Bukluran gains allies

The following have added their voices to BUKLURAN PARA SA KATOTOHANAN and its statement of unity:

1. SOLIDARITY – Philippine Airlines Association (PALEA); Alyansa ng Lapiang
Security Guards sa Pilipinas (ALAS); National Labor Union (NLU); Miascor
Workers Union (MWU); P.I. Mnufacturing Employees Associatio (PIMEA); Sto.
Nino Employees association (SNEA); Coca Cola Bottlers Philippines Monthlies
Employees Union (CCBPMEU); Alyansa ng mga Malayang Obrero (AMO); Philippine
Congress of Employees (PCE); Construction Workers Solidarity (CWS); Union of
Filipino Service Workers (UFSW); Philippine National Unions Council (PNUC);
National Wages and Productivity Commission Employees Association (NWPCEA);
Alert and Concerned Employees for Better SSS (ACCESS); Bureau of Broadcast
Services Employees Association (BBSEA); Coalition for Reform and Empowerment
(CARE); Electric Cooperatives Officers of the Philippines (ECOP), NEA
BANDIDO; Pambansang Samahan ng mga Tsuper at Operators ng Pilipinas
(PASATROPA); Unified Land Transport Registered Association of the
Philippines (ULTRA); Mamamayan Kaagapay ng Bayan (MAKABAYAN); Isulong ang
Maralitang Pilipino (ISMARPIL); Sulong Masang Pilipino (SUMAPI); People’s
Alliance for Democracy and Reform (PADER); United Muslim Association of the
Philippines (UMAP); Muslim Organization for Solidarity, Liberty and Equality
for the Masses (MOSLEM); Katipunan ng mga Barangay Tanod ng Pilipinas
(KABATA); Grand Order of the Unified Guardians (GOUNIG); Guardians
International Brotherhood Federal (GIBF); Anti-Crime Civilian Task Force
(ACCT FORCE); Triskelion Relief Operations and Public Assistance (TROPA);
Panay Negros Brotherhood Organization (PNB Org); Martsa ng Bayan; Malayang
Kabataang Pilipino (MKP); Hasik ng Lahi; Katipunan ng mga Anak ng Bayan All
Filipino Democratic Movement (KAAKBAY)


3. Action for Economic Reforms (AER)

Manuel L. Quezon III.

5 thoughts on “Bukluran gains allies

  1. Good luck! With an aggrupation like that, which seems to be pulling in different directions, the division of the spoils will be very difficult. Later on, those who get the crumbs, or didn’t get anything, will be back clamoring in the streets again. It’ll take much more than street protests to initiate meaningful reforms.

  2. manolo, my apologies.

    Kilos AR stands for KILUSAN TUNGO SA PAGSUSULONG NG REPORMANG AGRARYO. A bit harassed earlier in preparation for tomorrow’s tide of various political and religious colors.

    Anyway, just the same, Kilos AR, being the broadest coalition of peasant organizations and non-government organizations working for agrarian reform and rural development remains a believer in our cause to bid our goodbye to gloria. 🙂

  3. This is not the start of something good. Let’s not kid ourselves about what will follow if this next people power initiative is successful. Victory isn’t always sweet. Just make a list of all the people now involved here and see where they or their kamag-anaks will be afterwards. Do we really believe the next batch of leaders will not be as greedy as the ones we now have? Is the country’s stability worth the gamble for a few selfish souls?

    When will we learn to work within the system of democracy we already have? GMA and her allies played their cards right and they are still standing – that’s politics. This is all just politics. And why the rush to oust GMA and then have that cloud of illegitimacy hanging over the head of the next lame duck of a president, if I may ask?

  4. They will never succeed. Why? Wala silang malinaw na agenda! In the sense that one group disguised as party list is hell bent on making this country as the new communist paradise. One is for a preacher who think he is the chosen one. Abother group is for erap and nothing else and all the rest are politically naive loudmouth.

    The La Salle brothers are in a company of trash

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