The Long View: Good Frodo and Evil Gollum

The Long View
Good Frodo and Evil Gollum
By Manuel L. Quezon III
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 23:28:00 11/22/2009

IN book two of “The Fellowship of the Ring,” Celeborn, elven co-ruler of Lothl0rien, speaks directly to the readers as much as to the Fellowship when he counsels, “Do not despise the lore that has come down from distant years; for oft it may chance that old wives keep in memory word of things that once were needful for the wise to know.”

Chances are you’ve read or watched “The Lord of the Rings,” Tolkien’s saga in three volumes of how a reluctant hero is tasked with destroying a Ring of Power as a squabbling alliance of Hobbits, humans, dwarves and elves backs him up and fights titanic battles against the evil Sauron and his gruesome dark hordes. The epic is about Good and Evil, and how individuals can be one or the other, or even both, depending on the circumstances.

Some months ago Jim Paredes quipped that Noynoy Aquino is like the reluctant Hobbit hero Frodo Baggins, and that all those flocking to his aid and assistance are like the motley cast of characters that comprised the Fellowship of the Ring.

Tolkien the narrator observes of hobbits, as much as of men, of people in books as much as of people in real life, that “There is a seed of courage hidden (often deeply, it is true) in the heart of the fattest and most timid hobbit, waiting for some final and desperate danger to make it grow.”

In Book Two, the message is amplified in an exchange between Gimli the dwarf and the elf Elrond, representatives of races that do not like each other but now allied in a common quest, yet the two still disagree on how to approach the physical and even moral perils of their quest.

“Faithless is he that says farewell when the road darkens,” the action-oriented Gimli starts off. Elrond the jaded elf replies, “Maybe, but let him not vow to walk in the dark, who has not seen the nightfall.” Gimli counters, “Yet sworn word may strengthen quaking heart,” only for Elrond to pragmatically respond by saying, “Or break it.” This is the eternal conflict between purists and realists.

At a time when there’s a general desire to see righteousness reign in our politics, there is too great a danger of self-righteousness intruding its discordant voice, insisting, on one hand, on impossible standards for individuals while ignoring the need for a common cause to confront the greater danger. This is the danger of pride substituting for true conscientiousness.

Quite early on in Book One of “The Fellowship of the Ring,” in the second chapter, the reluctant Frodo and the wizard Gandalf discuss Gollum, the deranged previous holder of the Ring of Power from whom Frodo’s uncle, Bilbo, had taken the ring; throughout the saga Gollum represents the problem of Frodo the Good, requiring the at times sincere, and most other times, deceitful, assistance of the generally Evil Gollum.

From the very start, Frodo thinks it’s a bad thing to have to engage the help of bad people and tells Gandalf, “He deserves death.” Gandalf’s answer is instructive, laying down a theme that will persist to the end of the saga, as he repeatedly counsels the members of the Fellowship of the Ring against the perils of confusing the righteousness of their cause with the pride of self-righteousness.

“Deserves it! I daresay he does,” Gandalf agrees; but adds, “Many that live deserve death. And some that die deserve life. Can you give it to them? Then do not be too eager to deal out death in judgment. For even the very wise cannot see all ends. I have not much hope that Gollum can be cured before he dies, but there is a chance of it. And he is bound up with the fate of the Ring. My heart tells me that he has some part to play yet, for good or ill, before the end; and when that comes, the pity of Bilbo may rule the fate of many – yours not least.”

Tolkien repeatedly returns to this theme of redemption – whether partial or complete – for the bad, or the merely confused, a possibility that should temper the self-righteousness of characters themselves fully capable of departing – temporarily but at times, disastrously – from the path of righteousness. Pride, he perpetually points out, feeds the divisions self-righteousness creates and which harms Good and promotes Evil.

As the elf Haldir of Lorien, responding to the bickering and simmering tensions between allies, points out in another chapter of Book Two: “In nothing is the power of the Dark Lord more clearly shown than in the estrangement that divides all those who still oppose him.”

Gandalf himself, in Book Three, returns to the basic lesson Haldir propounded: “We are all friends here. Or should be; for the laughter of Mordor will be our only reward, if we quarrel.” Something he returns to again, much later on in Book Five, where once again self-righteousness has provoked discord and to which his reply is, “Let us remember that a traitor may betray himself and do good that he does not intend. It can be so, sometimes.”

Hope is what enabled Good to conquer Evil – for at the heart of hope is the humility to give all a chance to help fight Evil, without sneering at motives. A humility based on belief in redemption for those who once served Evil. Frodo could not do it alone, he needed help; help came from all quarters and much of it tainted by mixed motives as shown by the thoroughly bad Gollum.

Every character wrestled with the dilemma of fighting for Good yet being confronted by Evil, internal and external. Hope subdued pride, humility fostered unity and trust in Good allowed individuals as well as kingdoms to conquer the Ultimate Evil, Sauron.

As the fair elven Galadriel had told the impatient dwarf Gimli in Book Two, “I do not foretell, for all foretelling is now vain: on the one hand lies darkness, and on the other only hope. But if hope should not fail, then I say to you, Gimli son of Gloin, that your hands shall flow with gold, and yet over you gold shall have no dominion.”

Manuel L. Quezon III.

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  1. Ano, ka. Loka-loka! Dalawa tayong mariang palad ni Nick ano? D left and the right. Kaya tatlo tayo FOREVER>

  2. @Nick Mackyavelley, lahat ng haciendero for Gibo. Pumunta ka sa Negros, Isabela, Mindanao—malalaman mo ang sinasabi ko.

    Ang mga haciendero ilag kay Noynoy because of Butch Abad, ang pinakamatinding DAR secretary sa kasaysayan ng Pilipinas.

  3. Nick, you remind me of my office mate NIKKI TA-BO. We call him Nikki Ta-Bo because lagi siyang may dalang tabo and aside from that ang tawag niya sa aming lahat ay TANGA at BOBO, hence TABO.

    LAHAT kami siniraan na niya kay boss. Ang Accounting Head namin, tanga raw at bobo. Ang Purchasing Manager namin, tanga raw at bobo. Ang Legal Dept Head namin, tinawag na rin niyang tanga at bobo. Almost everyone from janitor to office manager, tinawag na niyang tanga at bobo.

    Perhaps, akala niya pag tinawag niya lahat nang tanga at bobo, magmumukhang MATALINO siya.

    But one day, my boss fired her. Paano ba naman ang huling tinawag niyang tanga at bobo eh ASAWA pala ni Boss.

    Ngayon, sino ang tanga at bobo?

    Si Nikki Tabo kasi wala na siyang trabaho.

    Si Nikki Tabo kasi di siya nag-iisip, basta lahat sa kanya tanga at bobo.

    Si Nikki Tabo kasi siya ngayon ay pinagtatawanan na lang namin aiya.

    Kaya ikaw Nick Tabo, pag-isipan mo ang mga sinasabi mo dahil ikaw nagmumukhang TABO.

  4. tsk.. tsk… I guess there really is NO CURE for the YELLOW FEVER.

    You guys are hopeless… or should i say YOU DUDE are hopeless. Its pretty obvious, sabay2 lumalabas at ng rereply.
    trolls…. tsk tsk.

    Habang binabasa ko yung ibang pro noynoy arguments and comments na wawalan na talaga ako ng pag asa sa pilipinas.

  5. Thanks for admitting that your preposition is HOPELESS. You should have admitted that long time ago and you would have spared yourself and your other selves of humiliation.

    We are very, very sure of our choice : NOYNOY FOR PRESIDENT !
    You and your other selves to come here and insult us because of our presidential preference? Excuse US. We will deal with you point by point, argument for argument. And if you start your tirades of barbs and insults, we will respond with the same verbal missiles your pitiful selves will toss to us.

    If you are wondering why we are so many, this explains why;

    Heto kami;

    47% 47% 47% 47% 47% 47% 47% 47% 47% 47% 47% 47% 47% 47% 47% 47% 47% 47% 47% 47% 47% 47% 47% 47% 47% 47% 47% 47% 47% 47% 47% 47% 47% 47% 47% 47% 47% 47% 47% 47% 47% 47% 47% 47% 47% 47% 47% 47% !!!!!

    At heto naman kayo;

    2% 2%

    Hope this will end this long debate.

    By the way, this data came from SWS and Pulse Asia. Angels, Saints and Devils look into this before deciding on something. You can not question the validity of this poll result.

    Why we come sometime all at once? Syempre MARAMI kami. I actually enjoy the exchanges between you and Engr. Jojo, tapos sina Dennis, Hustisya, etc. Ngayon lang ako ako sumali because parang naging silent na sila. Pero di kami katulad mo na IISA lang pero maraming pangalan ang ginagamit. I know JessKFC, Julia, Loi Mase, etc. are respectable people who are already fed up sa kamumura ninyo.

    Mariang Palad, is another case. But I think he belongs to your camp.

    And yes, NOYNOY KAMI. And we have so much HOPE in our hearts.

  6. Hi, I am back. @jay Lazaro, you forgot to mention CELESTINO, na sinagot ni Nick using the name CELESTINA, then ANNA na sinagot ni Nick using the name ANNO, then Mo, then Nemhie08 na sinagot din ni Nick using another name. Mahirap ka-sebate yung IISANG TAO, iba-ibang pangalan ang ginagamit.

    I have a score to settle with Karliener, another NICK in the nick.

    KARLIENER : Mga katawa tawang rason ni Hustisya kung bakit nya iboboto c Noynoy:

    HUSTISYA : Matawa ka man sa hindi, si Noynoy pa rin ang iboboto ko.

    1.) Unang reason; Tatlo lang naman ang pagpipilian–Noynoy, at EVIL Twins E-rap and Vil-villar. Yung iba kasi na ang rating ay 12% pababa, wala nang pag-asang manalo. Doon sa tatlo, siyempre dun na ako sa malinis at walang bahid, NOYNOY.

    KARLIENER : Ang batayan ni Hustisya ay ang Survey na 1000 people ung sinurvey. Logical? Matalino? I don’t think so.
    Is it really that hard to argue based on personal accomplishments/platform of government that you have to resort to relying on surveys alone? I guess it must be so if you are speaking for someone who has proven himself to be an inept legislator and a man void of vision for the future.

    HUSTISYA : Survey yun ng SWS and Pulse Asia. Only people in another planet doubt the results. Yours is just an OPINION. Bigger number of people have a different opinion, so why will we care about your baseless opinion?

    2.) Pangalawang Reason; Sa tatlong ito, Si Noynoy ang pinakaNAGHIRAP para sa bayan.

    KARLIENER :Saan banda? Please list his accomplishments kung saan naghirap cya para sa bayan. Sarili nga lang nya nde na nya kayang paghirapan. (Walang bahay! hahahahaha 49.) If I remember it clearly. Sabi ni Kris sa wake ni Cory while crying: Don’t worry mom, I will take care of Kuya Noynoy. I will be the one to do the Groceries for Him. Eww… Nde marunong magrocery para sa sarili.

    HUSTISYA : Your response has no relevance to the point I raised. I said NAGHIRAP si Noynoy para sa Bayan because he was shot, left for dead, in defense of our democracy. No other candidates can claim they suffered the same. Plus the emotional pains he suffered because of the political persecution on his family.

    3.) Pangatlong reason; ang kanyayang vice president ang nagsisilbing salamin ng pagkatao ng mga kandidatong pagkapangulo, base sa uri ng sakripisyo na kanilang sinuong.

    KARLIENER :Mas magaling c Mar! Senator Roxas has a solid record of implementing and legislating economic policies that have created jobs and have benefited the poor. Senator Roxas, as Trade Secretary and as Senator, has also been at the forefront of consumer protections and defending our trade interests in the WTO. For example, he has taken the lead, in the face of the opposition of the multinational drug industry, in ensuring cheap access to medicines by the poor.

    HUSTISYA: Again your response is irrelevant, Please read my points again.

    4.) Fourth Reason : Si Noynoy di nagmalabis kahit na noong Presidente pa si Cory. Nakita naman ninyo ang lifestyle, hanggang ngayon walang sarileng bahay.

    KARLIENER :This says a lot about Noynoy. Hindi nagmalabis kahit na noong presidente pa si Cory. Goodluck sa kanya, eh ano nga ba cya nung mga panahon na yun? Supervisor ng private owned company?

    HUSTISYA : Hindi niya sinagot ang puntos ko.

    5,) Fifth Reason : Walang issue ng katiwalian laban kay Noynoy. Hacienda Luisita can not be an issue not only because Noynoy owns only 1% of it but also because Hacienda Luisita is a private company that is completely separate fronm Government coffer.

    KARLIENER :4% ung nsa pamilya ni noynoy. That mean if 6435 hectars un ( hectare = 10,000 square meters so just you know hustisya). 257.4 hectars. This is a lot. Paki basa naman kung ano dapat gagawin sa hacienda once ibigay ito sa mga aquinos. How about those poor farmers?

    HUSTISYA : Still, 4% can not impose upon 96%. That is the rule of LOGIC, COMMON SENSE and EVEN MATHEMATICS.

    6.) Sixth Reason; hindi atat maging presidente si Noynoy. “He who wanted the presidency the least deserves it the most.”

    KARLIENER : Saan mo naman nakuha yang quote na yan? Exactly the reason why people would not vote for him. It is not his passion. Nde nya tlga kagustuhan, so bakit ko gugustuhin? Ksi namatay c Cory? Please! Kung tutularan ni Noynoy ung ina nya, God help the Philippines. Ano ba ang nagawa ni Cory sa Philippines? It did not improve after the Marcoses. It became worse.

    HUSTISYA : You missed my point again completely. Your erroneous comment about Cory is also not relevant. Ang layo !!!

    7.) Noynoy is being endorsed by statesmen and honorable personalities. Jovy Salonga, Padaca, Among Ed, Randy David, Leah Salonga, Dinky Soliman, Romulo,etc. Mga kapuso and kapamilya stars, in an unprecedented move, united to endorse him.

    KARLIENER :This is one of your reasons? He is also endorsed by the following people: drillon, black and white movement, hyatt10, abad, et al.

    HUSTISYA : O e di sige. OK lang naman. Kesa naman dun sa mga walang nag-endorse o kaya si Dolphy lang nag-endorse…obviously, binayaran pa.

    8.) Noynoy has a name, admired and respected the world over. Hindi niya dudungisan and pangalang ipinundar ng kabayanihan ng kanyang mga magulang.

    KARLIENER :Yes. I agree with this. Just keep in the shadows of the dead parents and the philippines will be a better place.

    HUSTISYA : Just think if your last name is Pacquiao, or Kennedy or Mandela. Doesn’t this help? If your last name is Aquino and you will negotiate with countries who fought and got their freedom back getting their inspiration from Ninoy and Cory, wouldn’t it help?

    9.) Si Noynoy mismo ay nagpakita ng kabayanihan sa pagtatanggol ng ating demokrasya. 3 sa kanyang bodyguard ang napatay at siya mismo ay may bala pa ng karadasan hanggang ngayon sa kanyang katawan.

    KARLIENER : Lolz… Noynoy bayani dahil sa incident na ito?
    From Mr. Abaya:
    “Noynoy’s mother’s naïve attitude towards the Communists, which directly caused the military to launch coup attempts against her. If Noynoy were to follow her example, the military would likely also launch coup attempts against him. Only a fool would disregard this concern.” -Noynoy has no command even Military experience.

    HUSTISYA : Noynoy got seriously wounded in defense of our freedom. Re; Abaya’s comments — punta ka sa Hacienda Luisita at nang makita mo ang mga komunistang nanggugulo duon.

    10.) Matalino siya at disente. You can notice this when he speaks, Every words have sense.

    KARLIENER : Saan banda ung talino at disente? Sa isang tanong ng GMA kung saan nangulelat cya at hindi na sumali ng second part o sa HARAPAN ng ABS-CBN kung saan cya lang ung may copy ng opening statement nya ta panay ang basa? Sino gumawa nun? C mar. It was a good opening speech pero he did not deliver it well o kung tuwing nakikinig cya sa ibang candidates, nka open lang un mouth nya. paki sara please, bka pasukan ng langaw.

    HUSTISYA : He got the highest points sa Harapan. 42% !!!! And independent observers interviewed my Mr. Carandang said that Noynoy delivered his piece the most effective. Your opinion, as usual is baseless.

    11.) He has the quality of a good leader. A unifying figure. Pwede niyang mapagkaisa ang bayan. 44% ang boboto NA sa kanya and still growing.

    KARLIENER :Addessed in point 1. Paulet ulet naman ung reasons mo.

    HUSTISYA : Nope. Ang punto ko rito is the ability of the candidate to unite the country. With the most number of people in his favor, naturally he is in the best position to unit all of us.

    12.) THe best person to enhance our diplomatic relation. His parents are admired and respected as heroes around the world.

    KARLIENER :addressed in point 8. Pauletulet ulet.

    HUSTISYA : Mali ka na naman. WE are talking here about diplomatic relation, hindi sa mga negotiation. With an Aquino as president, mas lalo tayong titingalain sa buong mundo.

    13.) Noynoy is not beholden to Gloria M. Si Erap, pinatawad ni Gloria. Si Villar, pinalagpas ang katiwalian ni Gloria. Si Gibo, hawak sa leeg ni Gloria.

    KARLIENER : Oh really? he would prosecute the Arroyos, the way his mother DID NOT prosecute the Marcoses? This is very nice.

    If you only opened your ears and listened when Gibo discussed what will happen to a case once the president interfered, you would not have posted this. I will educate you a little:

    Once the president interferes with a case, justice is lost. It will be tainted and will be trialed by publicity. The president should let the judicial system take care of this.

    HUSTISYA : Irrelevant ka na naman kasi si Cory ang pinuntirya mo. But then, exactly yung sinabi ni Gibo ang ginawa ni Cory. Ewan ko lang kung ang manok ni Gloria ay pwede siyang tukain.

    14.) Si Noynoy ay nakakaunawa sa kahinaan ng mga may kapansanan. He took care of Josha, isn’t it. And he showed compassion and understanding to the handicapped.

    KARLIENER :Yes very compassionate. nakakaunawa indeed sa may mga kapansanan.

    HUSTISYA : Thanks for agreeing.

    15.) Noynoy is competent and efficient as a fiscalizer, the role he chose to play in Philippine politics.

    KARLIENER : Noynoy on Senate? 9 bills created and non was passed into Law.

    HUSTISYA : You did not answer my point. You just explained why he chooses na lang to become a FISCALIZER. Di na nga release pork barrel niya admin dominated congress pa shot down all his bills. THat is why he made the most of his term na lang by being a FISCALIZER.

    I have enumerated 33 reasons why I will vote for Noynoy, yun ang puntiryahin mo instead of puro mura and alipusta.

    Let us have a sound and healthy debate, OK?

  7. @Hustisya, I took note of what you said, that in Harapan Online, Noynoy got the highest points with 42. Then, the best review pa ng panel of observers interviewed by Mr. Carandang.

    So saan kinuha ni Nick yung sinasabi niyang tanga at bobo si Noynoy?

  8. @Julia, I just don’t have any idea.

    But just don’t mind him. TANGA at BOBO ang laging tawag nila sa matino, di nagnanakaw, walang bahid dungis at malaki ang pagmamahal sa bayan. Remember, yan din issue nila vs Cory. But history proved them wrong.

  9. “And yes, NOYNOY KAMI. And we have so much HOPE in our hearts.”

    What exactly can we hope for with Noynoy as president? Mukhang hindi naman clear ang kanyang plans, so we don’t know what to hope for. Di rin clear pano niya plano i-achieve ang mga plans niya na di naman clear, so even worse, we don’t even know how he can expect to achieve his plans, which are – to begin with – not clear.

    *Scratches head*

    What can we really hope for with Noynoy?

  10. Please care to visit his websites so that you will know what he is going to do once he is already the president.

    Others say that he has no platform, that’s non-sense. He has the most complete, most viable, most comprehensive platform among ALL candidates.

    Please compare mo na lang his vision with that of other candidates by visiting all the websites to find out for yourself.

    Yung iba kasi, they will just promise you jobs, health services, opportunities, etc. but they will not tell you where they are going to get the funds. Kay Noynoy pati fund generation kasama.


    No person can express this vision better than Noynoy. He has become a presidential son. A congressman. then, senator. WALA KAYONG MASASABING KATIWALIAN NA GINAWA NIYA. Walang bahid dungis. Malinis. His vision can be exemplified by his own self because he leads by example.

    Scratch head? Nope. He knows what this country needs and he can deliver.

  11. @ Nick, scratch head may just be out of the question. As you notice, manipis na ang buhok ng candidate namin….

    But kidding aside, the panel of observers interviewed by Ricky Carandang re; Harapan, based their assessment on the VISION of the presidential candidates and Noynoy got the best review of the panel of observers.

  12. @Question….

    I am not a Noynoy supporter at the onset. In the beginning, I was setting my eyes on CHIZ. Then, Mar. When Noynoy declared his bid, I have the same apprehension and reluctance as you do. Pinag-aralan ko lahat. Everything. There was instance that I was looking at Bro. Eddie and even Gordon.

    My apprehension developed into CURIOSITY. So, I searched on him, asked the opinion of friends and even attended some of the forums where Noynoy was the guest speaker. THe basic question against Noynoy is his MATURITY and EXPERIENCE.

    I am a teacher. I must admit that I am one of those whose life was touched by Ninoy and Cory but that was just NOT enough reason why I should vote for Noynoy. So there I was, in one of the forums where Noynoy spoke very lengthily on education and I noticed how Noynoy elicited attention and the charisma he exudes in the gallery with teachers in the gathering. The substance of what he said and the way he said it convinced me that Noynoy indeed is ready for the Presidency. Medyo mabilis lang talaga magsalita but there is a lot of sense in what he is saying. Is he matured enough? Yes, I think so.

    But when it comes to experience, I have to admit that he may have less compared to others. Talking about experience, only Erap had the experience as president for almost 3 years. But are we going to vote for Erap? Erap may have the experience but our own experience with him is not good. If we based our decision on experience, we may not able to have a Mahatma Gandhi, or Mandella, or a Martin Luther King as president.

    Puso ang pinaka-importante, Honesty, Integrity and Sincerity and I found these qualities in Noynoy.

    Is there HOPE in a Noynoy Presidency? Oo naman. Sure na sure ako diyan. And you can quote me again on that.

  13. Please don’t change the original;





    All Time HITS. As affirmed by both SWS and Pulse Asia.

    Only those with sicked mind would give such beautiful words some sick meaning.

  14. So that’s their vision, exactly the opposite of ours

    So when we shout ; “SINCERITY” they will yell back SHIT !
    HONESTY !!!!! ( SHIT pa rin sila )
    INTEGRITY !!!!! ( SHIT pa rin sila )
    TRANSPARENCY !!!! ( SHIT pa rin sila )

    Well, they can get all the SHIT. Yun naman ang gusto nila.


    And we get Honesty, Integrity, Transparency and Sincerity.

    Kasi, si Noynoy naman ang gusto natin.

  15. Loi = Jay Lazaro = Julia = JeffKFC = HUSTISYA

    Tama na yan pre.. napa ka obyus naman na ikaw lng yan eh..
    Pati naman dito dadaya-in mo pa.

  16. @Hustisya. Galit ako sa yo. Porke ba SHIT si Nick na yun? Marami namang SHIT na iba riyan like NewFoundGlory, ah!

    By the way, imbitado ka sa kasal namin ni Nick, ha? Horse Shit daw ang handa, gustong gusto ni NewFoundGlory yun. Imbitado ka rin NWG…ikaw flower girl.

  17. @NewFoundGlory,

    Ayun, yung style mo. Bintang mo sa AMIN. Tipikal na anti-Noynoy ka nga. FYI, I am a teacher. Si JessKFC nagtatrabaho sa KFC. Yung iba di ko pa alam. But I can tell you na iba-iba talaga kami. At marami pa kami like Julia, Hustisya, Engr. Jojo, Anna, Celistino, Gian, Paul Domingo, Dennis, Nemhie8, Red.hut, etc…..


  18. Totoo ba na ang NewFoundGlory eh, english version ng Mariang Palad. Sorry, nagtatanong lang po.

  19. Ako, ibang tao rin. Yung iba nababasa ko sa websites ni Noynoy. But definitely, magkakaiba kami.

    Let the public decide.

  20. I won’t place my REAL name here if I am not a distinct, separate person. I am 26 years old and a leasing officer in one of the malls in Mandaluyong. I have a political stand. Yes, I am for Noynoy. And since I am a real person, I won’t risk my reputation by doing such silly actions.

    Alam naman ng mga nakakabasa nito kung SINO ang MARAMI at kung sino ang iisa lang pero gumagamit ng iba-ibang pangalan.

  21. Alam naman ninyo kung sino yung mga nambabababoy lang ng kapwa, walang magawa, bastos at palamura. Si Nick yun at kanyang MGA sarile. Walang habas kung gumamit ng iba’t ibang pangalan. Pati si MLQ3 nilalait, he is just a disgusting brat. Nakakaduwal na.

    Diskusyong matino tayo.

  22. Ako garantisadong totoo. I am using my real name. I am a computer technician, a member of INK, 31 years old and the owner of a store selling drums sa C-5 tapat ng overpass. Ipagtanong na lang ninyo if in doubt.

    We are all pro-noynoy in the family. I intend to participate in intelligent discussion but I despised being badmouthed. Nakaka-degrade.

  23. @Julia and JessKFC
    To you and the rest of the Noynoy fanatics who are in denial and calling me a liar about Noynoy getting Erap’s endorsement during the 2007 Senatorial Elections, here are excerpts from a news article courtesy of the Philippine Star dated Feb. 19, 2007:

    “With the exception of Senate President Manuel Villar and Majority Leader Francis Pangilinan, GO’s senatorial candidates managed to have their respective PHOTOGRAPHS taken with Estrada ENDORSING their bids for Senate seats. GO’s ticket includes re-electionist Sen. Panfilo Lacson; Sonia Roco; former senators Loren Legarda, Nikki Coseteng and John Osmeña; Aquilino “Koko” Pimentel III; Reps. Alan Peter Cayetano of Taguig-Pateros, BENIGNO AQUINO III of Tarlac, and Francis Escudero of Sorsogon.”

    O eto, video endorsement ni Erap para sa kanila:

    Nawa’y magising kayo sa katotohonang hindi naiiba si Noynoy Aquino sa karamihan ng pulitiko sa ating bansa. Isa rin s’yang TRAPO.

  24. Nandito pa rin kayo??? LOL! Ang haba na ng thread na to a?:D

    Eto mga clue ko sa inyo … Ang Tunay na pangalan ni Nick ay Naguumpisa sa “P”. Sya ay taga Sampaloc. Nagtapos sya sa Uste… sirit? 😀

    Binabayaran sya ng isang kandidato para asarin kayong lahat LOL! 😀

  25. I watch supposed “endorsement” by Erap of Noynoy with the link provided by NewFoundGlory, and pardon my term, it is nothing but a “Mariang Palad Endorsement” Har-har-har-har-har!!!!

    1.) Kindly note that it was obviously without the cooperation of the candidates concerned. Yung litrato nga Nonoy ni hindi gumagalaw. Parang inimagine lang siya ni Erap at doon sa imagination niya, inindorse niya si Noynoy, among other opposition candidates. Hence, it is certainly a “Mariang Palad Endorsement”, the subject of imagination has no choice and may even be unaware of the whole thing.

    2.) Furthermore, the “Mariang Palad Endorsement” also featured PANFILO LACSON, LOREN LEGARDA and MANNY VILLAR. Eh bakit si Noynoy lang ang tinitira mo? The more more it has become a Mariang Palad thing because namimili ka ng isasama mo sa iyong imagination.

    The trouble with the anti-Nonoys is that they are certainly over-extending their imagination.

    Yun namang isa pang article, I don’t know but it just show na allergic ang mga anti-noynoy mahahalagang bagay such as Cory’s heroism, honesty, Integrity, Sincerity and Transparency, to the point that they consider these things as belonging to the fantasy world.

    Alam namin na absolutely wala kayong Cory Heroism, Honesty, Sincerity, Integrity and Transparency. Pero sana man lang pagbigyan ninyo yung iba na meron nun.

    Let us all be realistic.

  26. @Mo, Palagay ko, aabot ng 1,000,000 posts tung thread na ito. Ayaw pa nilang sumuko, obvious namang talo na sila.

    Pero, more than you do. Parang mas kilala ni Hustisya si Nick. But we are not after his real identity, we are absolutely NOT INTERESTED. Buking na rin naman na marami siyang aliases.

    As to his being paid to irritate us all, palagay ko mas irritated ngayon ang nagbabayad sa kanya because he is not at all effective. And quite apparent, siya pa nga ang napipikon.

    And he has even become an ENTERTAINMENT for us. We would be needing a lot of him come campaign period. The entertainment he provides us will surely wipe all our pagod away.

    Sagot ko lang kay @NewFoundGlory, if such endorsement video was not fabricated, I think we can not faulted Noynoy for that. Because if your line of argument is to be accepted, then an opposing candidate can just go to National Bilibid Prison and pay them to endorse his opponent to discredit him.

  27. @Mo, mali. Maling maling maling mali ka. Sa Paco kami nakatira ni Nick, sa Paco parkkkk. Pero totoong “P” ang tunay niyang pangalan. Siya si……( taran!!!! ) PEDRONG PANAGINIP! Yeheeey. Palakpakan po.

  28. @JessKFC
    Obviously, si Noynoy ang topic kaya si Noynoy ang focus. The problem with you fanatics, masyado kayong bulag at in denial. I-justify ba ang video. Hindi ba halata na nasa Tanay pa si Erap nun kaya ganun ang pagkaka-tape ng endorsement nya. Hahaha! Magbasa ka nga nung excerpt nung article pinost ko, obvious naman doon na may photo session sila with Erap for his endorsement sa kanila. Take note, isa-isa po silang nagpataas ng kamay kay Erap. Sumadya pa silang lahat sa Tanay. Kung hindi mo nabalitaan ‘yun, kawawa ka naman. Be informed first bago kayo maggaling-galingan. ‘Wag n’yo masyado itaas ‘yang si Noynoy at baka sa kaduluhan ay biglang bumagsak ‘yan. Hindi po n’ya monopolized ang kabaitan at integridad. Magising kayo sa katotohanan — NOYNOY = TRAPO. Hindi s’ya naiiba sa karamihan ng pulitiko, apelyido lang ang saving grace n’ya – no more, no less.

  29. And don’t preach about Cory dahil napakatagal na panahon akong naging loyalista n’ya. To the point na lahat ng i-endorse n’yang kandidato ang s’ya naming ibinoboto. Pero may hangganan ang lahat. Hindi kami bulag. After Noynoy’s alliance with Erap in 2007 ang Cory’s apology to Erap, malaki ang ipinagbago. Not tomention the Hacienda Luisita massacre. Nakakain din pala nila ang prinsipyo basta pulitika ang pag-uusapan.

    Para silang mga bata na porke galit sa kalaro ay kakampi sa kaaway nito para inisin lang. Hindi porke maraming kamalian si PGMA ay malinis na si Erap. I still respect Cory as our former President and a democracy icon, but that’s it. As for Noynoy, tinandaan ko ang eksena n’ya nung 2007 at ipinangako sa sarili ko na hinding-hindi s’ya makakatikim ng suporta sa akin dahil sa pagiging baboy n’ya. Kumakain ng isinuka na.

    Kaya ‘wag kayo naggagaling-galingan. Sa matagal na panahon minahal namin ang mga Aquinos. Sadly, walang permanente sa mundo. Nagbago sila, nagbago rin kami. Isa lang ang permanente, ang paghanga namin kay Ninoy. Noon at ngayon, hindi na magbabago ‘yun.

  30. Di maipagkakaila na may ilang SUMADSAD ang ambisyong pulitikal simula nang pumasok sa karera ng mga presidentiables itong si Noynoy. Akala kasi ng iba, dire-diretso na sila bastat bilyun-bilyong piso ang kanilang ginastos sa mga patalastas ng kanilang makakapal na mukha. Yun iba naman, akala nila dire-diretso na sila sa Malacanang sapagkat nakuha na nila ang makinarya ng pamahalaan. Yung iba naman. naloko na nila ng mahihirap minsan, akala nila patuloy nila itong maloloko sa habang panahon.

    Akala nila, sila na ang magiging pangulo sa 2010. Kaso, dumating si Noynoy. SUMADSAD sila kay NOYNOY at ngayon ay puro pighati at pagdadalamhati ang nasa kanilang dibdib. Paano na ngayon? Sumadsad sila kay Noynoy.

    Kung kayo ay isa sa mga SUMADSAD kay NOYNOY, panahon na seguro para tanggapin na maluwag ang lahat. Wala na talaga kayong magagawa. Matalino na ang bayan. Mulat na ang kaisipan ng mga kabataan. Panahon na ng pagbabago. Hindi na mapipigilan ang muling paghahari ng kabutihan.

    Si Noynoy ay tiyak na magiging pangulo ng ating bayan sa 2010.

    Mabuhay ang bayan ! Mabuhay si Noynoy !!

  31. @NewFoundGlory, wala akong nakitang itinaas ang kamay ni Noynoy dun sa Video. It must be your imagination again. Litrato lang ng ulo ni Noynoy and nandun, walang kamay. So paano maitataas ni Erap ang kamay?

    Regarding Cory’s apology. Ginagamit ito ni Erap at pati na yung mga ibang kandidato. I think that it was explained already by the Aquino Family. Malubha na ang sakit ni Cory at that time, she just want to be at peace with the world.

  32. Ang litrato po ni Erap na itinaas ang kamay ng BAWAT ISA sa kaniyang mga senador (Noynoy, Mar, Loren, etc.) ay nasa balita po that time. Ipinakita pa sa TV. Kung gusto mo ng hard copy, you might as well ask Noynoy for it, I’m sure may remembrance s’ya. Kaya nga may photo session sila, malinaw naman sa Philippine Star article ‘yun na para sa ENDORSEMENT ni Erap ‘yun.

    Ke gumagalaw o hindi ang image ni Noynoy at nung ibang senatoriables sa endorsement video ni Erap, that does not change the fact na MAGKAKASAMA silang mga baboy doon na ine-endorso mismo ni Erap. Kaya nga endorsemnt video di ba? Kelangan pa bang i-memorize ‘yan? Tanungin n’yo kay Erap kung sino ang editor n’ya at tinamad pagandahin ang video na ‘yun at nang di kung anu-anong alibi ang ginagawa n’yo maisalba lang sa kahihiyan ang Noynoy ninyo.

    Maraming Pilipino madali makalimot. Luckily, hindi ako kasama d’yan.

    Again, hindi po monopolized ni Noynoy ang righeousness. Accept it. That’s a fact. Noynoy equals TRAPO = BABOY. He’s only an Aquino. No more, no less.

  33. Precisely, ginagamit ni Erap ang apology ni Cory hanggang ngayon para sa pangangampanya n’ya. Tama ba ‘yun? Cory apologized to Erap for the EDSA 2 incident. Tama ba ‘yun? If you want to make peace, ‘wag mo idamay lahat dahil hindi porke may mali sa administrasyon na ito ay mali rin ang pagpapatalsik kay Erap sa EDSA 2. By apologizing for that, na-insulto ang mga nakilahok sa EDSA 2 para mapa-alis si Erap. At ano ang sabi ni Noynoy? “Nagbibiro lang ang nanay ko.” Hahahah! Biro lang pala ang interpretasyon ni Noynoy doon. 😛

  34. Kung me ladlad party, meron namang SADSAD PARTY. Ito yung mga nawala sa eksena nung pumasok si Noynoy kaya ngayon atrebirang tira nang tira, BULAK lang naman ang bala.

    Asuming for the sake of argument, na-indorse na nga ni ERap si Noynoy BEFORE, eh ano ngayon? IS THAT A BIG DEAL???

    Inggit ba kayo dahil ni isang tsonggo walang endorse sa inyo?

    Re; Cory. Assuming for the sake of argument na nag-sorry nga siya. Eh ano ngayon??? Did that took away from him her heroism? That did not stop millions of people around the world from mourning her death. That did not stop TIME MAGAZINE from honoring her. And based on worldwide online voting on whose death in 2009 touched the lives of people around the world the most, the death of Cory came in first, tinalo pa yung kay Michael Jacson and Ted Kennedy.

    Please don’t make a hill out of a piece of kulangot. Kayong mga kulangot, tandaan ninyo iyan.

    Kayong mga SADSAD na SATSAT nang SATSAT, mag-isip naman kayo nang konti.

  35. Vicky S. Estella, aka “Hustisya”, so yung mga bastos na sinabi mo dito sa website na ito, proud ka sa mga sinulat mong mga iyon?

    Galing ah, bilib ako sa yo…

    Kapal talaga ng mukha eh: Vicky S. Estella, wife of Gerard Estella

  36. Opppsssss…Akala ko Victory Party ni Noynoy.

    LAMAY pala ng ANTI-PINOY. Sino namatay? BongV or Benigno ? Ah, nag-self destruct lang ang Anti-Pinoy. May Mickey Mouse and Spongebob bless your poor stupid souls.

    Bastos? let those who read this thread decide. Kayo nauna, sinundan lang namin, tapos kayo ang NAPIKON.

    PIKON TALO. Ha-ha-ha!

    Makapal ang mukha? Aber nga. Look at my side view. Hindi naman, ah! Baka, ikaw kasi hindi magkasya sa screen ng computer mukha mo kaya di po post dito.

    At bading ka seguro kaya di mo kayang humarap sa babae tago mo pangalan mo. DUWAG !!!

  37. Notice guys, how they lost wit and are dealing with me now on a personal note ? Kalkal nila pangalam ko including my husband’s name?

    If they can not handle your argument, they will resort to this….. Mga taga Anti-Pinoy sila and this coward could be BongV or Benigno.


    May this serve as a warning if you guys will encounter this coward and traitor, BongV of Anti-Pinoy.

    I thought this is a free country and all of us here are just enjoying our freedom.

    Maka-Gordon daw sila, so I just could imagine what this country would become if the choice of these internet thugs will become president. Baka balik tayo sa dictatorship.

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