Liberal Party: Resign, or something

So, finally, LP asks President to resign, sort of, because after all, she could also be impeached. while Noynoy Aquino says Cory will ask President to quit.

Speaker de Venecia has galloped into the Aguinaldo Room. He’s calling for a coalition meeting this afternoon. They will accelerate shift to parliamentary-unicameral-federal government with full support of governors, mayors, and barangay officials. “This is the unkindest cut of all [for Purisima to say President maneuvered Supreme Court to issue temporary restraining order].”

Romulo: Japan supports the President.

de Venecia: China, “the largest nation on earth today, supports the President.” As does the European Union.

Romulo: Libya supports the President.

Bunye: League of Mayors and Vice-Mayors supports the President.

Don’t forget to read Jove Francisco’s insider look at events in the Palace.

Manuel L. Quezon III.

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  1. Support any body but Cory Aquino and the split Liberal Party headed by Drilon!

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