How best to help at this time

How best to help at this time

Stay informed. Stay up-to-date. Stay vigilant and positive. 

For government updates, announcements, advisories, information do visit The Official Gazette online.

For more Government, weather, transport information:

For the weather, follow @PAGASA-DOST

Read up on What PAGASA’s color-coded rainfall advisories mean.

There is also a Google Crisis Map on Tropical Storm Maring.

Follow @govph and @pcdspo for consolidated alerts, reminders, information including emergency numbers, briefers and announcements. 

Here is a list of Emergency Hotlines.

For Metro Manila transport/road alerts follow @MMDA, In case you need to head out, visit the @MMDA Traffic Mirror first:   (accessible on any computer/smartphone/tablet).

Status of Luzon Dams.

List of Evacuation Centers in Metro Manila.

What it means when a place is under a State of Calamity.

For updates on flight cancellations, other transport advisories follow @DOTCPhilippines 

Hashtags help you monitor information. Media, government, citizens, including organizations trying to help, are relying on these hashtags to consolidate information and keep track. Please BE RESPONSIBLE about the use of hashtags.

They are:

#walangpasok Use this if you want to announce no classes/no work.For today, August 20, 2013, here is the list of #walangpasok.

#FloodPH if you want to send an alert about a flooded area

#ReliefPH if you are calling for, or need, relief goods. And if you or someone you know requires aid & relief services, tweet details using the #reliefPH hashtag. @DSWDserves is monitoring. Thanks!

Here is a list of evacuation centers in Metro Manila. A problem evacuation centers and relief operations have, is that sometimes, some centers get a lot of goods, while other’s don’t. Consider helping the effort by coordinating your #ReliefPH efforts with DSWD’s efforts.

For relief efforts/donations, please coordinate with Asec Milo Gudmalin of @dswdserves, +639209485383.

All working on #ReliefPH pls. coordinate efforts with DSWD’s National Resource Operations Center tel. 02-8528081, 02-8512681 or for distribution of relief, kindly coordinate with your LGUs. DSWD has social workers in LGUs.

For those who want to help in repacking relief goods: NROC is along NAIA Chapel Road, Pasay City, tel. nos. 852-8081, 851-2681 & 0918-930-2356 Map:




#RescuePH if you or someone needs rescuing. When using #RescuePH, include name, COMPLETE address & contact info. Try not to use hashtag for other things except rescue requests.

How #RescuePH works: 1st line of responders are the local DRRMCs; national support/coordination is via @NDRRMC_Opcen@pcdspohelps liaise w/ @dswdserves and .

Note: it will help a lot if you use the hashtag #SAFENOW when you know someone has been rescued, it helps those working on rescue tocheck the list and update it.

Many people are volunteering time and effort to help keep their fellow citizens informed, to help in rescue and relief, and they are partnering with local and national government agencies, civil society and other organizations, to be useful and helpful at this time.

You, too, can do something if you are fortunate enough to be warm, dry, and able to go online at this time.

Manuel L. Quezon III.

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