The Long View: Good Frodo and Evil Gollum

The Long View
Good Frodo and Evil Gollum
By Manuel L. Quezon III
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 23:28:00 11/22/2009

IN book two of “The Fellowship of the Ring,” Celeborn, elven co-ruler of Lothl0rien, speaks directly to the readers as much as to the Fellowship when he counsels, “Do not despise the lore that has come down from distant years; for oft it may chance that old wives keep in memory word of things that once were needful for the wise to know.”

Chances are you’ve read or watched “The Lord of the Rings,” Tolkien’s saga in three volumes of how a reluctant hero is tasked with destroying a Ring of Power as a squabbling alliance of Hobbits, humans, dwarves and elves backs him up and fights titanic battles against the evil Sauron and his gruesome dark hordes. The epic is about Good and Evil, and how individuals can be one or the other, or even both, depending on the circumstances.

Some months ago Jim Paredes quipped that Noynoy Aquino is like the reluctant Hobbit hero Frodo Baggins, and that all those flocking to his aid and assistance are like the motley cast of characters that comprised the Fellowship of the Ring.

Tolkien the narrator observes of hobbits, as much as of men, of people in books as much as of people in real life, that “There is a seed of courage hidden (often deeply, it is true) in the heart of the fattest and most timid hobbit, waiting for some final and desperate danger to make it grow.”

In Book Two, the message is amplified in an exchange between Gimli the dwarf and the elf Elrond, representatives of races that do not like each other but now allied in a common quest, yet the two still disagree on how to approach the physical and even moral perils of their quest.

“Faithless is he that says farewell when the road darkens,” the action-oriented Gimli starts off. Elrond the jaded elf replies, “Maybe, but let him not vow to walk in the dark, who has not seen the nightfall.” Gimli counters, “Yet sworn word may strengthen quaking heart,” only for Elrond to pragmatically respond by saying, “Or break it.” This is the eternal conflict between purists and realists.

At a time when there’s a general desire to see righteousness reign in our politics, there is too great a danger of self-righteousness intruding its discordant voice, insisting, on one hand, on impossible standards for individuals while ignoring the need for a common cause to confront the greater danger. This is the danger of pride substituting for true conscientiousness.

Quite early on in Book One of “The Fellowship of the Ring,” in the second chapter, the reluctant Frodo and the wizard Gandalf discuss Gollum, the deranged previous holder of the Ring of Power from whom Frodo’s uncle, Bilbo, had taken the ring; throughout the saga Gollum represents the problem of Frodo the Good, requiring the at times sincere, and most other times, deceitful, assistance of the generally Evil Gollum.

From the very start, Frodo thinks it’s a bad thing to have to engage the help of bad people and tells Gandalf, “He deserves death.” Gandalf’s answer is instructive, laying down a theme that will persist to the end of the saga, as he repeatedly counsels the members of the Fellowship of the Ring against the perils of confusing the righteousness of their cause with the pride of self-righteousness.

“Deserves it! I daresay he does,” Gandalf agrees; but adds, “Many that live deserve death. And some that die deserve life. Can you give it to them? Then do not be too eager to deal out death in judgment. For even the very wise cannot see all ends. I have not much hope that Gollum can be cured before he dies, but there is a chance of it. And he is bound up with the fate of the Ring. My heart tells me that he has some part to play yet, for good or ill, before the end; and when that comes, the pity of Bilbo may rule the fate of many – yours not least.”

Tolkien repeatedly returns to this theme of redemption – whether partial or complete – for the bad, or the merely confused, a possibility that should temper the self-righteousness of characters themselves fully capable of departing – temporarily but at times, disastrously – from the path of righteousness. Pride, he perpetually points out, feeds the divisions self-righteousness creates and which harms Good and promotes Evil.

As the elf Haldir of Lorien, responding to the bickering and simmering tensions between allies, points out in another chapter of Book Two: “In nothing is the power of the Dark Lord more clearly shown than in the estrangement that divides all those who still oppose him.”

Gandalf himself, in Book Three, returns to the basic lesson Haldir propounded: “We are all friends here. Or should be; for the laughter of Mordor will be our only reward, if we quarrel.” Something he returns to again, much later on in Book Five, where once again self-righteousness has provoked discord and to which his reply is, “Let us remember that a traitor may betray himself and do good that he does not intend. It can be so, sometimes.”

Hope is what enabled Good to conquer Evil – for at the heart of hope is the humility to give all a chance to help fight Evil, without sneering at motives. A humility based on belief in redemption for those who once served Evil. Frodo could not do it alone, he needed help; help came from all quarters and much of it tainted by mixed motives as shown by the thoroughly bad Gollum.

Every character wrestled with the dilemma of fighting for Good yet being confronted by Evil, internal and external. Hope subdued pride, humility fostered unity and trust in Good allowed individuals as well as kingdoms to conquer the Ultimate Evil, Sauron.

As the fair elven Galadriel had told the impatient dwarf Gimli in Book Two, “I do not foretell, for all foretelling is now vain: on the one hand lies darkness, and on the other only hope. But if hope should not fail, then I say to you, Gimli son of Gloin, that your hands shall flow with gold, and yet over you gold shall have no dominion.”

Manuel L. Quezon III.

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    16.) Noynoy is a true person. Hindi siya nagkukunwari. Di tulad ni Villar na hindi makatulong nang hindi nakaharap sa kamera. Hindi raw siya trapo, pero ang totoo siya naman ang pinakatrapo. Galing daw siya sa mahirap pero kung gumastos ay tila galit sa pera. Si Erap naman, para sa mahirap pero ang mahihirap ay siyang pinakanahirapan nang siya ay nanungkulan.

    17.) Si Noynoy ay walang utang na loob maliban sa mga taong nagbigay sa kanya ng 44 rating. In short, di na niya kailangan ang tulong ninuman maliban sa bayan. Si Villar at iba pang kandidato ay kinakailangan pang magkautang ng loob kung kani-kaninong mga grupo o oligarkiya upang tumaas ang kanilang rating at magkaroon ng pag-asang manalo.

    18.) Si Noynoy ay hinubog ng KABAYANIHAN. Yung iba…from ordinary to mediocre.

    19.) Si Noynoy ay di nagpayaman sa katungkulan.Preweba ang uri ng kanyang pamumuhay o lifestyle. Sina Villar at Erap, nuno ng katiwalian.


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    NICK MAKYAVELEE AT GORDON NAGTANDEM NA !!! Nilunsad kaninang madaling araw ang kandidatura ni Nick Mackyavelee at Gordon sa pagka gay tandem of the night sa Barangay Mura, Tatlong Itlog, Makati. Komo INODORO ang tawag ng marami kay Nick, ang tandem nila ni Gordon ay sa ilalim ng partido FLUSH GORDON.

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    Samantala, si Karliener, na ka-triplet ni Nick ay pinahayag ang kanyang pagkaBIGO kay GIBO dahil sa hanggang ngayon ay 2% pa rin ang rating ni GIBO kahit na lumawlaw na ang yagbols ni Karliener sa kakampanya para rito. Ayon sa balita, nakuha ni Gibo ang kanyang 2% kina Nick M (1%) at NewFoundGlory (1%) pero hanggang duun na lang talaga yun.

    ===============NEWS FLASH===========================

    Si NewFoundGlory naman ay pundidong pundido na sa pagpanig ng kanyang mga ka-triplet na sina Nick M at Karliener sa magkaibang tiyak na talong mga kansidato. Gusto nang iumbog ni NewFound Glory ang kanyang ulo pero nalaman niya na wala pala siya talagang ulo. Sa laking asar ni NewFoundGlory ay si GLORIA na lang ang kanyang susuportahan at pinalitan pa niya ang kanyang pangalan na NewFoundGLORIA ( PWE !!! )


    Sa iba pang balita, laging aabangan ang mga post ni Hustisya. Maraming salamat po.

  2. ============NEWS FLASH =============================

    Heto talaga, matindi. Nag-declare na ng Martial Law si GMA. Ang kanyang reason, kahit maging 49 ang katauhan ni Nick M ay wala pa ring effect sa mga supporters ni Noynoy.

    Dahil sa hindi sila makiha sa mga mura, insulto at panlalait ni Nick M, minarapat ni Pangulong GMA na i-declare na ang Martial Law para tuluyang durugin ang kampo ng mga Noynoy supporters.

    Pero, ewan ko lang ha? Palagay ko di pa rin uubra ang Martial Law ni Gloria sa mga supporters ni Noynoy.

  3. you really lost it bro… typical hardcore noynoy fanatic, never listening to logical reasoning so they just cover their ears and build castles in thier heads.

    Mahirap makipag debate sa utak na fantasy-lord-of-the-rings-enkantadia ang laman.

    Well… F*ck it. I’ll never get you to listen anyway. So i’ll just leave this piece of advice to all our good readers here:

    F*CK the popularity-surveys and try opening up to other candidates. Hindi lng si Noynoy ang nan dyan. Very good and very effective leaders never get a chance to be heard because ung media-darling and those with heavy machinery lang ang napapansin natin.

    For election 2010, Lets start voting with our heads not with our hearts.


  4. hoy kayong lahat na tumitira at sumisira kay noynoy wala kayong k as in dahil sarili nyo mismo wala kayo respeto e boto nyo gibo nyo wala kami paki alam akala mo sino kayo magagaling kayong lahat na boboto kay gibo na anino ni gloria ganid katulad nyo puro kayo panira walang mawawala kay noynoy kung ayaw nyo sa kanya bakit may nagawa batayong lahat kay gloria ang gagaling nyo puro kayo panira win or loss si noynoy hindi sya masisira kasi mabuti syang tao mabuting anak kaya ayaw nyo sa kanya dahil kahit sarili nyo takot sa inyo dahil utak nyo mas masama pa sa demonyo look yourself ganyan kayo kasi wala kayo respeto sa parents kasi magagaling kayo sirain nyo si gloria dahil harap harapan na ang mga tagong baho lumalabas na kung ayaw nyo kay noynoy wala kaming paki alam dahil solid kaming boboto sa kanya talagang ang mga demonyo katulad nyo galit talaga sa mabubuti hindi pa press si noynoy tumatakbo pa lang hinuhusgahan nyo na eh si gibo matalino nga kuno at matapang tanga naman ang galing nyo magsabi tanga si noynoy ano ang nangyari sa pinas sa talino kuno ni gloria si gibo anino at sungay ni gloria yan ang katutuhanan kaya sarili nyo sirain nyo hindi si noynoy wala syang ginawang masama sa atin lalo na sa pinas at his the only leader not corrupt and never be corrupt wah nyong hamunin ang mabait dahil pag nagalit lagot kayo yan ang new leader si gibo matapang daw peru ano ang kabaliktaran nya so mag kaalaman na lang sa eleksyon win or loss si noynoy at least tao ang nag endorse sa kanya hindi si gloria ang ginawa ni gloria kay mangudadato maraming binipisyo ipina asa tumakbo lang si gibo peru si mangudadato hindi tinangap offer ni gloria kaya yon minasacre ng buntot ni gloria na mga ampatuan at lumabas na ang katutuhanan so vote your gibo wala kami paki alam were free to choose our leader

  5. and those who tell that use your mind not heart in voting hoy mga kuwago,hindi naghari ang panginoon sa sanlibutan na ginamit talino nya at kapangyarihan,ginamit ng DIYOS,PUSO NYA ,HIS BIG BIG HEARTmga tanga ang gagaling nyo sa debate at panira if GOD use his power eh lahat tayo sa mundo sa impyerno bagsak kung pinairal nya talino nya at tapang sa kanyang mga nilalang tapos sasabihin nyo wag gamitin puso.GOD GIVES HIS LOVE FOR US TO FORGIVE US TO GIVE US A CHANCE BECAUSE HE KNOWS ALL OF US ARE SINNER, so kayo ang mag isip mga de kalibre kuno na matatalino, to judge noynoy to be a leader is to judge ALSO THE POWER OF GOD.kaya nga sinabi nyo na hindi sya handa at wala intension sa sarili nya at yon ang totoo dahil hindi sya ganid sa kapangyarihan ang mga tao na ginabayan at hinipo ng PANGINOON ang syang kikilos para kay noynoy HE is the only one choosen of GOD kaya galit n galit ang mga masasama,at demonyo kaya gagawin nila ang lahat para sya sirain katulad nyo by the all of you people dont like noynoy don kayo kay gibo nyo dahil hindi nyo pweding dektahan mga puso namin ang kabutihan at kabaitan ni noynoy ang lilinis sa ganid na lipunan ng partner ni gibo kung hindi sya sumanib kay gloria.malamang panalo sya peru dahil hidi sya ang nakatakda na maging next press accept nyo na ang pagkatalo nyo panalo si noynoy coz the LORD is most weapon of noynoy kamay ng panginoon ang kikilos para sa kanya

  6. Ang tanga tanga naman ni nemhie..

    Lahat ba ng Pinoy, Katoliko? Kristyano??
    Eh kahit yang Papa sa Roma, hindi kayang i-defend ang Kristiyanismo sa mga Atheist sa Europa at Amerika..

    At kung Kristiyano ka man, Saan mo mababasa sa Bibliya na puso ang ginamit nya sa sanlibutan? Ka-ECHUSAN mo!..
    at kung talagang Kristiyano ka, wag mong gamitin ang pangalan niya sa mga walang ka-kwenta kwenta mong pinagsasasabi. BOBO!

  7. Hay… wala na talaga pag asa pilipinas… Gusto ko lng naman sana mka tulong sa bansa by doing my part to make voters more aware sa pag pili ng candidates. Again, hindi lng popularidad and apelyedo ang binabasehan para maging magaling na leader. Tingnan mo din kun may mga achievements din cya sa buhay nya na ng papatunay na kaya nya mamuna sa 90 million na tao. Being born to the right family is not an achievment. Chamba lang yan. This is the REAL WORLD, and yung mga nakikita mo sa fantasy novels and movies does not apply here.

    Well…. good luck with your noynoy presidency buddy,God-forbid. Hope he does not disappoint you like ERAP did.



    20.) Ang buhay ni Noynoy ay parang FANTASY, parang NOBELA, igunuhit na may tula at awit. Sino nga ba ang mag-aakala na magkakaroon ng isang NOYNOY na ang ama ay isang bayani at ang ina ay isang sagisag ng demokrasya na hinahangaan sa buong mundo? Sino ang mag-aakala na makikita na lamang ni Noynoy ang kanyang sarile na hinihimuk ng sambayanan na lumaban sa pagka-pangulo ng bayan? Parng pantasya nguni’t TOTOO. Parang nobela pero ito ang KASAYSAYAN ng ating bayan…..

    21.) Si Noynoy ay popular. bakit naman ako boboto ng LAOS? Ed di parang LAOS na rin ako kung magkakagayon? Ang pupularidad ay hindi naman napupulot sa kalsada. Ito ay pinagsikapang makuha at ang bayan ay tumalima lamang.

    22.) Iboboto ko si Noynoy sapagka’t siya’s isang “AQUINO”. Bakit hindi? Kasalanan ba ang magkaroon ng mga magulang na mga bayani? hINDI KASALANAN NI nOYNOY NA MAGING ANAK NG MGA MAGULANG NA BAYANI AT LALONG DI NAMAN NIYA KASALANAN NA ANG MGA MAGULANG NG IBANG KANDIDATO AY PANG-PERYA LANG.

    To be continued…..

  9. I hope more and more people would be familiar with the defense mechanism of those who can no longer raise any point in a debate. Yung mga naubusan na dahil wala na dilang pwedeng ibato. To spare themselves of more embarrassment, they muddle the progress of debate by zeroing in to their opponent at sasabihin nila, TANGA, GAGO, WALANG UTAK, etc.

    Such is the behavioral patterns ni NICK M, ang taong may tatlong pato pero isang katawan.

    Si NICK M, for the information of everyone is a jobless henpeck whose ego is constantly hammered thin by his wife’s backhoe. Taga Sampaloc yan. Ang bahay nila may mabahong kanal sa tapat. nakikita ko yan sa bangketa naglalaba at naghuhugas ng arenola. Mataba siya, laylay ang braso sa katawan at parang wala nang bumubukol sa pantalon dahil umiksi na ang kanyang “inferiority” sa sobrang katabaan. Taga-uste yan pero di um-attend ng alumni homecoming dahil nahihiya. Sakang na kasi siya kung maglakad at nakakaihi sa salawal pag natawa o mapagod at ang putok sa kili-kili ay mala-imbornal.

    Sayang nga at naging tao siya…

  10. TO CONTINUE…..


    23.) Noynoy can inspire. He went through through a lot of difficulties and challenges. His father was executed by an oppressive regime. His mother fought cancer and lost. The pain. The sorrow. And the perseverance to stand after a fall would inspire the whole nation or anyone experiencing similar challenges.

    24.) Noynoy has the vision, the right formula for reform. Iwasto ang mali, alisin ang tiwali. This speaks of a vision that depicts transparency, justice and good governance.

    25.) Noynoy is a model presidential offspring. No other presidential offspring has lived simple life as he does even while her mother was still the President. Yung iba, kinakitaan agad ng abuso. Yung iba, nakabili agad ng mga bahay sa amerika. Yung iba, ipinakita ang lakas ng kanilang impluensiya. Iba talaga si Noynoy.


    Nakita natin yung mga bala at mga armas na nakuha sa mga Ampatuan. Malinaw na nakuha nila ito sa AFP at si GIBO ang secretary ng DND noong panahon na iyon. Bakit ito hinayaan ni Gibo?


  11. Paid by whom kaya ako?

    Ang tatanga talaga ninyong mga pro-Noynoy. Kala niyo kapag may kumokontra sa BOBO at TANGA tulad ni Noynoy, akala niyo na bayad. Bobo talaga kayo! Ha Ha Ha!

    So ganun din ba ang mga anti-Erap noong tumakbo si Erap? Bayad din?

    Ang tanga niyo naman. Ang mga katulad kong tunay na nagmamahal sa Pilipinas trato niyo sa akin bayaran lang eh ayoko lang naman na mapunta sa BOBO at TANGA at PUPPET ng mga OLIGARCHY ang mahal kong bayan eh.

    Kayo, palibhasa bobo at tanga kayo, gusto niyo ng katulad niyong bobo at tanga din ang mamumuno sa inyo. Kingdom of the blind nga talaga ang mangyayari sa Pinas.

    Meron na ngang mga magagaling na tumatakbo, doon lang kayo pupunta sa bobo at tanga porket may pangalan siyang minana lang sa kanyang mga magulang PERO wala namang namanang abilidad o characteristic ng tatay (talino at galing sa pangangatwiran) o ng nanay (charm/charisma).

    Hopelessly bobo nga talaga kayo.

    Tapos kapag maraming ibang mga katulad kong nag-iisip at marunong mag-analyze, sasabihin niyo iisa lang daw kami.


    Di ako taga Sampaloc! Taga-QC ako. Gago!


    Si Erap yata ang pinag-uusapan mo eh. Pero ok lang, whatever makes you happy you miserable wretch. 😉


    To all of you:

    Noynoy is the oligarch’s ERAP.

    While Erap was the puppet of certain people in the Binondo Club (medyo one-syllable ang family names na 1900’s na saltang mga Tsinoy), Noynoy is the puppet of certain people in the Hacendero Oligarch’s Club, mostly THREE-SYLLABLE family names (some use Spanish-style family names) na pre-1890’s na saltang mga offspring ng Tsinoy-Indio intermarriages.

    While Erap was propped up by people with family names like Tan, Ang, See, etc, Noynoy is propped up by people with three-syllable family names of Chinese origin like Cojuangco (obvious ba? ha ha ha!), or Chinese mestizos who adopted a Spanish surname like Lopez.

    As it stands, NOYNOY is the Hacendero-Oligarchs’ ERAP.

    Noynoy is their puppet.

    And you Noynoy fans are the Hacendero-Oligarchs’ PAWNS.

    You are useful to them as disposable cannon fodder para mapanatili sila sa kapangyarihan at sa kanilang MONOPOLISTIC CONCESSIONS.

    Sige, mga tanga’t bobo, bumoto kayo ng tanga’t bulol tulad ni Noynoy, and make the Philippines the most hopeless no-development country in the region.

  12. Hustisya,

    There’s nothing inspiring about Noynoy.

    He’s bulol. He can’t explain things properly. He’s unimpressive as a speaker. He can’t inspire confidence. Even within his own family he was seen as the loser.

    The only reason he burst onto the scene was after his mother died. Pucha, even during the actual Funeral ITSELF, Noynoy was very much overshadowed by his bunso sister Kris who is MORE INSPIRING than Noynoy ever will be. Of course, hindi nga puede si Kris kasi nga may tulo siya (di kaya may kinalaman yun sa problema ng special child niya?) and because puro mga walang kwenta ang mga choice of men niya.

    So Noynoy is really nothing but the marketing gimmick of the Oligarchs (Lopez people) which was quickly exploited by the Liberal Party, kasi nga dapat talaga si Mar na lang ang nag-run for President kasi si Mar ang may utak, si Noynoy ZERO talaga.

    But only because of the response to Cory’s Funeral did the Aquino family name become “matunog” again.

    But there’s absolutely NOTHING INSPIRING about Noynoy.

    And he has no vision! All that is the vision of his backers, NOT HIS VISION! Noynoy stands for nothing. Notice why his authorship of bills is substandard?? It’s because he stands for nothing. He has no real ideas!

    “Noynoy is a model presidential offspring” – what motherfucking bullshit is that, Hustisya?

    He was FORCED by his mother TO STAY AWAY FROM POLITICS while she was in office! But you know, he was really doing nothing substantial even while he was in the private sector. He never impressed anyone who worked with him and he was really sub-standard. In fact, puro family business lang siya and even within the family businesses, they never let him take care of big-item responsibilities. Talagang walang kwenta si Noynoy.

    Tapos finally after Cory was long gone from office, pumasok si Noynoy because wala namang saysay ang private sector career niya so he tried politics. But even in politics he was palpak and totally lackluster ang kanyang career!

    As it goes, it’s only because of the Cory Magic (in her funeral) that people thought of trying to see if the Cory Magic (based on the Aquino Surname) would work if Noynoy ran.

    Well, it’s working kasi nga andaming tanga at bobo tulad ni Hustisya and Jonathan “the Engineer (kuno)” Francisco and shits like MLQ3 who think the Philippines needs a Frodo. Fuck that shit.

    You know, nawawala na ang magic ng Aquino name. It’s fizzling out. Napapanis na. Months after Cory’s Death, people are now remembering Hacienda Luisita and Kris Aquino’s TULO and all her wrong men. And people now remember that Noynoy was a fucking loser in everything he did!

    In January, guess what, all that Aquino-name recall will lessen so much so that better candidates will emerge higher on survey results than Noynoy.

    Mar Roxas will wish he never gave away the presidential post to that brainless idiot who fucked his wife before he did!

  13. @ Nick

    Taga Sampaloc ka kasi maasim ang pagmumukha mo.

    Alam mo ba kung bakit na suspend ang isang tweeter account mo? yung walang 222 sa dulo?

  14. @ Nick Mackyavelley;

    Now we know why you are dead OBSESSED of MLQ3. Kasi, you live in Sampaloc and you dream of moving over to Quezon City. But the nearest opportunity you have has in living at Quezon City was when you were confined at Quezon Institute for 3 1/2 months when your kupal has spread to your lungs and the left side of your brain. Your kupal is so bad but you featured it in your tweeter kaya hayun, na-suspend tuloy. Kawawa ka naman.

    Even in your sleep or in your subconscious mind, the city of your dream keeps on recurring–QUEZON CITY-QUEZON CITY-QUEZON CITY—but since you are nothing but a jobless, battered husband and a miserable henpeck, everything just adds up to your almost endless misery and agony.

    Kaya when you came across the name MLQ3, an admirable person who carries the name of the city of your dreams. Na-attract ka agad. Bigla kang nagkaroon ng bading na second childhood at nagkaroon ka ng matinding crush kay MLQ3 lalo na kapag napapanood mo siya sa TV. Kaso, di ka pinansin at hanggang ngayon kahit triplehin mo ang iyong katauhan, assume several names at ubusin mo ang lahat nang klaseng mura sa mundo, di ka pa rin pinansin…. Now, the whole nation know your story we can understand your behavior a little better.

    Oh, btw, I believe you are not a paid hack. Sino ba naman ang magbabayad sa pinagsasabi mo na wala namang pumapansin? Para magkapera ka, ang pwede mo lang gawin ay sumali sa mga rally ni Erap at Villar imbes na naghuhugas ka ng arenola sa tapat ng bahay nyo sa Sampaloc.

  15. RE; Cory magic you said will fade come January. You are having a hallucination. Birthday pa man din ni Tia Cory this January, just watch how people will remember Tita Cory. Cory Magic has been with us for 23 years and here you are, telling us this would fade in 23 days. Nabugbog ka na naman ba ng asawa mo?

    Re; Bobo daw si Noynoy. Paano nakapasa yun sa Ateneo kung bobo? The only chance na maniwala ako na bobo si Noynoy is when you can prove to me na magkaklase kayo sa Matute Elementary School at sabihin mo sa akin without any qualm that Noynoy copied from you in one of your exams.

    Bobo ka nang bobo diyan eh wala ka namang basehan. Ni hindi mo nga nakakausap si Noynoy. Di naman kayo naging magkaibigan o naging magkaklase. Dapat you tell us SPECIFIC details kung paano siya naging bobo and not in sweeping terms.

    And I don’t agree with you na hindi magaling magsalita si Noynoy. Well, excuse your kupal. Rapido lang magsalita but then may sense ang sinasabi at direct to the point. In one of the forum pa nga people admired him more because when he is explaining he stands up to the audience for the audience to see even his body language. This is a mark of a good speaker.

    Re; sa TULO ni Kris and her wrong men. THis is one proof that we have seen just EVERYTHING in the Aquino Family. Even Kris’ tulo, and everything there is in Aquino Family. May nakita ba tayo sa Aquino Family na magnanakaw sila? May nakita ba tayo sa Aquino Family na gumamit sila ng kapangyarihan for their own personal benefit? May nakita ba tayo na sila ay mapaghiganti? Kung sa anak ni Erap nangyari ang nangyari kay Kris, baka na-CORBITO-DACER na si Joey Marquez. O kaya kung sa ibang pamilya nangyari yun, baka itinago na lang dahil ayaw nilang mapahiya.

    I admired Kris even more because of that. She showed that women should not hesitate to fight for their rights. She put her career on the line, exposed herself to the whole world, put aside her refutation aside, just to fight what she felt was EVIL and to serve as an example for all battered women to emulate.

    Yan ang pamilyang may paninindigan at prinsipyo. Yan ang pamilya Aquino.

  16. @ Nick / Karleiner / NewFound Gloria;

    Re; puppet ng mga Lopez daw si Noynoy. ASAWA ns isa sa mga Lopezes ang anak ni Erap. Kaya mas may basehan kung sasabihin natin na si Erap and kanilang tinutulungan. Di ba me pelikula pa nga ang Star Cinema featuring Erap and Ai Ai? Akala mo lang seguro, na pinapanigan ng ABS CBN si Noynoy kasi maraming newsworthy items si Noynoy at matatalo sila sa rating war if ABS-CBN will not provide space for such newsworthy items.

    Ang inquirer naman, related sa may-ari ang asawa ni Gibo kaya hindi mo rin masasabi na si Noynoy ang pinapanigan nito.

    SABI NI NICK M, substandard daw si Noynoy in his private carreer. Substandard na kung substandard but this proves enough that he is, contrary to the claims of Kupal, NEVER been beholden to anyone because he never sought the help of anyone when he was down. This also shows that Noynoy is an honest man having refrained from using connections for dishonest gains.

  17. Hustisya,

    Eh di aminado ka na na substandard ang private sector career ni Noynoy? Good. It means you know wala siyang kwenta as a leader.

    That’s why Noynoy is unfit for the Presidency. He can’t get the right things done.


    All pro-Noynoys,

    Alam niyo, I’m not called Nick MacYavelley for nothing.

    I’m telling you the truth here: Good intentions are not enough. There has to be Good results.

    I’ll tell you the Truth about Good results: Good Results don’t always come from purely Good Intentions. Good Results can come from Selfish intentions just as they sometimes can come out from purely Good Intentions.

    And sometimes in order to get GOOD RESULTS done, you need to provide positive benefits to certain different people who can help you in achieving those GOOD RESULTS. Just because there were certain people who privately benefitted from the GOOD RESULTS, even when there was an even GREATER BENEFIT FOR THE WIDER SOCIETY, does not make it bad. It’s about balancing things, because this is the truth of the real world out there.

    Not all people are good and altruistic. And so even if you are an altruistic person, sometimes, you have to realize that other people are not all altruistic. So in order for you – as a leader – to get things done for the BENEFIT of the WIDER PUBLIC GOOD, you will need to do things that can also privately benefit certain parties who will be helping in or investing in or contributing to the endeavor that ultimately does GOOD for the wider public.

    But many of you are extremely naive idealists who think that everyone is like Mother Teresa. You know buti na lang Mother Teresa did a lot of good things, WHILE also having good intentions. So many people who have good intentions, because they are so “pure” can’t even get anything good done because they don’t want anything that is “impure” to affect the good things they want to do, but as I said, most people aren’t capable of being purely good. There’s always the idea of “what’s in it for me?”

    Now, let’s contrast that with Noynoy.

    He hasn’t done anything GOOD at all! He has not shown any good results that have benefited a lot of people. Mas may nagawa pang mabuti ang mga so-called “robber barons” like Lucio Tan in terms of providing jobs to people and donating money to schools. Sabihin niyong “greedy” si Lucio Tan, still, mas maraming mabuting nagawa siya kaysa kay Noynoy!

    Si Noynoy kasi WALANG NAGAWA. AT ALL.

    Walang nagawang mabuti, wala ring nagawang masama.

    Doon kayo nakatutok: wala raw siyang nagawang masama.

    But still, wala talagang NAGAWA kahit mabuti!

    That’s the whole point bobos and tangas!

    We need a President who can come up with a lot of GOOD RESULTS. Eh yung mga sinasabi niyong “masama” are usually SUBJECTIVE!

    Si Noynoy, yung mga “kabutihan” na sinasabi niyo, aren’t his kabutihans eh. It was the kabutihan OF HIS MOTHER na pinilit siyang di sumali sa politics when his mother was still in office!

    Ayan. Now you know.

    Do you really want a LOSER to become the president of the Philippines? Eto ang main point ko. Gusto niyo ng MASCOT, ok, piliin niyo si Noynoy AS A MASCOT.

    Pero kung pipili kayo ng Presidente, pumili naman kasi sana kayo ng kandidatong matalino, magaling, mahusay, matiyaga, at maraming maipapakitang mabubuting resulta!

    Si Noynoy has nothing outstanding to show!

    As for Noynoy being from Ateneo, he went to Ateneo Grade School and High School, so mas madaling pumasok daw sa Ateneo college kung galing sa Ateneo High School. Aminin ko, he’s probably “bright enough” na makapasok sa Ateneo, I’ll give him that.

    But you know, the point is this: Although he’s just “bright enough” to enter Ateneo, he’s not bright enough to SHINE in Ateneo. Not academically, not even socially! No one in the Ateneo remembers Noynoy as being a precocious and intelligent guy.

    The point is, itapat mo si Noynoy sa mga tambay, of course matalino siya.

    Pero kung itapat mo si Noynoy sa kanyang mga KAPWA ATENISTA, walang kwenta si Noynoy. Kulelat si Noynoy kung itatapat mo siya sa mga kapwa Atenista niya.

    Substandard nga talaga si Noynoy.

    Di siya karapat-dapat na maging Pangulo ng Pilipinas.

    Eh pati nga director sa Hacienda Luisita Incorporated wala naman siyang maibubuga eh. Worse, yung kanyang record as a legislator shows that he was very very very lazy.

    Substandard nga talaga si Noynoy.

    Sure, Atenista siya, but he’s turn out to be the pinakabobo among a group of 100 random Atenistas.



    Alam mo talong-talo ka na kaya puro ka mga kwentong barbero… But hey, if that makes you happier to make up stories about me, who am I to spoil your fun, right? 😉

    Basta alam ko, alam ng lahat, AT ALAM MO RIN – deep down inside – na walang kwenta at tatanga-tanga si NOYNOY.

    NOYNOY = unfit for the presidency


    I am not making up stories. I am just connecting one info to another to create a more complete picture of the causes of your misdemeanors. Apparently obsessed ka kay Manolo ( MLQ3 ) whether it is sexual or otherwise, sana aminin mo na and spare this site. It has become very apparent that you kept on trying to get his attention, every second of your low life. Bakit ? Deep inside you, as well as your split-egos, you know that what I am saying is an absolute truth and never was I kidding about your miserable and dismal self.


    MORE REASONS WHY I WILL VOTE FOR NOYNOY ( contemplated with the help of Nick Baclavelley;

    26.) Because Noynoy has very strong character. When his sister came into the open as battered partner and with venereal disease, Noynoy stood by her. This only means that when confronted with EVIL, Noynoy is willing to slug it out in the middle of the ring even if that would mean insults and humiliations for him.

    27,) Noynoy has substandard private life but even if he was down, financially and career-wise, he never resorted to using his connections for dishonest gains. NANATILING MALINIS SI NOYNOY SA KABILA NG KANYANG KAHIRAPAN. For me, this only showed he is an extremely honest man.

    28.) Noynoy is intelligent enough to enter Ateneo. But he did not shine. Obviously, with his father under prison and the entire family under persecution of a cruel dictator, he may not have the focus to shine academically. But in terms of values and character, Noynoy have learned through lineage culture and experiences shared with the family such virtues of love of country and patriotism.

    29.) Noynoy did a lot of good things when he was still a congressman eg, infrastructures in his district in Tarlac but as Sec. Butch Abad describes the achievements of Noynoy were never flaunted in billboards and press releases. When he became senator, his pork barrel was withheld by GMA. In the senate, he was never noted for grandstanding. He was in the senate for the service of the people but not to advance any political intention. That is the predicament of a politician whose only motivation is to serve and to serve well.

    30.) Noynoy was never a balingbing. He started as a Liberal and until now a Liberal. He never changed parties. He was very consistent with his vote in the senate and never wavered in his role as opposition.


  19. TO ALL;

    I have already cited 30 REASONS why I will vote for Noynoy, and there are more to come. Please examine all the reasons I enumerated including my exchanges with Nick and his split-personalities. I encourage all voters to examine each and every reason I

    Indeed, Noynoy is the only logical choice given all the arguments.


    MORE REASONS WHY I SHOULD VOTE FOR NOYNOY ( again, special thanks to Nick Bading for opening my eyes to these rationale )

    31.) Noynoy has good and unselfish intentions. This does not not guarantee good results but this is always the good start for good results. ALL good results come from good and unselfish intentions.

    32.) Noynoy can deliver good results. In fact, even without trying, he has already delivered admirable results. Ito na nalang mapagkaisa mo ang 47% ng mga botante for your presidential bid is already a GREAT ACHIEVEMENT. No other candidate has ever achieved this feat sunce multi-party system started. Daang-daang libong volunteers ang sumusuporta sa kanya ngayon. If he can do this by being just a candidate, why doubt that he can do it when he is already a President?

    Note : Si Gibo nga 2% lang. He has not even united his maids and drivers, ang buong bayan pa?

    33.) Aminado naman ang mga critics ni Noynoy na wala siyang nagawang masama pero sinusundan agad nila ito na wala naman daw na nagawang mabuti. Hindi nila matanggap na ang HINDI paggawa ng masama ay isa nang MABUTING GAWA kasi you are already making a good example of yourself towards good governance. Furthermore, Noynoy has been very persistent in advancing his advocacy for good governance and with this ay nilabanan niya lahat ng katiwalian at mali sa pamahalaan. Hindi ba natin masasabi na ang pagtutol sa katiwalian at mali sa pamahalaan ay isang mabuting gawa?


    Sabi ni Nick M, hindi raw siya tatawaging Nick Mackyavelley for nothing ( 12-6 11:37 AM ). HIndi ko alam kung talagang nababaliw na ito o ano. First of all, sino ba yun? Second; eh siya lang naman ang tumatawag nang gayun sa sarile niya…so, what’s the fuzz?


  21. @ Nick

    Bumisita ako sa blog mo. Bakit mo binura ang isang entry? Ibalik mo na. Natakot ka bang ma libel? 🙂

  22. Bobo ka talaga, Hustisya:

    Look at this, you dimwit…. 31.) Noynoy has good and unselfish intentions. This does not not guarantee good results but this is always the good start for good results. ALL good results come from good and unselfish intentions.

    Where the fuck did you get that? Did you study history?

    Napanood mo yung Schindler’s List? Maraming articles written about the Schindler phenomenon, kasi si Schindler ended up doing a lot of Good Deeds na ang original intention niya ay makasarili.

    Schindler is remembered for saving the lives of the Jews who were working for him in his factories, but you know what, when he first opened the factory, ang original intention niya was to get cheap SLAVE LABOR para wala siyang pa-sweldo: food only ang ibibigay niya. He was selfish and profit-oriented.

    But of course, in time, lagi siyang pinasasalamatan ng mga tauhan niya for giving them such jobs, kasi nga di sila pinapatay ng mga Nazi occupiers because being factory workers in a German-owned factory (and Schindler was a Nazi party member), they were all “essential workers.”

    Kita mo, SELFISH INTENTIONS, leading to GOOD RESULTS, which later of course, made him also start having good intentions.

    But that’s the point: Good Results DON’T ALWAYS COME FROM GOOD INTENTIONS. Many many times, good results come from selfish intentions of people which just happen to have good results for others.

    Tanga ka talaga, ano, Hustisya.

    Number 32 mo ng mga katarantaduhan mo states: “Noynoy can deliver good results. ”

    What the fuck? Where do you get the grass you chew on, you ugly horse? Noynoy has NO GOOD RESULTS. Yung Unifying niya na yun, hindi si NOYNOY yun, si Cory and Ninoy YUN!

    Nakikiride-on lang si anak-na-walang-kwenta!

    Well, at least aminado kang lackluster ang private life, private sector career, at pati na rin ang legislative career ni Noynoy.

    And also at least aminado ka na WALANG KWENTA rin si Noynoy academically or intellectually, especially when among fellow Ateneans. Very unremarkable talaga siya.


    Let’s look at it again, pipol:

    Whatever things you imagine Noynoy to have or to be, those are from his dead parents.

    Akala niyo Noynoy gathers people in unity, it’s not Noynoy, you fuck-heads! It’s the dead Ninoy and Cory who achieved that through what they did.

    Noynoy is just accidentally their son who was intentionally given the name “Benigno Simeon Aquino III” para maging “Benigno S. Aquino III” siya like his dad was “Benigno S. Aquino Jr.”

    Ganun lang kasimple yun, pipol! Noynoy did nothing. He’s doing nothing (except whatever his puppetmasters tell him to do), and if he wins, HE WON’T DO ANYTHING unless his puppetmasters tell him to do it – which will be for the puppetmasters’ only benefit, not for the benefit of the Philippines!

    Mahilig kayo sa pantasya, ano? Kaya kayo fans ni MLQ3, kasi mahilig din sa pantasya siya.

    Hustisya, alam mo ba na bakla si MLQ3? Alam mo ba na ininsulto mo siya sa sarili niyang blog?

    Ulol ka pala eh!

    Noynoy = walang nagawa
    Noynoy = walang ginagawa
    Noynoy = walang gagawin

    Lahat ng iniisip niyong mga good results ni Noynoy = Resulta ng mga magulang niya!

    Noynoy hasn’t achieved anything! Pati yung unifying people is not HIS, it’s his parents’ legacy!!! But nothing related to what he did!

    Noynoy is just a MASCOT.


    MO, wala akong blog.

  23. “I have already cited 30 REASONS why I will vote for Noynoy, and there are more to come. Please examine all the reasons I enumerated including my exchanges with Nick and his split-personalities. I encourage all voters to examine each and every reason I” – histisya

    Nice job hsutisya, huwag ka bulag bulagan… its very obvious kung sinu ang may mas SOLID and LOGICAL na arguments. So yeah, let the voters examine every comments, its for the good of our nation naman eh, that people would start opening their eyes on REALITY.

  24. @Nick M.,

    Tingnan mo ang equation ko ha? Present ko sa style mo para mauntindihan mo ( may kahinaan talaga ulo mo, mare eh )


    Noynoy = Walang nagawang masama at ang NAGAWA niyang MABUTI ay yung naging example siya ng KALINISAN sa PANUNUNGKULAN.

    Note; Hindi pwedeng maliitin ang di paggawa ng masama kasi sa mga nanunungkulan, yun ang PINAKAMAHIRAP GAWIN.


    NOYNOY = May nagawang mabuti at walang nagawang masama


    NOYNOY – Pwedeng pwede na maging presidente.


    Noynoy = Hindi pa man kumikilos ay may nagawa na.
    Ano ito? Napagkaisa niya ang 47% na suportahan siya at daang-daang libo ang volunteers niya. Si Gibo ay 2% lang ang napag-isa niya consisting merely of his drivers and maids.

    Noynoy = PAGKAKAISA

    47% is unprecedented in the history of multi-party system. Napag-kaisa ni Noynoy ang marami hindi pa man siya presidente eh lalo na seguro kung presidente na siya.

    Noynoy = Pwedeng-pwedeng Presidente.



    But then, we can say —-



    Si Puno mismo ang nagsabi, ” Kung ano ang puno, yun ang bunga.”


    Kung meron mang mascot, ito eh yung ibang kandidato na ngayon ay di pinapansin ng taumbayan. Yun ang mga mascot, walang magawa kundi dumispley.

    MASCOT = Gibo, Gordon, Parlas, Villanueva and Delos Santos



    1.) Bakit mo sasabihin na BOBO si Noynoy eh nakapasa ito sa Ateneo? Ikaw ba nakapasa run???? Uste ka lang diba so tiis ka sa baha….sino ngayon ang bobo?

    2.) Bakit mo sinasabi na na walang kwentang Atenista si Noynoy eh bihirang Atenista ang nagiging congressman at senador? Ngayon magiging presidente pa? Ikaw na binapatukbatukan lang sa uste, naging barangay kagawad ka man lang ba?

    3.) Bakit mo sinasabing bakla si MLQ3 eh obvious naman na ikaw itong nababakla sa kanya? Seguro garapal na bakla ka no? At pangit na bakla pa. Kaya walang pumapansin sa yo. Kaya lagi kang pinaghuhugas ng arenola ng asawa mong maskulado.

  25. @hustisya: I am back. I was checking your reasons. Ano sabi mo? “I have already cited 30 REASONS why I will vote for Noynoy, and there are more to come.”

    Mga katawa tawang rason ni Hustisya kung bakit nya iboboto c Noynoy:

    1.) Unang reason; Tatlo lang naman ang pagpipilian–Noynoy, at EVIL Twins E-rap and Vil-villar. Yung iba kasi na ang rating ay 12% pababa, wala nang pag-asang manalo. Doon sa tatlo, siyempre dun na ako sa malinis at walang bahid, NOYNOY.

    **Ang batayan ni Hustisya ay ang Survey na 1000 people ung sinurvey. Logical? Matalino? I don’t think so.
    Is it really that hard to argue based on personal accomplishments/platform of government that you have to resort to relying on surveys alone? I guess it must be so if you are speaking for someone who has proven himself to be an inept legislator and a man void of vision for the future.

    2.) Pangalawang Reason; Sa tatlong ito, Si Noynoy ang pinakaNAGHIRAP para sa bayan.

    **Saan banda? Please list his accomplishments kung saan naghirap cya para sa bayan. Sarili nga lang nya nde na nya kayang paghirapan. (Walang bahay! hahahahaha 49.) If I remember it clearly. Sabi ni Kris sa wake ni Cory while crying: Don’t worry mom, I will take care of Kuya Noynoy. I will be the one to do the Groceries for Him. Eww… Nde marunong magrocery para sa sarili.

    3.) Pangatlong reason; ang kanyayang vice president ang nagsisilbing salamin ng pagkatao ng mga kandidatong pagkapangulo, base sa uri ng sakripisyo na kanilang sinuong.

    **Mas magaling c Mar! Senator Roxas has a solid record of implementing and legislating economic policies that have created jobs and have benefited the poor. Senator Roxas, as Trade Secretary and as Senator, has also been at the forefront of consumer protections and defending our trade interests in the WTO. For example, he has taken the lead, in the face of the opposition of the multinational drug industry, in ensuring cheap access to medicines by the poor.

    Eh c Noynoy? Ano ginawa?

    4.) Fourth Reason : Si Noynoy di nagmalabis kahit na noong Presidente pa si Cory. Nakita naman ninyo ang lifestyle, hanggang ngayon walang sarileng bahay.

    **This says a lot about Noynoy. Hindi nagmalabis kahit na noong presidente pa si Cory. Goodluck sa kanya, eh ano nga ba cya nung mga panahon na yun? Supervisor ng private owned company?

    Walang bahay hanggang ngayon!!!! hahahah nkakakatawa… 49 na pero wala parin sariling bahay. hahahaha kung magalaing cya, 30 pa lang may bahay na cya. May private company cla dba? OMG! kaya pala hindi mkapagtaguyod ng sariling pamilya ksi walang sariling bahay. Lumapit kamo cya kay Villar o kaya kay Noli sa pag-ibig para magkabahay cya. WHAT A LOSER!

    News flash: Congress may make Noynoy ‘homeless’

    House Bill 6772 declaring the Aquino residence at 25 Times Street an “historical site and cultural wealth of the nation.” If it passes, Noynoy may not touch the residence, which under RA 7356 would be under the National Historical Institute for its preservation and conservation.
    —Bka sa tabi tabi nalang cya tumira o kaya sa bahay ni kris.

    5,) Fifth Reason : Walang issue ng katiwalian laban kay Noynoy. Hacienda Luisita can not be an issue not only because Noynoy owns only 1% of it but also because Hacienda Luisita is a private company that is completely separate fronm Government coffer.

    **4% ung nsa pamilya ni noynoy. That mean if 6435 hectars un ( hectare = 10,000 square meters so just you know hustisya). 257.4 hectars. This is a lot. Paki basa naman kung ano dapat gagawin sa hacienda once ibigay ito sa mga aquinos. How about those poor farmers?

    6.) Sixth Reason; hindi atat maging presidente si Noynoy. “He who wanted the presidency the least deserves it the most.”

    **Saan mo naman nakuha yang quote na yan? Exactly the reason why people would not vote for him. It is not his passion. Nde nya tlga kagustuhan, so bakit ko gugustuhin? Ksi namatay c Cory? Please! Kung tutularan ni Noynoy ung ina nya, God help the Philippines. Ano ba ang nagawa ni Cory sa Philippines? It did not improve after the Marcoses. It became worse.
    7.) Noynoy is being endorsed by statesmen and honorable personalities. Jovy Salonga, Padaca, Among Ed, Randy David, Leah Salonga, Dinky Soliman, Romulo,etc. Mga kapuso and kapamilya stars, in an unprecedented move, united to endorse him.

    **seriously? This is one of your reasons? He is also endorsed by the following people: drillon, black and white movement, hyatt10, abad, et al.

    8.) Noynoy has a name, admired and respected the world over. Hindi niya dudungisan and pangalang ipinundar ng kabayanihan ng kanyang mga magulang.

    **Yes. I agree with this. Just keep in the shadows of the dead parents and the philippines will be a better place.

    9.) Si Noynoy mismo ay nagpakita ng kabayanihan sa pagtatanggol ng ating demokrasya. 3 sa kanyang bodyguard ang napatay at siya mismo ay may bala pa ng karadasan hanggang ngayon sa kanyang katawan.

    **Lolz… Noynoy bayani dahil sa incident na ito?
    From Mr. Abaya:
    “Noynoy’s mother’s naïve attitude towards the Communists, which directly caused the military to launch coup attempts against her. If Noynoy were to follow her example, the military would likely also launch coup attempts against him. Only a fool would disregard this concern.” -Noynoy has no command even Military experience.

    10.) Matalino siya at disente. You can notice this when he speaks, Every words have sense.

    **Kelan? Saan banda ung talino at disente? Sa isang tanong ng GMA kung saan nangulelat cya at hindi na sumali ng second part o sa HARAPAN ng ABS-CBN kung saan cya lang ung may copy ng opening statement nya ta panay ang basa? Sino gumawa nun? C mar. It was a good opening speech pero he did not deliver it well o kung tuwing nakikinig cya sa ibang candidates, nka open lang un mouth nya. paki sara please, bka pasukan ng langaw.

    11.) He has the quality of a good leader. A unifying figure. Pwede niyang mapagkaisa ang bayan. 44% ang boboto NA sa kanya and still growing.
    **Addessed in point 1. Paulet ulet naman ung reasons mo.

    12.) THe best person to enhance our diplomatic relation. His parents are admires and respected as heroes around the world.

    **addressed in point 8. Pauletulet ulet.

    13.) Noynoy is not beholden to Gloria M. Si Erap, pinatawad ni Gloria. Si Villar, pinalagpas ang katiwalian ni Gloria. Si Gibo, hawak sa leeg ni Gloria.

    **Oh really? he would prosecute the Arroyos, the way his mother DID NOT prosecute the Marcoses? This is very nice.

    If you only opened your ears and listened when Gibo discussed what will happen to a case once the president interfered, you would not have posted this. I will educate you a little:

    Once the president interferes with a case, justice is lost. It will be tainted and will be trialed by publicity. The president should let the judicial system take care of this.

    14.) Si Noynoy ay nakakaunawa sa kahinaan ng mga may kapansanan. He took care of Josha, isn’t it. And he showed compassion and understanding to the handicapped.

    **Yes very compassionate. nakakaunawa indeed sa may mga kapansanan.

    15.) Noynoy is competent and efficient as a fiscalizer, the role he chose to play in Philippine politics.

    **Noynoy on Senate? 9 bills created and non was passed into Law for 3 yes. Noynoy on congress? 9 yrs and …

    (To be continued ung other half mo @Hustisya. hahaha)

    A few good reads for your candidate:

    Group asks Noynoy to quit smoking:

    Paninigarilyo pa nga lang, hindi na kayang pigilan. Walang discipline!

    **Read the comments guys. Very fun to read!

  26. pusong bato, what the hell do you mean by farol??? Are you calling me a Xmas lantern?

    By the way, alam niyo, Noynoy supporters, ok lang naman sa akin ang Liberal party sana… BALIGTARIN LANG NILA ang tandem.

    Tama ang sinabi ni karlreiner. Mas magaling talaga si Mar.

    As I said, kung binaligtad na lang sana ng Liberal party ang kanilang line up para si Mar ang magpe-presidente at si Noynoy ay Vice lang, I honestly would probably go with the Liberal party ticket.

    Pero with Noynoy for president? That’s the shittiest, stupidest thing for the Liberal party to do. Alam niyo, kasi nga Mar Roxas has competence, Mar Roxas has track record, Mar has economic management experience.

    But you know what? Because Mar stepped down in favor of Noynoy, now Noynoy is going to be the one who calls the shots in case he wins.

    And you know what that means?

    It means that Mar’s expertise will be laid to waste because whatever Mar wants to do for the economy WILL NOT BE DONE kasi nga Noynoy will be the one in power, and Noynoy’s Oligarch backers will have their say. If the Oligarchs want a protectionist system keeping out foreign investors, Noynoy will uphold that system.

    Yan ang problema, people. Noynoy’s backers, will be able to dictate policy, and MAR’s expertise will be wasted. Totally wasted.

    So you know, if you want better governance, go for a team that has a presidential candidate who knows what to do… Gibo knows what to do more than Noynoy does. Gordon and BF know what to do more than Noynoy does. Honestly, di pa ako nakakapili sa dalawang teams, but the point is, walang kwenta si Noynoy talaga.

    He really is a kulelat kid. Talagang kulang siya sa preparation.

    Noynoy is going to be a disaster for the Philippines.

    Para siyang yung anak ni Longshanks doon sa Braveheart… Weak, indecisive, and incapable of leading a country.

    TANGANG-TANGA ang nagsasabi na kung ano ang parents, ganun din automatically ang anak.

    Putang ina, what fucking shit is that?!? So Ninoy and Cory were supposedly morally-upright (although there are reports that Ninoy was also a Trapo before who did wheeling-and-dealing), but guess what, that did not stop KRIS AQUINO from becoming a bitch and a whore who got TULO.

    Si Longshanks, magaling mag-conquer ng ibang territories, pero yung anak, walang kwenta.

    There are many stories of this kind of thing.

    It’s not true that what the parents are is automatically what the children will be.

    Ninoy was intelligent, glib, articulate, analytical, charismatic. Cory was charismatic, charming, and God-fearing.

    But guess what:

    Noynoy is unintelligent, bulol, inarticulate, clueless, uninspirin. Noynoy is uncharismatic, not charming, and he’s a constant fornicator who can’t commit to marriage. Puro pre-marital sex lang ang habol. Kaya nga brineak siya ni Korina eh. Kasi puro kantot lang ang hinabol ng gago, wala namang kasal.

    You really think Noynoy is like his parents?

    Fuck that shit!

    Noynoy is a fuckin’ loser who is nothing like his parents, and all he has is his father’s NAME!

    Yun lang, people. 😉

  27. @ Nick / karliener

    Ang ibig sabihin ni Pusong Bato ay pareho kayong fagot na ulul or FAROL.

    Sabi ni nick, unselfish intention daw lead to good results kaya yung mga selfish candidate lang iboboto niya.

    You are definitely nothing but a piece of shit, Nick the Shit!

    If that is the case, NATALO na ni lucifer lahat nang anghel sa itaas ng langit.

    At yung iba kong tanong, sagutin mo. Kundi fagot na ulul talaga kayong iisa ni Karliener. Nagdalawang post pa kayo eh iisa lang naman kayo.

    Karliener, you need to answer my arguments a lot better. Nagmumukha kang nick the shit talaga sa pinagsasagot mo.

  28. Hustisya,

    Bobo at tanga ka nga talaga. Makulit pa. Ha HA Ha HA!

    I never said that “unselfish intention daw lead to good results kaya yung mga selfish candidate lang iboboto niya.”

    I simply said these:

    NOT ALL good intentions lead to GOOD RESULTS


    NOT ALL selfish intentions lead to BAD RESULTS


    there are cases (like Schindler) na SELFISH INTENTIONS LEAD TO GOOD RESULTS.

    SUPER SUPER SUPER BOBO KA TALAGA, Hustisya. Wala kang alam sa logic, ano?

    And look, Karl Reiner is different from me. Very different. But you have your dick up your own ass that’s why you think that just because you’re able to fuck yourself, you think that people who don’t think like you are like you: able to self-fuck: iisang tao lang.

    Alam mo Hustisya, it’s obvious na galit-na-galit ka na kasi nga alam mo na totoo ang sinabi ko.

    I proved it. Not all children are what their parents are.

    As I said, Longshanks was a great conqueror, but his son was a wimp.

    Just the same way, even if Ninoy was a great man and Cory was a saintly woman, that does not stop this from happening:

    1. Noynoy is a wimp: very unlike his achiever-father
    2. Noynoy is a fornicator: very unlike his saintly mother


    Do you really think Noynoy is still a virgin? Ok, so if he is not a virgin, then obviously he’s a FORNICATOR!

    He fucks women who are not his wife. Bakit di siya maka-commit?

    I proved it!


    Bagsak ang thesis ninyo that Noynoy is like his parents.

    I told you so, the theory that children always take after their parents is not true. Look at KRIS AQUINO. Many people say kaya namatay si Cory ng di oras is because of all the sakit ng ulo na dulot ni Kris sa kanyang ina.

    She fucked Philip Salvador, even if they were not married.

    She fucked Joey Marquez and got TULO, even if they were not married.

    She fucked James Yap, and decided to save face by paying him to marry her.


    But she’s like her father: Charismatic, Charming, able to convince people.

    Noynoy? He’s nothing like his parents!

    He just has his father’s name.

    (Uy, kawawa si Hustisya, umiiyak na siya kasi wala na siyang masabi. Boohoohoo!)

    That’s all folks! 😉

  29. Hustisya,

    Pahabol: Wala ring kwenta ang reasoning mo as to why pusongbato is calling me a Xmas lantern (farol), kasi sabi mo “fagot” and “ulol.”

    Tanga ka yata eh. Kung “fagot” and “ulol” eh di dapat “fagol” or “falol” ang tawag sa akin!

    Bakit farol, eh ang farol means Xmas lantern?!? Whaddafuck?

    Hoy, ano, aminado ka nang talo ka, diba? Kasi nga:

    YOU KNOW that it is not true that JUST BECAUSE a person’s parents are good and competent, that person is also going to be good and competent.

    Now you know, Hustisya.

    Now you know that your advocacy of Noynoy’s candidacy is flawed and on shaky ground.

    Now you know that Noynoy IS NOT THE RIGHT ONE, and now you know that you’ve wasted your time campaigning for someone who will be a major disappointment to everyone, including you!

    Noynoy will not be like his father. Noynoy will not be like his mother.

    Noynoy will be a failure, and Noynoy is a fornicator and chain-smoker, and is a disappointment to both his parents!

    Buti na lang they died before they could see him fuck the Philippines up, while using their legacy as his springboard!

    You Noynoy supporters are to blame as well, kasi to begin with, hindi naman talaga gusto ni Noynoy tumakbo for President kasi alam niyang di siya hiyang at bagay sa position na yan eh! It’s too much responsibility and too much hassle for him.


    All the Noynoy supporters and oligarch-backers!

  30. Nick the Shit;

    Farol = Pareho kayong fagot na ulul.

    Dun sa “pareho” nakuka yung “r”, gets? Pareho kayong fagot na ulul.

    What’s the point of saying NOT ALL blah-blah leads to blah-blah? Parang walang sense ang sinabi mo. It seems gusto mo lang bawiin ang argumento mo na pumalpak at wala ka nag maisagot. Basahin mo uli ang unang sinabi para marealize mo how stupid you made yourself to appear. Below is the STUPIDITY you clearly SAID, Nick the Shit.

    “Where the fuck did you get that? Did you study history?

    Napanood mo yung Schindler’s List? Maraming articles written about the Schindler phenomenon, kasi si Schindler ended up doing a lot of Good Deeds na ang original intention niya ay makasarili.

    Schindler is remembered for saving the lives of the Jews who were working for him in his factories, but you know what, when he first opened the factory, ang original intention niya was to get cheap SLAVE LABOR para wala siyang pa-sweldo: food only ang ibibigay niya. He was selfish and profit-oriented.

    But of course, in time, lagi siyang pinasasalamatan ng mga tauhan niya for giving them such jobs, kasi nga di sila pinapatay ng mga Nazi occupiers because being factory workers in a German-owned factory (and Schindler was a Nazi party member), they were all “essential workers.”

    Kita mo, SELFISH INTENTIONS, leading to GOOD RESULTS, which later of course, made him also start having good intentions.”

    Aminin mo na na may deperensiya ang argumento mo. Line by line, may kwento ka pa tungkol sa Schindler’s List which ultimately ended to the MOST STUPID CONCLUSION i have ever encountered.

    Biro mo sabihin mong those with SELFISH INTENTIONS are the ones who deliver GOOD RESULTS, implying that those with SELFISH INTENTIONS are the ones who should be voted.

    Ikaw na lang, Nick the shit….

    I will respond to you after two days pag nakasagot ka pa…

    I had to go to Hongkong but will be back the soonest time.

    Pakisabi na rin sa sarile mong si Karlreiner na mag-practice pa siya dahil gulpi siya pag balik ko.

  31. Hustisya,

    Nambola ka pa about the “R” in farol coming from “paReho.” ha ha ha! You made my day, even if you’re such a stupid fucking dimwit, may silbi ka cos you make me laugh!! ROTFLMAO!!

    For me, pusongbato just called me a Xmas lantern, so it still makes no sense at all. Sa yo, nambola ka, although it’s medyo convoluted. Do you know the word convoluted, Hustisya? Look it up, boy. It means “adnami mo pang pasikot-sikot!” Ha ha ha ha!

    Yung pagtawag mo sa akin as “Nick the shit” just proves na talagang galit na galit ka na. Ang galing kong mangasar, ano? Ha ha ha ha ha!

    Bobo ka na nga talaga, Hustisya. Pikon ka pa! Ha ha ha ha ha!


    See, when I discuss something very logically, sumakit tuloy ang ulo mo, di mo nakita ang kalinawan ng sinabi ko about good intentions, selfish intentions, good results, and bad results.

    Mag-aral ka ng logic. Aralin mo muna yun para maintindihan mo kung ano yung concepto ng logic on implications.

    The the example A X (two ways)

    In the above, the implication is two ways. A can cause X and it can be said that X will always be caused by A. A maps to X in a one-to-one fashion.

    But if A -> X (one way), it does not necessarily mean that X was caused by A. Because it turns out that A is just one of the possible causes of X. It is merely a one way causation implication.

    X, as it turns out in such a one way implication, can be caused by B, and it can probably also be caused by C.


    a) A -> X
    b) B -> X
    c) C -> X

    All hold true.

    Whenever X occurs, there is no single cause that can be attributed to it. When X occurs, any one of three causes; A, B, or C may have caused it.

    This is because the implication is not based on a one-to-one two way implication relationship.

    Let us now assign real values to A, B, C and X:

    Let A = Good, unselfish altruistic intentions
    B = Selfish, Greedy intentions
    C = No intentions (accidents / natural disasters)

    X = Good results

    In real life, the following hold true:

    a) A -> X (Good/unselfish/altruistic intentions can lead to good results)
    b) B -> X (Selfish, Greedy intentions can lead to good results)
    c) C -> X (random occurences without intentions)

    a) is best exemplified by Mother Teresa. She had good intentions, and her results were also good
    b) is best exemplified by Schindler. His selfish/greedy intentions led towards benevolent results
    c) is best exemplified by accidental good fortune: the land you bought turns out to be rich in mineral deposits


    So idiot-named-“Hustisya”, you really don’t get it, do you?

    It is possible for people who do not have pure intentions to still come up with very good and benevolent results.

    What turns out to be even more disappointing to you is that even people with the best intentions sometimes turn out having the worst and most disastrous results, resulting in the deaths of far too many people.

    Cory had good intentions, but she was a little naive. So in the end, her good intentions did not always lead towards the best results because her policies were innocent and naively crafted. Masyado niyang inakala na lahat ng tao mabait.

    It remains to be seen if Noynoy, in fact, has good intentions.

    Kasi it is proven that Noynoy is not like his father nor his mother.

    It is proven that Noynoy is ineffective and unintelligent unlike his father who was an achiever and was extremely bright.

    It is also proven that Noynoy is not saintly and innocent like his mother who was very saintly. Noynoy is a fornicator.

    He has sex with his girlfriends, but never intended to marry them at all. Puro siya pre-marital sex. Maka-Diyos ba yan?

    Ano, Hustisya, may prueba ka ba na VIRGIN pa rin si Noynoy at 50? HA?!?

    If you can prove to me na HINDI PA NAKAPAGBENJOT si Noynoy sa tagal ng kanyang pagkabinata, then I’ll eat my words.

    But you know, you can’t prove it, and the fact that Noynoy is a chain-smoker proves it.

    Sa medschool, sinabihan kami ng isang prof na may correlation between pagyoyosi and sexual promiscuity.

    Etong si Noynoy, di takot magyosi kasi nakabenjot na!

    You don’t understand the Schindler implication kasi BOBO at TANGA KA.


    I’ll tell you what, kaya nga Steven Spielberg put in the pumping scene doon sa movie para ipakita na ordinaryong makasalanan si Schindler. He was not a “morally-upright” person na chaste. No sir! Steven Spielberg was showing that Schindler was a normal sinner. That Schindler did not have the best intentions. He was operating his factories with Jewish slave labor kasi yun ang mura. Zero payroll, pagkain lang ang ibibigay.

    But Spielberg was saying something… He’s saying that any ordinary person, even an ordinary person with ordinary “profit-oriented” intentions CAN BE A HERO if what he does SAVES LIVES.

    Yun ang main point ng story sa Schindlers List, Hustisya.

    Of course, di mo naintindihan dahil tanga ka.

    Hoy, anong gagawin mo sa Hong Kong? Mag-aapply ka sa pagiging maid?

  32. By the way Noynoy people:

    Mga Hudas talaga kayong mga pro-Noynoy who want to peddle the myth that NOYNOY is a “good man.”

    Fuck that shit!

    1. Noynoy is guilty of FORNICATION.

    – Sex between a man and a woman who are not married to one another.

    Tell me, is Noynoy a VIRGIN? If he is not a virgin at 50, then he is guilty of fornication!

    Therefore: Noynoy is NOT LIKE his mother.

    Demolished na ang idea that Noynoy is going to be like his mother.

    2. Noynoy is guilty of one of the SEVEN DEADLY SINS! SLOTH!

    – Sloth is about LAZINESS. Noynoy is a lazy legislator. Walang achievements. Sabihin niyong wala raw siyang nanakaw? WALA NAMAN SIYANG NAGAWA!

    Guilty of SLOTH! Guilty of one of the 7 Deadly Sins!

  33. @ Dick Head Nick;

    I guess you like this name better. I could feel you are in intense emotional pain and is already in the verge of suicide with that “NICK THE SHIT” monicker I gave you. So I decided to mellow a little bit….

    Furthermore, this is just to emphasize the obvious.. Di ba you are for Dick Gordon and your favorite line is that we are bobo and you have head. So Dick Head Nick will speak your line of thinking the rest of your miserable life…..

    Dick Head Nick, I copy pasted EXACTLY what you said in your post to prove your stupidity. THe equations you are now presenting to save face mean nothing because you already wrote what you wrote. And it just show show you how stupid you are. You can not deny that you said only those with with selfish intention deliver good results, implying that we should not vote for Noynoy because he has, and we know it all, GOOD INTENTIONS.

    Kaya ka pala galit na galit kay Noynoy is because he has GOOD INTENTIONS.

    You are really a pathetic dick head, Nick!

    More when I come back.

  34. Hustisya,

    You still are the most bobo and most makulit madapaka on this blog. 🙂

    This is your katangahan, Mr. Bobo:

    “You can not deny that you said only those with with selfish intention deliver good results, implying that we should not vote for Noynoy because he has, and we know it all, GOOD INTENTIONS.”

    Your understanding of English is extremely faulty. Hanggang grade 2 ka lang kasi.

    I never said that “only those with with selfish intention deliver good results” (I perfectly copied what you wrote. ikaw saan yung na-copy and paste mo, ha bobo?)

    I said that some people can have selfish intentions, AND STILL ACHIEVE RESULTS THAT ARE GOOD and BENEVOLENT. Parang si Schindler, he had selfish intentions, but his results were GOOD and BENEVOLENT.

    Tanga ka nga talaga, Hustisya. Panget na nga ang English mo, panget din ang logic mo. At talagang ZERO ang ability mo to comprehend simple English.

    Did you read my stuff correctly, ha, stupid bobo boy? It’s possible for people with GOOD INTENTIONS like Mother Teresa, to achieve GOOD/BENEVOLENT RESULTS.

    But you know what, the real reason why people like Mother Teresa achieved GOOD and BENEVOLENT RESULTS is because she knew how to organize her Religious Order, the Daughters of Charity in a very effective way in order to properly help the poor.

    She also knew how to correctly manage finances.

    She was not purely all just about “Good Intentions.” Mother Teresa ALSO KNEW PRACTICAL THINGS like management of people as well as financial management, and fund-raising.

    In the same way, Oskar Schindler – at the very least – had the ability to SET UP A FACTORY and create products so that the people working for him could prove to the Nazi guards that they were working for the war effort.

    KUMBAGA, Mr. BOBO BOY Hustisya, the people who can achieve GOOD RESULTS are people WHO KNOW HOW TO ORGANIZE and DO PRACTICAL THINGS.

    In other words, you twerp, GOOD INTENTIONS ARE NOT ENOUGH.

    What does this mean? It means that if all Noynoy has are “GOOD INTENTIONS” but NO SKILLS, NO ABILITIES, NO ORGANIZATIONAL ABILITIES…


    And you know what you piece of shit?

    Noynoy cannot even be proven to have good intentions, because HE HAD NO INTENTIONS OF HELPING THE COUNTRY AS PRESIDENT until he was PUSHED to run!

    Did you see what I proved already, you son of a whore?

    Noynoy is NOT like Cory. Cory was saintly, but Noynoy is a FORNICATOR who fucks his girlfriends and never married any of them. Puro siya pre-marital sex. Ano, Hustisya, sasabihin mo bang Virgin pa si Noynoy at his age?

    Noynoy is NOT like Ninoy. Noynoy was ma-abilidad and a hardworking achiever. Magaling… But Noynoy is bulol. Walang-alam. Noynoy has no real skills! No abilities! And Noynoy is LAZY, walang achievements!

    Noynoy is NOT like his parents. He is neither morally-upright, and he has no skills or abilities that make him shine.

    Noynoy DOES NOT EVEN HAVE GOOD INTENTIONS! He’s the puppet of the Lopezes and of the Oligarchy who intend to run our country as their own private kingdom!

    So tell me, how can you prove that Noynoy will be able to deliver GOOD RESULTS to the Filipino people, you fucking piece of TAE?



    Remember, GOOD INTENTIONS ARE NOT ENOUGH. Even if you have good intentions, but you don’t have the ability to work and make things function so that you reap GOOD RESULTS, walang mangyayari!

    So better to get candidates WHO HAVE…

    Good Intentions AND Good Skills.

    Useless ang kukuha ng “Good intentions only.” Palpak.

    You need abilities and skills.

    Gibo, for instance, has galing and talino. And he does have good intentions. (ang tira niyo lang sa kanya is that he is with the administration party)

    Gordon too has galing and talino, and EXPERIENCE, in addition to having GOOD INTENTIONS.

    Si Noynoy, anong meron? Wala na nga siyang GOOD and USEFUL SKILLS towards getting GOOD RESULTS, wala pang proof that he has GOOD INTENTIONS!!!

    Noynoy’s “good intentions” is only a MYTH that rests on his parents’ legacy.

    But you know what, HE WILL DISAPPOINT YOU. Actually, marami na ngang tao akong kilala na dating Noynoy fans, pero when Gordon and Fernando joined forces, THEY SWITCHED OVER kasi nga those two guys have BOTH GOOD INTENTIONS and GOOD SKILLS/ABILITIES USEFUL towards achieving GOOD RESULTS.

    That’s how it works you stupid fool!

    Good intentions + Good Skills = GOOD RESULTS

    In fact, even people with “Selfish intentions (but think win-win) + GOOD SKILLS = Good Results”

    The key point is “think win-win.” Kasi nga you may think of doing something for your own benefit (selfish), but as long as you also think that it is important to let other people also benefit from it, then it’s win-win, and if it works out, then the RESULTS ARE GOOD, not just for you, but for others as well.

    But NOYNOY and his campaign team DOESN’T UNDERSTAND THAT.

    Puro sila “Legacy of Cory and Ninoy” but that is meaningless because NOYNOY only has Ninoy’s name, BUT NONE OF NINOY’S or CORY’S CHARACTERISTICS.

    Noynoy does not have Cory’s good intentions and saintliness (nagpre-marital sex siya) and he does not have Ninoy’s skills and Abilities.



    Babai, you stupid shit!

  35. Think Twice before it’s too late
    -Jerry Tundag

    Before Filipinos make a mistake that they cannot undo until after six long years, perhaps it is best for them to consider a few things first about Noynoy Aquino, who seems to be where he is not supposed to be.

    Noynoy was not born on the day his mother Cory died. He has been around for a while. But his presence in the Philippine political landscape was insignificant and inconsequential. Before Cory died, nobody in his right mind ever considered him for president, not even as a joke.

    But then Cory died. And the same multitudes that gathered at Edsa to kick out a dictator and install her as a new leader turned up once again to send her off, this time to a kingdom free from care and turmoil.

    The gathering was but natural. It is in our culture to pay our last respects to the dead, especially one who meant something to the nation. But some bright boys waiting in the sidelines for their chance to attain political power saw something in those huge numbers.

    The huge numbers who mourned the passing of Cory can be harnessed for their own political interests. All they need do was whip up the passion of the moment and direct it toward something close and identifiable.

    Anything else, and passion will dissipate, it not being sustainable for a long time. So, who else was conveniently close and identifiable but Noynoy. So right then and there, the bright boys plucked Noynoy from insignificance and obscurity and launched him into national prominence.

    Suddenly they had a movement shouting his name. But if it is a measure of his capability, Noynoy could not make out what was happening. He could not make a snap decision. Even in his wildest dreams he did not think of this. He had to go into seclusion to pray for a sign.

    But Noynoy did not need a sign. He would not have recognized it anyway. It was the opportunists who were now calling the shots and they were not to be disappointed. This was as good as it gets. Had Noynoy declined, they would have lynched him, believe it or not.

    By the time Noynoy emerged from his retreat, which looked too contrived, the mob was already at the gates. They were going to make him president whether he liked it or not. They are already leading him by the nose right from the start.

    If Noynoy is worthy of the genes he is touted to have, he should have immediately seen the folly of aspiring for the highest office in the land solely on the basis of something as inscrutable as a genetic pool. Genetic integrity is never a birthright and cannot be assured.

    If Noynoy is as discerning as the presidency requires, he should have been the first to realize that he is just being used as a vehicle to be ridden by those who cannot enable their political dreams on their own.

    The knight in shining armor is a totally confused and oblivious one. How can he actually believe the big lie about a moral crusade he is supposed to lead when he is accepting without the slightest scrupple each and every cheap opportunistic turncoat who hops on board?

    The overwhelming desire to win has transformed the moral crusade into just another cheap stab at political power. But do not wonder at the ease and swiftness by which the transformation came about. Collapse is inevitable for everything with a hollow core.

    The leadership of a country as troubled as the Philippines needs something more reliable and substantial than just a frivolous dependence on a superior genetic pool. Filipinos must wake up to the reality that they need to think twice about Noynoy and that they need to do so now.

  36. You were referring to a Senator dirt bag, who surely knows a lot better than you. Plus, when he talks, people listen obviously. But you, you surely hide behind a transvestite’s skirt, nothing so great about you but your high-class-copied- from-other-culture-non-sense, and possibly, who used to live in the Philippines, but now, after working and earning a minimum wage in other country, for so many years, he thinks he’s God—you are full of it jack ( if you know what I mean.)

    Noynoy certainly is pure solid leader and just capable to unite the Filipinos. Listen to him when he talks plain Tagalog which is your national language—you dope.

    After reading this B-O-Y… don’t ever publish your picture on any of your embarassing announcements, I’d be the first one to give it an “International Hand Signal.”

  37. Abnoy certainly was not / is not a leader…

    He is capable of uniting the Filipinos? Since when? He can’t even unite the workers and management of Hacienda Luisita..

    Let’s be factual here.. The only thing he has done in terms of unification.. is uniting back the trapos in the Liberal Party.

    I really can’t imagine how stupid people can be.. defending a worthless legislator (9yrs congress, 3yrs. senate)… with ZERO output.. and trying to convince everyone that He is the one..

    No doubt about it.. He is indeed the stupid one.

  38. You were referring to a Senator dirt bag, who surely don’t know a lot better than a Kindergarten pupil. Plus, when he talks, people listen obviously to count the errors and inconsistencies. But me, I surely hide behind a transvestite’s skirt, nothing so great about me but my high-class-copied- from-other-culture-non-sense, and possibly because I used to live in the Philippines, but now, after working and earning a minimum wage in other countries as a drug pusher, for so many years, I think for myself as a drug lord and I’m full of it jack ( if I know what I mean.)

    Noynoy certainly is a pure solid jerk and just capable to unite the Filipino drug lords. Listen to him when he talks plain Tagalog which is our national language— I’m dope.

    In fact, Noynoy has more smoked cigars in a day than the total number of bills he have authored for the past 12 years of his term in the congress and the senate.

    After reading this B-O-Y… I will be the first one to give my own stupidity an “International Hand Signal.”

  39. Me also, I will vote for Noynoy.

    Pikon na Nick and Karl. Puro mura lang alam nila. Seguro nanay nila si Lucifer at Tatay nila si Satanas.

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