Big push begins

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The press conference earlier today at La Salle Green Hills was a success, the Palace responded immediately. The first fallout, it seems, from this broad coalition of forces, is the cancellation of the President’s trip to Saudi Arabia.

The public galleries in the Batasan Pambansa have already been reportedly packed with supporters of the administration. There is a heavy police presence and protesters are being barred from reaching the House. Cory Aquino and Susan Roces will be present at the House gallery. There are fears of moves to force the approval of the Committee on Justice report sometime today, possibly early in the morning when people are tired.

I’ll be covering the coverage of the plenary in the coming hours.

For any readers that are members of Aksyon Demokratiko, please urge your party leaders to join Bukluran. It would be wonderful if, for tomorrow’s march, Cory Aquino and Susan Roces can be joined by Sonia Roco.

Manuel L. Quezon III.

5 thoughts on “Big push begins

  1. what is this!!! a gathering of the lossers of the last elections!!!!!!!!!!
    i guess just we are just so obssed w/ drama and excitment.
    guess that there must be a real obsession in bringing down regimes!!!!!
    screw the oil crissis!!!!
    screw terrorisim !!!!!
    screw our future
    we just can’t concentrate until we get our our bloodddddddddddd
    the only thing is this circus has been going on for so long and you seem to be blind to what the people really want and that is to get on w/ our lives!!!!!!!!!!!
    this has been super mega dirty politics from the start……..
    and there are so many suckers falling for it…..
    ang drama talaga ng pinoy
    no wouder wer not getting anywhere

  2. They say it is purely a numbers game and a political process. Great. So let us show them the numbers on the streets and begin the political process of championing the will and sentiments of the real majority conveniently forgotten by their supposed representatives in the language they understand.

  3. I guess we should follow the advise of Joey Legarda.

    Let’s all unite behind gloria.
    All our problems will go away if we follow her.

    He is absolutely correct we will never progress if all we do is bring down crooks and look for better leaders.

    Finally someone with the intelligence and integrity of mike defensor, bobby tiglao, gabby ckaudio, toting bunye, rick saludo has spoken up.

    Go Joey! Show them the stuff you’re made of.

  4. ricelander,

    the majority had their say when they elected their representatives to Congress.

    moreover by participating in the process the opposition also gave validity to the results of the process. so why can’t they respect it?

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