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DZMM reports that Cory Aquino will also attend the Makati rally. If so, this may really show the widows have united. No full news on crowd, but its larger than previous rallies. Police estimate the crowd at 30,000 people so far. At 4:21 Cory Aquino’s office said, though, she won’t be at the rally. Someone in Makati told me “the schools are there.”

4:28 Deedee Sytangco: “Cory Aquino, unless she changes her mind, is not joining any street rallies, she’s asking people to pray.” Asked by the ANC anchor, what is Cory’s position now? “There are two options, voluntary resignation if we want a return of normalcy… the second would be the impeachment process which she says would take long… She is not calling for people power…”

PCIJ has played CSI and through sound-enhancement technology, deciphered what the President was mumbling to Garcellano: “the addition, the addition…”

Manuel L. Quezon III.

15 thoughts on “PCIJ plays CSI

  1. There is still no incriminating evidence of outright cheating in the conversation. There was no direct order by Arroyo for Garcilliano to cheat for her. Your understanding of the conversation is still a matter of perception and heavily depends on your own biases.

  2. Panigurado bagsak na naman ang piso.

    Nagmumukhang divisoria ang Makati.

  3. Here comes the mob… they take down a president by force, we start over again… they take down another president by force, we start over again…they take down a third president by force, we start again. ..and so on and so forth.

    Do we really want to go through this vicious “urong, sulong” cycle. We will never get anywhere economically if we continue doing this forever. There has got to be a better way to deal with this political problem. Why not try following due process for a change?

  4. Still nothing incriminating……no direct order…a matter of perception…hmmm…I was only protecting my votes even when the counting was over…that’s why I called Garci more than 10 times over several days…i know the counting was over but i was still worried about my votes….yun dagdag yun dagdag…i was worried baka mahuli eh

  5. someone told me this: assuming that GMA indeed really told garci to manipulate the election returns and garci agreed to do so in their conversation but didn’t do it afterward, did GMA cheat?

  6. it is not how often we change a president but why. And we have never erred on the why. It is called a self cleaning operation

  7. a friend of mine told me – i waited until he fell asleep and then i crept into his room and shot him. The next day the coroner examined the corpse. He found a bullet wound in the head but said the victim died from a heart attack before he was shot. Was there a crime committed ? More importantly, would you want that person near your loved ones?

  8. There will always be doubt, and then there is reasonable doubt.

    In this case all reason points to the fact that GMA did call garcillano during the comelec canvassing(she admitted it), and the fact that they discussed means in order for GMA to win by a margin of more than one million votes(rightones), if you still have doubts that she did not cheat or she did not intend to cheat, please contact me i have a bridge to sell you…

  9. benefit of the doubt was long gone since the “mob” took out Marcos and Estrada. Constitutional Process is bullshit. So dont go preaching out to people about constitutional process if you yourselves ousted erap from the palace.

    One thig I wonder why some of these hypocrites kept on telling people due process! uphold the law! when they themselves didint want to hear it from the man who’s crying it out loud? you know why? KASI BABATUHIN SILA NG TAO PAG WALA NA SILANG KAPANGYARIHAN! KASI MAS MALALA PA SILA SA PINAALIS NILA.

    > plug ko lang po site ko

  10. u-uuy, somebody’s making the rounds of the blog sites leaving the same messages trying to convince people that gma didnt cheat. pung!

  11. Hayop na malacanang lahat nang TV Stations and radio kanila na nga pati ba naman blogs!!!

    Hindi naman pagnanakaw ang kasalanan ni GMA eh… baon nyo sa utak nyo un!

    sa sobrang dami nang pagmamanipula at panloloko nila sa mga issue(this is true kasi it’s well documented naman sa mga news) karamihan ay nagdududa na sa gobyerno!

    nasan na si Gary?! self confesed kausap ni GMA? malacanang nagpalabas nun d itong mga destabilizers kuno…

    Tama si MLQ aral nga itong si GMA and they are using Hitlers style of telling lies make it loud and say it everywhere sa pagtagal tagal nang panahon katotohanan na ito.

  12. “u-uuy, somebody’s making the rounds of the blog sites leaving the same messages trying to convince people that gma didnt cheat. pung!”

    are you not doing the same, espousing the opposite? jeez.

  13. These Malacanang propagandists miscalculated. They didn’t think through the consequences that their little ruse would bring. Now, all pro-Gloria, anti-resignation blog comments even coming from legit sources are now suspect. They only harmed their cause.

    By the way, that old biddy Gonzalez (the Justice Sec) just launched some pretty bitchy broadsides against widow Cory, taking down Kris in the process as collateral damage. After tonguelashing Susan Poe and Dinky, Ms. Gonzalez shore iz on a roll, ain’t she?

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