New alliance

The absence of Rep. Imee Marcos from the voting, the curious refusal of some Estrada-associated representatives to vote against the committee report: this suggests a deal.

Recall Mrs. Marcos supported the President. The votes of the Estrada-associated forces speaks for itself, as does scuttlebutt of a possible decision to permit former president Estrada to go home to San Juan.

The exploration of this question will help clarify the fight.

Manuel L. Quezon III.

49 thoughts on “New alliance

  1. it is this alliance – gloria, erap and imelda -that really terrifies me. not to mention infuriated!!!! kahit siguro bumabagyo lalabas ako ng kalye

  2. Its not really that surprising. Expect some more acts like that especially if no decisive and conclusive victory is attained by both sides.

  3. This afternoon i needed to sedate myself from extreme depression. Lantarang lokohan na ito, seeing that orangutan-faced Pichay and that Antonino smiling made me lose sanity the whole 3 plus minutes of their explaining the votes. Tama nga mga kaklase ko, once u graduate leave the Philippines for good!

  4. nyay! that’s scary and infuriating at the same time. having an alliance with the marcoses? that just totally negates what we fought for in the 1986 EDSA people power revolution. tsk.. tsk..

  5. Hokay. let’s see.
    on one side erap, gma, marcoses,
    fvr, jdv, cbcp, joecon

    on the other
    civil society, bill luz, cory, ping, susan,
    la sallite brothers.

    nalilito na akoooo……

  6. exhausted from bukluran march.

    i don’t want to think bad but i guess you are right.

    in such a time that we are forging unities through bukluran para sa katotohanan, it seems that the elite [excluding some] are forming an unholy alliance.

    marcos and estrada pipol are silenced in the impeachment.

    all the more that i am determined to push for a transitional revolutionary government to ensure that those people mentioned shall be criminalized.

    hay…it’s also a question why is it that PMAP is not aggresively pushing their luck against gloria.

    even in today’s unity march, i can count them and they are less than 50 combined with UDMJ.

    of course, i saw ronald lumbao in the crowd.

    too tired to enter more post, watched the impeachment proceeding since last night and the latest i heard was: teddy locsin.

  7. It’s a win-win situation for the politicians of all stripes. The “opposition” is happy, especially Reps. Cayetano, Escudero, Reyes, Golez, Villar et al. They got maximum media milage and scored “pogi” points with the public. A run for the senate isn’t too remote for some of them. Manny Villar may make bolder moves for the Senate Presidency, after his Nacionalista Party has done some muscle-flexing. And Drilon has come away with egg in his face, unable to muster support from his own party. JDV and his sidekicks are also happy. They own GMA. And GMA won’t stand for another impeachment next year, so a graceful exit is her best option. In the meantime, JDV and FVR have time to prepare the stage for the next big event. All around, the pols are grinning like Cheshire cats, even those from the “pro-impeachment” camp. It was all a big show.

  8. by the way, i asked some aksyon friend why they are missing in the crowd.

    they said that they don’t want to be aligned with the traditional politicians. and i said, it’s inevitable to form a popular/united front and to with which she replied: not all inevitable are necessary.

    with the unholy alliancce, i think, they are right this time.

  9. You have got to be joking the Marcoses in bed with GMA, hee hee.. More like she was running off with the estradas to hide some more money incase of an overthrow of the government… Else they were getting more money to pay the protestors, since Binay must have run out of cash now…

  10. Of course, we still can’t discount the military making their move. This is all falling into their lap. The politicians have made a mess of things and have made a farce of democracy. People are tired of politics. They want to just get ahead and make a living. And not sink deeper into poverty and misery. They are hungry for firm leadership. They are hungry for hope. A charismatic leader, backed up by the military, would fit the bill.

  11. HA HA, you’ve forgotten that Imelda sides with Gloria since the call for resignation was prompted by the garci tape.

    I must be joking, but for desperate people who are charged of a lot of cases and a lot of money is being stashed away from their banks and the openness to bury marcos’ body at libingan ng bayani and how politics are so corrupt in this country, everything is possible.

  12. Carl said:
    And GMA won’t stand for another impeachment next year, so a graceful exit is her best option. In the meantime, JDV and FVR have time to prepare the stage for the next big event.

    I do not think so. I think she just put one over both of them. They do not have a hold on her anymore.

  13. xela, she can’t put one over JDV or FVR, even if she wanted to. She is in a hostage situation. Even if she has a reprieve for one year, another harrowing impeachment process next year will be too much. She will surely prefer to opt for a graceful exit, if such is possible. Contrary to what you may think, GMA’s benefactors have a tighter grip around her neck. And in the meantime, she is still of some use to them.

    But the wild card is still the military. Those that FVR has no hold over. Politicians, from Cory to Erap to GMA have made a mess of the country. And the way the “opposition” has tarred and feathered their fellow politicians, has only reinforced the public’s negative impression of politicians. The situation is ripe for the military to make a move, if they have a charismatic leader.

  14. Quo Vadis, Pilipinas? For better! As long as there are people who love their country and do their job well there will always be hope.

    Militancy? forget it! tignan nyo pag tanda ng mga yan, kakalimutan din nila yan. Just do your best and be a productive citizen.




  16. choy, you’re right. in the impeachment explanation of votes, there’s this one congressman who mentioned almost all representatives’ political dynasties kanina…

    xela, i beg to disagree. political conjunctures and configurations are pointing towards jdv and fvr.

  17. Now this whole mess won’t be solved overnight. Not by removing Gloria. Not by righteous indignation. We start by being good citizens all the time. That means we pay our correct taxes, invest in our country (not in US, Canadian or Australian real estate), educate our youth (so that the leadership pool expands in quantity and quality). That means the do-gooder elites will have to give until it hurts to make up for decades of self-indulgence. That means we will insist on the rule of law, even when it does not favor us. And just maybe a generation twenty or thirty years from now will emerge with a love of country so fervent and bright and luminous that all of them will have to wear shades.

  18. what i think about imee:

    she knows how to use the lifesaver when she sees the boat starts sinking.if she can use this as an opportunity in the future,she will.

    another thing is the presence of cory aquino. they
    do not see eye to eye. So with those people who were the first to make the “CRY for Resignation”, this is a turn off since they are relegated to the sidelines. frontliners now include dinky who must have magnets for cameras.

    so she knows where to position herself. A big turn-off for other alalays of susan. mang-aagaw
    ng eksena?

    back to square one. tapos na ang chess,card game at katatapos lang ng sungka. sunog ang anim na bahay ng opposition.

    kaming ocw patuloy pa rin ang padala ng pero kahit mga istupidong mga militante ay pinahihinto ang aming mga remittances. ano papaaralin nila ang aming mga pinag-aaral para maging kapakipakinabang na mga mamamayan. ano papakainin nila ang aming mga mag-anak.


  19. They all know how to position themselves. Look back to recent history. The rich families dabbling in politics and the old, political clans always had members of their family in both sides of an issue – always. The same is true with this Brat Pack. This way, they are always in the picture whichever side wins.. The people are asked to make a stand yet they have their feet on both sides…
    Don’t you ever get the feeling we are being used?

  20. i am a party pooper alright.
    but i do not see a gracious exit of Gloria.

    don’t underestimate a lady who has weathered the storms–the tsunami- the 9-11 and all the crimes in the book accused of her. kulang na lang pati pagpatay kay rizal iakusa sa kanya.

    this remark will be in the archive and so were my previous comments about the failure of the opposition to topple her.

    the opposition bloc will split in the next few months, a great divide.

  21. There are two ways of seeing this “new alliance”
    For the optimist, it would be like a fresh start for the country, where old political rivals are now united. “Now we can work together for our progress” blah blah blah and so on.
    But for the pessimist, it would be like “oh no! we’re dead, corruption is getting really worse now, what would happen to us?” and etc. etc.
    So anyway, what were they thinking? What’s going on? I just don’t get it. I don’t want to fall on a belief that we are run by the most corrupt officials. And I don’t want to be fooled too. So which way should I go? If I’m not mistaken, I think some of us have also asked or may ask this same question. I just hope that we’d be able to find the answer for this…

  22. thank God! now, the haze is getting clear. its good that the real colors of the characters in our social drama are beginning to show. at least now mawawala na ang baggage ng opposition. mas maganda talaga umalis na sila erap at mga marcos sa opposition para mas malinaw ang delineation ng right vs. wrong! fight on for real change.

  23. Gloria Erap and Imelda.

    That simply means Erap will be buried in Libingan, Marcos’ remains will be moved to Tanay. and Gloria will remain in Malacanang,

    No sweat

  24. the marcosses, estradas and the arroyos are among the worst political families we have in this country.magsama-sama na silang lahat sa malacanang!

  25. Alliance or not is no longer a big issue. For me everyone should cooperate now with the government.

  26. It has the word “sell out” written all over it.

    Though it proves, that in politics there is no permanent friend or foes, only permanent interests. Pitty the people who follow them blindy and be led to a pack of wolves.

    We must have a strong two party system, political turncoatism should be dealt with penalties, only with this we would be able to survive.I agree in ammennding the charter, but with the people that will change it, it certainly not worth it. be tasked to handle it, They will find a way to manipulate it for their own interests.

  27. oops didn’t run the spellcheck on “pitty”, and “ammennding”.

    I beg to disagree with Charlez’s comment, it does matter a lot, big time. How can we follow these people if we don’t trust them? We don’t know what Erap gained for all of this, he may have used his leverage by calling on the people half-heartedly on rising against GMA. It may have done more harm than good to the opposition’s cause.

  28. i disagree. cory couldnt have been the reason for imee’s disappearance. she and noynoy work together fine. it’s not that big a deal anymore. i think imee like most reps has her price; it could be a concession for the marcoses like sequestered property and her father’s burial in bonifacio or maybe she was prevailed upon by ka erdi manalo or a combination of the above.

  29. our country cannot be governed in the old way anymore. that’s why the pols are scrambling to form different alliances to find out what works with the people. parang combo meal. problem is, natikman na lahat, and nakakasawa na.

  30. the militant did not asked ofw to stop remitting your dollars. what they are saying is: DO NOT USE FORMAL CHANNELS such as bank in remitting your dollars. reacting without hearing the entire context.

    i personally believe that gloria will fight her way with all her might. what’s the use of being the 4th powerful [?] woman in the world if she can’t survive. we had to thank her political strategist for that and of course, with gloria being a great tactician keen on looking at details [even the microscopic details], no doubt it’s a real showdown.

    i agree that at least the opposition is traveling light without erap and marcos. it makes it more hard for sensible people to rationalize even the thought of sleeping with these people who are condemned.

    an imeldific glorius interaption is tantamount into forming the three man team: OUSTER CLUB.

    agreeing that let us all be good citizens. citizens actively advancing our interest in a principled framework of cooperation with a legitimate institutions.

    let’s find another game. sunog na daw lahat ng bahay sa sungka. bili na tayo ng bagong sungkang susunugin. in whatever way, it is still a political game.

    wanted: a good political strategist for whoever.

  31. to gari,
    oh yes they did ask the ocw not to remit the dollars.

    i can remember that particular request for the ocw not to use the banking and i expressed also my opinion regarding that whether they use the door to door i.e. remittance company delivering the dollars to the recepients themselves as contrasted with bank to bank remittance, the money will still
    pass thru the banking system.

    The remittance company also use the banks.

    The only way by which it will not pass thru the banking system is pakipadala kung may uuwi.

    But this will be deposited by the recepients to
    the ATM.

    So which will not pass the channel.

    Tapos na ang sistemang tinatago ang pera sa ilalaim ng katre o sa bungbong.

    Ang hindi nakakaintindi ng banking at finance system ng bawa’t bansa ang magdedeclare ng ganitong request sa ocw.

    pinadedclare sa customs kung magkanong dala-dalang dolyar pauwi sa pinas.

  32. Sabi nila its a case of “Tell me who your friends are and…”

    Ang sabi ko “IF the price is right!”

    Dont you think they truly… TRULY deserve each others company?

  33. May kanyang kanyang presyo o kapalit ang mga nagsabi ng Oo. Hindi naman natin masisisi kung gusto nilang maging maganda sa harap ng mga mata sa mga bumuto sa kanilang bayan.

  34. i agree w/ pj and i think what kiko says about trust is important but at the same time we can’t pretend to be able to have a really high level of trust w/ politicians.we can trust our family & friends but as for politicians it’s really another thing.
    i just hope we do not allow ourselves to be used.
    politics is really dirty. but we must not get carried away.
    sad that evil emelemnts want to manipulate our emotions and thoughts.
    the bottom line is all that is happening is a power grab using ever means possible legal & illegal, lot of drama and thatrics.
    why can’t we get together and tell those ass holes that we refused to be cowed and we want to get along w/ our lives!!!!!!!!!!!!
    tama na
    sobra na
    so what is next?
    the senators will burn down the house w/ their so called “in aid of legeslations” investigations!!!!!
    don’t we know what the real purpose of it all really is???????

  35. parang ayokong magmagandang hapon. matagal-tgal na rin akong bumibisita ng blogsite naito. Teh posts and comments here are really coming from people with good points to share. I am not for the opposition. Isa lang naman akong ordinaryong mamayan na dating ofw. I stopped goin abroad and trying my luck here with my small enterprise. One thing that keeps me alive and thinking aside from my business (whic is not doing very well) is the issue on politics.

    I was here when the Filipinos drove marcos out of malacanang. there was not hard evidnece then that must prove marcos cheated in the election, it was the walk out by the namfrel volunteers that set off the people power. I will not say anything about erap because i may only heard of the circumstances sorrrounding his ouster.

    But in the present case, GMA is caught cheating in the election as evidneced by the Garci tape. Some political figures may forged unlikely alliance with other political group but the issue here is not about them its about shedding light on the conduct of gloria during the 2004 election which the citizen must know. pano natin masasabing hindi nandaya si gloria, kung hindi mabibigyan ng pagkakataon na ilahad ang mga ibendensya sa tamang forum. Impeachment was her chance to make clean with the Filipinos.

    Sa inis ko i will be joining street protest now. Wala ng matino kahit presidente manloloko.

  36. Manolo: a quick question — doesn’t the non-appearance of Madame Marcos II now strengthen the assertion of the “middle forces” that they stand on a high(er) moral ground? Now they could go after President Arroyo AS WELL AS those who represent the old evils of the past (Madame Marcos II’s family, among others). Their ranks may get thinner a bit, but at least the anti-Arroyo opposition would now not worry about Bobi Tiglao’s pointed (and correct) observation that they are riding on the backs of extremely dangerous tigers.

    Sorry for the silence. Was in Dipolog (Dakak, to be more precise) to commune with family and listen also the the speeches of the honorable members of the municipal councilors league of Region 9. Their convention was all about local political consolidation in preparation for next year’s polls (or in other words, how to keep the Jalosjos in power). Not a single mention was made of the political circus in Manila.

  37. ikot ikot lang naman dyan sa pinas ang naghihirap lang naman sa alitan na yan e mga mahihirap.kapag nagising ang mga kumakalam ang sikmura e magtago na sila dahil makakaranas ang pilipinas ng tunay na rebolusyon ng mahihirap…magiging madugo mas mapula pa sa kulay ng araw nung liberation ng maynila noong panahon ng hapon..

  38. Manuel L. Quezon III is he not part of the political families that keep using the public?…

    Or is he just on the right side because he is a journalist… Aren’t the rest of the ‘journalists’ all related somehow to the politicians that are in power.. If it not the journalists then they are related to some actor or actress…

    Society here is run by this family this week then the next one the following week.. the only reason they have the fights in public is because they want the power now not next week…

  39. All cut from other sites… Think who is sleeping with who, and why are they doing it. Is it the truth they are looking for, or what..

    MBC – Runs the Anti corruption web site..
    Which gets investigations writen up by PCIJ..
    AIM – Research shows MB men are involved in corruption.
    MBC – is headed by a PIATCO Lawyer.

    almost a year after Corazon Cojuangco-Aquino, widow of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos’ archrival and slain senator, Benigno Aquino Jr., was catapulted to the presidency after a people’s uprising that toppled the dictator in February 1986. The new President had promised to include the hacienda under land reform. President Aquino is from the powerful Cojuangco clan who owns Hacienda Luisita, Inc. (HLI), the sugar plantation with 5,250 farm workers and the Central Azucarrera de Tarlac (CAT) sugar mill with 700 laborers. Today, the 4,915.75-ha sugar plantation harvests some 290,000 tons of sugarcane every year while the CAT mills more than one million tons of cane. CAT Labor Union (CATLU) union president Ricardo Ramos said that of the total tons of cane milled at CAT, 750,000 tons come from other plantations in Luzon. CAT’s milled by-products, Ramos added, are carbon dioxide which is primarily sold to Coca-Cola and Pop Cola owned by Eduardo “Danding” Cojuangco of the same clan, and alcohol for Ginebra San Miguel, another Danding company. ..Jose Sr.’s daughter, Corazon (Cory), married Benigno Aquino, a former Tarlac governor and senator and archrival of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos. Corazon’s brother, Jose Jr. (Peping), one the HLI’s Board of Directors, was a former representative of Tarlac. Peping’s wife, Margarita, was a recent Tarlac governor. Today, Mrs. Aquino’s son, Benigno Jr. (Noynoy), is representative of the second district of the same province.

    City Engr. Joseph Emboltorio of La Carlota City relates that before Cojuangco bought existing haciendas from their previous owners, the people never went hungry and were given employment opportunities. With the change in ownership of these haciendas was the displacement of workers; some 2,000 workers in the area of La Carlota alone were displaced, resulting to an increase in the number of squatters.

    President Corazon Cojuangco-Aquino’s

    deals deals deals.. Who started this?

    Estrada took the highly controversial step of suggesting Marcos be reinterred in a hero’s grave. After becoming president, he wasted no time negotiating a settlement with Imelda Marcos and the rest of the family over the considerable Marcos wealth that the government has spent 12 years chasing. Marcos daughter Imee, a congresswoman, Cojuangco and Tan all attended the invitation-only presidential inauguration.

    Eduardo “Danding” Cojuangco, the current chairman of the Philippines’ third-largest company as ranked by sales, San Miguel Corp. Cojuangco’s power dates back to late strongman Ferdinand Marcos, who ruled the Philippines until he was overthrown in 1986. Cojuangco amassed great wealth under Marcos’s crony beneficence, and he fled with Marcos to Hawaii after the People Power revolution. He is now back in the Philippines and has returned to the good graces of the Philippines’ current president. Cojuangco was elected by the San Miguel board of directors to head the company one week into Estrada’s term

    Conspiracy theory?

    Where are all the links… Connect the dots…. Who gets what after another people power………. IT sure will not be the people…………

    UP against PGMA. Who did they Honor for donations

    Also to be honored are Makati Mayor Jejomar C. Binay; Marikina Mayor Ma. Lourdes C. Fernando; Jaime Augusto Zobel de Ayala II; Marubeni Corp. President and CEO Mr. Ryuikichi Kawaguchi and Machinery Department I General Manager Moroo Shino; PLDT President Manuel V. Pangilinan;

    Ateneo against PGMA

    PLDT Chairman Manuel V. Pangilinan and First Pacific Co. Ltd. donated , Conjuangco’s again P100 million to the Ateneo de Manila University

    black and white movement

    Smart was accused as the company who taped the phone lines now its partner infocom runs the black and white movement web site and PLDT owns it. Is this not a Cojuangco group and is not dinky soliman related to the Cojuangco’s and the same with Cory.. Smells fishy here…..

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