6 thoughts on “Tonight is the night

  1. Day or nught murder is murder. Of course darkness is more conducive for criminals.

    Those who seek the truth favor the light.

    Those who are for the rule of law favor the light.

    Those who do their work in the dark and claim they are for the rule of law are for the rule of lawlessness.

  2. sounds familiar… gloria was proclaimed in the dead of the night; the evil that they do is best done under the cloak of darkness for they wicked fear the light.

  3. the opposition has done it’s “evillest best”, from exposing the ilegal garci tapes, to the dramatic resignation of the “kiss & tell 10” to using tita cory, to their failing to bring mamot crowds to their rallies full of red flags, to the dismal, childish, inmature performance of the young lolipops who where not capable of getting just only 1/3 votes of 79!!!!!!
    pls. naman accept defeat!!!!
    The “TRUTH” is you have all the oppurtunities but the “TRUTH” is you failed.
    pls. naman don’t let your egos cloud statemanship!!!!!
    pls. naman, we want to get ahead w/ our lives, there is so much to do.
    we are a laughfing stock of the world, everybody else is propering and developing while sadly we have a philippines divided.

  4. It is a sad day for the country. The administration does not even have qualms in broadcasting their plans of killing off the impeachment. Rep. Nograles, please stop tarnishing the image of the Davaeoños. You were elected to serve us, not the President.

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