

12 thoughts on “Vice-President: Pray

  1. yun lang? oo na nga, sabihin na nating gusto nya kung anong makakabuti sa mga tao..pero ayaw na nga ng mga tao sa kanaya…ano bang mahirap intindihan jan?

    naks…mukhang galit, hehehe…

    hot na hot na…

    rally naaa!!!!!!!1

  2. Ang bilis naman!

    Next stop: Transfer the seat of gov’t either to Cebu or Iloilo?

    Paging Garcia, Drilon, and Miriam!

  3. Nope, GSM can’t reach Japan. Been following your blog though. Got confirmation from a close friend of Popo Lotilla: indeed he has resigned but declined to join the others who called from GMA’s resignation

  4. Sir MLQ3,

    I believe Sir that in light of what is happening now, it is imperative for VP NOLI to make a stand. This is to prevent the UNO in continually basking in the glory of Susan and taking all the credit for the developments in the political scene right now.

    In all the interviews of Binay, JV and Imee, they did not fail to mention Susan as if Susan is encouraging them in their quest to build a transitional government. Clearly, they will not respect the constitution in the event of the resignation of the President and to make their proposition palatable to the public, they keep on mentioning the name of Mrs. Poe. Poor Susan!

    However, I have hopes that Susan acts according to her own wisdom and judgment. In a radio interview, Binay and Harriet D. even admitted that before they went to the AYALA rally, they passed by Susan’s Greenhills home and persuaded her to join them and she declined! I know that in her heart of hearts, she knows what is good for the Filipino people and I pray that she continues to be prudent and wise, right MLQ3? Also, it would be more responsible and safe if she could just designate an Official spokesperson for her to avoid the likes of JV and Binay transmitting rather untrue and vague messages to the people who trust her so much.

  5. I’m sure VP De Castro can’t sleep well tonight. He knows everyone is expecting to hear something new from him. Tough balancing act kabayan has to perform at the moment. But expect that when he get’s a whiff that the CBCP and the military will support him, then thats the time he will perform the judas kiss.

  6. Yes VP Noli, we are praying and you ought to pray too, pray really hard with all your might! Cory, the civil society, the 10 cabinet members, the Makati Business Club will be supporting you in the event of PGMA’s resignation but then there are those who are in no way will respect your constitutional right as the successor for the presidency.

    It is a blessing that Susan did not join the rally in Makati, her message was of sobriety and I just hope that JV and Binay will shut their mouth and refrain using the widow’s untainted name.

  7. Nobody cares what you think, Ca t. We need heroes now and not a Madam Auring like you. Please spare MLQ3’s blog from your ‘mystical’ inanities!

  8. excuse me mlq3 but i think the martial law has not been declared yet. why is one poster here likes to gag me.

    i never even ban her from my blog. I just ask her not to stop me from laughing.

    just ban my ip if you do not want me to participate.

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