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He said, She said, and Gravitas

Tweet The old Senate session hall, now being restored, as photographed by Roy de Guzman. Among its features is a frieze with sculptures of the great lawmakers and lawgivers of history: North Wall Hammurabi, Moses, Ramesses the Great, Li Si, Augustus Caesar, Sir William Blackstone; South Wall Solon (Athenian Statesman), Averroes, Justinian, Manu, Charlemagne, Hugo …

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Term of the Day: Duplicate Original

Tweet “A View of the Tryal of Warren Hastings Esqr. before the court of peers in Westminster Hall on an impeachment delivered at the bar of the House of Lords by the Commons of Great Britain in Parliament Assembled,” February 13,1788 The Corona impeachment trial continues. The quotable quotes of the Senate President continue: today’s …

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The Senate and the People of the Philippines

Tweet Cicero denounces Cataline, by Cesare Maccari The Corona impeachment trial continues. If impeachment as a process harks back to the House of Lords, the British Parliament, by way of the Congress of the United States, then yesterday’s opening of the impeachment trial was, itself, suffused with the history, and traditions, of legislatures of the …

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“A method of National Inquest into the conduct of public men”

Tweet The death of Lord Chatham, by John Singleton Copley So the Corona impeachment trial begins. The ceremonial parliamentary robes of members of the House of Lords –which served, until 2009, when the U.K. finally established a Supreme Court, as a court in certain, very specific, cases– are crimson red. As are the robes of …

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The Future of Asia: Whither Nation or State?

Tweet I will present my conference notes in my next entry, but first, here are the remarks I delivered during my portion of the Asian Thoughts Leaders Forum held under the auspices of the Arts House of Singapore. The forum, the first of its kind held by the Arts House as part of its Asia-on-the-edge …

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The worm within

Tweet This will be my only entry for the rest of this week, as I have to clear the decks and prepare for Asia on the Edge in Singapore this weekend. If you’re there, you may want to attend some of the Thought Leaders activities. The news has now shifted from the killing of impeachment …

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Intervention for the Prosecution: Why the BJE-MOA is an impeachable offense

Tweet Well, it’s in the news: please see MILF MOA added to impeach raps vs Arroyo: Intervention filed at House Earlier today and Groups want MOA-AD in Arroyo impeach raps and Bloggers comprise secod batch of complainants in new GMA raps. There’s also Impeachment and the MOA-AD in Filipino Voices. Also, Arroyo foes try for …

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God wills it! Dieu le veut!

Tweet With those words, Urban II proclaimed the Crusades. Kings at the time “took up the Cross,” to fight in the Holy Land; and then, as now, kings and presidents, princes and governors, have been eager to wrap themselves in the mantle of the Holy Cross. As Machiavelli advised, the appearance of piety is more …

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Chasing Bolante

Tweet (Video taken by Arbet Bernardo) After a gathering of bloggers, together with [email protected], BrinkNotes, and Billycoy, we decided to check out the action at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. The road leading to NAIA Terminal I was lined on either side with vehicles and there was traffic on the ramp going up to the …

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Apology not accepted

Tweet (Above, prewar Philippines Free Press editorial cartoon) Today is Blog Action Day, with the theme of Poverty. I am republishing an article I wrote in two parts, the first when I was still in college, the second, a decade later upon rediscovering what I’d written a decade earlier… Apology not accepted YOU were standing …

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Concise pre-SONA commentary


No ifs and buts about it

Tweet Read Uniffors. (yes, this is a day late, but better late than never)