A drama of Shakespearan proportions

Ricky Carandang’s article came out yesterday. It’s A drama of Shakespearan proportions:

Indeed they are so plausible that members of President Arroyo’s own Cabinet have attempted to quietly tell her that she had better do something to “address the problem” or face the very real prospect of losing control of events. There has even been talk of mass resignations among reformists within the Cabinet if she refuses to act.

It’s useful at this point to dwell on an observation made by Bishop Cruz when interviewed by Ricky Carandang, which is that the bishop maintains one reason jueteng operatives are willing to testify is that they’re getting increasingly fed up with the avarice of the politicians. In other words, if the fall of Joseph Estrada was precipitated by Chavit Singson’s resenting being deprived of his jueteng rackets (then targeted for assassination), the jueteng racketeers have had it with the insatiable thirst of politicians for funds. So they’ve turned on the politicians, which is good for the racketeers. It’s much like the civil service mentality -political appointees come and go, the rank and file are forever.

Breaking news is Senator Villar wants a breather. That is, before the President’s husband, brother-in-law, or son, face the senate. A sign either of fatigue or extreme nervousness, as once the president’s kin show up, it’s the point of no return. Other news is the President has proclaimed a holiday on Monday. Given my previous post, with a potential mass action being attempted on Saturday, which could spill over to Sunday, what does the government gain by extending the weekend?

One media colleague suspects it would help clear people out of town, diffusing the possibility of a mass action, or anyone to witness it, much less get drawn into the fray.

Why do I get the feeling things are unraveling and spinning out of control, both for the administration and the opposition? Question is, who will be nimbler on their feet in the coming days.

Manuel L. Quezon III.

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