Admin Congressmen: GMA for ever!

Administration congressmen are having a press conference, condemning the “adventurism” of certain members of the cabinet; saying they merely acted out of self-preservation, and abandoned the cause of “sweeping reforms.”

“It is time for new blood to be injected into the cabinet… Time for substantial reforms… We call for sobriety…”

Kampi, the President’s pet party, led by Ronnie Puno, asks every Filipino to be part of the solution, and not the problem. Addendum: Ronnie Puno has been ranting now for 10 minutes, he should have kept his message short and punchy.

You know, when the best the Palace can do, is heave out Rep. Luis Villafuerte, to condemn the President’s economic team, you have to wonder….

This reminds me of a crude Free Press editorial cartoon during the proclamation of Marcos by the Batasang Pambansa in 1986: Straight out the ass.

Manuel L. Quezon III.

8 thoughts on “Admin Congressmen: GMA for ever!

  1. Rep. Nograles(?) says, on DZBB, those cabinet members have no business asking the president to resign because they have no mandate from the people. They are just placed there, appointed. When asked “But they were placed there because the president trusts them” he replied….”Ganun nga eh, trinaidor nila yung presidente….”

    Those Congressmen have the mandate of the people daw, i think they have the mandate of Malacanang.


  2. people power daw mob rule. Shit on them! My anger returns. reform daw sabi ni pichay.

    I dont know now. I cant think straight. my neighbors here are angry. They want to try the protection of the AFP and PNP.

    maybe Ill come with them.
    Im going to get back at those politicians.

  3. Just to say that I personally know some of the cabinet secretaries who were at the press conference this morning. They are people of principle, and I doubt their decision was one formulated in the “hollowed” (deliberate pun here) halls of Congress.

  4. ed, galit talaga? what was their stand before gma’s speech last night?

    wabbit, i’ve been hearing of the views of the cabinet members for some time, i think they were trying to make the best out of a bad situation; but in the end they had to face reality.

  5. Adventurism?! New blood?!

    Bloody hell!!

    Emmy Boncodin is one of the finest public servants to ever sit in a Presidential Cabinet. She is intelligent, dedicated, and a a true professional — her integrity has never been questioned, and her commitment to public service is beyond question. How dare anyone call her an adventurist! I’ve seen her in action during budget hearings … in a room full of people who dare to call themselves “Honorable”, she is the one who truly deserves that honorific.

    These people are among the most sober, the most qualified people in the entire cabinet. They have spoken. GMA ignores them at her own peril.

  6. Mlq3: yep they are. galit talaga talaga and I live here in cubao. My neighborhood consists of not squatters pero mga asa middle class. Mura sila ng mura kagabi lahat ay hindi nagsipasok. grabe. these are the working professionals and some of them are serving the government.

    I dont know now pero sabi sa akin nag aantay daw sila kung sino ang nauna.

    napapanood mo ba napapanood ko? punyeta talaga ang mga tarantadong congressmen ng ito.

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