Puno: If they march, we will march

Puno is wrapping up the series of administration harangues by saying it’s ok to petition the President to resign, but if people protest, they will meet “force with force,” and “meet crowds with crowds of our own.” He denies the President is considering a state of emergency or imposing martial law.

Manuel L. Quezon III.

6 thoughts on “Puno: If they march, we will march

  1. So the hardliners will fight to the finish.
    In a way it’s good but it could be bloody.

  2. grabe naman to. Im typing infront my tv using a beat up pentium 1 laptop na napakabigat. and I see this press conference by these sipsip. i thought bunye is out of the pictures?

    do you believe all the crap they are spewing? afp issued something kanina diba? stating if there is any order na idisperse ang crowd hindi nila susundin? baket iba and music ni reyes?

    mga traydor talaga sila sa bayan

  3. Sometimes, I can’t help but wonder if there is any sense in following the constitution when we will still have the kind of lawmakers that we have.
    Admin congressmen seem to run out of more reasonable things to say and their arguments are trash. And here comes Mike Defensor stating that the cabinet members who resigned and appealed for PGMA’s resignation are part of a grand conspiracy to stabilize the government. Good Lord, these cabinet secretaries (Boncodin, Purisima, among others) are the best reflections of whatever good is left in the public governance. And now, their credibility is being questioned by those who don’t have any dignity left in their bones.

  4. My take on this is of course she’ll always say she won’t resign. This has to be her public face, proud and defiant. If she betrays a weakness, the vultures circling her ripe carcass will boldly dive down and unceremoniously start to pick her remains. She’s not going to telegraph her desire, give advance notice. This will be her final act of defiance. She’s not going to show vulnerability until the very minute she chooses to. And that will be the time she chooses to leave. Which we hope will be soon. She knows she’s finished. Certainly after last night. And the events this morning.

  5. parang nakakaawa si ermita sa mga pinagsasabi nya. I dont know pero feeling ko ipit na ipit sya. Maybe he should do the right thing. Ermita is a good fellow once. I dont know what happened to him. He seems he is planning something or his handlers is doing something scary

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