Susan Roces addresses rally

The barkers prematurely announced the arrival of Susan Roces, which led to a long dragging pause which forced chants and the repetition of Poe’s campaign song couldn’t disguise. The result was Tirso Cruz III and Rico J. Puno (a councilor in Makati) praising helicopters hovering overhead, and telling the audience to applaud themselves…

Susan Roces finally appeared, struggling through the crowd with the help of a human chain of men in cowboy hats. She’s dressed in white. It’s obvious that their logistical operations aren’t as fine-tuned as the ones organized for Edsa I and II….

Beaming, and radiant, her hair slightly tousled, she arrived at the stage at 6:35 p.m. She raised the hand of Renato de Villa, hugged Chiz Escudero. Behind her, the slogan, “Return the honor of the Filipino.”

Her speech:

I am here, just as I promised, that if you went to the streets, I would join you. Many, many thanks. We are united in aspiration and objective. Our aspiration, that we may be heard…. We know that if are united, we will be heard. We must not lose hope. I join you in your grief, in your resolve, in your patience and prayers… With the help of Almighty God, we will resolve everything in a peaceful manner. Thank you to all the youth that are here… We are conducting this struggle for you. I take pride in the youth that are here. I take pride in you because you know that cheating is wrong, and should not be condoned. It’s sad to know that you, the youth know this, but it seems the one’s we should hope to be exemplars do not know or show this. We are being fooled by these people. They are using every means to keep themselves in power. One of these means is charter change. We should not just accept and believe; we must study deeply if this will truly be beneficial, if it will truly help us. Your future is what matters to us. For my fellow parents, it is for you, our children, that we are preparing the future. We ask you, to study hard, to be good citizens and people, to imbibe and live out the Ten Commandments of God. Live out our pledge of allegiance, be Filipinos in thought, word, and deed, bring back the honor of the Filipino!

Let me add that there is nothing in her speech that can be objected to. She is still using her power responsibly. But the timing was off, diluted the impact of the speech, and was therefore a bit of a let down in rally terms.

Rigoberto Tiglao: The choice of Roces as the highlight of the rally proves that they cannot, and will not, accept the results of the last elections (meaning: they’re spoilsports).”But this is why such a thing as the constitution was invented, to help get down to the truth of what really happened; charter change is also a means to resolve differences in a very smooth and peaceful manner”.

Since we judge crowd size by the extent of the crowd (from what street to what street), take a look at photos from the BBC.

Manuel L. Quezon III.

49 thoughts on “Susan Roces addresses rally

  1. hehe walang impact. nagpasalamat lang sya e.

    Pero yung message ni Sec Gonzales to Cory napanood nyo ba?

    Sabi ni Gonzales ke Cory na bantayan na lang daw nya si Kris. LOL

  2. Maybe she should change her speechwriter. I’d say go for Melanie Marquez. A “Gloria may fool us once, she may fool us twice, she may fool us thrice… but she will never fool us four” would have been nice to stir up the maddening crowd.

  3. Speaking of speeches, I don’t know if any of you heard mlq’s videoessay on TV Patrol World’s “Sa Wari Ko” series. Beautiful! And I hear I wasn’t the only one struck in the heart by mlq’s unexpected reference to Rizal’s steady pulse moments before his execution. It was so incongruous, airing between takes on the noisy Ayala rally, that I think the message connected even more powerfully.
    thanks mlq, we needed that!

  4. i hope mlq3 will upload that videoessay so we can download it here, wala kase kaming access sa tv…

  5. mali ang speech. hindi dapat English ang ginamit. hindi naiintindihan ng mga peraliyesta.(mas marami ito sa rally kasya yong mga may isinusulong na ideolohiya).

    PALITAN ang speech writer. hehehe

    Apol who joined and has probably joined the rally observed that people ignored these movie stars asking to chant names of their idols.

  6. siguro, we have to settle na lang muna sa impeachment, then kapag nagkainitan na naman sa impeachment trial, siguro din baka mas magiging mainit paghingi na bumaba si gloria, hay tagal

  7. he he he. alam na alam mo bakit ako natatawa after reading this section.

    moving on…
    i guess this means SONA. sige na nga paghandaan na ang SONA coverage. kung matuloy man, ito na ang pinaka interesting SONA niya mula nuon.

    imagine the possibilities. kanya kanyang eksena na yan.

  8. my uncle used to write GMA’s speeches nung senator pa sya. Ewan ko lang kung bakit my uncle left GMA.

    Makalaglag panga pag si MLQ3 na ang nagsalita e. Natatahimik ako. Parang ayaw ko matapos ang paliwanag nya. hehe

  9. Manolo if you have a copy of the videoessay Ill gladly host because I still have much bandwitdh to spare. space even.

    Susan speech is cool tho. Hindi pa sya galit pero anticlimatic talaga ang dating. Maybe we should wait for few more days bago magbago ang kwento.

    Sa tingin ko nagaanyaya pa si susan sa mga tao na pumunta sa rally. dahil sa reference nya sa mga magulang at sa mga anak. konti pa baka sasabog na naman 🙁

  10. Tsk, Tagalog pala. I stand corrected. Her speechwriter is impeccable beyond reproach. Way to go, Rez Cortez.

  11. That aerial photo from the BBC doesn’t encompass the portion of the rally that filled the stretch of Ayala (both lanes) from the Paseo intersection towards Makati Med. The crowd there was only slightly smaller than the one that occupied Ayala from Paseo towards Makati Ave., which is visible in the photo.

  12. the estimate was 30,000. this is from the pnp which usually underestimates opposition rallies. so, i guess, it was far more than 30,000. daming tao. was there.

  13. did anyone read the sipsip column of Max Soliven? as usual full of self-adulation and strongly defending his patrons. these pompous columnists have become rich and powerful because they have compromised well and they have compromised consistently. this is the poisoned state that gma referred to: if you stay in it long enough, it will corrupt you to the core.

  14. holyfather, i agree sobrang sipsip. makes you wonder what he gets in return for his paper’s pro-gma stance. he was in the middle for a while. ano kaya ang tipping point niya?

  15. holyfather, kilala naman yung taong yon na sipsip for all seasons e.

    Tsk. I have to tell my cousins to get out of OB next year.

  16. engel, don’t take it out on Montessori. no secret that Precious and sipsip have had an open marriage for the longest time. pero nakakadiri na itong si sipsip. always bragging about his ever-so-brief stay in Fort Bonifacio and anyone old enough knows why his stay was only for a few hours because he was prepared to sing quickly, even then.

  17. Wala ba kayong napapansin? Ang mga sipsip, yumayaman.

    Di ba hiniritan ni Susan Roces yang si sipsip nung namatay si FPJ, na nabastos daw si FPJ sa interview ni sipsip.

    Siguro kung nanalo si FPJ, malamang puro papuri na ang laman ng column nya no?

    hindi malaman kung sa pula o sa puti.

    Oh well…

  18. It’s a shame that the opposition groups do not have anyone else but Susan Roces to take over the presidency SHOULD GMA resigns! What happened to all the loudmouths like Nene, Ping, Loren, etc? Oh, I see, they’ve got alot of ‘skeletons in their closets, as well’. I rest my case!

  19. Rez Cortez, when asked by a network to comment on the CBCP’s decision, said that “if CBCP put themselves in Jesus Christ’ shoes, what would JC have done?” Ay naku, Rez Cortez, where were you when JC showered some brains? Rez, Jesus Christ would have said the same exact decision the CBCP came to: “let who among you who is without sin cast the first stone!” Is this why Rez hasn’t opened his mouth since this interview? Stick to the B movies, Rez, that’s where you do well.

  20. Did some quick calculation using your formula and a streetmap.

    The stretch of Ayala from makati med(salcedo street) to makati ave(manila pen) is around 1000 meters more or less. The width of ayala ave (inc. sidewalks) is around 40 meters. (my house is 40 x 80 m so I know how wide 40 meters is) That means the area is 40,000 sq. m.

    The stretch of Paseo from Ayala to Makati Ave is about 500 meters x around 30 m width would give 15,000 sq m. or 55,000 sq meters total. Your formula means the crowd should be between 55,000 to 110,000.

    AT around 6pm. RG Cruz of ANC reported that the crowd had swelled and had reached one block beyond the Manila Peninsula while on Paseo it had reached Buendia. That added 12,000 sq m in Paseo and about 6000 sq m from Ayala for a grand total of 73,000 sq m. So if my map is correct, the estimates at peak should be between 73,000 people to 146,000 people.

    The police has the right formula, its the numbers they plug in that is “defective”.


    Sabi ko sa inyo e, nakakaaliw si rez pag ininterview na e.

  22. haha. patulan ba si rez cortez. sinong nagsabing gagawing presidente si susan. she’s just a good rallying point. si loren is biding her time and concentrating on her PET case. anong skeleton ang nasi closet nila/ping/nene? are they of the same tangible quality as gloriagate. do tell.

    jc may say, render unto caesar what is caesar’s and to god what is god’s. kung kinakailangan ni gma panagutan ang kanyang pandaraya sa batas ng tao, marapat niya itong gawin at ito ay sang ayon sa mga turo ni jc.

  23. Id say the crowd was around 30,000. 15,000 of them I believe were paid to be there. 15,000 of were there by conviction perhaps. I was able to drive out of Makati and even go to Cubao to watch a movie so it didn’t paralyze the city the way EDSA II did. And Cubao was pretty full. A lot of us don’t share Susan’s point of view. At least Ninoy gave his life up for the Philippines. FPJ died drunk.

  24. Dami nang ginagastos nang malacanang for damage control…

    pano ba magapply para maging spammer ako sa mga blogs for GMA? wala kasi ako magawa sa bahay kundi panoorin ang telenovela ni GMA eh…

  25. There’s a possibility FPJ was assasinated, if you research his cause of death and medyo malawak ang imagination mo that’s a possible scenario.

    The supreme court immediately junk the petition para d na maimbestigahan ang election…

    D nga lang sya pwede ma autopsy na kasi sa dami na nang drugs injected to him.

  26. man, that’s foul. leave the dead be. are you the carlos celdran that does the walking tours? good thing i’ve never gone on one of those. will discourage others from now on.

  27. I heard rez on radio d nya masabi ung term na moral ascendancy, nag pause sya den sabi nya wala na sya karapatan kasi nawalan na sya moral..

    anyway… LOL all we want here is the truth! It’s obvious na nagpepedle nang ibang katotohanan ang Malacanang kaya merong pinaguusapan…

    Dapat talaga makishare sa blame ang church sa kaguluhan na ito kasi they failed to teach moral values to most of our political leaders…

    ano kaya ginagawa nila this past few years during the growing years nang mga politiko na ito???

  28. useless to rally without military component. GMA is too thick face to be booted out with rallies alone. For once I agree with Mike Defensor. GMA will never resign even if 1 million people rally against her. She really doesn’t care what the majority thinks. For GMA pera lang yan.

  29. How pathetic. A paid mob trying to be People Power. What’s sad is look at the very people leading the March, Imee Marcos? Marcos? The very family responsible for the fucked-up state of the Philippines. The very family responsible for the murders and plunder and the millions of starving Filipinos leaving the country to clean the toilets of other countries. Filipinos have a short-term memory. My suggestion is for people to watch the movie Elizabeth starring Cate Blanchett. In it, Queen Elizabeth inherited a bankrupt state. In the end, she had certain trouble makers assassinated to move the country forward–START WITH THE MARCOS FAMILY AND THEIR CRONIES WHO CONTINUE TO BE THE CANCEROUS CELLS OF THE NATION!

  30. The Mother of All rally was placed at the Ayala Avenue caused by so much woes by the PERALLYIST during business hours. Some employees walked too far in the offices due to rally. Woe to Makati Mayor Jejomar Binay and all rally organizers, they are called “Mother of All Hypocrites.” Jose Rizal, you’re right that the MARCOS family and their cronies who continue to be the cancerous cells of the nation, so God will be terminated this biggest sickness of sin to our country!

    Woe to Makati Rep Butz Aquino that your brother Ninoy is still injustice then you greeted with the Marcos and Estrada! These personalities are short-minded in the history of our country. These people are the destabilizers to force President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo to step down, who will change? Marcos and Erap will rule with anarchism and spread deadly cancer of our nation due to the complications of crab mentality!

    Their hearts are still in evil that they plundered their nation. I would like to call all those bloggers here in MLQ3’s website to study and read our Philippine History about the evil of Marcoses and Estradas. Stop judging and stop doubting. I don’t like chaos in our country for more than 30 dark years since Martial Law. Study all the personalities’ backgrounds and I woe to all Marcos’ cronies and allies, too, the biggest rallies of all hypocrites yesterday!

  31. At least for me, there are just two issue here. . . did gma conspire to commit electoral fraud as shown by the Garci tapes and did Malacanang try to cover it up (Bong Ruado tapes). Someone once said “where there is a lack of honor in government the morals of the whole people are poisoned.” So whatever happens–whether GMA stays in office or not–it will come at a price.

  32. Walang impact ‘yung speech ni Ms.Roces kung maka-Gloria ka.

    Hindi mo rin susundin ‘yung sinabi niyang “Huwag tularan ang pandaraya” dahil siyempre nandaya ‘yung idol mo.

    Madali ring laitin ang rally ng opposisyon kung tuta ka ni Gloria. Pero ang tanong: Ilang kaya ang a-attend kung mag pa-rally si Gloria?

    Ang emcee si Garci. Hello ma’m?

  33. hindi naman siguro magpaparally si gloria. Ang babaw ni naman ni GMA kung papatulan ang mga rally na yan.

  34. thanks everyone, for your comments, haven’t been able to interact as much because I’ve had to be working on projects even while blogging.

  35. What is it with you people?

    debating about marcos and the opposition, but you are forgetting why are in this big pile of shit. One thing is certain, we have to get that woman off the palace. she is on scary mother. even marcos didint hurt those people na nagrally sa edsa. even erap didint lift a finger nung maraming tao sa edsa. Gloria hosed lots of bullets nung maraming tao na malapit sa malacanang. Ang question ngayon. Sino ang mas malupit sa kanila?

    Gloria had 3 years na linisin ang gobyerno. ano nagawa nya? mas malala pa ang isyu nya eh.

    Kung marami tayong di pag kakaunawaan. Baka nga ripe na tayo para sa civil war.

    Yang lan ang gusto ng mga tarantado.

  36. Our body politics is like the human body. It will set itself aright by letting all the forces find their own balance and expelling those that cause the present discord. Ganyan lang ang ikot ng mundo.

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