One Voice

Today, at 10 AM, One Voice is being launched.

My column for today, One voice for hope, explains why I’ve joined it.

Please read our position paper. And take a look at our presentation:

One Voice Presentation

Consider adding your voice to ours.

The citizen-complainants in the impeachment of the President will also hold a press conference at noon.

At 1:30, the Integrated Bar of the Philippines and other lawyers will hold a meeting to commemorate the Supreme Court’s striking down Executive Order 464, etc.

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Manuel L. Quezon III.

55 thoughts on “One Voice

  1. hope this is not a ‘civil society’crowd rehash, who just couldn’t wait for the impeachment process to end before expurgating erap. look who has taken over: one of its own created monsters.

    but yeah, charge on.

  2. Nothing new here. The same people with the same old talk. Stop people’s initiative now? You have to be kidding. The only way this can be stopped and have your other points accomplished is to kick Glueria out, and hard. Your position paper should only have one objective and that is to kick Mrs. Glue out of the palace into the courts and finally to jail.

    Oh well, maybe you already know this. You just want to be looking so noble and straight – the rule of law above all.
    well, with wily Glue on the harness, it will take a miracle for any of your proposal to succeed. Your position paper reminds me of college days – an exercise in futility.

    “First, discontinue the present Initiative ­ We appeal to the proponents of the people’s initiative, especially the President, to please rethink this move.” L M A O!

  3. As the One Voice manifesto says, Voting in the 2007 elections is critical: it can be a powerful means of holding elected representatives to account. Make sure that you can exercise this power by registering now, if you are first-time voter; or validating your registration if you have voted or registered as a voter before. Continuing registration is on-going at COMELEC offices daily. The deadline for continuing registration is the 31st of December 2007.

  4. realistic, doesn’t mean you don’t try.

    even if there’s only a snowball’s chance in hell, at least there’s a chance. if you don’t try, then you’ve got absolutely no chance. being realistic means also recognizing this fact.

  5. jumper, who said anything about not trying? Here’s the deal, hope that One Voice does not rally people to another disappointment. Hope that One Voice is not just another Ningas Kugon.

  6. that’s a step in the right direction at least you have a group that is more the listening type. In order to lead YOU MUST LISTEN

  7. Manolo,

    Magaling ito pero here is my BUT.

    You do not outline/discuss a plan of action in your document except to talk in general terms about more discussions and organizing. We cannot hope for spontaneous combustion resulting from forums etc.

    Hindi tayo kukulangin ng speakers. Ang problema kulang tayo sa organizers at action officers. We have to have a solid plan that will follow through with whatever is discussed/unleashed in those forums.

    Choir na kami what we need is a song sheet and a conductor. Seventy percent of the country is against Gloria already and they are awaiting their marching orders.

  8. One Voice, same people, different packaging, another form of regrouping.
    whatever happened to bukluran or to the other fancy names but same ol people.?
    What has happened to the black friday ksp’s?
    Is it the groups name?
    Is it what they represent?
    Is it the people who are in the group?
    One Voice, but whoes Voice is it?
    Any new issues or the same ol stuff?
    Does it mean if one does not speak up, one does not want change?
    Does speaking up mean going against the administration only?
    Soon, there will be another idealistic sounding name just as there where other earlier.

  9. MB,

    Right off the bat, Wigberto Tanada could be a conductor. Get Ping Lacson to be asst conductor (understudy sort of…, ok, I know Lacson is senator but Tanada has had decades of practice, he’s got the Bayan Muna(??) lineage after all)

    As for action officers, ask one of the ex-military officers, like Brig Gudani to lend a hand (problem is the guy ain’t articulate enough) – get him to squeal and go public! He said he gave his word as a gentleman and an officer to Mayuga not to squeal – BULLOCKS! Mayuga ain’t a gentleman! Mayuga wouldn’t know the meaning of a gentleman officer; Gudani should be good too at sergeanting (a kind of “barker” like at weddings, etc.).

    You and Quezon could be two of the organizers (being young and all that) and Cory Aquino could whip up the choir into frenzy… Randy David could provide the much needed revision in the musical score sheet.

    If Gloria beats One Voice this time, the Philippines can say goodbye to freedom for another 4 years!

    Gloria’s already prepared the groundwork for Martial Law – very likely that the document is already in the safekeeping of her favorite butler, ready to spring it on the nation if the opposition’s impeachment bid makes it to the halls of our very, very august Congress. Come to think of it, she doesn’t even have to make it official – hasn’t she declared an all out war on the leftists, i.e., likes of Randy David included? All she has to do is declare that the commie saboteurs have infiltrated the ranks of One Voice and she wants to protect innocent lives to avoid collateral damage.

    This is why she recalled the 3,000 officers and men doing military assistant and security guard work with top political personalities.

    Now, that she’s got Chavit on side (who will be 5 times richer soon), including Mark Carpio Jimenez (geez, that’s 2 criminals too many in her entourage), she’s eliminated the threat of squealing on her, unless of course, a couple of or three, four (the more the better) coureageous, brave and… upright Comelec officials have some specific goods on her which they’re keeping in the sombre, dark corners of the Comelec to bash her with at the opportuned moment.

    MLQ3, MB, on ONE VOICE, finally… the inseparable moral and physical courage this nation needs to beat the moral and physical bansot squatting in Malacanang!

    Fair wind!

  10. As Edward de Bono said, the best way to kill off an idea is not to oppose it, but to label it as similar to an earlier one. It is therefore important for us to read the position paper carefully and identify where it differs from previous or concurrently ongoing efforts…

  11. Since the aim of one Voice is consensus.Whicj I agree the orchestra needs a conductor.

    I just asked the reader’s of Ellen on what they think about one Voice.

    I will check tomorrow kung me summagot,at yung ibang reader ni Ellen,reader din naman dito eh.

  12. Joselu,

    Anong “Any new issues or the same ol stuff” ?

    Gusto mo pang madagdagan ang kasalanan ni Gloria bago ka gumalaw?
    Hindi ka pa ba puno?

    You think your unano friend becomes taller by cutting down everyone to her size?

  13. Don’t bother with Joselu, Mr Buencamino. S/he’s made up her/his mind, and so are we.

    I agree with your point though. If the 2007 elections indeed become a referendum, the final battleground will be the congressional districts. THAT is where the battles will eventually be fought, proving that all politics, indeed, is local.

  14. “Don’t bother with Joselu, Mr Buencamino. S/he’s made up her/his mind, and so are we.” —- Obviously, lines have been drawn. The fact remains that those opposed to the status quo haven’t captured the public’s imagination. It’s either their message is tired and worn out or the public sees through each group’s self-serving agenda.

  15. MLQ3,
    Love me or hate me but I like to say a few words about ONE VOICE.
    The first thing I did upon reading the article is to CLICK THE LINK. Sorry but I need to put my two thumbs down not for the mission of the group but on the way the message is being delivered.

    If I were a consumer and the ad is the website, I would not buy the product. I always put myself in the shoes of the recipient of the message, kahit boots pa yan o stilleto.

    For the ad to be effective, the message should be clear. Eh kung ang aking IQ’ng 150 ( sampol lang) ay hindi kagaya ng marami dito na 180, I will not affix my signature. I will be clueless for what is presented in the first page.

    Para makuha mo ang message, icicilick mo pa ang pdf. People who can and who will download are only those with pcs pf their own and it is further limited to pc owners with adobe software. Many students are using internet cafes and they rather spend their per hour session in browsing rather than donwloading. Katagal. Para bang nagbabasa ka ng label ng product na wala ng brand, wala bang ingredients at walang direction paano pag luto if it needs cooking. product na nakaadvertised pero wala namang pangalan.

    One more thing is the initial presentation should be short summarizing what it is all about. all but a few seconds to read and the reader already get the veggies in the enchilada. Later na lang yong mga cheese and cream.

    The signatures will not necessarily convince the readers to join. SINO BA SILA, ANO BA ITO except of course if the visitor is one the regular readers of your blog and column.

    When you visit a website or a blog, first thing that you read is the article. When you like the article, you look for the author or the ABOUT box. Pag malabo, alis ka kaagad. Eh amg labo, kaya alis agad ako and then make basa of the presentation in your blog.

    But it is just me who opined that the first impeachment will not succeed and Imee will not join them to sign the death warrant of Gloria.

    I also doubt the citizen-initiated impeachment led by Randy David. Accepted, he is respected and popular but only to an elite group -the intellectuals–the UP community. What they need is a lot of paper chasing for evidences. It is easy to make accusations, it is the presentation of the evidences that count and how these evidences are presented. Dapat may mga K ang mga nagpepresent at hindi bayaran na at a counter-offer of the other party, they suddenly disappear or suffer alzheimer’s. The public will not care about the intellectual discourses. What they want is to see real leaders without political agenda, personal vendetta and or are dummies of power brokers.

  16. Mukhang premature launching ang ONE VOICE. Just like the many lost causes, hindi na naman inisip ng mabuti ang plano. Ora-orada na naman. Ano ba yang member list, insiders and same old politico. Walang representation si Juan dela Cruz. Hindi ba dating bata ni Gloria ang iba diyan?

    Handa akong sumama kung di lang patalsikan ng laway ang labanan. Malamang, dahil too much brain power ang meron, sa huli yang mga bigating members din diyan ang maglalaban laban.

    Same old, same old. Panalo na naman si Ate Glue, hands down.

  17. are all filpinos, ofws, fil ams, fil brits, fil aussies etc. allowed to sign if they agree with the manifesto? will it not jeopardize the movement’s image/momentum?

  18. will it be better if you have a blog or website specifically made for ONE VOICE….easier and faster connection for everyone, i think.

  19. Manolo,

    Is it true that Bienvenido Lumbera has signed the Citizen’s Impeachment Complaint? I also understand that ex Sol-Gen Benipayo is your member too. If so, does this confirm that he left the administration because of his “beliefs” or was he thrown out like those who did not meet GMA’s standards?

  20. As I see it there are really people who would want the priority to be GMA’s ouster.
    I guess the launching of ONE VOICE prior to the impeachment,made others think that this group is not for GMA’s ouster.
    Some may have their own reasons….

    Ellen says while answering reader Emilio…..

    Ellen Says:

    June 22nd, 2006 at 10:28 pm

    I’m wary about this “One Voice” group because of many of the signatories.I don’t think they are working for GMA’s ouster.


  21. Now my take.

    Kahapon naisip ko ano ba ang priority,wala na bang tiwala sa impeachment,iniiisip ba nila na same results din yang impeachment and it will be a numbers game.

    Pero ang sigaw ng bayan numbers game din naman ah,you guys think na mas madali ang numbers game kontra sa sigaw kesa sa numbers game kontra sa mga anti impeachment congressmen.

    Malaki naman ang chances na the sigaw would fail bakit yan pa ang ginawang first priority at kung matuloy plebiscite wala namang epekto ang mga numbers na claimed ng sigaw,at the people will thumb it down kung ayaw talaga nila ng charter change based on the way it has been proposed.

    Dapat kung talagang bottom line e matuloy ang 2007 election,mas priority dapat ang impeachment at electoral reform should be ahead of stopping sigaw ng bayan.

    Soorry, but the priority list made me think that consensus would be hard.

  22. one
    among the many.
    pray it would be heard not squeaking.

  23. Other than sequencing of priorities who would not want electoral and social reform.Pero sana naman di lang ito palakasan ng sigaw.

    Kasi sa pangalan ng dlawang organization; kung outsider o foreigner ka at first time mo madinig ang pareho at itanong mo :what is the translation of sigaw ng bayan e baka me mag sabi pa na that would be ONE VOICE.

  24. Okay yang ONE VOICE. It opens another front in the struggle for good government and democracy.

    Hindi yan distraction sa layunin na patalsikin ang pekeng presidente. Kita niyo naman sa manifesto nila. Pakiusap ang mga hiling.

    Come on pipol, pirma na. Let us all work together. Wala namang ibang maipapalit kay PGMA. Kalimutan na natin ang nakaraan. Huwag niyong sirain ang mga programa ni PGMA. Huwag kayong kontra bida.

  25. he he after one voice said “we have no agenda here” and then you see the face of Ricardo Romulo and co..Don’t you ever learn from past mistakes?

  26. schumey, bien lumbera is one of the citizen-complainants in the impeachment. i haven’t had the chance to ask benipayo what the real score is concerning his departure from office.

    cat, i agree with your points about the website of one voice, others have raised similar criticisms and they’re working to fix them.

    re other comments, i think the position paper speaks for itself, for my part i find no incompatibility between what it espouses and other advocacies i may have.

  27. Hoy, yang mga die hard fans ni MLQ3, ano pa hinihintay niyo? Pirma na kayo. Join us, the public of maka gloria. Our position and expectations are clear. We have been reaching out ever since I am sori. Let us join hands and work for a better Philippines.

  28. The message is sound. Those who agree with you will sign up regardless of who else signs up.
    Those who are distracted from your message by the presence of certain names among your signatories want to be distractedto begin with.

  29. On second or nth thought,why should my problem be with impeachment.The planned P.I. is a direct threat to 2007 elections,that P.I nga pala would require resources that would eat up all the resources intended for the 2007 elections .Then the Sona is really worth waiting for if the president will submit a 2007 budget with the elctions being mentioned as a top priority. Malabo na nga itong 2006 budget wag nya sabihin na di kasali sa SONA ang 2007 budget for elections.

    Sorry kung naging magulo ako, at least i am really giving this a thought.

    Ok, sorry for bringing what Ellen mentioned in her blog ,she may have her own reasons,but I now see,that the position paper does speak for itself and it is in no conflict with the advocacies you have been espousing for the past several months.

  30. I always believe eversince that one day one group will rise above all these so many groups that sprouted in past year. I hope One Voice is it.

  31. Mabuhay si MLQ3, ONE VOICE, and PGMA! This is like the old days, working together, happily!

  32. In as much as would like to take One Voice seriosuly.I find them to be inconsistent.
    They say they want change & in the same time put so many conditions to change.
    They say what we need is social change.Are they saying social change can’t happen under a parlamentary form of goverment?
    They say that they are against charter change but let it happen after ’07 election since they don’t want the present politicians to profit from it now.So they mean they only want the next set of politicians to profit from it insted?!In reality they are just being partisan & selective.
    Christian Monsod was saying what investor are asking for is good infrastructure etc… not charter change (as if they ever said it explicitly that they don’t want charter change) But what Christian M. does not say that due to the present system things can’t move efficiently.Just to pass the budget is asking for the impossible.A budget that gets delayed 10 times over w/c has a domino effect on everthing else, including the infrastructure that is much needed & demanded by investors.
    I’ always more convinced that One Voice is giving a series of excuses.
    Judging from the composition of the group,It appears like a “class war” of “imperial manila”.never mind the Bishops.They can’t even run the church well enough to attract vocations & more church goers or they are losing out to charismatic & christian groups.Why should they know any better in what is good for the country?perhaps their presence is to give the impression of having the blessing from somewhere.
    The parlamentary system is a way to shield the position of the national leader from the politics of “popularity song & dance number & name recall – never mind the brains”.
    Instead, what does One Voice want. They are actually sponsoring that a whim, penchant, bisio be a national policy.
    Are they saying they perfectly support the continued “politics of personalities”? Instead of moving on to the “politics of party stand & issues”?
    We are a very persoanalistic society.One reason why we are so weak as a Democracy is because everything is measured according to the “personality”.Our being “persoanlistic” is also one root of the corruption that has invaded every corner of our society.Loyalty to “individuals”.
    If we really want change then lets take away the oppurtunity where election will not focus on “persoanlties” but on issues.
    Not electing a national leader through a direct vote will not in any way lessen the quality of democracy.
    It will surely insted lessen the instances that loyalties will be used for the wrong reasons.

  33. After all the questions. I decided to join One Voice.Below is the transcript of my e-mail to their Online coordinator.

    Dear Mr. Garcia,

    Thank you for joining One Voice. I am also a regular reader of MLQ’s
    blog and
    got the chance to read your response too.

    Speaking up for real change requires each one of us to be an advocate
    and agent
    for change. You can play an important role through:

    1. Linking to our website and writing or blogging about it.
    2. Convincing others to study our position paper and to sign on.
    3. Organizing education forums in your schools, offices, and parishes.
    keep us posted and check up on upcoming events from us as well)

    Your active participation in this advocacy is key.

    Thank you and don’t hesitate to contact us for further inquiries or

    Speaking up for real change,

    Janette Toral
    Online Coordinator

    Quoting [email protected]:

    > Please uopdate me on the developments of one voice.
    > I have to think and rethink this.
    > I am areader of manuel L.Quezon’s blog and I have
    > aired my thoughts,after further thinking I would like
    > to support your cause.
    > I am just a private citizen with no source of income
    > as of the moment so pardon me if I can not make any
    > donations.
    > Lastly, our fax and scanner is out of order so I
    > cannot send the printout of the pdf file and I can’t
    > scan my signature.
    > Name: Karl Marc tomas M. Garcia
    > Group/affiliation:None
    > E-mail:[email protected]
    > __________________________________________________
    > Do You Yahoo!?
    > Tired of spam? Yahoo! Mail has the best spam protection around

  34. A sell out!

    What could make it happen?·

    Cooperate on a social reform program, regardless of who is in power

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I take it that this means, cooperate with gloria, if the impeachment complaint does not push through.

    Way to go ONE VOICE!

  35. The following is a post I made on the ANG BAGONG PINOY yahoo group.

    When I first heard of Ang Bagong Pinoy, my first reaction, as I stated in a previous post, not another one. Filipinos coming together to do something for their country. We are so good at this. And here comes another one, ONE VOICE. I believe they will be coming out today will full page manifesto in major newspapers.

    I applaud the attempt but pardon my skepticism. How far will this group go? Will they make a dent? Will the ordinary magtataho respond or even understand their call?

    First proposal, discontinue the present “people’s initiative”.
    Meaning, oppose it. The group calls for unity but this proposal is divisive.

    Second, arrive at a social reform agenda. That’s fine with me. But how and what?

    Third, to ensure that the 2007 midterm election is held as scheduled. I have no problem with that.

    Fourth, hold a con-con after 2007 if there is a strong clamor for it. Again, that’s fine with me.

    Fifth, to push for a collective effort to rebuild the trustworthiness of our democratic institutions. If the group can achieve this one alone, then they made a difference.

    Many prominent personalities are behind this group. They have the resources for being able to have full page ads in three major newspapers. This aggrupation is good for the elite. At the end of the day, Juan dela Cruz will just be a mere observer on these developments.

    We, Filipinos, do have a penchant in forming various groups. Be it political, regional, occupational, etc. Unfortunately, we just can’t get our act together. To each his own. If we can only bring all these groups, from a tricycle driver’s association to the neurosurgeon association together, then everybody becomes part of nation building. All these groups have their own agenda and nation building is not one of them.

    ABP does not belong to the above cited groups. ABP is for nation building. But then again, there are so many groups that are also into nation building. I would say, GAWAD KALINGA is the best of them all.

    Alow me to list some of these groups I found on the internet.

    HOPE (
    CODE NGO (
    CRIBS (
    GILAS (
    PBSP (
    FWWPP (
    ivolunteer (
    KIBAKA (

    The above are just what I have encountered so far. I am sure there are still many out here on the net. I have not included this group, ANG BAGONG PINOY. And here comes another one, ONE VOICE.

    Everytime I see this kind of group, my initial reaction is always not another one. We all want to help our country. We all want to have our share in nation building. Unfortunately, even in nation building, we cannot get our act together.

  36. “This country, with its institutions, belongs to the people who inhabit it. Whenever they shall grow weary of the existing government, they can exercise their constitutional right of amending it, or their revolutionary right to dismember or overthrow it.” -Abraham Lincoln

    Even with ONE VOICE (literally and figuratively), the same will fall on DEAF EARS. How do you expect a government that’s bent on violating human rights and corrupting democratic institutions to LISTEN? The intentions are good and noble. No doubt about it. But the question is: will it be enough to arouse and mobilize?

  37. iraya & The Bystander,

    “Only One Thing is essential.”

    Either it’s there, or it isn’t. Who knows?

  38. Iraya, that’s a handy list, thanks for compiling it. i don’t necessarily think the proliferation of organizations is a sign of not being able to get our act together. i take more as an indication of the level of engagement in the public sphere, which is a step away from apathy, so on that count, it’s a good thing. In any case, it would be good if the organizations can coordinate with each other where applicable and this is probably the level where what you say about ‘getting our act together’ becomes especially relevant. As for ‘One Voice’, it’s an advocacy and not a social club so its proposals are by nature ‘divisive’ in that concrete proposals always have their opposites. Its distinctive feature, as i see it, is that it is an attempt to unite around ‘means’ rather than ‘ends’ (i.e. elections in 2007 as a ‘referendum’, ‘safety nets’ and a constitutional convention).

  39. Iraya,

    your comments presuppose that there is a wide, and unbirdgeable, gulf, between the middle and upper classes and the rest, when they may be more similar than people generally assume. at the very least engagement requires an attempt at explaining things painstakingly instead of superficially.

    note that you are ok with elections next year, and a constitutional convention -which may explain why it’s necessary to push for the stopping of the so-called people’s initiative: as it stands, it would make elections next year and a concon impossible; so, it has to be opposed. the question isn’t whether we should have blind unity, but rather, the kind that fosters the very things that cement confidence rather than eroding it.

    i don’t understand the sweeping generalization that the group is good for the elite, but that the average person is just a bystander: that is actually what the so-called people’s initative is doing. not everyone in the group is from the elite, or represents elite values: and even if they did, they are part of society and have put forward a position for anyone to study and comment on.

    with regards to the groups you enumerated, i’ve had the chance to interact with some, the rest, i know less about. in general they are answering the call of the times: and perhaps more constructively than other groups did in the past, as they focus on the local. eventually, though, they will have to take into account the national, if the gains they make are to last and not be reversed.

  40. cvj,

    i appreciate the attempt of ONR VOICE but forgive my skepticism. This has been done several times before but with differenct issues.

    Villanueva’s BANGON PILIPINAS.
    Guingona’s BAGONG BANDILA.
    PerLas’ PAG ASA
    Montayre’s Philippine Consultative Assembly
    Cojuangco’s Council of Philippine Affairs
    Abat’s Coalition for National Solidarity

    ONE VOICE may say that they differ from these groups. But I say, old faces, old strategy, nothing new.

  41. mlq3,

    i am sorry to say but the masses have been used and abused in various forms and in many ways. Sigaw ng Bayan’s initiative is an excellent example. ONE VOICE says that they do this for every Filipino but can the ordinary Filipino truly understand the group’s position paper? A good piece for intellectual discussion while Juan dela Cruz may never be able to comprehend. Why put the ads on the broadsheets, the newspaper of the elite and the middle class? Any ads on BANDERA, TEMPO or REMATE, the newspaper of Juan Dela Cruz? I do not see any sincere attempt to communicate with the masses.

    As I posted on the ONE VOICE website, the call to discontinue the people’s initiative is divisive while the faces behind the group has become the issue instead of the issues being presented by the group. Simula pa lang, sablay na.

    My purpose in enumerating the various groups is to pose a challenge on how to create a synergy. Various groups may differ in objectives and purpose but there is a common denominator, we are all Filipinos. There may be an apparent difference between the Dagatdagatan tricycle driver and operetor’s association and the Forbes Park homeowners association but there is a way we can connect the two. But no, we don’t look for that connection. Instead of looking for that connection, we busy ourselves forming our own groups. When will we get our act together?

  42. after the reading the position paper of one voice i cant help but feel sorry for our democracy.
    it is what i call a paper fit for those fence sitters.
    the reason is simple: the assignatories of one voice is pleading for the government to listen to them ergo they recognize its legitimacy.
    maybe they were thinking of putting up an organization that is removed from the fold of partisanship thus by stating that those who call for arroyo’s ouster/impeachment are themselves self serving nincompoops. needless to say to state that they are non-partisan is equivocally an irony of their statements, it follows thereof that by pleading from the government that “cheated its way” to power they stand on the side of those who approve of the legitimacy of her ascent.

    that while the reforms stated in their paper seem prolific in its own merit, it certainly misses the point as to its motivation why it was constructed.
    maybe the ones who constructed such paper forgot that the reason it existed is because of GMA’s “wicked” ascent to power thus the current push for “charter change and a move to a parliamentary form of government.
    that such paper aims to strengthen the institutions mandated by the constitution, yet it deliberately gives credence to the illegitimacy accentuated by its main proponent–the President is contradictory in nature.

    One Voice failed by not addressing the real problem.
    that is by not caling for the impeachment from office of the President.
    One voice becomes a queer model for change or reforms because it tries to address a president that doesnt respect the constitution nor practices its main tenets.
    One Voice doesnt only encourages people to not actively practice critical mindedness rather in simpler terms it spouses mendicancy in the face of flagrant totalitarianism.

    i am not encouraging people though to never join the group.
    there are still people who even how blatantly their rights are trampled upon
    or even how history seem to bang on their doorstep
    they still never learn.

    i recognize the majority of conditioned individuals that are afraid to go to the streets and suffer the ridicule or the stereotyping
    and even how many activists are dying by the hundreds they are still trustful of the status-quo.

    i also recognize the majority that are afraid to loose everything they have
    i myself am also afraid to loose everything but i recognize that i already lost it even before i owned it because those who stay in power made us owe more than what we can earn and rightfully so even our children owes them and so forth ergo i never own anything
    they are but a loan that i should be ready to loose when the need arises that i stand up for what we fought for hundreds of years and what we are still fighting for now “our freedom from our own oppressors”

    One voice should listen to the call of the times.
    rather than echo the same voice illustrados call from the past as Rizal was (and he is their mascot by the way) pleading from the same tyrannical government.

    One voice should listen to the man on the street whose even God-given right to be protected by its constitution is being curtailed by this Government.

    if one voice recognize these…

    then i myself would join.

  43. joselu, tama ka mas mabilis gumawa ng batas pag parliamentary system na. isang palakpak boy lang ni gma magpropose na palitan ni GMA si jose rizal as national hero, wala na debate padamihan na lang ng boto tulad nong impeachment patok na national hero na si gma. pati nga lahat ng national roads ipangalan sa kanya at sa lahat ng kamaganakan nya posible din yon.

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