About MLQ3

Manuel L. Quezon III was born in 1970. He previously hosted the weekly programs The Explainer and The Explainer Dialogues on the ANC cable news channel. He has been an opinion and editorial writer and editor since 1994. Formerly head of the Speaker’s Bureau, columnist, and an editorial writer for The Philippine Daily Inquirer newspaper until 2010; and Assistant Managing Editor and editorial writer for The Philippines Free Press weekly news magazine also until 2010. He is also a blogger. He has received various awards for his professional work, including a Palance Award for the Essay in English and being named Opinion Writer of the Year in 1994 and 2005 by the Rotary Club of Manila’s Journalism Awards, the oldest journalism awards in the country, the Freedom Flame Award, Friedrich Neumann Foundation, and is a recipient of the Presidential Medal of Merit in 2016.