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  1. I have just read MLQ’s biography. I hated history when I was in school, but learned to love it after I moved to another country. Reading MLQ’s biography brought me back to the past and compare it with how it is in the Philippines at present. Thank you very much for the information.(from a reader from Norway)

  2. HI i am the brother of RAMON GENEROSO or “CHITO” heard he is your friend. Well if not i have concers please do reply. Thanks!

  3. I’ll start a wave which will empower our generation. This is our time. We have for so long given the old guards the sit behind the wheel when we should have given them the back sit and have our destiny in our hands. We cannot afford another 6 years after 2010. Wow, 2010! Can you subtract 1970 from that fateful figure? You have the name and the will. You know what I mean. Why take the back sit. Your grandpa would be proud.

  4. Hi Manolo. It was good to finally meet you at the LP forum a couple weeks ago. And thanks also for linking my site a few months ago when I was still a neophyte commentator. I’m sure I’ll be seeing you around. – Cecilia, IPD

  5. I live in Quezon City, the brainchild of your grandfather. Politics after him went so bad and see its worsening exponentially hand in hand with corruption. So far, not many listens to me on my suggested reforms while at the barber shops or in the letters to editors and lawmakers. Perhaps I can get some help from you like for instance in electoral reforms. Lets forget automation, it only breeds better corruptions. Lets get the simple so cheap and do not invite commissioners overhead projector that is also usable in the classrooms later. The canvassing thrills remain while each ballot isread on the screen, serial number and all while it is saved on discs for transmission to multiple addresses.
    Thank you.

  6. Hallo Manolo,

    Bakit parang banned ang mga taong matatalino like you sa politics? Puro tuloy mga taga row 4 ang nahahalal.

    Love your column sa Inquirer. Kape naman tayo minsan.

    Walter wltrrbls.blogspot.com

  7. Hi,

    Somehow, I stumbled upon your blog, and I found it pretty interesting.

    So, I “meme’d” you. For an explanation of what the “161 Meme” is all about, read my post:


  8. You’re essay that really stuck in my mind was your response to “don We no our gay Apparel” we used it in matter loading for debate concerning homosexuality and social conventions. Nice viewpoint.

  9. I’ve been away from the Philippines too long. I just was surfing and I stumbled into your website. I grew up with your cousins Francisco, Pit, Edusrdo , Cecile and Nini was my best friend.
    I enjoy all the news from there whether good or bad. Thanks. Are any of them active in politics? I lost touch…I should try and call them . Thanks again.
    You remind me of my first cousin, the late Luis Beltran. He would’ve had a ball with the new administration.

  10. Greeting, Sir!!!
    I am a frequent reader of PDI since way back 1980’s up to now, in print or on line as my time and finances will allow me to.
    And this preference of mine have led me to your site middle of this year only and i agree with your observations and thoughts.
    For this time being, i just would like to inquire about your link page.
    I saw there a link to Ang Dating Daan and Iglesia ni cristo.
    That Ang Dating Daan site is their own, while the Inc site is not theirs.
    Anyway, more power to Punditry, politics, history, and commentary at Quezon.ph.

  11. wha6t is the use of this site ha! oh my gosh… it could be a site with sense for us students who are searching topics that we need….

  12. what is the use of this site ha! oh my gosh… it could be a site with sense for us students who are searching topics that we need….

  13. Good day, Sir. I am Karla Ujano of the College Editors Guild of the Philippines. We are organizing an anti-corruption seminar, and we would like you to be one of the speakers. However, we do not know of any way to contact you, aside from your blog. May we know your e-mail address, so that we can send you the formal invite? You may contact us at [email protected], or my mobile phone number: 09273930753. Thank you.

  14. I found this blog while searching my own name, and I found a lie written here about me. I am NOT a Filipino, I am an American in the U.S. And my website has NOTHING TO DO with the Philippines government. I am the spouse and sponsor of an immigrant from The Philippines. My issue is fighting illegal immigration in the U.S. And that frequently takes me into confrontation with COMMUNISTS. Commies are EVERYWHERE around the world, and there is NO REASONING with them. Communism and Islam are the biggest lies and evils on planet Earth, and I will fight them wherever they raise their ugly heads. http://www.reportanddeport.org

  15. Ang iyong website ay mahusay na forum sa pagpapalitan ng mga pananaw at kuru-kuro. Maraming salamat sa pagkakataon kaibigan. Mabuhay ka!

  16. Hello Manolo!

    Its great to know that your back on TV VIA The Explainer. Still follow your articles thru PDI and looking forward to another compilation of your articles soon.

    Btw, I still have the photocopied compilation of articles that you gave ma back in college (around 1993 – 1997 UP). We were in History class under ‘Mr. Miyagi’ and cant help but recall how we anti Japanese he was.

    Cheers my friend and hope to cross paths with you again!

  17. Sir,

    Your recent article titled “Live from the Bastusang Pambansa” in the Philipine Daily Inquirer just rocks! What skill! What wit!

  18. hi mr. quezon.. just happened to stumble by your site. thanks for the great articles.. rocks…

    hope to see you in msu-general santos city..

    three thumbs up!

  19. Sir,

    I watch, with interest your show; The Explainer. While I agree with most of your thoughts and guests, I think you are missing a very important fact in this latest fiasco with the Presidential office.
    I also am a great student of history. and have spent countless hours trying to understand the goings on here. I am a Canadian who lives here seven months a year.

    A thought for your program.

    How can the people of this country expect the current revelations of Losada and the Senate hearings to actually improve the governance of this country when every people’s revolt since 1985 has failed?

    The problem, as I see it, is very wide spread and the President is just one of the problems.

    When Cory Aquino replaced Marcos; she maintained the majority of the Rolex twelve in their positions of power, She pretended to go after the corruption but never did succeed in getting to the sources of the problem. Every President since then has played lip service to the problem; yet none has succeeded in bringing any of these people to justice other than the current President with Estrada, whom she pardoned.
    How can the masses in this country expect this people power to change what is going on when the Presidential office controls the courts, the ombudsman, the cabinet, the senate, the congress, the supreme court, the military and the PNP.
    The scoundrels in every regime since the early 60s have gone unpunished. Good has never triumphed over evil. This may sound apocalyptic, but it is not politically irrelevant. The police do not need to catch every criminal they only need to catch and punish the majority for the people to submit to public order. Nothing encourages lawlessness more than the sight of villains getting away with it, living off the spoils of their crimes and laughing in the publics face.

    Until the justice system of this country finds the strength to uphold the spirit of the law, replacing one or two at the top will only reinforce the problems created in the past.

    May I suggest you devote some time and effort to a program that would point out, to the public, the extent of the power this president controls through her office and the people under her. I realize this would be a huge task, but you can do it. On that point I am sure.

    If I could be of any assistance to you on this matter I would be honored to assist.


    Wayne Gilling

  20. hey MLQ3! I tuned in to rocked radio last sunday
    in NU107. you should guest there more often. i like your ideas but i cudnt afford to be here in the internet cafe
    always. i dont often have enough money for this. if there’s some cheap way i cud get in touch with you, i will. im an out of school and you could make a great teacher to me.:-)

    do you have a book at home i can borrow coz i like to read but i dont know where or how to find good books for me. and i cudnt afford books too. im 21 and im helpless.. but i like to read and write. pls email me back. thanks very much

  21. Im back from a long hibernation. So glad to know that this site is still going on and so amazed to see some of the bloggers i know are still around. Keep it going, sir! I wonder why i cant get thru ellen’s site. Thanks for keeping this site alive. God bless

  22. Im back from a long hibernation. So glad to know that this site is still going on and so amazed to see some of the bloggers i KNEW 🙂 are still around. Keep it going, sir! I wonder why i cant get thru ellen’s site. Thanks for keeping this site alive. God bless

  23. Dear Manolo,

    I have been watching your program, “The Explainer” recently and it is very enlightening to see and process issues on various perspectives.
    The way you shared a story about your father tells us how much you love him and how you are fighting for this country in your own way. Though you understand his own way of revolting and going against the Marcoses, you are now sharing your own way also.

    I’m a spouse of one of the military officers detained in Tanay then with Gens. Miranda and Lim, but they are now in ISAFP. It is always comforting to visit blogsites such as yours, as we can really feel the sentiments of the people from all walks of life. However, I was shocked to read some racial slurs in your blogsite yesterday( on the Bisayas, who are only good as househelps, drivers and security personnel). I am not sure if you are always moderating around, since you are also busy but I hope such things should not be tolerated in a blogsite such as this considering that we should be focused on issues instead of being too regionalistic. There was once a Bisaya president too, and we should always respect each other if we intend to unite against the Evil One.

    Keep it up.

  24. ..hello sir!!
    ..i’m a political science student of polytechnic university of the philippines and i just want to commend you for being “cool”.. and dami ko pong natutunan sa iyo..
    ..sana po pag may problem or may tanong ako regarding current issues ay matulungan ninyo po ako..tnx,tnx!!!

  25. A very informative blog. I’m a constant viewer of “The Explainer” on ANC, and I believe MLQ3, his blog and his TV show gives people a good grip on the issues that beset our nation. Keep it up sir!

  26. Dear Mr Quezon,
    Minute ago I saw your program on ANC, and I noted how short your effort was in doing your homework as a reporter or journalist. Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe the MNLF,
    MILF, or BMA begged you or paid you to air this program. I’m talking about the two gentlemen you interviewed regarding the “Jabida massacre.” You mentioned two possible reasons
    why there was massacre. Why assume when you can ask the lone survivor who is still alive. You have two (suspiciously) propagandist( of ,fair to say, separatist movements in the south)instead. The other one is even estimating that there were 4 or six other survivors still alive. All of their and your assumptions were way off. The mutiny was not because of the refusal to go to fight their brothers in Sabah.(reason: their enemy will be the military of Malasia,current events Pinoys are being deported from Sabah,you should know this by now). Another assumption- maltreatment during training. I received basic military training(AFP), and experienced the most humiliating, maltreatment, hunger,physical abuse. Whatever you name it, I called it the undressing of my civilian pride that can be a hinder in accomplishing a mission with my unit. The training I received was all very useful with my 9-yrs of honorable service in the AFP. Your assumptions and facts won’t match. Fact: Top secret mission; Assumption= maltreatment and hunger. Frankly speaking, for every training in any military of any country there is an expected number of quiters. Honestly, the massacre was morally wrong! But my question is about your journalistic ability. Your questions to the two propagandist should have been their burning desire to separate Mindanao and Sulu from the Philippines. The Pinoy generation now is being misled by Muslim armed separatists in the south. Our countrymen, non-separatinst Muslem and Christian should now the true color of the Muslim separatist. In my own humble opinion the Marcoses deserved to be in jail like “Erap” and Gloria should be out by now. But separating Mindanao & Sulu from the Philippines…over my dead body. No soverign country in the world can disagree with this concept. Another journalistic ability you lack is mostly research. You mentioned RP Congress Blue Ribbon committee. Did you research records of this hearing?
    The late Senator Ninoy (my national hero, not Rizal of Bonifacio, or Aguinaldo) was a very inteligent and smart man but he was outsmarted by Marcos. Ninoy and Montano have Javida on their side but the investigation produced nothing. Research more on Gen Espino, Dimaporo, and Javida himself. You went into the market, bought half of the recipe, and you cooked it. Result: poisonous to the mind of our contrymen. Your last name sounds familiar but your method of journalism is so unfamiliar, tabloid journalism. Take this as constructive criticism. You have my email. This topic is a little known secret inside the AFP. I’m sorry to tell you but, I have to tell you that you sounded like an elementary interviewer or journalist in your program. Contact me for more info.

  27. Hi, nice to be here. Very interesting site.


  28. Mr. Quezon,

    I am a passionate federalist Filipino-American happily residing in the Great Lone State of Texas. I watch your show-The Explainer on Direct TV/ANC Channel every possible chance I could get.

    Your recent topic on federalism caught my attention of course, being an ardent federalist. Federalism,I believe is the only remaining promising solution in uniting the Philippines by empowering all Filipinos from all ethnic backgrounds. The fear of “balkanizing” the Philippines is baseless.

    On the issue that federalism creates three layers of government bureaucracy. What is crucial, I believe is not the the layers of government bureaucracy, but rather, how government powers and authority are shared, distributed, and cooperated. Federalism is an “experiment” the Philippines should and must embrace. It is the essence of participatory democracy.It is the only form of governance that truly unleashes people and frees them to take personal responsibility of their future. Economic progress and political stability of federalized countries are solid evidence that indeed federalism is a better form of government in comparison to a centralized system.The genius of federalism lies on the fact that it based on mutual respect and trust among people from all ethnic heritage,culture, language, and allowing them to create,innovate and compete.

    Willy Acuna

  29. Hello Mr. Quezon!

    I read your article about the Presidents in pangulo.ph and it was great!

    Thanks and more power to you!
    Steven Baldesco

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