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I am currently in sickbay right now and thus cannot write a long post. I urge you, though, to contribute to what could be an embryo primary process by participating in the Filipino Voices poll asking who your choices are in 2010. This is something that deserves widest publicity, and I urge you to not only vote but also to spread the word.

Manuel L. Quezon III.

29 thoughts on “Vote in the Filipino Voices poll

  1. Voting is sacred in a democracy but is blasphemed by election fraud such as vote buying, dagdag- bawas, flying voters, and more. at its peak is the Hello Garci scandal.

    I will still vote but is still undecided. I would most probably go for the lesser evil.

  2. lesser evil. hmm. nice principle you live by.
    you and a lot others went by that mantra as well in the last elections.
    who did it spawn?

    you settle for lesser evil and that’s what you get. evil.

    i have only one person in mind i’ll vote for in 2010. but he’s not running. and he’s not even nationally recognized.

    but so was obama before he gave that famous speech that catapulted him to national consciousness.

  3. strange that America might elect a president based only on a famous speech, nothing more, heheh.

  4. Voting is the exercise of a right in a republican state, the genuine results of which is a reflection of true democracy.

  5. Manny Villar is my choice for 2010. He became a billionaire the old-fashioned way. He built himself a business.

    McCain is my choice for USA president. He married into beer.

  6. The EQ Post 2008 “Pinoy of The Year”

    We have been greatly inspired by TIME’s Person of the Year tradition.We will conduct a poll till December 2008 to search for the “Pinoy of The Year” based on our readers’ choices.

    The poll will be limited to 10 personalities ,”who for better or worse,has done the , most to influence the events of the year in the Philippines”.

  7. “strange that America might elect a president based only on a famous speech, nothing more, heheh.”…Bert

    Tumpak! As I have been saying all along, it’s all BOLADAS. No significant legislative accomplishments in all those years in Springfield, IL and years in DC. Well, there are more than a hundred “Present votes” on record. A man with plastic vertebrae?

    That’s why Biden aka “Joe McCain” said “We’re are going to have an international crisis, to test the mettle of this guy”

  8. SIDE-topic on Charitable Contributions for leytenian, Abe Margallo and other USA-based folks.

    Above are 2 links for making charitable contributions to specific projects in the Philippines (e.g. medical — cleft-palate surgery, educational scholarships, micro-lending to farmers).

    The “Ayala-platform” is 97%-efficient — 97-cents of every $1.00 contribution is sent through. .

    The “globalgiving-platform” is 90% efficient.

  9. I wonder how this massive shift in religious beliefs will play out with the next elections here.

    One of the major Gods of Olympus has just buried his theological belief system in how the world functions. State intervention in markets is on the ascendancy. A complete reversal of the faith. How will weak states operate now?

    So far only one guy has made a fortune using the power of the state to enrich his business model is running for President. The rest are minor players in the PR and media game. All form no real substance and accomplishments.

    I will not mention his name as it will be obvious to everyone who he is.

    “The longtime Fed chief acknowledged under questioning that he had made a “mistake” in believing that banks in operating in their self-interest would be sufficient to protect their shareholders and the equity in their institutions. Greenspan called it “a flaw in the model that I perceived is the critical functioning structure that defines how the world works.” Alan Greenspan’s latest testimony in Congress.

  10. In mid-January 2008, Mong Palatino said Philippine political parties and politicians are already preparing for the 2010 presidential elections. This is disappointing since important social reform measures are sidestepped as politicians begin to concentrate on their presidential ambitions.

    and the blogthread ended with
    from reality.

  11. The Philippines need robber barons like Lucio Tan or Manny Villar to become leaders in the political structure. Lucio is Chinese though so strike him out.

    The rest of the pack are completely oblivious on how to organize even fucks in a whorehouse.

    Most of the past and present crop of leaders still believe that you can legislate your way to economic development.

    There is no secret to the fact that you develop by making sure you produce what you most need to consume.

    That means the most important force in the country are the productive forces. They are to be found in the production sectors of the economy. Not the ancillary sector which is services.

    That is not theory but gospel for a country whose population has increased to almost 90 million.

  12. to minimize the importance of the sector is not rational, as one can see from the following examples:

    primary sector — extraction, e.g. mining, agriculture, fishing
    secondary — manufacturing
    tertiary — service sector : the provision of services to businesses as well as final consumers ( focus is on people interacting with people and serving the customer rather than transforming physical goods)

    To deride the service sector does not make sense.

  13. “There is no secret to the fact that you develop by making sure you produce what you most need to consume.”

    thank you, hvrds. you and leytenian are now alike.

  14. “Tumpak! As I have been saying all along, it’s all BOLADAS. No significant legislative accomplishments in all those years in Springfield, IL and years in DC. Well, there are more than a hundred “Present votes” on record. A man with plastic vertebrae? “- Pilipino pa rin.

    Well politics is all about bolada actually. Its alla question of who makes an effective and relatable boladas. Sadly, MC Cain , after all the years he spent in plotics is just so dumb to learn how to make a relaitic boladas.


    In the last debate, ther was a question on Can you close teh budget gap?
    MC Cain said yes
    Obama said no.
    No everbody knows that ist impossible to close that gap in 4 years.
    Now who made the most effective boladas? Of course, its Obama..

    On Joe the plumber,

    Joe the plumber ask Obama , you are going to raise taxes right?

    Obama said yes and explained teh reason why.
    Mc Cain said no but did not explain anything how Now Obam is more realistic and effective. in teh sense that . the economy is is really bad shape and the govt is saddled in debt. One way to over come it is by asking people who has money to made a sacrifice. . The good with what Obam said is that if the ned arises, he can raise taxes. if found out theres other soursces other than tax, he can opt not to rais eteh taxes.

    Compared that with MC Cains promise not to raise taxes. Ther is always a posiibility that you rally need to raise the taxes. And MC Cain will eventually raise the tax. Pag ginawa nya yan dahil sa tawag ng panga ngagilangan . That woudl be reneging is campaign promise. while if Obama found out that there is really need to raise the taxes.

    Now thats makes Obama in a mch better position.


  15. Obama is headed to the White House, which is well and good since Obama is the better candidate.

    BUT the Democrats are poised to take control of US Congress, which is NOT good. The US needs a counterweight to whoever sits in the White House.

  16. Mail in votes have surged in California, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona and Colorado. The spike is similar in other states.

    In California alone, 40% of registered voters decided to vote by mail and sent their votes early unmatched in the past.

    The mail-in votes are very convenient for the old and retirees without going to the poll places. However, it is also become a popular option today for people who have decided long ago not to be bothered by any poll trending, popularity contest and tune out well financed tv ads. This is probably one area that Obama camps feared because the mail-in voting block chose to keep quiet until the votes are counted after Nov4. It is like Joe the Plumber, he never told his vote.


    Upn – California known as democrat stronghold is not without inconsistency. Today, its governor is Republican. In fact, the Bradley effect was born in California and might be repeated again. The link pollster indicated the 2 hotly contested propositions (#4 abortion & #8 same sex marriage). Those 2 propositions reflect the people growing sentiment against overreaching democrat politicians and judges. The pollster missed any connection that those who vote the 2 propositions are likely to vote for the candidate who will retain the conservative value.

  18. d0d0ng: I challenge you to put your money where your mouth is, I’ll give you 4-to-1 odds.

    Obama wins, you pay $25.00.
    McCain wins, I pay $100.00.

    Money is sent via AyalaFoundation-USA to either delaSalle University, Ateneo-Zamboanga, Caritas (elem/high school scholarship), Philippine band of Mercy (medical surgery charity).

  19. “I’ll give you 4-to-1 odds.”

    Sorry, I don’t gamble on Obama. He will tax me to death just on social security tax alone (he will remove the cap).

    Talking of donations, the 1st casualty will be foreign aid. NGOs and charity receipients are heading into a financial nightmare. No more freebies.

  20. hey guys, pls share your thoughts on the 2010 presidentiables @

    there’s also an on-going poll to see who is your choice to be the next president.

    this website is for those who have not really decided who to vote for come 2010. this forum is where we could share what we know about the candidates – one of whom may be our next president!

    pls support the site! Thanks and more power

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