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Pork Barrel Republic: SONA coverage

Opposition split on snubbing SONA: my view is, Boycotting the SONA is wrong.Starting around 10 AM…  Even before the national anthem was performed at the opening of the House, the trouble started….  Garcia’s thundered that the rules have ceased to be.I got the above information as texted updates as of all days, the Skycable connection conked out and DZBB, where the action was reported live, was impossible to find online, so I had to unearth a functioning AM radio…See Chaos mars opening at House.11:12 AM Meanwhile, at the Senate (where Battle at Senate degenerates into name-calling, which could have been embarrassing if the House didn’t end up going nuts, as it has), Protesters greet Zubiri’s first day in Senate while the voting for Senate President is ongoing.

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Survey shocker

Pulse Asia national exit poll results:1….  Arroyo9.  Trillanes10.

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Get the mayors at all costs

Jess Robero of Naga City suspended on the basis of his questioned citizenship….  The Comelec as a whole had dismissed the case; now a part of the whole, four years later, decides to suspend him on that flimsy basis, anyway.The latest is that Makati City Hall is under siege as the suspension of Jejomar Binay has been ordered.  Sounds familiar?

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Six years since

If a conscience and love of country won’t move your heart, the fear of missing out on a historic photo opportunity will: this thought occurred to me as I saw suddenly-resigned Interior Secretary Fred Lim’s familiar white hair, and again, the same thought occurred to me much later, when I heard the crowd on the steps of the shrine booing and jeering Robert Jaworski (one of the 11 notorious senators’ whose refusal to let the evidence be opened sent us into the streets and aborted the impeachment trial in the first place) who tried to show up, only to be hooted at.

…Where the statue of Chino Roces had had been surrounded by police officers and media men, a swarm of men and women waving flags now stood.The moment we saw the barricade on Legarda give way, we pulled back to the fire truck on Mendiola itself; from there we saw the two groups of rallyists link up; from the fire truck we saw policemen drop their shields; policewomen ran past in shock; the thousands at the foot of Mendiola seemed preparing to regroup and were about to surge ahead; indeed, they did start moving forward again.

…Soon after that, Justice Panganiban would announce that Davide had agreed to swear in Arroyo as President at noon, at the Edsa shrine, to avoid bloodshed.It was shortly after the SWAT teams had set up their positions that people suddenly went quiet and those who had radios turned them on, so people could hear what was going on. Gloria Macapagal Arroyo was about to take her oath of office.

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Let them eat Concon

It was nauseating watching Speaker de Venecia, Zubiri, Teodoro and Villafuerte and company on TV trying to turn the tables on a public baying for their blood….  was kicked out of the press conference -old congressional habits die har, as Villafuerte’s bellowing at Constantino showed.What the Speaker did was not quite throw in the towel or adopt a proposal for a Constitutional Convention completely….  In truth, nothing has changed from their position from last Thursday: they said they’d give the Senate three days to participate or not, in a Constituent Assembly.

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Consummatum Est: Liveblogging railroading in the House

By 9:30 pm the news was official: House amends House rules on Charter change.A source at the House of Representatives says that since the leadership has the numbers, they will attempt to proceed with convening the House as a Constituent Assembly, and pass a resolution proposing amendments to the Constitution tonight….  But as the source said, “it would be cheaper to do it all now.”(Chief Justice Artemio Panganiban retires tomorrow.)10:21 pm Rep. Escudero is making a motion to amend Sec….  Escudero reiterates his motion and calls for a roll call vote.(The Rules of the House are online: see the rules on changing the Constitution that were just amended tonight; see also Rule 150)10:23 Session suspended.

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ANC scooped everyone by reporting the Supreme Court’s reached a decision, 8-7 against the so-called “people’s initiative.”…  As news was swirling, the President arrived at the Manila Hotel to talk to the League of Municipalities of the Philippines’ convention.  I wonder if they’re feeling droopy or not -perhaps girding for round 2.

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Emergency rule in Bangkok

A familiar news item appeared on The Nation’s website:Speaking from New York in Channel 9, Thaksin ordered Sondhi to report himself with Deputy Prime Minister Pol Gen Chidchai Wannasathit immediately.Thaksin said he decided to declare the state of emergency because the situations were not stable.His orders came after reports that Gen Sondhi was trying to stage a coup d’etat.Tanks and army humvees were seen on Bangkok streets.Earlier Channel 9 and 5 have been ordered to stand by for special announcement as coup speculation reached the highest pitch.Coup was widely speculated after many army units were moved out of their barracks on pretext of personnel rotation.Sources said Channel 5 would broadcast an announcement by the military at 10 pm while Channel 9 may broadcast announcement of caretaker Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra from New York.Channel 5 is playing songs in praising of His Majesty the King in an indication that an announcement may be made soon.At 10:26 pm, all TV stations are laying march music in praise of His Majesty the King as if the stations are now under control of one group.Earlier, the day an army source said Army Commander-in-Chief has instructed all army units in Bangkok to standby for an important event.That was of 12:28 am…

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Packed and primed (liveblogged)

See’s report on the preparations for this afternoon’s and this evening’s goings-on in the House of Representatives.4:19 Leaving nothing to chance, the administration’s been careful to pack the galleries with its supporters in preparation for the “marathon session” on the Committee on Justice rump report on the last impeachment complaint.

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Only eighth complaint survives

Managed to catch Committee on Justice hearing on DZBB AM radio (shame on the TV stations for ignoring the event!)…According to Edcel Lagman, only the eighth impeachment complaint came within the one year ban on impeachments.  The rest should be “jettisoned”.Why not consolidate?  Asked Allan Peter Cayetano, giving an example of the Voltes V robot.

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Christmas in July: coverage

At the opening of the House, the Speaker made a pitch for amendments, saying the House is 12 votes short of the needed votes for a Constituent Assembly, and that only Makati City stands in the way of the “people’s initiative”.  Not-so-subtly, he said the eyes of the country are now on the Supreme Court for its guidance on the question of amendments….  Just as the chief executive is required to report to Congress in person, I believe Congress is required to attend and listen (respect for the office, whether or not legitimately held by a person).

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Garci's worm fiesta (final update)

8:55 a.m. Rep. Teodoro Locsin, Jr.  explains on ANC that after initially accomodating Mrs.  Garcillano’s request, to have the hearings in a small room (to prevent her husband being jeered), the House has finally decided to move the hearings to the plenary hall.The equipment’s being moved and then the joint hearings can start.

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