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  1. hi m an avid watcher of the explainer. pls visit my blog and scan through. if ok, can i link your blog to mine? ty.

  2. Manolo,

    Happy Birthday! I too was born on May 30.

    In connection with an article I am writing, can you tell why the Quezon City Citizens Movement for Good Government in the 1960s did not endure after the first batch of elected city officials? Joe Concepcion led a similar movement in Pasay City. Like in QC, the Pasay movement also petered out after the first set of elected Good Government officilas.

    NOw there is some kind of a developing movement in Pampanga. I hope it does not end up like the experiments in QC and Pasay.

  3. I am happy to read all this succes: you deserve it completely. Proud to work with you in Boston, next june. Please, take all the good thoughts streaming from my heart to you…

  4. Hi, Manolo. Whenever I have the chance, I don’t fail to watch The Explainer. And thanks for visiting my site.

  5. i have some info about some of the presdl merit medal awardees you can email me Manolo Sir


  6. hi, I’m an avid fan of history like you’re self.I’m fascinated with your grandfather,his achievements and patriotism.I also watch you’re show on anc.I would like you to tackle event’s in our history regarding Bonifacio and out-come of the tejeros convention which resulted in Bonifacios death,maybe in your show,because I would like to know more what happened after Bonifacio’s death and what happened to the people involved with his execution-daw?I’m also planning to send ambeth ocampo a letter pertaining to these event’s,hope that both of you could shed light on these matters,I’m just curious as to what happened to those people,knowing that you’re grandfather knew Aguinaldo,maybe you’ve got knowledge as to what really happened?send me an e-mail if and when you decide to make an explanation in you’re show,have a nice day & may god be with you always

  7. Hi,
    I think we are related somehow but am not sure…I am trying to figure out my family tree on the Quezon side but have little resources to further my progress. I have stumbled across many roadblocks and would like some assistance on other siblings your grandfather had? Please contact me if you can.

  8. Greetings! Manuel ,I’m a quezonian ,I graduated my Bachelor of science in management eng’g. and bachelor
    of science in industrial engineering at Manuel Luis Quezon University at Quiapo, Manila . Glad that you have
    this site . I salute you for this endeavor.

  9. Hi,

    I have found your website today. I live in Canada but I was born in the Philippines. I came to Canada as a student 17 years ago. When I was a student at the University majoring in Political Science President Manuel L. Quezon was always in my mind. In the beginning, politics in the Philippines did not appear to be an important subject-matter for me to explore. But when the situation in the Philippines became deplorable in the 1990s, I had began to recognize the need to participate. I guess it is so improper for me right now to discuss what I have had in my mind unless I get a response from yourself personally. We can communicate privately if you want. Hoping to hear from you soon. Thank you.


  10. i would like to ask for your support in any kind so i can continue building the construction of the 1st sentro ng kultura at sining ng barangay (art center in the barangay) to help develop my community through arts. Matang Araw art Space and Cafe cinema could give so much for our cultural scene here in quezon city. we need help… we are SEC registered and BIR registered… MATANG ARAW ART SPACE AND CAFE CINEMA IS LOCATED AT 12 MAIN AVEUE ,BRGY BAGONG LIPUNAN NG CRAME, CUBAO , QUEZON CITY PHILIPPINES

  11. Hi Manuel,

    Have read a lot of your articles in PDI and have seen most of your media appearances. “Hats off” to you! Never knew you’d be a “current events” person from our elementary days (seated just in front of you) in Don Bosco Technical College in Mandaluyong.

    I always thought you would be more of an artist considering the sketches you’ve made during classes.

    Meanwhile, please allow me to just congratulate you on the person you are now (all in positive). Keep up the good work!

  12. its suprise me your father died already, and dont know that he has a family, i was born in baler and now living here in california.i wish some day we can see each other baler is small town its always in our history because of your grand parents. have a nice day.

  13. Dear Manuel;
    It was great talking to you! I am sending you an online gallery http://www.art-almo/Galeria.htm and will be sending you part of the work on a separate file without being reduced for better scrutiny. The work is really hard to photograph and different seen personally. The black and white works are surfaces which I cover in a thin paint and then scratch off the paint to obtain the drawing. It has been bringing me places yet condemned me to scratching away for the past three years!!!

  14. Dear Manolo,

    I know it’s been an unwritten rule in the family not to argue in public but if there’s anything i’ve learned in our family it is the importance of breaking rules.

    I’m sick and tired of your bitching and whining and complaining about anything and everything the President and the First Gentleman does.

    Looking at your CV it shows quite clearly that you were employed by the President up until the time you joined or co-founded the Black and White and One Voice Movements(are they one voice,or is it all gray area). This means that you were part of the disgruntled elements lying in wait to ambush the President whilst with her official family,like the Hyatt Eleven.

    I believe and will fight for your freedom to articulate
    whatever you wish. But you must remember that you carry a magical name. Our name. And it would be nice to hear something positive about your former employer and her husband coming from you sometimes. I’m positive that not EVERYTHING they do can be negative,even to a professional critic like yourself.

    Much love,

    Your cousin,

    Ricky Quezon Avancena

  15. pre darwin omana:

    naging VP ka ng Adu chapter……

    pre ang bastos ng chairmanship ng brgy. Rosario Pasig City bundulin ba naman ako ng driver ng jeep nang damay pa ng tricycle driver hinde kita inaano….

    happy VP……

  16. hey! I saw the picture of the quezon family…and i was shock because your father (teenage look) really looks like me..

    as in the same

  17. Hi sir’!
    I am Honey Cabanza, your journalism student in Letran.
    I just found out this site was very interesting. Sir It’s a fair experience working you!.. Thanks and Arriba!

  18. hi mlq3,

    i have a question for you…who do you think was most likely be ninoy aquino’s killer? was it imelda marcos? gen. ver? fidel ramos? the CIA? or DANDING COJUANCO????

  19. I hope that you will not perpetuate the patronage system in this country and not enter politics. We need diversity, not inbreeding in our political system.

  20. hi mlq3,

    i have a question for you…who do you think was most likely be ninoy aquino’s killer? was it imelda marcos? gen. ver? fidel ramos? the CIA? or DANDING COJUANCO????

  21. mlq3,
    been here in us for a while but have been keeping up to date with philippine issues through internet everyday. i’ve been reading you columns in inquirer. between you and mr. de quiros i am very glad that there are still brave and decent soul that care for the Philippines. keep up the great job and my you efforts bear fruits in the future and lit a fire in our young minds and turn around our country for the better!

  22. Hi Manolo! I was one of the students who attended the CEAP forum with you at De La Salle a couple of years ago, I also attended the NYCCL in Cebu where you also attended. You know, I just cannot stomach the reaction or the “over reaction” by the “Filipino”-Chinese community to the remarks of Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago branding the Chinese as inventors of corruption for the whole humam civilization. (to which the good Senator asked pardon the next day) Why do I say that I cannot stomach it? It is because I see it as a dispaly of self-righteousness on the part of the “Filipino”-Chinese. They were “hurt” with the remarks of the brillant Senator, well, that is a given. But as a Filipino who is exposed to Chinese culture here in the Philippines, I want to argue their point that it was a racists remark. I feel that they do not see or hear themselves. First of all, the term they are using for us Filipinos is “Hua Na” to which is tantamaunt to “Hua Na Po” which means “Katulong” or maid. The term is a generic for all Filipinos regardless of their stature in life or attainment edcuationally.

    For example,you may have a Ph.D. but if you are a Filipino, you are still be called a “Hua Na”. Imagine a brillant man being called a katulong. In this case, who commits racial slur everyday? Who is the discriminator? I cannot stomach their complaints that they even published an ad admonishing the good senator. These “Filipino”-Chinese call themselves Filipinos yet they are discriminatory to the full blooded Filipinos that if you are a Filipino man, you probably cannot marry a Chinese woman because you are a race lower than them, you are a “Hua Na” a katulong. The term “Filipino” is only used for convenience in their part. They claim to be “Filipinos” in paper but it is a complete contradiction in terms of their actions.

    Manolo, this discrimination is prevalent. It must be known to many. We Filipinos DO NOT DESERVE TO BE CALLED NAMES LIKE HUA NA AND BE ASSOCIATED AS “KATULONG”. It is time for our people to be aware that racism and discrimination occurs everyday in every “Filipino”-Chinese household or owned institution and it is very sad that it is geared towards the full-blooded FILIPINO. Let us stand up and fight this “internal” discrimination.






  24. mlq3,

    how many years would it take you to answer my very simple question!?? as the moderator of your site you should be courteous enough to answer question…

    who do you think was most likely be ninoy aquino’s killer? was it imelda marcos? gen. ver? fidel ramos? the CIA? or DANDING COJUANCO????

  25. Dear Mr. Quezon,
    Just wondered if you are related to LOURDES CASAS, a former neighbor of ours in San Rafael St.
    And I plan to read more of your blog postings and comments from now on…for I just stumbled into it just now.


  26. hey tnx mlq! 🙂

    uhhh another thing…
    uhh i dont know where i can post my articles…
    most of it are socio-political articles and i would want people to read it…
    the school paper in my university didn’t want to publish my articles because they said that my articles does not fit our paper because our university does not want to cater political ideas of some sort…

    and maybe they think that im just a kid and im too stupid to write about these stuffs…

    do you know where i can submit or post freely my articles? tnx.

  27. kookoo, the easiest way is to set up your own blog. read the wikipedia article on political blogs to get you started. good luck.

  28. nakuha ko po yung site nio during the conference at baguio city for the election of national SSG officers

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