One Voice

Today, at 10 AM, One Voice is being launched.

My column for today, One voice for hope, explains why I’ve joined it.

Please read our position paper. And take a look at our presentation:

One Voice Presentation

Consider adding your voice to ours.

The citizen-complainants in the impeachment of the President will also hold a press conference at noon.

At 1:30, the Integrated Bar of the Philippines and other lawyers will hold a meeting to commemorate the Supreme Court’s striking down Executive Order 464, etc.

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Manuel L. Quezon III.

55 thoughts on “One Voice

  1. I agree with Conrado de Quiros, the number one reason for impeachment of Arroyo ….she cheated during the presidenttial election. The other reasons stated by One Voice are just secondary. This should be clearly written in the manifesto. After all, cheating in the presidential election destroys the primary purpose of democracy.

  2. old issue, same faces who will not grow up and refuses to facwe defeat.
    Oh look, yeah, those same people refuses to face the fact that Communism has long been dead..Communism??? why,communism, because these very people are communists hiding under the tag leftist, militants, progressives, what have you’s, why hide? because they can’t even face the truth that they’re Commies!

    And they are at it for 30 or so fucking years already, trying to oust every single President this country has ever had. I’ll bet ya, whoever becomes leader next will face the same One Fucking Voice drama that these people so pathetically pushes.

    Enough of all this stupid dream of taking power and installing a Communist regime, it is so old news!!

    You say, oust with Gloria, isn’t a parliamentary government an answer?! stop looking for motives..why don’t you all run for Parliament then? Also that Gloria cheated in 2004, i swear to God, i would have made a patriotic duty of assasinating PFJ for him not to cheating in 2004 for an actor with no experience or IQ to hold ooffice is the least that a country-loving person could do at that time…stop your moralizing bullshits, it has not gotten this country to any good…pampagulo lang kayo! di kayo nakakatulong sa bansang to. puro mga abstract lofty ideals, when the country needs practical thinking most!

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