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As a marching music aficionado I couldn’t pass this up. It seems as part of the new Russian imperium, they’re brushing up on spit n’ polish militarism:

The Russian Presidential Guards in their freshly dusted-off Czarist-era uniforms. And who better to learn from then their German brethren?

Hence.. The Bundeswehr performing Prussian marches in Red Square. How on earth did the Germans feel performing Prussian marches there, and how did the Russians feel watching the whole thing?

And you would have thought they would have abolished torchlight parades entirely:

Or with eagle standards in… Berlin!

Then again maybe the military Can-Can proves militarism isn’t a German characteristic anymore!

You see the combined effect in the 50th Bundeswehr anniversary ceremonies in Berlin, complete with torchlight parade in front of the Reichstag (their new-model American-style helmets resembling Reichswehr helmets):

Maybe the Bundeswehr in Red Square or having torchlight parades in Speyer or drilling around with eagle standards in Berlin is not as potentially chilling as watching a military parade in Chile might have been, circa 1991!

Well, actually, that was more understandable during the Pinochet era.

But as of 2007, still a chilling sight!

Manuel L. Quezon III.

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  1. OUT of topic
    Human resource management is not very popular in our country even within our government system. we have the Padrino type HR department. It is who you know and not what you know. The ethics , rules and regulations on hiring and employing people do not exist yet.

    This Nugent guy is a result of valuing personality rather than looking into his education, experience and skills. M. Pangilinan is responsible for allowing this guy to operate without education. How could one do that?

  2. M. Pangilinan is responsible for allowing this guy to operate without education. How could one do that?

    what a question

  3. from below:
    both pangilinan and nugent slept together. so “what a question” should have not been asked.

  4. OT also but will connect with manolo’s and cvj..

    “Methane-powered plant to start operation this month”

    and when money matters: Meralco to buy power from Philippines’ first waste-to-energy recycling facility

    i think it is god for country… support from other cities is necessary to maximize utilization of plant.

    from cut and paste:
    “At the same time, Cuerpo appealed to Metro Manila mayors to dump their garbage at the open portion of the sanitary landfill in Rodriguez (formerly Montalban) to meet the garbage requirement to sustain the 10-year waste-to-energy project.
    He explained that while the Rodriguez Landfill Methane Recovery and Electricity Generation Project can produce 15 megawatts of power over a period of five years, 2,500 tons of garbage is needed daily to extend the project to 10 years.

    At present, the landfill only hosts 1,500 tons of garbage a day out of the 8,000-10,000 tons of garbage collected from Metro Manila daily.
    As an incentive, Cuerpo said he is willing to give a 40 percent discount on charges if only to capture a significant volume of Metro Manila’s garbage.”

  5. i know cvj, the plant will be considered as the fourth largest in the world if it will pass certification…. this alone can booze domestic and foreign investors.
    it’s time to have clean streets and maybe moving forward as Asia’s cleanest city. we should follow the policy of Singapore…i mean singapore is so strict in terms of cleanliness.

  6. leytenian, he has education just didn’t graduate. Just like MLQ3 who is a columnist, editor and professor. Not the point. Point is he lied and skipped on his college loan too… allegedly.

  7. brain B,
    tell it to from below…he might have not gotten the point.

    i agree with you. HR management do not exist and qualification did not fit the actual job description. how could one do that…. pangilinan? ” what a question ? “

  8. my daddy got fired for writing an article about this…The president saluting.

    It raised eyebrows back in 1981 when new President Ronald Reagan began returning the military salutes of the servicemen standing guard when he’d disembark from Air Force One or from Marine 1, the helicopter that would deliver him to the White House lawn.

    No presidents before had returned those salutes, not even Dwight D. Eisenhower, who just seven years before he took office had been a five-star Army general. Reagan, who had held the rank of captain in the Army Air Corps during World War II, changed all that and every president since, including our present one, renders the salute.

    Although it was far from the biggest issue of the day, many commentators did question the practice at the time, pointing out that while, yes, the president was commander in chief of the military, he wasn’t a military person himself and by saluting was insinuating that he was.

  9. waste to energy is good.

    my only problem is this, our garbage even though we segregate it. only a few gets recycled.

    my other concern is this’ and its been going on for decades, dahil halo halo nga ang basura kasali ang mga hospital wastes,kailangan pa ng manual segregation, sino gagagawa nyan ?e di sakit din ang idulot nyan sa mga taga rodriguez.

    we are good in planning,follow through and implementation needs much to be desired.

    on a beauty and the geek episode…

    Q: How do you prevent green house gases?
    A: By eating less fatty foods!


    if there is a way to colect fart and burp ;and convert it to energy,please give me a heads up!

  10. KG,
    lol… thanks for getting the point on Certification and maximizing capacity…
    the problem again in our country is we tend to create brilliant projects without getting everybody involve in the first place. marketing and advance advertising should have been done prior to the completion of the project. The more support the better. Public must be aware and should have received education like brochure or advance TV advertising before lauching or opening. This is about 3 years of preparation. By the time the project is done, everybody is ready.

    In terms kung sino ang mag collect… guess what?… it’s another brilliant idea with no brilliant result.
    On the positive side… we are almost there…. A little bit of transparency and projections will help.

  11. “my other concern is this’ and its been going on for decades, dahil halo halo nga ang basura kasali ang mga hospital wastes,kailangan pa ng manual segregation, sino gagagawa nyan ?e di sakit din ang idulot nyan sa mga taga rodriguez.”

    this is a very good point… planning from the very beginning should have been done..
    so ngayon.. gagastos na naman para pag segregate… tingnan niyo, nag incentives pa ang mayor of 40% just to keep up with the demand of this project… hay naku… my themse song will always be popular for a while.

  12. “my other concern is this’ and its been going on for decades, dahil halo halo nga ang basura kasali ang mga hospital wastes,kailangan pa ng manual segregation” … KG

    How come there is no segregation of “biohazard” materials from hospitals and other institutions that generate these materials? Biohazard materials have been properly handled in other countries for years.HIV, hepatitis and other infectious diseases are easily transferred by blood and other body fluids. How about the radioactive materials from research laboratories?

  13. Karl (at 7:49 am), i think underwear with a plastic sac connected via a siphon to a metal thermos (like the ones they sell at Starbucks) may be one means of collection.

  14. Maybe for hospital waste, incinerators should be allowed,and a review of the clean air act as well.

  15. for my fart and burp collection:

    Cvj has the plan.

    Leytenian, I assign you for the implementation.

    be sure that your staff in florida employs all the budget saving measures.

    baka me mas matipid pa sa plano ni cvj.

  16. Karl, to scale up production, you remember the scene in the Matrix where they showed the ‘human fields’?

  17. BrianB,

    ako din sumasaludo sa sikyu.

    kung anu man ang dahilan ni erpat sa pagsulat ng article na yun,
    tumutugma sa ny times article.

    ang saludo na mabilis di nya yata kinukwestion, yung saludong matagal na ginagawa ng presidente natin yun ang pinuna nya.

    kanyakanyang mindset tayo eh.

  18. i wonder if france would allow german army soldiers to march. prussian-style, down the champs d’elysee today… that sight would definitely sting much gallic pride (am not saying that slavic pride is of a lesser sort… they probably just have a stronger sense of humor)

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