House suspends hearings

House of Representatives hearings, the inquiry into the controversial tapes, have been suspended until August 3, unless Virgilio Garcillano and Samuel Ong manifest their appearance before the joint committees.

Update: the police estimate the crowd at 15,000 and that the attendance is going down. Their explanation of how they calculate crowd attendance is pretty convincing. The tightest you can get a crowd is about 1-2 people per square meter; so you look at the area occupied by the crowd, calculate how many square meters that is, and determine if the crowd is moving, or so tightly packed that no one can move. Their calculations and observations indicate the crowd isn’t tightly packed. Jejomar Binay, of course, claims 60,000 people are there.

Manuel L. Quezon III.

11 thoughts on “House suspends hearings

  1. would have been easier to verify if google maps ( has higher resolution satellite pictures of the Philippines. UNfortunately for us, you can only zoom it so much. It would have been easy to estimate it using a picture so we know who’s right.

  2. Has anyone ever asked Bunye where Garci is? If not, has anyone asked him whether the government — in its desire to seek the truth — has sent search teams for Garci and the sex machine Sgt. Doble? Or is there no need to ask such questions as “Lucca Brazzi now swims with the fishes”?

  3. someone should really remind them about the “Bong Ruado Tapes” it’s getting buried really really fast!!

  4. Is it true that they already caught Garci? I read it in the newsflash on TV. Any confirmations as of yet?

  5. I agree with what Bimbo said. The Bong Ruado tapes were presented by Malacanang as the original. But it only made things more complicated for Malacanang because now how do you explain them?

  6. Engel wrote: infairness may itsura yung “kinakasama” ni doble

    Pero Engel, how about wives No. 1 and 2?

  7. Bimbo, i agree with you, yung attempt cover up nila, yun, dapat din tingnan yon, sayang wala na akong mapapanood na telenovela sa hapon, tsk tsk tsk

  8. A very reliable source told me that Garcillano is under the protective custody of jueteng lord, Bong Pineda.

  9. Aba grabe pala si Doble. Doble Doble.

    Kung aso yan, pwede na sya sumingil ng stud fee. Yayaman pa sya.

  10. Engel, hindi na nga yayaman si Doble. Nagaaway na yong tatlong misis kung papaano hahatiin yong 2 million na ibinayad ni Ong at ng oposisyon sa kanya. Poor fellow, now there is rumor that his former ISAFP colleagues want him dead. Parang si Polly sa Godfather….

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