Gen. Abu: Calls for resignation are constitutional

General Abu, AFP chief of staff, proclaims calls for resignation as part of the constitutional process. “It is our duty to ensure these freedoms [of free expressions] are respected.”

The AFP chief has made clear that they will not try to suppress protest marches. This follows earlier sober announcements.

Manuel L. Quezon III.

4 thoughts on “Gen. Abu: Calls for resignation are constitutional

  1. This is a good step, a positive sign that Abu is serious in depoliticizing the military.

    The police are another matter.

  2. When I heard Abu’s instruction to the military to take an apolitical stand and respect the constitution I knew that this will be a very busy day. This is a very good strategic maneuver without making any actual action. Everyone’s passing the ball to the president’s court. It’s her turn to either pass or shoot, dribble around and waste time, or execute a distasteful late game turnover.

    Pardon the basketball analogy, I’m a spurs fan 🙂 Still haven’t gotten over it.

  3. maybe we should try AFP’s protection?as far as I know ( one of my cousin txted me ) that from coronels down to a seargent told their generals not to make kampi to the president but to stick with what is right. he is also bragging that the military will stick it up to arroyo’s ass if she ever orders dispersal of the rallyist.

    Thats good to hear. I dont need a permit to shout Gloria Resign

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