Divide and conquer

ANc suggests Susan Roces will make her appearance at the Ayala Avenue rally at 6 p.m. Meanwhile, AM radio suggests rallyists from outside Manila are being blocked at the Coastal Road (a governor was reportedly complaining of protesters being hosed down with water cannon), at the North Expressway in Quezon City, at the South Expressway leading to Makati City. On television, Sec. Mike Defensor says the opposition forces have reduced their expectations from 50,000 people to 12,000 (that’s still three times the official estimates of previous rallies, which ranged from 3-5,000). The military and police have become quite successful at heading off marchers.

In the blogosphere, Sassy looks at what she believes is the President’s game plan for a dignified exit (and I agree, Sassy is on the right track); Expectorants takes a look at the “imperial Manila” argument; Ronnel Lim observes the Labor Secretary has shapely legs; PCIJ looks at the latest surveys, which Newsstand says indicates the “outrage gap” has narrowed (but we still need a national one); Jove continues his blogging on Palace events; Tina Panganiban-Perez recounts amusing exchanges during yesterday’s Senate hearings; Punzi defines conspiracies.

Malaya and the Tribune report that Department of Foreign Affairs diplomats are getting restive. Moody’s Investors Services is cutting the country’s bond rating from stable to negative. The American Chamber of Commerce makes an appeal to keep things constitutional. Petron’s union has filed a notice to strike (which will affect the economy). Sen. Manuel Roxas II opposes charter change now, saying in a statement that,

It is like putting out fire with kerosene. Instead of preventing further damage, it will only result in conflagration and create a long term negative effect on our economy. In tumultuous times, tinkering with the Constitution will make the situation more turbulent.

Rep. Teddy Locsin says the House is fed up with ex-commissioner Garcellano ignoring subpoenas to attend hearings; he says they will wait three days before issuing a warrant of arrest. He says they need to send summons twice, which, if ignored, can then trigger the House asking the Executive to issue the warrant of arrest. Locsin says the House considers Garcellano a more pressing need, “rather worse because is contemptuous of the House,” while Ong can at least claim he is afraid for his life (but they will also eventually issue a warrant for Ong).

Palace Press conference, now: Executive Secretary Ermita clarifies that the President has shifted her preference to a Constitutional Convention to a Constituent Assembly, but backpedals on whether this means the President has agreed to shorten her term; Palace reaction to rally: Ermita says “indeed there is a plan by opposition… to put on the pressure for them to be able to achieve their call… these are preparations for their big day, which is July 25…” Does he deny government is trying to prevent rallyists from attending? Ermita: “It’s normal for authorities to keep things under control… We are merely enforcing the law, for example buses have their own franchise lines, and the LTO has to do its job to see if the buses are sticking to their franchise routes…Not to scare our people, but the threat of terrorism is ever-present… Did we ever know several days ago, that something would happen in London?… We had Bali bombing, the Madrid thing… We just want to make sure government will be in a position to prevent this.” Are NPA out to cause trouble? Ermita: “This is very probable… We received information… concerning Bicol… And as for the Abu Sayaf, they could take a boat ride or land transportation and arrive incognito… Don’t misunderstand me, I’m being truthful and careful… I am the chairman of the anti-terrorism task force… that’s why I’m getting intelligence from our people in the ground.” Is President being used by Ramos and de Venecia so that they can become prime minister? Ermita: “We can’t avoid speculation… President Arroyo has her own mind… Let’s give her credit for having her own programs and visions for charter change… People are imputing motives simply because Ramos and de Venecia as party officials rallied to the President’s support.”Also, Ermita confirms that the President’s party, Kampi, has decided to merge with the Lakas-CMD.

Manuel L. Quezon III.

17 thoughts on “Divide and conquer

  1. Men of GREED will do anything to stay in power. Power CORRUPTS,indeed!

    jdv with fvr found a chance to ‘suggest’ cha-cha to ms. arroyo whom they found TULIRO for having sleepless nights by the Pasig.


  2. I’m so sick of the govt constantly using the threat of the NPA, Abu Sayaf, etc. as a panakot to marginalize the opposition keep people away from rallies. It doesn’t matter who’s in power — the police always say the same thing.

    People should realize that since 1986, there hasn’t been a single instance when police actually caught a terrorist in a rally.

    Its so stupid.

  3. Talaga bang nagkakaron ng bayaran sa mga “hakot” sa rallies?

  4. On the tribune and malaya story, according to my good friends within the DFA, the group of diplomats which allegedly sent the open letter, have denied that they are the one’s who wrote the said letter, and are now in the process of countering the said statement.

  5. engel- yup, yun nga ang problema sa mga pro-erap ngayon, for whatever reason, ang perception ay “rent-a-crowd” sila.

    hudyat: how interesting. so who do they think is behind the email?

  6. engel, mlq3 –
    yes, most of them do get paid. you just have to linger around after their rallies and you’ll see with your very own eyes.

    siguro relatively maliit na lang yung value ng bayad sa kanila kasi kita ko ngayon na nagbabaon na sila ng pagkain.

  7. well it only shows kung gaano kahirap ang pilipinas at kahit prinsipyo pwede mabili na lang ng 100 pesos.

    Eh may mga sayad din naman pala yung mga nagpapabayad na yan e. Sabagay hindi nila alam kung ano ang epekto ng ginagawa nila sa bansa natin.

    Pati Makati, binababoy na nila. One of my friend who works in makati told me na ang baho baho daw sa makati.

    Amoy pawis. Yung tipong baho na sumusuntok sa ilong pag nalanghap mo.

  8. Saka naman sino ba yung mayor sa makati? Anyways ayun sya nga. Alam ba nya na apektado yung mga negosyo sa makati sa ginawa nya?

    Tignan nyo bagsak na naman ang piso. Sa tingin ba nila nakakatulong sila?!

    Well kanina habang nanonood ako may mga taong tinanong kung sino gusto nila ipalit kay GMA kung sakali na bababa ito sa pwesto.

    Woman 1: si Lacson.(nyeh!)
    Woman 2: DRILON. (uhhh…)
    Sayad 1: Susan Roces (wtf?!)
    Woman 3: Erap ( WEH?)

    It shows na watak-watak sila. Baka in the end kanya-kanyang batuhan ng dumi yan pagnagkataon.

    Si Running Priest, nakakatuwa. Feeling superman. Super Priest. Napagsabihan sya ng isang pari sa news last night to respect the bishops.

    Mag misa na lang kase eh wag na pumapel sa gobyerno. nakakagulo lang.

  9. “….Amoy pawis. Yung tipong baho na sumusuntok sa ilong pag nalanghap mo. ”

    That is how politics is in our country! tsk tsk

  10. Out of topic ulit…

    I wanna see Mike Defensor and Chiz Escudero on a debate.

    Sarap panoorin nyan.

  11. Masha, Yep magaling si Chiz. Kalmadong kalmado sa pagpapaliwanag. I want him to be the next president. hehe

    With Sec. Mike naman, I’ll ask him, kamusta na ang First Quadrant? Hehehe…

  12. word is that they got paid 500 pesos to stay overnight. while the street vendors in makati were sort of advised that getting a business permit would be difficult if they didn’t go.

  13. mlq3

    jury is still out on who said it, they suspect it may be an foreign service officer as well, but an initial statement has come out of the press disclaiming any responsibility for that statement that appeared in the tribune and malaya. Pity, I think only Inquirer picked up the disclaimer sentence.

  14. ako din! pusta ko lahat kahit brief ko! kse wla nmang panama yang si defensor kay idol kong si chiz. magaling lang naman yang defensor na yan sa pag tatakip sa amo nyang sinungaling, mandarayang dwende na yan!more power to my idol chiz, or may i say (future) senator escudero.

  15. comment about justice sec.raul gonzales!your like a dog thats allways on defence of his master.konting kaluskos lang e,tahol agad nang tahol!as kris aquino said,your representing an office that said EVERYBODY IS INNOCENT TILL PROVEN GUILTY.naturingan justice secretary ka pa naman!kung makapag husga ka e kala mo na napakalinis mong tao.siguro bakla ka!gawin mo na lang ang trabaho mo.at iwasan mo na ang pag tatangol mo sa amo mong mandaraya.mag sama sama kayo sa impyerno kayong mga sinungaling!!!

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