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God wills it! Dieu le veut!

Tweet With those words, Urban II proclaimed the Crusades. Kings at the time “took up the Cross,” to fight in the Holy Land; and then, as now, kings and presidents, princes and governors, have been eager to wrap themselves in the mantle of the Holy Cross. As Machiavelli advised, the appearance of piety is more …

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Talking to Trillanes (fixed!)

Because the courts have finally relented and permitted the publication of interviews, I can post a discussion I had with Antonio Trillanes.  In it, we discuss his views on why he decided to run for the Senate, his views on what senatorial work entails, his opinions on counterinsurgency, the peace process, reforms in the armed forces, and so forth.  I’ve only edited out portions that, according to the guidelines of his lawyers, might be considered in the nature of sub judice commentary.

Red Cross appeal

This includes their permanent, professional, staff, and volunteers who give up their free time and resources to pitch in.Wherever you may be, there’s probably a Red Cross chapter near you…. This is a good time to send a donation to your local Red Cross chapter, or perhaps you can call them up and find out how you can help, if you’d like to help…. In light of current circumstances, I thought the best way to commemorate her birthday is to make available her own appeal for help for the Red Cross.Click below to listen to Mrs.

50th Anniversary of the VMMC

Tweet Speech at the 50th Anniversary of the Veteran’s Memorial Medical Center, Basilio Valdes Hall, VMMC, Quezon City. November 14, 2005

CEAP kids roundtable. part 6

Tweet The final part of the round table discussion.

CEAP kids roundtable, part 5

Tweet Part 5 of the round table discussion.

CEAP kids roundtable, part 4

Tweet Part 4 of the round table discussion.

CEAP kids roundtable, part 3

Tweet Part 3 of the round table discussion.

CEAP kids roundtable, part 2

Tweet Here’s part 2 of the round table discussion.

Kids say the darndest things

Tweet Thursday found me at De la Salle University to meet with high school students. It was a CEAP (Catholic Educator’s Association of the Philippines) young leader’s gathering facilitated by Lawrence Aikee Esmeli (head of the LaSallian Youth Network). The idea was to share my thoughts on the situation with the kids, and have an …

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CCTA podcast, part 8

Tweet The closing of the Inaugural Session.

CCTA podcast, part 7

Tweet Lengthy question to Escudero; Opening statement by Rep. Alan Peter Cayetano.