One Voice

Today, at 10 AM, One Voice is being launched.

My column for today, One voice for hope, explains why I’ve joined it.

Please read our position paper. And take a look at our presentation:

One Voice Presentation

Consider adding your voice to ours.

The citizen-complainants in the impeachment of the President will also hold a press conference at noon.

At 1:30, the Integrated Bar of the Philippines and other lawyers will hold a meeting to commemorate the Supreme Court’s striking down Executive Order 464, etc.

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Manuel L. Quezon III.

60 thoughts on “One Voice

  1. cvj,

    i appreciate the attempt of ONR VOICE but forgive my skepticism. This has been done several times before but with differenct issues.

    Villanueva’s BANGON PILIPINAS.
    Guingona’s BAGONG BANDILA.
    PerLas’ PAG ASA
    Montayre’s Philippine Consultative Assembly
    Cojuangco’s Council of Philippine Affairs
    Abat’s Coalition for National Solidarity

    ONE VOICE may say that they differ from these groups. But I say, old faces, old strategy, nothing new.

  2. mlq3,

    i am sorry to say but the masses have been used and abused in various forms and in many ways. Sigaw ng Bayan’s initiative is an excellent example. ONE VOICE says that they do this for every Filipino but can the ordinary Filipino truly understand the group’s position paper? A good piece for intellectual discussion while Juan dela Cruz may never be able to comprehend. Why put the ads on the broadsheets, the newspaper of the elite and the middle class? Any ads on BANDERA, TEMPO or REMATE, the newspaper of Juan Dela Cruz? I do not see any sincere attempt to communicate with the masses.

    As I posted on the ONE VOICE website, the call to discontinue the people’s initiative is divisive while the faces behind the group has become the issue instead of the issues being presented by the group. Simula pa lang, sablay na.

    My purpose in enumerating the various groups is to pose a challenge on how to create a synergy. Various groups may differ in objectives and purpose but there is a common denominator, we are all Filipinos. There may be an apparent difference between the Dagatdagatan tricycle driver and operetor’s association and the Forbes Park homeowners association but there is a way we can connect the two. But no, we don’t look for that connection. Instead of looking for that connection, we busy ourselves forming our own groups. When will we get our act together?

  3. after the reading the position paper of one voice i cant help but feel sorry for our democracy.
    it is what i call a paper fit for those fence sitters.
    the reason is simple: the assignatories of one voice is pleading for the government to listen to them ergo they recognize its legitimacy.
    maybe they were thinking of putting up an organization that is removed from the fold of partisanship thus by stating that those who call for arroyo’s ouster/impeachment are themselves self serving nincompoops. needless to say to state that they are non-partisan is equivocally an irony of their statements, it follows thereof that by pleading from the government that “cheated its way” to power they stand on the side of those who approve of the legitimacy of her ascent.

    that while the reforms stated in their paper seem prolific in its own merit, it certainly misses the point as to its motivation why it was constructed.
    maybe the ones who constructed such paper forgot that the reason it existed is because of GMA’s “wicked” ascent to power thus the current push for “charter change and a move to a parliamentary form of government.
    that such paper aims to strengthen the institutions mandated by the constitution, yet it deliberately gives credence to the illegitimacy accentuated by its main proponent–the President is contradictory in nature.

    One Voice failed by not addressing the real problem.
    that is by not caling for the impeachment from office of the President.
    One voice becomes a queer model for change or reforms because it tries to address a president that doesnt respect the constitution nor practices its main tenets.
    One Voice doesnt only encourages people to not actively practice critical mindedness rather in simpler terms it spouses mendicancy in the face of flagrant totalitarianism.

    i am not encouraging people though to never join the group.
    there are still people who even how blatantly their rights are trampled upon
    or even how history seem to bang on their doorstep
    they still never learn.

    i recognize the majority of conditioned individuals that are afraid to go to the streets and suffer the ridicule or the stereotyping
    and even how many activists are dying by the hundreds they are still trustful of the status-quo.

    i also recognize the majority that are afraid to loose everything they have
    i myself am also afraid to loose everything but i recognize that i already lost it even before i owned it because those who stay in power made us owe more than what we can earn and rightfully so even our children owes them and so forth ergo i never own anything
    they are but a loan that i should be ready to loose when the need arises that i stand up for what we fought for hundreds of years and what we are still fighting for now “our freedom from our own oppressors”

    One voice should listen to the call of the times.
    rather than echo the same voice illustrados call from the past as Rizal was (and he is their mascot by the way) pleading from the same tyrannical government.

    One voice should listen to the man on the street whose even God-given right to be protected by its constitution is being curtailed by this Government.

    if one voice recognize these…

    then i myself would join.

  4. joselu, tama ka mas mabilis gumawa ng batas pag parliamentary system na. isang palakpak boy lang ni gma magpropose na palitan ni GMA si jose rizal as national hero, wala na debate padamihan na lang ng boto tulad nong impeachment patok na national hero na si gma. pati nga lahat ng national roads ipangalan sa kanya at sa lahat ng kamaganakan nya posible din yon.

  5. I agree with Conrado de Quiros, the number one reason for impeachment of Arroyo ….she cheated during the presidenttial election. The other reasons stated by One Voice are just secondary. This should be clearly written in the manifesto. After all, cheating in the presidential election destroys the primary purpose of democracy.

  6. old issue, same faces who will not grow up and refuses to facwe defeat.
    Oh look, yeah, those same people refuses to face the fact that Communism has long been dead..Communism??? why,communism, because these very people are communists hiding under the tag leftist, militants, progressives, what have you’s, why hide? because they can’t even face the truth that they’re Commies!

    And they are at it for 30 or so fucking years already, trying to oust every single President this country has ever had. I’ll bet ya, whoever becomes leader next will face the same One Fucking Voice drama that these people so pathetically pushes.

    Enough of all this stupid dream of taking power and installing a Communist regime, it is so old news!!

    You say, oust with Gloria, isn’t a parliamentary government an answer?! stop looking for motives..why don’t you all run for Parliament then? Also that Gloria cheated in 2004, i swear to God, i would have made a patriotic duty of assasinating PFJ for him not to cheating in 2004 for an actor with no experience or IQ to hold ooffice is the least that a country-loving person could do at that time…stop your moralizing bullshits, it has not gotten this country to any good…pampagulo lang kayo! di kayo nakakatulong sa bansang to. puro mga abstract lofty ideals, when the country needs practical thinking most!

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