Jose de Venecia is happy

The Speaker is happy on TV and proclaims the next big campaign: parliamentary and unicameral by next year (and if the President doesn’t deliver, and he’s still Speaker, he can impeach her) and Federal in 10 years (which means, perhaps not at all). His allies? The President, former president Ramos, Senators Enrile, Angara,and Gordon. He says, after talking to the President 5 to 10 times today and several times last night, she is “very happy”.

Happy days are here again!

Manuel L. Quezon III.

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  1. FYI, JDV was not sitting in 1998 to 2001. So, that means he is only in his second consecutive term. He can still run as Congressman in 2007.

  2. yes we must look to the future and work hard to prosper. we must not allow ourselves to be gragged down by politics.
    the impeachment issue must be behind us now.
    there are never any winners in a war!!!
    enough hypocrasy & of self righousness those are behaviors of fake people.

  3. “Happy days are here again!”

    Manolo, did i sense sarcasm there or am I just imagining it or reading too much between the lines?

  4. joey,
    only the technicalities are behind us, not the issues. The issues will still have to be resolved, if it takes days or years, it really doesn’t matter now, but they will still have to be resolved.

  5. Manolo: that’s why I am asking, I am not saying you are. My apologies if the question came out wrong. Or maybe I sensed irony in there. Maybe it’s just wrong word or something.Or maybe it’s just me, because of the lines in parentheses.

  6. To make things truly clear: Yes he was being sarcastic.

    Your inquiry about his sarcasm was answered sarcastically too.

    But in a happy harmless way. :o) I don’t think you needed to apologize.

  7. Hail Gloria!!!
    We live in a free country.
    We are free to do whatever we like, take whatever we like, talk to whomever we like. Nothing prohibited, everything is okay. No heaven, no hell.
    Hail Gloria!! President forever!!!

  8. Over at the Inquirer (7 Sept 2005), Michael Tan has an article on “Happy Filipinos” and at the end, he asks, “Were you happy with the congressional proceedings?”
    Well, right now, the pint-sized goblin in Malacañan is undoubtedly “very happy”. So are her cohorts.
    Aaaargh … could someone please wipe those smirks off their faces?
    And since we’re on this subject, I just want to ask: were/are the bishops happy with the congressional proceedings and the outcome? At the end of all this, dear bishops, are we any where near the truth about what really happened in the last elections?
    The bishops said that “a just political and moral order is best promoted under the present circumstances by a clear and courageous preference for constitutional processes that flow from moral values and the natural law”. Did the “constitutional process” we just witnessed — the congressional proceedings and the dismissal of the impeachment complaints — “flow from moral values and the natural law”?
    The bishops said that decisions should be made, “not in terms of political loyalties but in the light of the Gospel values of truth, justice and the common good”. Did truth emerge? Was justice served? Did the common good prevail?
    The bishops called for “moral accountability”. But well, has anyone been held accountable for anything?
    And so, were/are the bishops happy?
    If they were/are … well, they’re probably not shepherds, but hired hands.

  9. halang ang bituka niyang si jdv. but hey if he swears on the salvation of his daughter that gma really didnt cheat, i might be prepared to believe him.

  10. yes bimbo, technicalities are really nakakaasar,but it’s true that another word to technicalities are rules, and rules are everywhere.
    yes it’s true we have not resolved the problem.
    personaly i also ask myself is there really any one answer to this?
    for the sake of argument, lets says PGMA gets kicked out and noli follows, but than since he was PGMA’s running mate he too gets kicked out.than, what next????
    personaly, i see, our problems are about dirty politics, it’s about being pikon, it’s about power.i think this cycle must be broken.the solution of the problem lies also in us. I say this because i think we must try to ask the right questions, we must be analylical about matters, we must learn to look at the latger picture, we must try to identify what are the causes of all these problems that we have.i guess u will agree that the system is really rotten to the hilt!!!!!
    i think we must be open minded
    i think we must be in comtrol of ourselves, because lots of times it’s our cultural attitudes that really bring us down.
    all i know is that all started from illegal tapes of whom we may never know who are behind them and certainly they will never come out in the open, because we all know that it’s all about dirty desperate politics.
    so i’m really woundering what kind of truth are we demanding when all this confussion started from shit anyway!!!!
    i guess we are just being used for somebody elses ends.
    personaly i do not want to be used.

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