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Bishop's move...
By mlq3 Posted in Crisis Mode on June 10, 2005 0 Comments 1 min read
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Tonight to tomorrow determines the strategic lay of the land for the contending camps.

On the side of the President: those who don’t like the opposition; those who are loyal to her, personally; the Philippine National Police.

Against the President: the Communists; the Estrada loyalists; other oppositionists; ISAFP (the intelligence service of the AFP); a significant number of bishops of the Catholic Church.

Divided, as of now: media; the majority of the Roman Catholic heirarchy; the Armed Forces of the Philippines; the business community; civil society.

Things will hinge on the bishops, and where, as a group, they decide to throw their support; next, it will hinge on the armed forces, because ultimately, the President’s last card will be proclaiming martial law.

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