Proyekto Pilipino Ep. 67: The Roots and Place of the Chinoy Community in the Philippines

“Hindi sila masamang tao dahil Chinese sila. Masamang tao sila dahil masamang tao sila… kahit ano pa man ang lahi niya, kahit ano pa ang ethnicity niya o kulay niya.”

Today’s episode tackles the existence and place of our Chinese-Filipino brothers and sisters in Filipino society and answers some crucial questions regarding racism, common wrong thinking about them, and their struggles, from securing their rights as fellow Filipinos up to establishing themselves not just in the business industry but in almost all industries today. How does classism affect the acceptance of the Tsinoy community as well? Where do they stand regarding the territorial disputes happening between the Philippines and China?

Our resident guests Carlo Santiago, Leloy Claudio, Manuel L. Quezon III, and Prof. Arj Aguirre, together with our special guest Ms. Carmeleah Ang See, the Director of Bahay Tsinoy, the Museum of Chinese in Philippine Life, and the former President of the Chinese-Filipino organization Kaisa Para Sa Kaunlaran (Unity for Progress), discussed the Chinese-Filipino community, their struggles in the Filipino context and society, and the deep, weird, and reversed concept of racism that lies in our Filipino culture. They also investigated the root of resentment against the Chinese-Filipino members of our society.

Manuel L. Quezon III.

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