“Mother of all tapes”

A certain “former NBI deputy director” named Sammy Ong is fulminating in Makati saying he has the “mother of all tapes.”….He’s holding the presscon in Makati (opposition country) live on radio and tv…


The story is that Ong received the tapes from an agent or agents of ISAFP, then gave copies to three trusted people he says are close to the Church. One of those leaked the tape, and to prevent himself from being identified, he has come out.

Ong’s call:

1. For the President to resign;
2. For Susan Roces to ask her supporters to protect Ong;
3. That in case he (Ong) dies, there are people under instruction to release more copies;
4. For his tapes to be authenticated by the FBI or Scotland Yard.

He claims not to be political but was surrounded by opposition types such as Rez Cortez and Communists such as Fr. Joey Dizon.

What’s next? The ball is in the court of Susan Roces…

Manuel L. Quezon III.

2 thoughts on ““Mother of all tapes”

  1. atty paguia is a forgerer. original tapes used in bugging has no “voice over.” sen. tatad is not a truthful lawmaker and got no balls to reveal it himself. binay in indorsing susan, does not know governance. if gma is guilty of fraud ,prosecute her under the law and let the legitinate vice president succeed. Impression of mans sincererity to govern is subjective. what is important is he has the mandate

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