Cory, Susan, Bro. Eddie, La Salle Brothers, Left march

The police melted away in the face of Cory Aquino, Susan Roces, Bro. Eddie Villanueva, the La Salle Brothers and Socialists marching forward; now is the second line of military defense. Crowd seem determined to push forward. Massive crowd.

Manuel L. Quezon III.

21 thoughts on “Cory, Susan, Bro. Eddie, La Salle Brothers, Left march

  1. go home na sila, pwede ba. it’s over, we just want to move on.

    GMA is still the best option versus chaos and anarchy.

  2. with my apologies to mlq3 i am re-posting the comment below, which i originally posted in “The Session:Coverage (updates continue!), in this entry since i find it more appropriate:

    the weather will be a big factor here

    luzon is just entering the peak of the rainy season – there will be more rains in manila this month all the way to october. trying to form massive crowds for the street demonstrations will be difficult under squall and flooded streets

    the 2 previous sucessful people power movements couldn’t have happened in better climate conditions – the first one was on february, the second on january – the weather was tropical cool, crisp, no rains and it was even quite comfortable to be out in the streets during high noon. so it was easy to gather the people – masarap, malamig

    but with the monsoon rains coming in, it might not be strategic to bring out the people – marami lang ang magkaksakit

    this whole thing is really out of timing, out of synch

  3. tama na!!!!
    sobra na ang mga pikon!!!!!
    this has never been about the truth in the first place!!!!!
    it’s has been about personal agendas and the pinoy being the forever “pikon”
    tama na!!!!!!!!!
    the majority want to go ahead w/ our lives!!
    enough na!!!!!
    dont you know when to stop!!!!!!!
    maybe you should be struck by lightning!!!!!
    the sure effect of your actions is you are adding to lives difficulties!!!!

  4. easy lang puso mo…..
    truly a sad day for the country.
    the impeachment should have at least gone through the motion of submission of evidence on the Justice Committee level if not the Senate trial. No truth, theirs or ours, was exposed, just technicalities. Nothing resolved.

  5. We’ll see for next few days. Although very big chance that the rallies and other broughaha will just fizzle. Hey what about erap’s trial? mas grabe pa nga delaying tactics dun eh

  6. I don’t see how this is any better than letting Congress decide who’s right. At least in Congress both sides had a shot at a real national consensus. This is right back where the provincial and municipal (outside Manila) leaders like the least – strongly Manila-based rallies that do not factor in the thoughts and feelings of people outside Manila.

    Anti-Gloria diehards only end up antagonizing Cebuanos, Davaoenyos, and the like.

  7. those who are looking for a rally, i think there will be two massive rally at two different rally sites.

    first, the KME-PAG-ASA-Laban ng Masa-AKBAYAN group marching from UST to Mendiola after an interfaith service at 11:00 am. Symbolically, it’s attacking the center of political power.

    second, as i heard it, the BAYAN Group of PartyLists and United Opposition [i don’t know if the Erap forces included] will converged at Ortigas and going to Makati at 11:00 am. I think, symbolically, its attacking the center of economic power.

    Honestly, it’s a pre-planned mobilization before the indignation rally earlier. I just give some symbolical rationalization why is it so that the opposition are heading seperate marches.

    Sounds like a media packaged. 🙂

  8. trying to form massive crowds for the street demonstrations will be difficult under squall and flooded streets

    You said it trying to form the others were not formed….

    The amount of cash to pay the protestors is running out..Look at what they had previously in Makati. This time it is not to do with outrage of the process like in marcos and estrada times it is all about money now…

  9. the message is clear, the people can no longer be fooled by the civil society whose agenda is to put
    somebody they can rely on to protect their wealth
    and businesses.

    the people do not like the militant as well. they do not see anything good coming from the people who were supposed to represent their constituents and not their organizations.

    the people do not want these young turks who come from the political dynasty that their grandparents have put up for them.

    They did not sweat their brow. The position was handed to them in the silver platter by the political machinery which was also built by the three g’s.guns, goons and gold.

    whoever does not realize this must go back to history and know who these people are.

    radicalism is one big business, these days. they have to continue performing in the streets with the banners, the props courtesy of the militant leaders enjoying the airconditioned offices in congress and receiving the pork barrel just like the congressmen they once condemned before.

    takot ako pag nawala si gloria. parang buwitre silang mag-aaawan sa puwesto.

  10. SOBRA NA – pls STOP all this rallies…. it’s time to UNITE & tackle the bigger problems.

    I agree, Gloria may have done wrong – but OTHERS may be done worst than her.

    GLORIA is strong & can lead the Philippines to a BETTER FUTURE….

    It’s time to UNITE – work together for better PHILIPPINES…

  11. Politics is really the mother of strange bedfellows… I cannot imagine former President Aquino to sink to such a base level, allying herself with people of dubious characters and reputations. I have lost all my respect for her. Mga taong walang magawa sa buhay…

  12. As much as we want to unite our people the Filipinos. Such imminent trashing of the impeachment complaint is unfair for most.

    Gusto natin mag-isa pero tayo mismo isa-isa.

  13. Ian, trashing the impeachment and uniting our people are 2 different things.
    our country has been divided for a long time.getting rid of PGMA will not make our country anymore united than we would wish.
    we are divided because of partisan and fanatical reasons. we are divided between people who would like to progress and prosper and those who are defending the status quo.w/ the parlamentary system that PGMA is pushing ang daming ma wawalang ng racket!!!!!
    we are divided because there are those who are afraid of change.
    sadly, even geographycaly we are divided into 7100 ilands!!!!
    we must be united for the right reasons.
    the right reasons are those that will benifit the majority of the people who just wanna have a life.
    and not the kind of unity that is lead by a cory who is clearly against change in goverment, or a susan who is revenging the lost of her husband, or an eddie villianuva who is not satisfied w/ his JIL group who did not even vote for him, or a Lacson who we do not know much about.

  14. The comment that GMA is the best option is extremely incredulous. Kahit na sinong presidente ang ilagay mo kung business as usual pa rin, wala pa ring mangyayari. May mga kasabay na pagbabago ang dapat mangyari sa pagpapalit ng pinuno.

  15. With the different political agenda of the people who want to oust PGMA, it’s not a wonder they do not have the support of the people.

  16. Why Brother Eddie Villanueva Lost

    Why Brother Eddie Villanueva Lost

    by: Rev. Conrad Tolosa

    Many Filipino Christians are very disappointed that Brother Eddie Villanueva lost the last presidential election. So they ask God for some explanation.

    I would not be surprised if some church leaders bring certain Scripture to mind. For instance, did Jesus not say in John 14:13-14, 15:16, 16:23 and Matthew 18:19-20 that God will do what two or three of His followers agree upon and ask for? More than three million people were at the Luneta three nights before Election Day praying that Bro. Eddie be elected. So why did God not answer their prayers?

    Unfortunately, many Christians still use Scripture passages out of context and believers are often prone to mix Christianity with different superstitions and philosophies. Some even believe that Christianity is magic. It is not, of course. God is not an alalay for believers as so many have come to believe. Believers need to be in tune with God, to wait on Him, not the other way around.

    So, is it not God’s will for Filipinos to have righteous leadership? Of course it is. But the question really should be this: Do Filipinos want righteous leadership? Righteous leadership demands accountability. Are Filipinos willing to be held accountable? And are the other candidates not able to provide righteous leadership?

    In asking God why Eddie Villanueva is not going to be president of the Philippines any time soon, three things must be considered:

    First, though God gave man free will, it does not mean that man can will himself to be born in the country or historical period of his choice, nor does it ensure that he will come into this world with features that will, in adulthood, be those deemed worthy of a great leader. Free will, as it is commonly understood, does not mean that man can will anything into being. Rightly understood, man’s free will means the freedom to make choices. Only God has true free will. When God wills anything, it will come to pass. Believers in Jesus Christ, though favored as they are by God, still do not have the free will God has. But they are free to choose to do God’s will for their lives. And if they do so, God will certainly grant them their wishes according to 1 John 5:14-15.

    Believers have the responsibility to know and understand God’s will in the matters of national life and leadership in a democracy. Righteous leadership will be granted by God if it is the desire of the majority of Filipino voters to live righteously. The governing authorities in a democracy are the people’s choices. God gave Filipinos the freedom to choose their top national leaders and they spoke May 10. Their choice for president was not Bro. Eddie.

    Second, when God made promises to do whatever the followers of Christ ask for, it was in the context of fulfilling His will for His people. How God deals with the world is His business alone. Believers need to do the work of Jesus – – to teach the word of God and to be the salt of the earth and the light of the world. But how can they do the work of Jesus or be co-laborers of the Holy Spirit when they do not know what, or how, to teach? How can they, when they contribute to the decay of the morals in their own particular communities? How can they when they, themselves, cannot find their way through the dark alleys of cities awash in graft, corruption, sex and violence?

    When the Filipino people hear, understand and receive the word of God and observe the good works believers do as salt and light, they will elect righteous leaders. Bro. Eddie lost the election because the believers who supported him needed to understand what God would have them do.

    Finally, Bro. Eddie lost because he was not able to draw a clear picture of the social, political and economic ills that beset our people. Nor, perhaps, even more important, could he present a clear view of the needed solutions that will usher in a better life for the new generation of Filipinos. It will take time to remedy this failure. But is time running out for our beloved country? No, I believe there is still time. If I am right, there is no reason for Christian believers to despair. At this very moment, Bro. Eddie is, I am sure, saying, “I have not yet began to fight!

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