Live from the Aguinaldo Room

Angelo Reyes: Police behind President, serving notice to everyone that “government is intent on maintaining peace and order, and will act accordingly… against vested interests…”

There in the State Dining Room are Executive Secretary Ermita, Justice Secretary Gonzalez, Reyes, Neda Chief Romulo Neri. Claudio, there, and Yap is back; also some faces that served with the President prior to 2004; Bunye, Tiglao, Sto. Tomas; DFA Sec. Romulo is apparently “in another room, meeting with a Chinese diplomat.”

Ermita denies knowledge that members of the cabinet intended to resign prior to the President’s announcement. Calls it a “failed cabinet coup” (responding to suggestion from reporter that that was what happened). Reyes: “how does it feel to be on the other side? There is no this side, or that side, there is only the national interest. My job here is to maintain peace and order, and to see to it that chaos and turmoil does not enter the situation.”

Ruth Cabal: did the President consult Jovito Salonga?
Ermita: Yes, but what was discussed, I don’t know. She consulted many people, including members of the cabinet.
Another reporter: You just lost Mike Defensor, Liberal Party has decided to leave the President’s coalition?
Ermita: We don’t know.

What of America?
Ermita: We are glad the US supports the President.

The Vice-President?
Ermita: He was approached by others, but tells us, he sticks to the President, he sticks to the Constitution…

Tiglao says there’s a split in the Liberal Party; but he will remain loyal to the President and the Constitution and not the party.

Romulo: We just had the Chinese delegation here, with all their ambassadors, from the first one; China supports the President. My meeting earlier with Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, they support President; Yemen, too; State Department, when I was there, expressed support for the President. I have no doubt whatsoever, that this is a legitimate government.

Manuel L. Quezon III.

16 thoughts on “Live from the Aguinaldo Room

  1. Certainly reminds one of the last days of Marcos. All these pledges of loyalty from admin lackey, some like Puno, foaming in the mouth.

  2. Angelo Reyes: Police behind President, serving notice to everyone that “government is intent on maintaining peace and order, and will act accordingly… against vested interests…”

  3. The last time I heard Reyes said the same exact words was after they have massacred the Abu Sayaf jail uprising in Bicutan…

  4. looks eerily like a flashback to 1986. sinadya ba ng ANC, or does is the live feed really that hazy?

  5. question: is mike defensor kowtowing the party line, or does he keeping his love for his la vista neighbors aboveall?

  6. I dont have any idea about a consensus in Mindanao for the present crisis. But based on the last elections, if not for cheating, GMA lost in Mindanao.

  7. Hmm.. breaking news over at Cory Aquino to call on Arroyo to resign, says son. “She will make a call for the President’s resignation but it will be phrased in such a way that it is reflective of someone who is religious and prayerful,” the young Aquino, a congressman, said.

  8. the palace press conference looked like much like a circus. and who the hell cares about the chinese and libyan ambassadors “supporting” gloria?! what counts is who our people support. we cannot afford five more years of this.

  9. that presscon which was live on three or four channels was a disappointment. It’s the last thing I’ve expected of leaders. Most of the statements were fallacious and without factual basis, or any cited sources. Most are but lip service to the president. The only person looking sincere enough to me was NEDA’s romulo neri. Funniest moment when De Venecia pointed out that “China is the biggest nation on earth today” as if it’s any validation that foreign forces determine the legitimate government. That is so neo-colonial and was the last thing I’d want to hear from self-proclaimed patriots. The US charge d’affairs’ words were being twisted for their own ends and even other statements from diplomatic missions of other countries were said to mean outright support to GMA when the actual words meant “respect for the rule of law and the constitution”.


  10. Post-Cory speech comment: Really looks like curtains for Arroyo. And the good news is the Left, the Erap forces, and the traditional opposition won’t be able to directly take credit for it. Not for the end phase anyway.

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