Round robin The Philippines According to Blogs: has a very kind review of my blog, as well as featuring it as “blog of the week.” What a pleasant surprise! Incidentally, small change to this blog: links have been randomized, as lists were getting long. Chances are, if I linked you, you’re still linked, it’s only that appearance in the link’s lists changes every time you load this page.

In his column today, Rene Saguisag points to my column on jueteng as well as Lito Banayo’s interesting column (by way of Raul Rodrigo’s 2 volume history of the Lopez family) on the same topic, which, ironically enough, brings to light jueteng-related accusations against the Arroyos circa the 1930s. Incidentally, the Governor-General Dwight Davis mentioned in the book was the founder of the Davis Cup.

The Tribune crows in its editorial today, that “There is a God,” apropos of the President’s troubles, while Malaya editorializes it’s “Deja vu all over again”. Other papers are, editorially, not yet prepared to drop the curtain. The Speaker of the House has gravely warned Congress that the next few days will be difficult for the nation. Hyperbole? A unit of the military intelligence group has been put on ice because of wiretapping. So, perhaps, they’re the original source, or, like Secretary Ignacio Bunye, are they being groomed, Roman-style, to fall on their swords?

Agreeing with tornandfrayed, the President’s brother-in-law sees Panfilo Lacson as the cause of their woes. Columnist Jarius Bondoc seems to agree.

The day’s still young!

Manuel L. Quezon III.

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