Mussomeli: We support the rule of law.

Joseph Mussomeli, acting head of the US Embassy, is on TV.”Our policy is pretty steadfast and clear. We support the rule of law and the constitution… We are opposed to military rule… martial law.. people power in the streets… We will do our best to oppose such moves…”

Ricky Carandang: Do you categorically support President Arroyo?

Mussomeli: We categorically support the rule of law.

Carandang: Are these cabinet members, as some have said, adventurists?

Mussomeli: Not the ones I know.

America, he says, is “disappointed.”

Reading of the appearance by the US diplomat, which they asked for, on TV? America supports the Vice-President. Not the President.

Meanwhile, in the Palace, the President has retreated behind the protective walls of state media, which reports her cheerfully gathered with her “loyal” cabinet in Bonifacio Hall.

Manuel L. Quezon III.

2 thoughts on “Mussomeli: We support the rule of law.

  1. I am currently watching the news. This administration congressmen are idiots. they are calling for sobriety and cooler heads and follow the laws.

    Some are afraid to lose power. I see people clinging for dear life. I see people who are hungry for power so that they wont be harmed.

    We are living in very dangerous time

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