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FVR arrives at the Palace
By mlq3 Posted in Crisis Mode on July 8, 2005 6 Comments 1 min read
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Former President Ramos has arrived at the private entrance of the Palace (gates 1 and 2). The President’s convoy, it’s been said on DZRH, is no longer poised to leave the Palace.

Fidel Ramos is the cavalry?

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  1. HAHAHAH!!!maybe…but then maybe to “advice” gma? 1. to stay; 2. to quit? Is this the beginning of the END?…I wonder….Kapit-tuko ba?

  2. si ramos mula noon hanggang ngayon, sarili lang nyan ang iniisip nya. kakandidatong punong ministro yan pag naging parliyamentaryo ang pamahalaan. plano nya yun nung 1997, hanggang ngayon pangarap pa rin nya yun.