Apology not accepted


(Above, prewar Philippines Free Press editorial cartoon)

Today is Blog Action Day, with the theme of Poverty.

I am republishing an article I wrote in two parts, the first when I was still in college, the second, a decade later upon rediscovering what I’d written a decade earlier…

Apology not accepted

YOU were standing by the jeepney stop in front of the Faculty Center. How you got there, I don’t know. It was early afternoon.

The weather was pleasant. I was in one of my endless sophomore years. You had on one of those simple dresses of 1940s cut, which the modest of means never gave up wearing long after the originals which had arrived during Liberation had out served their usefulness. I think your dress was a pale yellow; I know it was scrupulously clean, and I wondered whether you used Superwheel or Tide, or Perla and starch.

Funny. It was a pleasant afternoon but you had one of those little collapsible umbrellas, the most inexpensive kind, made of the thinnest nylon the manufacturers could inflict on their consumers.

A slight breeze lifted a wisp of your white hair, which you patted back in place. You had a half-smile -did I imagine the twinkle in your eyes, perhaps? You looked like a woman with a sunny disposition. Perhaps it was just the softening effects of age.

When you were young, your family and friends probably told you that they found you pretty, because of your fair complexion. Did you marry? Were you courted, in school? And what did you do over the years, I wonder. What sort of jobs did you hold?

Students hurried past you; occasionally particularly indiscreet passers-by stared at you, but you just stood there, looking around. You must have been used to being stared at, because of your skin. I have never managed to find out what your skin disease is called -if can be properly called a disease; maybe medicine has a more exact term for what you had. I’ve seen pictures of people -all elderly, if I recall correctly- with the same affliction. Little globules (of what? solid flesh? skin with something underneath?) covering every inch of the body.

Globules in the shape of lumps, others in the shape of small nuts which seem to have sprouted on the skin, ready to fall off. Growths whose composition I have always wondered about -growths which reduced you to a mass of protrusions and made you a sight for the idle to gawk at.

Disconcerting, how your affliction managed to shock without provoking disgust. Or maybe i’m wrong. In remembering the day I saw you I might be retroactively censoring my real feelings. Yes, I was disturbed. How can you live with such a disease, with such disfigurement, made all the more startling because no one can fathom its origin. You have no scars. You’re missing no limbs, you have nothing that can be attributed to the effects of a birth defect or some tragic experience. Although of course having your body covered in strange lumps and bumps must constitute a tragic experience in itself.

From the little I know -mainly from the testimony of an old man in a news article I clipped and since lost- you were not born “that way” (what a phrase!). What provoked the growths? The depredations of age gone more completely awry than usual?

Then you went up to me.

“Can you spare some money,” you asked, gently.

Flustered, I said no.

You smiled. And said. “I’m sorry.”

I said, “it’s ok.” And then I walked away.

The feeling one has when one’s soul wants to vomit: why did you say sorry to me? You should have said, “apology not accepted”.


YUKIO Mishima once wrote, “I came out on the stage to make an audience weep and instead they burst out laughing”.

Since you apologized over my apology, I have encountered many who remind me of you, though none exactly like you. Just the other week, and what has it been -a decade?- since we briefly met, I saw a man with no legs, sitting on the sidewalk by the wall of Camp Crame leading to the LRT, holding a plastic cup.

He was looking up at another man, dressed neatly in a kind of dutifully-washed-and mended polo shirt. The man was engaging him in conversation. Was the man a writer, perhaps, or simply someone on his way to work, engaging the man with no legs in conversation?

People rushed past. They gave the two troubled looks. What is more disturbing: to see a man with no legs begging on the pavement, or a countryman pausing to converse with him, man to man?

I saw that scene only briefly. We only see such scenes briefly, if at all. Just the other day, there was the scene, awful, and heart-breaking if only we weren’t so used to it. The parade, my writer’s mind tells me to call it, of the dispossessed. In front of St. Paul’s College, Quezon City, there is, day in and out, a man in his early fifties, piteously deformed; almost, it seems, a Thalidomide baby condemned to advanced years. He has become such a fixture that surely every person passing him by day to day has come to memorize his every twitch, his slack-jawed fatalism. On some days, a sign hands around his neck. Over the holidays it said, “Merry Christmas, God Bless you.” I gave him coins once. He tried to say thank you. Part of me was glad he was incapable of mouthing the words.

But of that parade, and they come in every shape, age, sex, and size -there is the blind old lady, with white hair, clothes of charitable origin, whose gaping eye sockets mercifully cannot see what her seeing-eye guide, probably a granddaughter, sees minute by minute, hour by hour, day by day. The knock; the look of muted pleading; the counter-knock from the impatient, saying, “your petition is dismissed”; the shuffle on to the next vehicle.

Yesterday there was a man. He was missing a hand. He did the ritualized shuffle, too. Knock, plead, suffer rejection, shuffle on to the next, repeat. Around him and ahead of him swarmed children doing the same thing. One child was particularly passive; she knocked on one window, was rejected, sat on the sidewalk and sulked. Some others made it a game. One little girl got no coins, though a motorist handed her some crackers. She smiled the smile of a Pacquiao.

That man, though. One motorist was particularly curt. The man reacted with a look of rage. I have seen that look of rage more often now, than ever before. I never used to see it. He was not even given an apology. But as for his condition, he could at least express his hate.

circa 1994 and 2004. It is 2008, and they are still there, in front of St. Paul’s.

Manuel L. Quezon III.

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  1. i’m so over it. housing bubble, credit crunch. presidential election and financial crisis, aren’t you? i can only find opportunities 🙂

  2. bakit sensitive si hvrds? bakit naman? punta ka kaya doon sa filipinovoices.com . mga tsimay ang tsismis doon : )

  3. grd – “as I said before Filipinos get easily insulted and call other statements as idiotic as if he has monopoly of information”..- Dodong

    I absolutely agree. as much as HVRDS writings is very articulate and maybe well though, I hate teh use so so many cursing like stupid, idiotic etc…. Its a big turn-off for me that is dont read it , I just scan it. Sayang talaga kasi mukhang matalino naman sya eh. But whats the use of writing so well to communicate or present your ideas only to turn-off readers and just dimiss your writings as simply kayabangan?

  4. The Bradley effect is indicated in the current poll largely supported by vocal Obama fans while McCain supporters are silent. Yet the statistical lead can change in any direction. In 1982, the poll favored black candidate Tom Bradley against white candidate and lost the election.- Dodong.

    True! that is why Obama has told his supporters not to be cooky.

    Indeed, Collin Powells endorsement of Obama is really HHHHUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGEEEEEEEEE

  5. The Republican Party gutter campaign tactics is one of the reasons that Colin Powell mentioned why he feels alienated from the McCain campaign… you know, that high up in the Mccain campaign are ultra-rightwing zealots making obscene Robocalls.

  6. When accounting rules can cause liquidity problems for banks even in the Philippines. “Mark to market”

    Today’s Headlines

    BY MA. ELOISA I. CALDERON, Senior Reporter
    Banks seeking reprieve from losses on gov’t debt

    Top-tier Philippine banks have asked regulators for a reprieve from marking hard-to-value assets down to fire sale prices as the industry grapples with persistent market volatility and a global credit crunch.

    The proposal follows similar moves in the US and Europe, where authorities have relaxed fair value accounting rules to contain the fallout from the global financial crisis.

    At least nine banks — Banco de Oro Unibank, Inc. (BDO), Rizal Commercial Banking Corp. (RCBC), Bank of the Philippine Islands (BPI), Land Bank of the Philippines, Development Bank of the Philippines, Metropolitan Bank & Trust Co. (Metrobank), United Coconut Planters Bank (UCPB), and Lucio Tan-controlled Philippine National Bank and Allied Banking Corp. — have launched a concerted bid to soften the blow from losses on ROPs — the market shorthand for Republic of the Philippine bonds or sovereign papers, industry officials told BusinessWorld.

    The Philippine banking system is relatively healthy compared with its US and European counterparts as its exposure to risky credit assets such as collateralized debt obligations have been kept to a minimum.

    Industry officials, however, pointed out that Philippine sovereign bonds have taken a hit from the global credit crisis. They said easier accounting rules would be needed to mitigate the impact on banks’ balance sheets.

    The ROPs are booked according to fair value, or mark-to-market, which refers to an obligation on financial institutions to price assets held in their trading books according to current market values. Prices of these dollar-denominated debt papers have sunk, pressuring banks to top up their basic capital in a strained credit market.

    “The quotation price has been ridiculously low and the bid and offer differential wide. The ones making the bids are really very few and it’s doubtful whether these are true buyers or [those] just trying to find out whether there’s a fire sale,” Landbank Treasurer Reevie Vergara said in an interview.

    “It’ not fair to reflect [in the books] the ROPs at fire sale prices. There’s a dearth of logical buyers so you have to really explore a way to temporarily reflect a realistic value.”

    Local banks are proposing a formula that allows the ROPs to be priced based on a certain credit default swap (CDS) spread instead of bid-offer prices.

    Philippine five-year CDS — insurance-like contracts that protect against defaults and restructuring — widened to as much as 415 basis points last week on mounting recession fears that had investors dumping emerging market assets. That CDS spread was wider than the 250 basis points seen following the collapse of US investment bank Lehman Brothers last month.

    Based on a formula being drawn up by the domestic banking industry that takes into account the performance of Philippine sovereign bonds from 1983, the CDS spread should be narrower at a 220-270 basis-point range.

    “If we are allowed to temporarily use that more realistic spread, then the marking to market will not be that alarming,” Mr. Vergara said. “We’re not against marking to market. There should just be a provision in the rules as to what valuation procedures we can turn to if it’s a crisis situation or during abnormal market situations.”

    Industry officials began talks last week with the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP), which was said to have asked banks to submit their observations. BSP officials were not immediately available for comment.

    The move comes in time for third-quarter results, raising talk that the banks want to hide their losses.


    Story Location: http://www.bworldonline.com/BW102008/content.php?id=003

  7. Apology not Accepted on Black Genocide

    “In America today, almost as many African-American children are aborted as are born.

    A black baby is three times more likely to be murdered in the womb than a white baby.

    Since 1973, abortion has reduced the black population by over 25 percent.

    Twice as many African-Americans have died from abortion than have died from AIDS, accidents, violent crimes, cancer, and heart disease combined.

    Every three days, more African-Americans are killed by abortion than have been killed by the Ku Klux Klan in its entire history.

    Planned Parenthood operates the nation’s largest chain of abortion clinics and almost 80 percent of its facilities are located in minority neighborhoods.

    About 13 percent of American women are black, but they submit to over 35 percent of the abortions.

    Black people have traditionally been strong Christians, but they have been duped by the Democrat party who promised to take care of them – but the compromise was their support of abortion. ”

    Change we can believe in?

  8. leytenian: Too bad you are an anti-Latino racist…. then some of the Cuban- or Bolivian-Americans may pay attention to you.

  9. And it is more and more evident…. dem Johnny-rebs of Virginia have had enough of Republicans. And as the Republicans lose this battleground state, so the Republicans lose elections-2008 (despite d00d0ng and Pilipinoparin voting in California).


    FreddieMac secretly paid a lobbyist (to kill legislation — regulatory supervision over FreddieMac and FannieMae) and now that damn-crooked guy lobbyist is top-lead over McCain campaign.
    click here for news:

    $2Million — that is how much Freddie Mac secretly paid a Republican consulting firm to kill legislation that would have regulated and trimmed the mortgage finance giant and its sister company, Fannie Mae, three years before the government took control to prevent their collapse.

    Freddie Mac’s payments to DCI’s chief executive Doug Goodyear began in August 2005. JohnMcCain hired DougGoodyear 3 months ago.

  11. Joaquin Bernas, reflecting on the SC’s BJE decision:


    Administration critics especially the press love to point out how Arroyo has compromised the SC – especially when it handed down the decision on Neri. I’ve always thought this to be absurd. In fact, this Court has never been afraid of brandishing their power.

    But the dead MOA-AD will indeed change the nature of all future peace negotiations: extra-constitutional solutions (aka “dismembering the Republic” for the hysterical) has ceased to become a taboo in negotiating peace in Mindanao. The public may loath the GRP panel that crafted it, but they go down as mavericks of peace in my book.

  12. Which will come first, a law allowing divorce — the dismembering of failed marriages (especially where there is physical brutality)…. or a Constitutional-Amendment allowing the dismembering of the Republic of the Philippines?

  13. Sa akin lang naman, matagal na dapat ginawang legal itong divorce. At kailangang may child-support dahil obligasyon ng gobyerno na alagaan ang mga kabataan kaya dapat gawing batas na obligasyon ng mga magulang kasal man or diborsiyado na alagaan ang kanilang mga anak.

  14. “Indeed, Collin Powells endorsement of Obama is really HHHHUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGEEEEEEEEE”

    It is very interesting indeed on Nov4. Early on, Gen Powell is expected to align with Barrack later while Oprah did earlier. While media take it as significant change for Barrack, there is however a negative repercussion that is largely ignored – that some people will take it as a prominent black will vote for a black candidate and will drive the whites to take care of themselves which Barrack have been avoiding the issue of the race card where he is at disadvantage.

  15. “Another big thing is the Obama endorsement from major newspapaers Like LA times, and washington post.”

    Both publications are liberals and are losing readerships especially the residential market. Their remaining market are the business sectors (hotels, etc…). Businesses owners are unlikely to vote for a candidate who will tax them further.

  16. The lunatics have two more weeks to go. Will the lunatic fringe inspired by McCain and Palin finally take a shot at Obama?

    “In case you haven’t heard, there’s a guy running for president named Barack Hussein Osama Nobama. This Nobama was born outside America and secretly schooled in Islamic terrorism at a Wahhabi madrassa. He then moved to the United States to take up the radical ’60s teachings of the Weather Underground’s Bill Ayers, while also organizing for ACORN, a subprime-lending, voter fraud-committing collective of affirmative-action welfare queens. All this happened before he became an elitist celebrity advocate of socialism, infanticide, the sexual abuse of children and treason.” Richard Kim


  17. “In case you haven’t heard, there’s a guy running for president named Barack Hussein Osama Nobama. This Nobama was born outside America and secretly schooled in Islamic terrorism at a Wahhabi madrassa. He then moved to the United States to take up the radical ’60s teachings of the Weather Underground’s Bill Ayers, while also organizing for ACORN, a subprime-lending, voter fraud-committing collective of affirmative-action welfare queens. All this happened before he became an elitist celebrity advocate of socialism, infanticide, the sexual abuse of children and treason.” Richard Kim

    “The lunatics have two more weeks to go. Will the lunatic fringe inspired by McCain and Palin finally take a shot at Obama?”-hvrds

    The lunatics will sure do. Nothing to lose for McCain, he’s the underdog in the polls.

    If the Obama camp cannot disprove what Richard Kim is saying then a lunatic I will become. In fact I am already a lunatic.

    McCain/Palin, GO GO GO!

  18. “Indeed, Collin Powells endorsement of Obama is really HHHHUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGEEEEEEEEE”

    Not only ‘HHHHUUUGGGGGEEEE’, it is also a very colorful endorsement, hehehehehe.

  19. some people really have no clue as to the significance of Powell’s endorsement. when you talk about national security, Colin Powell is your guy. just imagine Powell supporting a “terrorist”… just because he is black?

    to borrow hvrds word… PRECIOUS.

  20. maybe to you, leytenian, dodong and pilipinoparin it really matters. 🙂

    “Gen Colen Powell, the former chairman of the Joint Chiefs, former secretary of state, former national security adviser and a republican is endorsing Barak Obama the terrorist because he is black.”


  21. Bert says : If the Obama camp cannot disprove what Richard Kim is saying then a lunatic I will become. In fact I am already a lunatic.

    McCain/Palin, GO GO GO!


    Similar to what Cheney and Bush said —- if Saddam cannot disprove about the WMD, then shock and awe .

    Four more years of a Republican in the White House is totally insane. Which is why tge Johnny-Rebs of Virginia are turning to Obama; which is why even Florida will vote Obama.

  22. This is not about us, this is about America. In America it matters very much. Why else 95% of black people in America going to vote for Obama? Why else do you think Powell is rooting for Obama? Hmmn?

  23. look, americans voted Bush into office. twice. is there any mystery on who they shall vote for next?

    the polls doesn’t matter. when the day of reckoning comes, no white man will ever allow a black man into the white house.

    besides, there’s still 2 weeks to go. a lot of days to go and plan another 9/11 that will scare americans shitless into voting for mad-dog McCain who will “protect America from those damn terrorists.”

  24. btw, i’m still wondering about this. if house prices are falling, wouldn’t this be the best time to buy? or are we waiting for prices to hit rock bottom before rush buying everything?

    somewhere down the line, this trend would go the other way and some lucky guy will have hit pay dirt with all those properties bought cheap.

    or am i missing something?

  25. to devilsAdvc8: Yes, you are missing something.

    The states of New York, California, Michigan, Oregon, Illinois, Connecticut, Massachusetts… quite a few others, will be voting Obama into the White House. So when you say :
    “…. no white man will ever allow a black man into the white house…

    then you are missing something.

  26. The US Presidential election is on Nov. 4. I believe McCain will win by a landslide and the Democrats will retain the majority in both houses of Congress. There will be more state Governors from the Democratic Party too.

  27. now, d00d0ng’s children — natural-born US citizens via his second wife — will have ZERO chance of being elected into any public office. Reason — d00d0ng 😎 a known supporter of MILF burning 👿 of civilian villages.

  28. UP n grad,

    if, as you say, dodong is a supporter of MILF terrorist, why is he not rooting for Obama? do you think maybe he is a sleeper, no?

  29. to Bert: I can’t do one-plus-one understanding of d00dong being supportive of Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) commander Ameril Ombra Kato group who torched a daycare center, a health center and several houses in Mamasapano, Maguindanao. “Sleeper” is for Homeland Security/FBI to worry about..

  30. hahaha, it’s entertaining. my aunt with 2 children who are both over 19 will vote for Obama. but when asked if they will really vote for Obama on election day, both said, they don’t know. both think that obama will be killed. my aunt will never vote for black guy kasi maaputi raw siya… hahaha.


    it is a good time to buy and hold. but not the right time to flip. real estate prices are driven by employment, migration and financing. the US is now at 6.1% employment plus credit crunching. In Florida, there are about 18 months supply of homes. These inventories will only decrease when people migrate to florida for employment or when employment rate will improve. Access to information and timing are key to success.

    McCain will win Florida.

  31. if, as you say, dodong is a supporter of MILF terrorist, why is he not rooting for Obama? do you think maybe he is a sleeper, no?

    Bert & UPn,

    maybe dOdOng and Ombra Kato are brothers too? you know, just like the republican gen, Collen Powell supporting the democrat terrorist Obama…. blood is thicker than water.

  32. Technical side-note: Another reason that Mccain will lose is e-mail. Seriously!!! The Republicans are so old-fashioned and old-old that they can’t do e-mail right.

    Their servers are sending out the wrong IP-address so badly that the broadcast e-mail are getting flagged as spam mail. And spam-mail inside this nest-of-pipes-called-the-INTERNET get zapped.

    Republicans want to bring the USA back to the fifties when blacks and browns and yellows behaved, kids say yes-mom/yes-dad and everyone went to church on Sundays.

  33. “Republicans want to bring the USA back to the fifties when blacks and browns and yellows behaved, kids say yes-mom/yes-dad and everyone went to church on Sundays.”…Solly

    A great majority of Filipinos still say yes Ma’am, yes Sir ( Po/Opo) and go to church on Sundays. I don’t know about you but I don’t see anything wrong with that, just part of properly bred Filipino Catholics.

  34. The CBCP has zero influence over US elections. Filipino catholics do not vote in US elections.

    As leytenian says repeatedly, send ‘dem brownskinned immigrants back to where they come from, haven’t you heard her?

  35. To those who wanted to belittle Powells endorsement for Obama, the easiest thing to do really to dimiss it as color or blood related..

  36. But like it or not. Obama has the momentum and he is leading in the polls.

    I do belive Mc Cain is a good man. But for some reason, he is not the real Mc Cain during this campaign. seems to me that he wanted the presidency soooooooooo much that he willing to do whatever it takes. If he only maintained the real him I think he has a better chance. Now that he has gone negative and low, his only chnage to win is the Bradley effect. But then you cannot count on this so much, This phenomenon happened long time ago and the mindset of American voters may have changed already..

    I do believe that Obama will win the election because he deserved it and is a much much better than Mc Cain.

  37. Where the hell is Bencard? I know he is voting for Mc Cain. But I really wanted to know his reasons. Or is he changing his vote to Obama?

  38. Leytenian: A sign of hope for the Republican party…. your campaign donations being put to good use.

    News is out that the Republican National Committee spent over $100,000 for Sarah Palin. From what I can gather, the money is for books and for tutoring (from University professors in economics, American history and politics) so that Sarah Palin gets a quick education.

    Well done!!!!

  39. rego,
    bencard remains to be a mccain supporter. check out filipinovoices.com. he’s there.

  40. up n,
    $150,000 for clothing is really a small budget compared to $800,000 ACORN campaign budget to allow dead people and mickey mouse to vote… hahaha

  41. What??? The Republicans spent $150,000 of campaign contribution money on clothing for Sarah Palin?

    That has got to be illegal!!! Republicans really generous with other-people’s-money.

  42. Obama’s Illegal Fundraising Methods, Misuse of Tax Exempt Money, Reinforce ACORN Scandal

    Here is a convenient list of links for further details.

    1. Acceptance of contributions from foreign sources, and in excess of the $2300 individual contribution limit
    * Obama’s Illegal Foreign Contributions and (Possibly Rigged) Lotteries
    * Gazan contributions flagged by Federal Election Commission, Obama Never Reported
    * Obama Received Illegal Contributions from Palestinians
    * Why is Barack Obama Taking–& Lying About–Illegal Campaign Contributions from Gaza’s HAMAS Muslims?
    * Obama’s Gazan Contributions
    * Obama’s Contributions: Foreign and Domestic
    * Arabs deny Obama camp returned illegal donations: Candidate’s staffers insist Gaza brothers refunded, but men say, ‘We did not receive any money back’
    * Illegal cash to Obama: WND stands accused
    * Illegal Obama donors: Middle Eastern Arabs:

    Gazan brothers’ illicit contributions listed in government campaign filings
    2. Fundraising through potentially illegal (and possibly rigged, with predetermined winners) “Dinner with Barack lotteries”
    * Obama’s Illegal Foreign Contributions and (Possibly Rigged) Lotteries
    * Were Obama’s Lottery Winners Picked in Advance?
    * Obama camp’s illegal lottery modified:Campaign’s promotion strayed into definition of banned gambling

    * Giving to Obama ‘lottery’ called illegal gambling:
    ‘Is he licensed by the state to do that? In 37 states this is a misdemeanor’
    3. Misuse of tax exempt church resources for electioneering:
    “A Politics of Conscience” at the United Church of Christ’s 2007 Annual
    * Did Obama’s Campaign Misuse 501(c)(3) Tax Exempt Resources?
    * IRS Implies Obama, not Church, to Blame for Misuse of Tax Exempt Resources
    * Complaint to IRS alleging Obama campaign’s misuse of tax exempt church resources for electioneering (This
    is the complaint that prompted the IRS investigation. It includes screen shots of Obama campaign workers or volunteers using the United
    Church of Christ annual synod to promote Obama’s candidacy)
    * Obama’s Alleged Misuse of Church Resources could End Campaign
    * Obama’s General Synod speech prompts IRS to investigate UCC’s tax-exempt status

    * An Open Letter to Barack Obama By Jeffrey Lord. “
    Dear Senator Obama: Our
    common denomination, the United Church of Christ, has a suddenly
    serious legal and financial problem with the Internal Revenue Service.
    You, personally, are the cause of this problem.”
    * IRS Investigating Obama’s Church
    4. Other questionable campaign financing practices
    * 25,000 donations fail to include donor’s employer
    * Possible coordination with a 527 organization (MoveOn.org), which would be illegal
    * “Obama Response to FEC: Chicago Style ‘Plausible’ Deniability?”
    5. Allegations of Election Fraud and Voter Intimidation (Nevada Caucuses)
    * Obama Campaign Accused of Voter Intimidation and Election Misconduct
    Clinton campaign alleges, “a premeditated and predesigned plan by the
    Obama campaign to engage in systematic corruption of the Party’s caucus
    * Clinton Campaign Alleges “Voter Suppression and Intimidation” by Obama Campaign. “An egregious effort by the Obama campaign to manipulate the
    voter registration process in its own favor, thereby disenfranchising
    countless voters”
    * Clinton Campaign: Obama Campaign Intimidated Voters in Nevada. “Voter suppression, intimidation and harassment systematically engaged in by the Obama campaign, its allies and supporters.”
    * “The Audacity of Democracy” (YouTube) alleges campaign fraud in Texas

  43. Obama encouraging illegal voting:

    “Sixty-nine percent of Republicans and 21% of Democrats believe ACORN (the Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now) is trying to register people to vote multiple times in violation of election laws. Forty-one percent of Democrats and eight percent (8%) of GOP voters disagree. Unaffiliated voters by more than two-to-one view ACORN’s efforts as consciously illegal.

    That’s why 42% of voters say it is more likely that people will vote illegally this Election Day than for legal voters to be denied their rights at the polls. But 32% say legal voters are more likely to be denied the right to vote.

    Sixty-nine percent (69%) of Republicans think illegal voting is more likely, while 51% of Democrats say legal voters are more likely to be denied the chance to cast their ballot. Unaffiliated voters lean toward the probability of illegal voting, 47% to 26%. ”


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