Proyekto Pilipino Ep. 94:

“We may not be nationalistic, but we are patriotic.”

Today’s episode gives an in-depth look at our country’s culture and practices when it comes to celebrating the anniversary of Philippine independence every June 12. As a nation, we are divided in different aspects, and it’s been a long-time challenge to really unite us as one. How can pop culture help unite Filipinos to speak a common language?

In this episode, Father Tito Caluag, Leloy Claudio, Manolo Quezon, and Carlo Santiago invite us to dig deeper and think about the real situation of our country’s independence, the effects of pop culture on our perception of Independence Day and uniting as a nation, how we tell stories of our country’s culture, values, and our generations’ dreams, and how we identify ourselves as Filipinos.

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Manuel L. Quezon III.

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