The Long View: Good Frodo and Evil Gollum

The Long View
Good Frodo and Evil Gollum
By Manuel L. Quezon III
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 23:28:00 11/22/2009

IN book two of “The Fellowship of the Ring,” Celeborn, elven co-ruler of Lothl0rien, speaks directly to the readers as much as to the Fellowship when he counsels, “Do not despise the lore that has come down from distant years; for oft it may chance that old wives keep in memory word of things that once were needful for the wise to know.”

Chances are you’ve read or watched “The Lord of the Rings,” Tolkien’s saga in three volumes of how a reluctant hero is tasked with destroying a Ring of Power as a squabbling alliance of Hobbits, humans, dwarves and elves backs him up and fights titanic battles against the evil Sauron and his gruesome dark hordes. The epic is about Good and Evil, and how individuals can be one or the other, or even both, depending on the circumstances.

Some months ago Jim Paredes quipped that Noynoy Aquino is like the reluctant Hobbit hero Frodo Baggins, and that all those flocking to his aid and assistance are like the motley cast of characters that comprised the Fellowship of the Ring.

Tolkien the narrator observes of hobbits, as much as of men, of people in books as much as of people in real life, that “There is a seed of courage hidden (often deeply, it is true) in the heart of the fattest and most timid hobbit, waiting for some final and desperate danger to make it grow.”

In Book Two, the message is amplified in an exchange between Gimli the dwarf and the elf Elrond, representatives of races that do not like each other but now allied in a common quest, yet the two still disagree on how to approach the physical and even moral perils of their quest.

“Faithless is he that says farewell when the road darkens,” the action-oriented Gimli starts off. Elrond the jaded elf replies, “Maybe, but let him not vow to walk in the dark, who has not seen the nightfall.” Gimli counters, “Yet sworn word may strengthen quaking heart,” only for Elrond to pragmatically respond by saying, “Or break it.” This is the eternal conflict between purists and realists.

At a time when there’s a general desire to see righteousness reign in our politics, there is too great a danger of self-righteousness intruding its discordant voice, insisting, on one hand, on impossible standards for individuals while ignoring the need for a common cause to confront the greater danger. This is the danger of pride substituting for true conscientiousness.

Quite early on in Book One of “The Fellowship of the Ring,” in the second chapter, the reluctant Frodo and the wizard Gandalf discuss Gollum, the deranged previous holder of the Ring of Power from whom Frodo’s uncle, Bilbo, had taken the ring; throughout the saga Gollum represents the problem of Frodo the Good, requiring the at times sincere, and most other times, deceitful, assistance of the generally Evil Gollum.

From the very start, Frodo thinks it’s a bad thing to have to engage the help of bad people and tells Gandalf, “He deserves death.” Gandalf’s answer is instructive, laying down a theme that will persist to the end of the saga, as he repeatedly counsels the members of the Fellowship of the Ring against the perils of confusing the righteousness of their cause with the pride of self-righteousness.

“Deserves it! I daresay he does,” Gandalf agrees; but adds, “Many that live deserve death. And some that die deserve life. Can you give it to them? Then do not be too eager to deal out death in judgment. For even the very wise cannot see all ends. I have not much hope that Gollum can be cured before he dies, but there is a chance of it. And he is bound up with the fate of the Ring. My heart tells me that he has some part to play yet, for good or ill, before the end; and when that comes, the pity of Bilbo may rule the fate of many – yours not least.”

Tolkien repeatedly returns to this theme of redemption – whether partial or complete – for the bad, or the merely confused, a possibility that should temper the self-righteousness of characters themselves fully capable of departing – temporarily but at times, disastrously – from the path of righteousness. Pride, he perpetually points out, feeds the divisions self-righteousness creates and which harms Good and promotes Evil.

As the elf Haldir of Lorien, responding to the bickering and simmering tensions between allies, points out in another chapter of Book Two: “In nothing is the power of the Dark Lord more clearly shown than in the estrangement that divides all those who still oppose him.”

Gandalf himself, in Book Three, returns to the basic lesson Haldir propounded: “We are all friends here. Or should be; for the laughter of Mordor will be our only reward, if we quarrel.” Something he returns to again, much later on in Book Five, where once again self-righteousness has provoked discord and to which his reply is, “Let us remember that a traitor may betray himself and do good that he does not intend. It can be so, sometimes.”

Hope is what enabled Good to conquer Evil – for at the heart of hope is the humility to give all a chance to help fight Evil, without sneering at motives. A humility based on belief in redemption for those who once served Evil. Frodo could not do it alone, he needed help; help came from all quarters and much of it tainted by mixed motives as shown by the thoroughly bad Gollum.

Every character wrestled with the dilemma of fighting for Good yet being confronted by Evil, internal and external. Hope subdued pride, humility fostered unity and trust in Good allowed individuals as well as kingdoms to conquer the Ultimate Evil, Sauron.

As the fair elven Galadriel had told the impatient dwarf Gimli in Book Two, “I do not foretell, for all foretelling is now vain: on the one hand lies darkness, and on the other only hope. But if hope should not fail, then I say to you, Gimli son of Gloin, that your hands shall flow with gold, and yet over you gold shall have no dominion.”

Manuel L. Quezon III.

447 thoughts on “The Long View: Good Frodo and Evil Gollum

  1. And now, hinintay ko lang na dumating si Lala, at komo narito na siya sasagutin ko na ang tanong mo kung bakit si Noynoy ang dapat iboto.

    1.) Unang reason; Tatlo lang naman ang pagpipilian–Noynoy, at EVIL Twins E-rap and Vil-villar. Yung iba kasi na ang rating ay 12% pababa, wala nang pag-asang manalo. Doon sa tatlo, siyempre dun na ako sa malinis at walang bahid, NOYNOY.

    2.) Pangalawang Reason; Sa tatlong ito, Si Noynoy ang pinakaNAGHIRAP para sa bayan. Kalokohan yung nanggaling sa hirap ( Villar ) o yung para sa mahirap ( erap ). Walang relevance. Pinakamahalaga ay kung sino ang pinakaNAGHIRAP o NAGSAKRIPISYO para sa bayan. Si Noynoy ay pinaluha, pinahirapan at nagdusa sa pagkakakulong ke Noynoy na kanyang ama, sa kamatayan ng kanyang ama, sa sakripisyo ng kanyang ina, sa pagtatanggol sa demokrasya. Di nga ba, may bala pang nakabaon sa ibat-ibang parte ng katawan ni Noynoy sa pagtatanggol ng estado at demokrasya?

    3.) Pangatlong reason; ang kanyayang vice president ang nagsisilbing salamin ng pagkatao ng mga kandidatong pagkapangulo, base sa uri ng sakripisyo na kanilang sinuong.

    a.) Si Mar ang isinakrispisyo para kay Noynoy ay ang kanyang sariling presidential ambition. Supreme sacrifice.

    b.) Si Loren, ang isinakripisyo para kay Villar ay ang kanyang kredibilidad, panininindigan at palabra de honor. Paano ba naman ang kanyang ka-tandem niya ngayon ay yung kanyang titutuligsa at kinokondena. Ulterior sacrifice.

    c.) Si Binay, ang isinakripisyo para kay Erap ay ang kanyang future. Futile sacrifice.


  2. Hustisya,

    Iba ang stand ko sa stand ng ilan dyang kumokontra rin sa bobong candidate na nagngangalang Noynoy.

    Baka maka-Gibo sila. Ok lang. Ako di naman ako maka Gibo, maka-Autobot (Transformers) ako. Just the same, kung wala ang mga Autobots at Noynoy versus Gibo ang labanan, it’s obvious to all na si Gibo ang matalino at magaling compared kay Noynoy. Si Noynoy walang outstanding academic or intellectual achievements, while si Gibo, nag-Harvard na, bar topnotcher pa.

    That’s very objective. Talo talaga si Noynoy. He’s really a loser.

    And of course, the people who go for losers are Losers too.

    Ano say mo, Hustisya? Bobo ka di ba? Loser pa. 😉

  3. hustisya,

    obviously, you’re presuming that noynoy’s popularity rating will remain the same or increase in the months leading to the elections. that’s understable since you are a supporter. you also do not hide the fact that your decision is anchored on the idea of winnability.

    hypothetical lang muna… what if biglang bumaba ang rating ni noynoy or maungusan siya ng todo ng ibang kandidato iboboto mo pa rin ba siya?

    sana lang kung ano man yung angas mo kay nick huwag mo dalhin sa akn dahil matino kitang tinatanong.

  4. The whole point of “Lord of the Rings” was to establish a new order against the old which was ruled by evil. Their alliance was uncanny and unprecedented but they came for one thing to establish a new system that will be for the welfare of all.

    Frodo in himself know what is right and where he will be going and he is not at the mercy of those surrounding him. In my view Noynoy can never be compared to a Frodo much more an Aragorn. Both of them is in a quest to establish something new and not just create something better out of the old for in due time the old will eat it up and corrupt it.

    On other point bakit natin ibabase ang ating pagboto sa survey? Dahil ba hindi lumalabas sa survey ay hindi karapat-dapat? Hindi ba tayo ang boboto at dapat ang boto ay ibase natin base sa ating sariling pananaw at kung ano ang tunay na makabubuti sa ating bansa? Magdesisyon tayo base sa ano ang nasa puso natin at konsensya hindi ang mamili lamang sa mga nangunguna sa survey. Palagi na yan ang ating basehan dati pa pero wala tayo nararating sa ating bansa.

    Ang pagsasakripisyo ni Mar ay alang-alang sa pagkapanalo ng partido sapagka’t mas sikat sio Noynoy. Deep inside alam ni Noynoy na hindi sya handa sa hamong ito. Mahirap ilagay ang isang pinunong nabulid sa pamumuno at hindi bukal na desisyon.

    Kung gusto mo ng pagbabago dapat matatag ang iyong prinsipyo at alam mo kung ano nga ba ang pinaglalaban mo.

    Ako maliwanag ang aking desisyon sa pagboto sa isang tao na wala pa man sa pulitika ay nagawa na ang imposible at nakatulong na sa ating bayan.

    We have one of the best sustainable development document in the world which just needs implementation… the Philippine Agenda 21.

    Tama na sa usual suspects… iba naman… gusto ko ng bagong Pilipinas. Ayaw ko na abutan pa ng anak ko at ng susunod na henerasyon ang isang bayan na lugmok sa napakaraming problema. Our people only deserves the best from their leaders.

    Hindi tayo bobo kaya alam ko sa 2010 ay karapat-dapat ang mananalo.

    Salamat po!

  5. Sabi nga ng isang quote na nasa puso ni Nick Perlas, “the best way to create the future is to invent it.” The only way our country would be better is to invent a different future today and make actions to reach that.

  6. @Hustisya

    Tanga ka nga, one sided, at may yellow fever! Pagaling ka. By reading at your arguments, it just show that you don’t do your research on all candidates before choosing. Hindi mo alam ung mga nagawa ng bawat isa. You immediately choose Noynoy because he has a good rating. Then to debate for your Noynoy, You focus on the faults of others and not showcase your candidate ksi wala nang maishoshowcase. PLEASE SO YOUR RESEARCH BEFORE DEBATING WITH ME OR AT LEAST BEFORE ASKING YOUR QUESTIONS KSI NAGMUMUKA KANG BOBO.

    Ang sabi mo:
    Although I feel that you and Nick Inodoro are the same, I will give you a break in stardom by answering your idiotic questions;

    Bakit kami kagiging the same? Bobo talaga! TAKE NOTE: you just rebutted by arguments for Gibo and NEVER answered by questions with Noynoy. Now, who is idiotic?

    Here’s a summary of Gibo’s achievement in congress and DND andd against your corruption statements:
    ACHIEVEMENT – 500+ bills filed, 6 passed into law. (NOYNOY has no bills passed into law) DND Sec: reorganized AFP to curb corruption by introducing civilians into the military hierarchy to handle non-military positions (esp. finance) and eliminated 70% of the corruption in the AFP. He had ordered an investigation into the delivery of substandard mortar ammunition following a report from the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). Lobbied for the increase of the pay of soldiers and increased the size of the armed forces. Maj. Gen. Garcia was prosecuted and convicted by the Military Court during his term.

    During Ondoy, Gibo has done the best thing anyone could have done given the resources and the time and your Noynoy could only dream of because he was politicking with ERAP!

    **Aside from the above mentioned, it’s time to have a first lady who is so damn beautiful and smart.

    Spare me your woes regarding Gibo’s Vice: you said “any of the names I mentioned would have sacrificed whatever reasons they may have and run with Gibo, di ba?” – BOBO Tlga, inoffer sa iyo pero priority mo ung province mo to be a Governor ksi nde mo pa natapos project mo, iiwan mo people mo?


    Kung walang kibo c Gibo para sa iyo, ano na ang tawag mo sa Noynoy mo?

    Wala akong nakitang initiative ni Noynoy sa mga paratang mo sa slogan mo against Gibo.

    Noynoy on Ondoy and Peping? – Nakikipagpulong sa kampo ni ERAP while the whole Philippines is helping each other. Not one bit did I hear about him helping the victims. NOT ONE! Nakisakay lang cya kay mar on the donation thing.

    Noynoy on maguindanao massacre? – Condemn? Kaya ko din yun. Pero walang GAWA.

    May mga additional ako:

    Noynoy on Senate? 9 bills created and non was passed into Law for 3 yes. Compared naman sa 800+ ni Miriam defensor. Ang galing ni Noynoy sa attendance? para ano? magbutas ng upuan sa senado? Nkatanga lang doon sa senado, buka ang bibig at tulo ung laway.

    Noynoy on Congress? 9 yrs and One of Aquino’s key legislative initiatives was to make requiring the procurement of the petroleum, oil and lubricants requirements of the Armed Forces of the Philippines to be done by public bidding. un lang for 9 yrs!!! and was a member on a lot of committees. tapos? ano nagawa nya sa committees nya?

    Sagutin mo ito Hustisya?

    Bakit ko iboboto ang isang tanong subok na na magaling sa pagtulog sa pansitan (ano kaya favorite nya? – malabon? canton? o guisado?) at pagbubutas ng upuan sa senado? Track record speaks for itself! Bobo lang boboto sa kanya.

  7. Nick is a paid hack. He is a PR man that’s all. Whatever he is writing here, he is just doing it for monetary reasons. The guy has to earn a living so give him a break. Wag nyong seryosuhin at baka atakihin kayo sa puso:)

    @ nick – ang galing ng kandidato mo last night:)

  8. You’re the paid hack, Mo.
    Nick put in the right arguments and insights that neither Engr Jojo and Hustisya could. You’re just a mouthpiece for them.

  9. MO,

    No I’m not a paid hack. Kasi I don’t have a firm choice on which candidate to choose. Basta ako, tingin ko ok ang mga Autobots at ok na rin si Gibo kung ikumpara kay Noynoy.

    Para sa akin. Huwag lang Bobo at Tanga tulad ni Noynoy na talagang walang achievements at wala talagang kakayahan. Pangalan lang ang meron.

    Meron autobots, meron ding decepticon: Si Noynoy yun.

    Kasi si Noynoy, ginagamit ang pangalan at pamilya at parents niya para itago yung kanyang kakulangan: that’s DECEPTION, kaya decepticon siya.

    MO at Hustisya, dapat i-defend niyo si Noynoy, at wag na kayong tumira ng ibang candidato. Prove to us that Noynoy can stand on his own merits without you stupid people putting others down.

    Tama nga ang iba dyan eh. Tuwing tinitira si Noynoy, di niyo naman ma-defend, kaya tinitira niyo ang ibang mga candidato.

    Eh pano naman ang mga wala pang decision, at alam lang ng mga tao ay walang kwenta si Noynoy?

    Defend Noynoy with whatever Noynoy’s characteristics are. Tell us what he’s all about and what he really can do.

    (Alam namin – just as you do – na wala naman talaga siyang maibubuga)

    Ang mga ibang tanga, ang knee jerk reaction nila tuwing may tumitira kay Noynoy was to attack Villar. Aba, anong pakialam ko kay Villar? Di ko naman siya manok ah.

    Ganyan kabobo ang mga pro-Noynoy. May question tungkol kay Noynoy, ang sagot nila ay imbes na ipagtanggol nila si Noynoy, sisira sila ng ibang random candidate.

    Tanga talaga kayong mga pro-Noynoy, no?

  10. @Nick- FYI i am not pro Noynoy. I am actually leaning towards Gibo or your boss. Yes you are a paid hack and you have an identity crisis dahil dami mong ginamit na pangalan dito. Kumusta dyan sa Sampaloc?

  11. Voice of Truth,

    You don’t sound like the voice of truth. You sound like the voice of lies. Parehas lng kayo ni Nick. Ang arguments ni Eng’r Jojo at least tutuo. Ang kay Hustisya hmmmm…. not sure. Ang sa yo/nick bayad.

  12. Tama ba intiendi ko? Pag di madefend ng mga maka Noynoy si Noynoy, minumura, nilalait, ni lelable nila yung mga nag criticize sa kanya? Pasensya na po, pinipilit kong maging intellectual pero di talaga.

  13. Manolo, have you read the book “The Black Swan” by Nassim Nicholas Taleb? It’s about how we underestimate the unpredictable through our own overconfidence in our intellect, established isms, and preferred readings of history.

    That said, I am one with Benigno in being intrigued by this thread. Some really legitimate questions have been raised which I am curious to see answered — not just by you, but by each one of us who will be making his or her own stand this coming May 2010.

  14. karlreiner and Nick… good point guys. Engr Jojo also has good points but very shallow. But kudos to all of you…

    F*ck we really need to stop publishing this stupid pop-surveys, it really blinds electorates like hustisya… The problem is currently only the most popular and unworthy are reigning the top spots (Noynoy and ERAP) and great candidates who can really DO GOOD THINGS FOR OUR COUNTRY like Gordon, Perlas and Gibo are not being noticed by the masses because of the popularity surveys. A good example is Hustisya, He wont even listen to what the guys below 12% has to say, which means these possible great leaders na “kulelet” sa surveys ay hindi makakuha ng boto sa mga masa na may parehong pag iisip kay hustisya. Tsk tsk… onli in da pilipins.

    I’d probably still be voting for one of these guys, that are currently on the bottom. (Gordon, Gibo or Perlas). I know they are not the popular choices, but i can see that they have the qualities that can LEAD our nation, unlike the guy who’s on the top of the surveys who only have his parents achievements on his CVs.

    Please also check what other candidates have to offer, and don’t be blinded by the survey ratings.

    Just my 2 cents.

  15. TO CONTINUE…….


    4.) Fourth Reason : Si Noynoy di nagmalabis kahit na noong Presidente pa si Cory. Nakita naman ninyo ang lifestyle, hanggang ngayon walang sarileng bahay. Ibang-iba sa mga anak ni Gloria at ni Erap. Si Villar naman, SIPAG sa kurakot at TIYAGA sa pagsisinungaling ang puhanan sa pagiging bilyonaryo.

    NOTE : Tulad nga ng sinabi ko, wala akong pakialam sa ibang kandidato tulad nina Gibo, Perlas, Gordon, De Los Reyes, etc. dahil sa wala silang pag-asang manalo sa baba ng kanilang rating sa survey. This is the reason why in this analysis, I only covered Noynoy and the EVIL Twins; E-Erap and VIL-Villar.

    5,) Fifth Reason : Walang issue ng katiwalian laban kay Noynoy. Hacienda Luisita can not be an issue not only because Noynoy owns only 1% of it but also because Hacienda Luisita is a private company that is completely separate fronm Government coffer. We can not say the same thing with ERAP and VILLAR, the former being convicted for plunder and the latter, unable to defend himself from enormous accusation of dishonesty.

    6.) Sixth Reason; hindi atat maging presidente si Noynoy. “He who wanted the presidency the least deserves it the most.” Si Villar, ngayon pa lang bilyon na ang nagastos sa pangangampanya at dalawang taon nang nangangampanya. Si Erap, matagal na rin nangangampanya.


    Itong si Nick M at Karireiner ay iisang tao. Whoever this two IS, not really of much importance to me. Sasagutin ko ang sinasabi NIYA na may dalawang katawan but first let me present to you the contents of their arguments. Sa pagbabasa ko ng kanilang mga sinasabi dito sa site na ito, ginamit nila ang mga sumusunod na salita ng ganito karaming beses;

    BOBO – 1,034 times.
    TANGA – 987 times.
    TANGINA – 16 times
    WALANG UTAK – 57 times
    STUPID – 152 Times
    IDIOT – 324 Times

    All the above words, uttered recklessly, making them the central issue or main substance of their contentions, continues without refrain, with so much passion and intensity, merely describe their own lowly selves, hence I really don’t know how and why I should even respond.

    Furthermore, all the above words eg TANGA, BOBO, WALANG UTAK, TANGINA, etc. which ultimate purpose is to put Noynoy down and GIBO or GORDON in the pedestal are their own downfalls—hindi na kinakailangan pang sagutin dahil ito ang lubid na kanilang kinuha upang ibigti ang kanilang sarile.

    And there is absolutely no reason for me to save these two names in one body—Nick M and karlreiner ( PWE!!! )

  16. BOBO – 1,034 times.
    TANGA – 987 times.
    TANGINA – 16 times
    WALANG UTAK – 57 times
    STUPID – 152 Times
    IDIOT – 324 Times

    Nick / karl, said the same thing against Cory when Nick/ Karl IS still working for Marcos long time ago. Di naman sila nagtagumpay.

    Basta kasi malinis ang puso. Walang kyeme. Walang iniisip na masama. Hindi magnanakaw. Nagmamahal sa bayan. Ganyan na ang tawag nila.

    So ngayon alam na ninyo kung anong klaseng dictionary ang ginagamit ni Nick/Karl….

    Bobo. Tanga. Walang alam. Walang utak. THat was exactly what they said about Cory. Mabuti naman yan pa rin and sinasabi nila kay Noynoy at sa amin na sumusuporta sa kanya.

    Cory gave us the most honest government in history. She gave us back our freedom. She became an icon of democracy admired world-wide.

    Palagay ko ito na ang taktika ng mga kasamaan. Ang tawaging bobo, walang utak, walang alam ang lahat nang magtutulak ng pagbabago at kabutihan.

    Natuto na nag bayan. Kaya nga 44% ang survey rating ni Noynoy. Bababa raw ito. I don’t think so. Milya milya na ang layo. Araw-araw lalo pang lumalakas sa paglipat ng ilang prominanteng leader. Lumalakas bawat minuto ang dagundong ng hangarin ng bayan sa pagbabago. Baka pagdating ng elekson, 65% na si PRESIDENT Nonoy.

    Noynoy presidency is inevitable. Sa ayaw man o gusto ng mga taong nagpapanggap na matalino.

  17. TO CONTINUE………


    7.) Noynoy is being endorsed by statesmen and honorable personalities. Jovy Salonga, Padaca, Among Ed, Randy David, Leah Salonga, Dinky Soliman, Romulo,etc. Mga kapuso and kapamilya stars, in an unprecedented move, united to endorse him.

    8.) Noynoy has a name, admired and respected the world over. Hindi niya dudungisan and pangalang ipinundar ng kabayanihan ng kanyang mga magulang.

    9.) Si Noynoy mismo ay nagpakita ng kabayanihan sa pagtatanggol ng ating demokrasya. 3 sa kanyang bodyguard ang napatay at siya mismo ay may bala pa ng karadasan hanggang ngayon sa kanyang katawan. Hindi niya sasayangin ang kanyang kabayanihan.


  18. Mo,

    Maganda sana kung paid hack, para may financial gain ang ginagawa ko online, pero alam mo, walang babayad sa akin kasi hanggang ngayon, di pa talaga ako nakapagpili ng iboboto tulad ng marami dyan.

    Meron bang paid hack na walang sponsor?

    Basta ako, alam ko – at alam niyo rin lahat – na walang kwenta si Noynoy. He’s bobo. He’s tanga. He’s an idiot. And he’s “may diperensya ang utak.”

    (Hustisya, i-retally mo na ang stats mo sa pagmention ng mga sinabi ko)

    So, actually, obvious naman na di ako paid hack. Ang paid hack merong ineendorse na candidato. Ako, so far, wala pa akong ineendorse. All I’m saying is that tanga, bobo, at walang utak ang mga taong pipili ng kandidatong tanga, bobo, at walang utak.

    Now, meron nang mga nag-file recently. At meron akong nakikitang dalang nagsama na gustong-gusto ko dati pa. Pero of course, di pa natin alam talaga kung pano ang mangyayari sa labanan. But so far, they’re slightly better than Gibo (kasi may track record na sila) and obviously, Gibo is WAY WAY WAY BETTER than Noynoy.

    Noynoy: BS lang. Walang academic achievements. Walang corporate achievements. Lackluster ang legislative career. Bulol. Di marunong magdebate.

    Gibo: BS na, Lawyer na BAR TOPNOTCHER PA. Tapos HARVARD PA! Tapos maganda ang career, at may saysay ang legislative career at decisive pa. Magaling mag-explain. Magaling magdebate.

    Bottomline ay si Noynoy ay parang ERAP na tipong hindi galing at dunong ang magpapanalo sa kanya kundi kasikatan. Kay Erap, kasikatan ng pagiging action star. Kay Noynoy Palaboy, kasikatan ng kanyang APELYIDO at pangalang galing sa kanyang tatay.

    Mas mabuti pa nga sana kung si Kris ang tumakbo eh. Kasi sa mga magkapatid, si bunso (Kris) ang nagmana ng talino at galing ni Ninoy. Problema lang, showbiz kasi eh. Kaya napunta sa maling lalaki at nagkaroon ng tulo.

    Actually in fairness, tama si Better Philippines eh. Ang mga gago talaga hindi naman si Noynoy, kundi ang mga gagong sumusuporta at pumipilit sa kanya na mag-run.

    Di naman magrurun si Noynoy kundi siya pinilit ng mga oportunista dyan na nakakita sa phenomenon ng pagkaroon ng solidarity behind Cory sa kanyang funeral.

    Nakiride-on na lang ang mga punyetang mga yan kaya pinilit nila si Noynoy na tumakbo para gamitin niya ang kanyang pangalan.

    Ang mga bobo naman dyan sumakay din sa katangahan. Hay naku.

    So anyway, MO, kung Gibo ang gusto mo, well and good, at least di nakakahiya ang candidato mo, diba?

    Pero sino naman ang boss ko? E yung mga Autobots na gusto ko ay bago lang nagvolt-in eh. Pano yan? Sa totoo lang, ang gusto ko sana ay kung sino sa dalawang autobots ang nag VP. So sino nga boss ko? Si BF? Eh di nga niya ako kilala eh.

    Ayan, so how can I be a paid hack? Diba?

    A paid hack is paid to fanatically endorse his sponsor. E wala nga akong sponsor eh. So far, I’m just leaning to 2 groups. Leaning pa lang. Ano, paid hack ba yun?

    Pero ordinaryong tao ako na ayaw masira ang Pinas. Alam kong masisira ang Pinas kung bobo at tanga tulad ni Noynoy ang hahawak nito kasi magiging puppet siya ng mga oligarchy ng mga hacendero.

    Hustisya, ikaw, hopeless ka talaga kasi tanga at bobo ka talaga. 😉


    MLQ3, you haven’t answered the questions thrown to you. Whats’s wrong? Turning sissy?

  19. @ Nick

    I think I know kung sinu yung tinutukoy mong 2 very good presidentiables na recently lng ng join forces, and i also believe if this tandem do win the 2010, GREAT THINGS and ACTUAL GOOD RESULTS will be evident sa Pinas, as proven sa REAL-LIFE/NON-FICTION records nila. Hindi tulad ng ibang candidates na fictional fantasy middle-earth Enkantadia philippines ang kinakampanya pero sa REAL life wala namang may na achieve kahit sa personal life nalang mismo(50 year old virgin?). hehehe ..

    Very good choice by the way bro, and a very INTELLECTUAL CHOICE. I’m also leaning towards them. Kaso yun lng, dapat maganda ang pag takbo ng kampanya nila para atleast marinig din ng mga tao ang ma offer nila sa bayan.

    Magbago na sana mga pinoy, pakingan lahat ng kandidato at hindi lng popularity-survey and platitudes ang pag babasehan.

  20. NewFoundGlory,

    Bro (di ako si Santino ha), tingin ko di talaga mapapaniwalaan yung isa dyang “50-year old Virgin” kasi alam ko dyan di na yan virgin, pero magkukunwari siya na katulad siya ng Nanay niyang maka-Diyos daw so magkukunwari siyang virgin daw diya. Malibog din si Noynoy, sa totoo lang, putik, e pati nga si Korina nabenjot niya eh.

    Actually, bilib ako kay Mar Roxas ha… Nasisikmura niya na makisama sa ex-bf ng asawa niya. Aba may itsura si Korina – at sariwa pa yun dati – at tiyak na natikman ni Noynoy yun.

    Sabagay, while others have a brotherhood based on a blood compact, siguro yung bond nila is a brotherhood based on different-type-of-blood-compact.

    Oops baka may mga bata na nagbabasa nito.

    Eniwey, basta ganun, those two presidentiables who joined forces look like the types the Philippines needs. No nonsense ang dalawang yan…

    Useless ang mga surveys na yan, it makes people waste their vote by “going for the supposedly popular ones” instead of going for THE RIGHT ONES kasi takot silang masayang ang mga votes nila.

  21. Tract record ni Nick M / Karlreiner :

    BOBO – 1,034 times.
    TANGA – 987 times.
    TANGINA – 16 times
    WALANG UTAK – 57 times
    STUPID – 152 Times
    IDIOT – 324 Times

    Me dagdag pa;

    GAGO : 45 Times

    TANONG : iboboto ba ninyo ang kandidato na ikinakampanya ng taong ang tract record ay puro pagmumura o si Noynoy na ang nag-indorso ay mga tulad nina JOVY SALONGA, FR. ED, BLACK AND WHITE MOVEMENT, PADACA, RANDY DAVIS, ROMULO, OSMENA and other respectable people at ng 44% sa ating mga botante?

    44% according to Pulse Asia ang sumusuporta kay Noynoy and still growing. Naglilipatan na nga ang marami pa. Kahit magmura kayo, umaga, tanghali at gabi, di na hihinto ang dagundong ng pagbabago. Ito lamang ay patotoo na rin na higit na nakakarami sa mga botante ang naniniwala na di Noynoy ay hindi bobo, tanga, gago at walang utak na pinagdidiinan ng pinagsamang katauhan ni Nick M at Karleiner.

    Samantalang yung nasa kabila ay suportado lamang ng 2% and still diminishing na mga botante. Kaya nga itong mga mapagmura na mga supporters niya ay nag-aassume na ng dalawa o higit pang katawan—daig pa ang schizophrenic—para lamang masabi na marami sila yun pala isa lang naman at tila nag-uusap pa kunwari sa site na ito. Buking ka na Nick M, Karleiner at iba mo pang katauhan ng pagmumura.

    In fairness, hindi ako naniniwalang bayaran si Nick M. His efforts are not worth a cent.

    Seguro, sadya lang na mahina ang kanyang self-confidence at para lamang mapansin NIYA ang kanyang sarile, ginugulo niya yung pinakamaraming supporters at pati si MLQ3 ay ginugulo niya kaso di naman siya pinapansin.

  22. @Hustisya:

    Nakakatawa ka. dahil hindi mo masagot ung tanong ko tungkol sa kandidato ko, nagbilang ka ng number of words at tinira kme. bakit, ubos na ba ung panira mo sa mga kandidato? How pathetic… hahaha ngayon lang ako nakakita ng ka-argue na katulad mo. Nagbibilang ng words…. hahahahahahah

    Last time ko nang itatanong ito:

    Bakit ko iboboto ang isang tanong subok na na magaling sa pagtulog sa pansitan (ano kaya favorite nya? – malabon? canton? o guisado?) at pagbubutas ng upuan sa senado? Track record speaks for itself!

    Kung puso at puso ang gusto nyo, bakit hindi si Bro. Eddie. Clearly, mas may puso cya kay Noynoy Palaboy at mas magaling cya kesa dito…

  23. 44% vs. 2%
    Respectable People Vs. Scums Of The Earth
    Good Vs. Evil

    Saan pa kayo? I think the right choice is obvious.

  24. To Nick/Karliener;

    Yes I keep tract of the bad words you wrote. Those were your ONLY arguments, summarize ko lang in number of times you said them which apparently, depict the kind of person you are.

    Kung ang argumento mo lang ay magmura, di na seguro kailangang sagutin dahil ang sagot ay makikita na sa mismong mga mura na iyong nasambit. In short; sarile mo na ang binigte mo bakit pa ako makikialam eh kung mapagbintangan pa ako?

  25. Anyway, SINO NGA BA ANG NATULOG SA PANSITAN ? Pansit malabon ba yun o canton o guisado?

    O yes, isa na roon ay malabon. Nung magkaroon ng “ONDOY” at como NATULOG SA PANSITAN SI GIBO, di tayo nakapaghanda at ang MALABON ay lalong LUMOBOG. Pati pansitan sa Marikina, Cainta, Pasig, Bulakan, Laguna, Taguig, Maynila, Quezon City at marami pang lugar ay TINULUGAN ni CAPTAIN ONDOY aka GIBO.

    Yun namang Canton at Guisado, yun naman ay TINULUGAN ni GIBO dahil pinagbubuhol-buhol na ni Ampatuan na parang canton ang mga taga Maguindanao at GINISA pa sa idang malaking burol DAHIL sa noong DND secretary si Gibo, TINULUGAN niya ang mga hinaing ng mga taga Mindanao sa paghaharian ng mga Ampatuan kasama at gamit ang mga tauhan ng AFP at PNP na dasa direktang supervision ni GIBO aka AMPATUAN MAS SCIENTIST.

    Si Noynoy natutulog sa pansitan? Di nga makatulog dahil nilalabanan niya lahat nang katiwalian sa gobyerno ni Gloria habang si Gibo ay naghihilik sa isang tabi.

    Si Noynoy natutulog sa pansitan? Di nga makatulog sa pagtatanggol ng demokrasya, katunayan hanggang ngayon may bala pa ng mga rebelde ang kanyang katawan at tatlo sa kanyang mga bodyguards ang napatay sa pagtatanggol sa ating estado minsang nagkaroon ng coup samantalang si Gibo ay naghihilik sa isang sulok ng kwarto ni Danding na financier ng coup.

    Si Noynoy natutulog lang sa pansitan? Di nga makatulog dahil sa ang kanyang pork barrel ay di ni-release ng malacanang samantalang si Gibo ay mahimbing na ginawawang kama ang isa sa pinakamalaking allocation ng budget sa ating gobyerno.

  26. Eto lang masasabi ko sayo Hustisya at sa lahat ng noyboys

    tigilan nyo na panonood nyo ng ABS CBN

    masyado na kayong nadala sa “Mind Conditioning” nila


  27. I am not supposed to go to the level of PAID HACKS here who COWARDLY and conveniently hide under Pseudonyms, but I am tempted to respond to Nick’s Patutsada, because my name is always negatively mentioned.

    To Nick, review my comments here. Haven’t you noticed that I NEVER hit any candidates with any derogatory remarks. My comments reflect my own preference yet, you are calling me names and questioning my intelligence for coming up with such reasons.

    You are a COWARD Nick, your balls are in your throat. Tell me who you really are and I assure you I can SQUARE OFF with you on a debate, be it Political, Economic or Religion. Give me your positive issues and I will negate them and I will also give you positive issues and you will negate them.

    To tell you frankly Nick, among those who dis-agree with me here, only benignO is reasonable and SANE.

    YOU ARE A PAID HACK NICK, you came here to destroy the presidential aspirant who is always in leading OPINION SURVEYS.

    That is why, I am not supposed to engage with you because my opinion is the same as the opinions of the MAJORITY.

    Kaya nga you resort to name calling dahil di mo matitibag ang aming paniniwala. YOU ARE SICK!!! Pathetic!!! COWARD, DUWAG, TALAWAN, PUTI ITLOG, CHICKEN, BAKLA, ATBP.!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Sa mga Atenista:

    Tumatanggap ba ang Ateneo de Manila ng mga BOBO?

    Noynoy Aquino was an Alumnos of Ateneo de Manila at pinangangalandakan ni NICK MACYAVELLY na si Noynoy Aquino is BOBO at IDIOT. What kind of School Ateneo is? Kayo lang ang makasasagot ng tanong na iyan.

    My Alma Mater, Silliman University ay hindi tumatanggap ng mga estudyanteng hindi pumapasa sa kanilang entrance exams. Kung may nakatsamba lang, at pagtapos ng first year na may dalawang bagsak, recommended na to transfer to other schools. Ganyan kaming mga Sillimanian. Ewan ko itong si Nick kung saan nagtapos.

  29. wala na talaga si Hustisya…

    GOD-WORSHIP na talaga sa mga Aquino… Bulag na bulag sa mga realidad.. OPEN YOUR MIND AND EYES HUSTISYA… HINDI LNG SI NOYNOY ANG KANDIDATO… I’m not Pro-Gibo pero HE DID A GOOD JOB with the resources AVAILABLE SA KANYA.. 1 week Hindi naka tulog ang tao noong time ng ondoy habang si idol mo politica parin ang banat kasama si ERAP during ondoy. The way i heard it, a couple of times lng cya ng relief goods.

    During sa maguindanao masacre, gibo kick out the amputuans sa party knowing HE WILL LOOSE VOTES sa ARMM. At cya mismo personal pumunta sa Maguindanao para protectahan ang mga witness and Mangudadatu family. Habang si Idol mo ng sabi lng “condemn” tapos ng party na dahil launching ng campaign nya sa pag sisira ng bansa natin.

    Marami na mga argue sayo laban sa mga sinabi mo against ky gibo, again hindi ako gibo-supporter pero MAS MA PANIWALA-AN KO PA SILA dahil TOTOO mga ARGUMENTS NILA at MAY BASEHAN. And yang mga tira mo kay gibo puro lang gawa-gawa ng utak mo na naibrainwash na ng AQUINO FANATICISM MO.

    Yes ok lng tinitira mo si gibo, pero lahat ng tira mo naisagot naman ng maayos ah, ikaw lng talaga ang may poblema kasi hindi mo ma tangap ang TAMANG SAGOT ng mga tao dito.

    Seriously pare, may poblema ka sa fanaticism mo sa mga Aquino, na bubulag kana sa liwanag ng Bullshit nila. I’m trying to help you pre, bka negative ulit sabihin mo.

    By the way GREATNESS and HEROISM IS NOT INHERITED. It is EARNED through HARDWORK and DEDICATION. And Sigurado tayo lahat na si Noynoy hindi hardworking and dedication.

    LP was firm enough to make him president pero hindi parin cya good enough to be president ng party. Meaning kahit maging presidente cya ng pinas, hawak parin cya ng head ng party. Tsk tsk tsk.

  30. @NewFoundGlory / Mediahype;

    Eh kayo din si Nick / Carleiner eh! Pag nagulpi ko na yung isa, lilitaw naman yung isa with the same mura, style, fallacies, deceptions, etc. Masama nito, nag-uusap pa sila as if magkakaibang tao nga. Iniiba-iba rin nila kandidato nila pero IISA bibibira nila, si Noynoy lang. At sila-sila ay pinupuri ang isa’t isa as if magkakaibang tao sila. BWA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA.

    Oy, Nick, Karlleiner, NewFoundGlory —-TATLONG ITLOG—-huwag nga ninyo akong pinaglololoko dahil alam kong IISA lang utak, balubalunan, puso, kidney, bituka, set of ears, eyes, hands, feet, wet at itlog ninyong tatlo. In short, IISA lang kayo aber matapos ito me isa na naman ikaw na palilitawin diyan.

    LAHAT NANG ISSUE NINYO NASAGOT KO NA. Yun lang pagmumura mo ang di ko nasagot dahil sarile mo naman ang binatukan mo bakit pa ako sasagot dun?




    10.) Matalino siya at disente. You can notice this when he speaks, Every words have sense. You can notice his wisdom when he speaks in forums and interviews. Mas may sense naman ang sinasabi niya compare to the other candidates. Yung iba they speak like politicians. Noynoy speaks like a statesman.

    11.) He has the quality of a good leader. A unifying figure. Pwede niyang mapagkaisa ang bayan. 44% ang boboto NA sa kanya and still growing. Kung 2% ka lang, baka pati mga maids at drivers mo di mo mapag-iisa.

    12.) THe best person to enhance our diplomatic relation. His parents are admires and respected as heroes around the world. Just as much as “Kennedy” became a strong diplomatic leverage in foreign relations, “Aquino” will surely give us an advantage in negotiations with other countries.


  31. Hustisya now you really lost it… lahat ba ng ayaw kay noynoy iisang tao lng? I share the same views with nick and calreiner pero hindi ibig sabihin na iisang tao lng kami…

    tsk tsk… its like saying na ikaw at si engr jojo ay iisang tao din.. pero hindi… alam ko yun kasi si engr jojo may sense… and ikaw wala… as i said before, hindi ko lng nagustohan choices ng candidates mo kasi as you said binasehan mo kung sinu top 3 sa surveys…

    ung argument ko lng dito is.. PLEASE CHECK OTHER CANDIDATES ALSO and huwag lng ung top 3 sa surveys… GORDON is a very solid candidate pero panu cya aangat kung nagbubulagbulagan ka dahil sa pop-surveys.. that is my point…

    Sayang ung ibang magagaling na candidates dahil hindi na napapansin dahil ung top3 lng pinapakingan ng mga tao with the same mindset as you.

  32. Saan nyo nakuha ung survey na yan? sa SWSS? Pulse Asia?

    Kelan? First week ng november diba? Ilang tao? 1000 people?

    Is it really that hard to argue based on personal accomplishments/platform of government that you have to resort to relying on surveys alone? I guess it must be so if you are speaking for someone who has proven himself to be an inept legislator and a man void of vision for the future.

    You want an argument based on surveys? Let me give you a more credible survey result:

    Manila bulletin’s online polls. More than 10,000 has vote:

    **Ano ulet ung percentage nyo? Everytime Noynoy Speaks, he loses supporters. Everytime Gibo speaks, he gains a lot of voters and respect: Take for example after nung HARAPAN sa ANC. Nagsurvey ng mga estudyante ung abs-cbn nyo na pro noynoy:

    Youth decided on who to vote who after HARAPAN:

    Etoh pa ung poll sa ANC:

    **Uminom kayo ng madameng kape para nerbyosin kayo.

  33. Noynoy = Tanga
    Noynoy = Bobo
    Noynoy = Puppet ng Oligarchy Club of Hacenderos
    Noynoy = under kay bunso
    Noynoy = napilitan lang
    Noynoy = unfit for the Presidency
    Noynoy = unfit for any leadership position
    Noynoy = pangalan lang ang meron; capabilidad, wala

    ‘Nuff Said 😉

  34. Jonathan “The Engineer (kuno)” Francisco,

    Alam mo ba tinira mo yung may ari ng blog na ‘to? Si MLQ3 is a bakla, you know that? Aminado siyang bading siya. So tinira mo rin siya.

  35. nick,

    kaya daw mapag-isa ang bayan? eh ang dami ngang may ayaw sa kanya. exaggeration na naman to. noynoy = exaggeration.

    hustisya… maging realistic ka naman. kahit sinong politiko may detractor. wala kahit sinoman ang makakagawa na pagkaisahin ang lahat ng tao… kahit rehiyon na lang. OA mo naman. 🙂

  36. Back to topic.

    Noynoy is indeed FRODO.

    – Honest and clean sa umpisa. Pero sa huli ma seseduce din ng EVIL.

    – Inutusan lang. He does not have the “heart” and “dedication” to lead or country to greatness.., kasi napilitan nga lang cya.

    – VERY Dependent on other people’s skill and abilities to do the job for him. And don’t forget that MAR and KRIS won’t always be around to cover for him. Imagine him ALL ALONE talking about REAL ISSUES with world leaders. Imagine him in cabinet meetings surrounded “evil” politicians. Imagine him handling insurgencies, With his shy-type attitude, he is gonna be bitch-slapped by rebel leaders.

    – He is indeed a nice guy. But that will not help him in facing the NASTINESS of the real world. Nice guys finish last… so him as president means, philippines will again finish last.

    Gandalf is a leader, Aragorn is a leader, Hell even Gimli is a leader. But frodo is not.

    IMO, what our country need is a TOUGH, ASS-KICKING LEADER. Not a simple-minded nice guy who is gonna be eaten alive by his enemies.

    tsk tsk.

  37. @
    @ NewFoundGlory

    “Gandalf is a leader, Aragorn is a leader, Hell even Gimli is a leader. But frodo is not.

    IMO, what our country need is a TOUGH, ASS-KICKING LEADER. Not a simple-minded nice guy who is gonna be eaten alive by his enemies.

    tsk tsk.?”


  38. MLQ3,

    What’s your response when people say that Frodo does not embody what the Philippines needs kasi weakling siya na na-seduce ng ring?


    Well said! I wonder what Manolo Quezon’s response is to that… Pinipilit niya kasi na Frodo raw ang kailangan ng Pinas.

    Paging MLQ3, answer the question!

  39. Nag-uusapusap na naman ang IISANG TAO. Nick Makyavelee / Newfoundglory / Karliener. PINUPURI na naman nila ang IISANG sarile nila. At as usual, MINUMURA na naman ng iisang sari-sarile nila si Noynoy.

    Kung baga sa text, tatlo pato, isang katawan. Di lang yun, pati pato ko kinuha na rin nila.Paano pa ako mananalo sa text o card. See, Hustisya 12-4 12:38 PM, ginamit na rin ni Nick M pati pangalan ko.

    ANG TIYAGA MO TALAGA, NICK M. I will give you an “A” for tiyaga but you are really a TREACHEROUS COWARD with an inverted scrotum. Ikahihiya ka ng dumudugo mong tumbong sa ginawa mong ito.

    Wala kasing maniwala sa tatlong katauhan ni Nick. Kaya, hayun pati pangalan ko ginamit na rin. Ginamit ang pangalan ko sa pagsabi ng isa sa kangang mga argumento, ang salitang “tanga”.

    Ang siste nito, si Better Phillipines ay nakisawsaw sa pag-uusap ng IISANG TAO sa katauhan nina Nick M / Karliener at NewFOundGlory.

    In other words, may isang tao na kinakausap ang sarile niya, sumabat si Better Phillipines at sumali sa usapan ng IISANG tao.


    Now to continue…..


    13.) Noynoy is not beholden to Gloria M. Si Erap, pinatawad ni Gloria. Si Villar, pinalagpas ang katiwalian ni Gloria. Si Gibo, hawak sa leeg ni Gloria. Hence, magkakaroon lamang ng katarungan sa mga kahayupang ginawa ni Gloria kung si Noynoy ang magiging pangulo ng bansa.

    14.) Si Noynoy ay nakakaunawa sa kahinaan ng mga may kapansanan. He took care of Josha, isn’t it. And he showed compassion and understanding to the handicapped. This is a mark of a real compassionate leader.

    15.) Noynoy is competent and efficient as a fiscalizer, the role he chose to play in Philippine politics. Di tulad ni Villar, na hindi bumira sa administrasyon kahit kailan. At si Erap, na walang karapatang tumuligsa sapagkat lahat nang dapat tuligsain ay siya mismo ang nakagawa.


  40. @Hustisya your hopeless pare…

    Diyan ka nalang sa fantasy world mo kung saan lahat ng tao iisang entity lamang…

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