Proyekto Pilipino Ep. 71: Mami lang Mommy? Nutrisyon sa Gipit na Panahon

“Ang pinaka-una nating pwedeng gawin ay turuan ang mga household na mamili ng mga pagkaing mas mura or alternative sa mga mas mahal na bilihin. Pero, dapat kaakibat nito ay ma-strengthen natin ang mga policies natin at the local level.”

Today’s episode discusses the current trend in the dietary choices of the Filipino masses, given the continuous rise in food prices, particularly rice. Usually, instant noodles are the ones ordinary Filipino families make as a substitute for rice. Given this situation, how can parents ensure that their children are still eating healthily everyday?

In this episode, Fr. Tito Caluag, together with Leloy Claudio, Manuel L. Quezon III, and our guest, examine how minimum-wage-earning families do their daily meals, provided that there are cultural, political, and economic challenges due to inflation and rising food prices. Our guest, Dr. Kim Leonard Dela Luna, who is an Associate Professor at UP Manila’s College of Public Health, shed light on how to educate the masses regarding options for healthier meals. How can they be given access to healthy food options as well?

Manuel L. Quezon III.

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