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Wiki madness
By mlq3 Posted in Daily Dose on November 19, 2006 56 Comments 2 min read
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I’ve been pondering (rather slowly) turning The Philippine Presidency Project into a Wiki (though not freely editable for the near term) and started a kind of public scratch pad with a Wiki on the 2007 Elections.

But now I’ve come across Campaigns Wikia so I’m tinkering with creating a Philippines page for the site (eventually, to be able to add the midterms to their election calendar).

Apparently one useful rule for Wikis is, if one exists covering your area of interest, instead of creating yet another wiki that might die, simply go and identify the most relevant wiki already online, and add to it. Here are some pretty nifty ones that I didn’t know about before:

JurisPedia which covers the law, and legal and political sciences. Adding an entry on “constructive resignation” would be useful here, no?

If you have a primary source, why not consider adding it to WikiSource? Some people have put the Absentee Voting Bill, as well as the statement of the Hyatt 10, the President’s February, 2006 State of Emergency Proclamation on it. There are also the documents on the surrender of Japan, for example.

An exciting one is Wikocracy, where people can post a law or even a constitution, and ask others to revise it. I recall discussing a similar exercise with some readers. Perhaps this wiki is the place to do it (an anti-terrorism law proposal, or revisions to the Philippine Constitution).

Were you part of history? Share your eyewitness accounts with the world. MemoryArchive is a wiki precisely for that purpose. See this account by a veteran describing his experiences in retaking Corregidor in 1945.

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    Can someboby tell that FUCKING GAMBLER to STAY OUT OF SIGHT !!!



  3. Great comments, Techno_Crat! I agree with you, except for the “PACQUIAO for PRESIDENT !!!” part. He he he.

    CHAVIT HAS BECOME A NOBODY and losers like Chavit, had to go up that stage to “share the limellight” with Pacquiao, to redeem (?) a falling “career.” If assh*le had a face, it would be Chavits’.

  4. Great comments, Techno_Crat, escept for the “PACQUIAO for PRESIDENT !!!” part. He he he.

    “IT WAS GREAT VICTORY …. UNTIL SOMEONE NAME “CHAVIT SINGSON” CLIMB UP THE RING TO SHARE THE LIMELIGHT !!!” What do you expect from someone who’s “career” has fallen? Do something to regain his “star-status”. Fortunately, the guy’s credibility, like Gloria and her Legions, are shut! It’s more like Chavit as well as Gloria’s Legions just give Pacquiao a BAD NAME.

  5. mlq3, i started a wiki myself. Its called botante kami but it just doesn’t seem to want to take off. Far as i can tell, vic (from canada via alimodian, also a commenter here> is about the only one who has shown interest.

  6. Ewan ko ba, pero ako I was hoping for M. Pacquiao to lose. Masyadong na-eexploit ng mga gahamang negosyante eh. Nung panahon ni Ali, libre at live nating napapanood ang mga big matches. Ngayon kundi pa PPV hindi mo mapapanood ng live, hindi pa championship ang laban nyan ha. Para ko ng nakikinita ang mga balitang walang tigil at kata-katakut na exploitatio of commercials.

  7. I never pay to watch. Sarah Geronimo sang our national athem. get utorrent and go register to and get it for free.

  8. Pacquiao, a hero? Please…For someone who fathers a child and then denies it, he’s worthless. His case was dismissed due to lack of evidence. How can that be? The bozo refused to take a DNA test, that’s why. We see lots of fathers toiling in the heat of the sun to feed his children, and this guy who earns millions, with an image to protect obviously, can’t even take the right path. He’s no hero, he’s a wimp.

  9. Imho, it is not exploitation, it is opportunism. hehehe

    Exploitation is to make use of unfairly for one’s own advantage while opportunism is taking advantage of opportunities or circumstances.

    Pacquiao is not exploited. He receives a big percentage of the cable subscription. He receives millions as San Miguel’s endorser. He used to be exploited by his Filipino and American managers where his take home pay barely represented 10 per cent of his earnings.

    Thank the cable subscribers i.e. more than 50 dollars per, from which his earnings dwarf his championship prize money.

    Thank this high tech development, the boxers/champions do not end up poor/badly beaten with only their photos, newspaper clippings and silver or gold medals as memories to cherish once they get out of the ring.

    With proper money sense, they can remain financially stable.

    I am not an admirer of Pacquiao ever since that paternity suit was hushed up and the champion never get to admit that he fathered the child. Now there is another bastard son who could only wish to be recognized by the father in the likes of Fernando Poe’s son Ronian and daughter Lovi.

  10. What is all this nonsense about Pacquiao! So he won, big deal. Mr. Quezon, III wants to enlighten all of us with his wiki projects and provide awareness of the current political situation in the Philippines, yet all you people care about is Manny Pacquiao, a boxer!

    OK, maybe I’m a little out of touch. However, I do want to take this opportunity to thank Mr. Quezon, III for his commendable efforts and for his public service. Please keep up the good work , sir.

  11. Re: “Pacquiao, a hero? Please…For someone who fathers a child and then denies it, he’s worthless. His case was dismissed due to lack of evidence. How can that be? The bozo refused to take a DNA test, that’s why. We see lots of fathers toiling in the heat of the sun to feed his children, and this guy who earns millions, with an image to protect obviously, can’t even take the right path. He’s no hero, he’s a wimp.”

    There is no giving credit where credit is due for you, eh? Cutting down the people’s champion like that, is this crab mentality?

  12. mlq3, turning the Philippine Presidency Project into a wiki sounds like a great idea! Perhaps, a wiki page for each president where one section is editable: this section would include anecdotes and commentaries with reference citings, and primary sources and eyewitness accounts which others can dispute.
    Good luck!

  13. Ok Pacquiao is a Champion and he made and still making a fortune out of that fate, maybe that fortune and the popularity the championship brings will turn him into a Hero remains to be seen. How may champions we have that we proclaimed heroes prematurely? Winning a Chanpionship alone doesn’t make anybody a hero. It may bring recognition to the country a champion represent, may also promote tourism, but Pacquiao himself, is more than compensated for his efforts and Champion he deserves all the honours, but hero IS reserved for a HERO. …

  14. I think that Antonio Taberna summed a good description of Manny Pacquiao when he stated that Manny had “lugar ng kanyang kasikatan” as he was discussing his possible entry into Manila politics.

    Pacquiao is a hero in his realm.

    Just the same that Pirate Jean Lafitte was a hero in a sense when he fought to save New Orleans.

  15. kayo talagang mga kritik ni pacquiao, wala ni isa sa inyo ang nakapagbigay ng karangalan sa pinas. Ang galing ninyong humanap ng baho at magsalita ng masama.

    Kayo ba ang kailangan pakingan ng sambayanan? Lumalabas ang tunay na kulay ninyo. Puro kayo ipokrita at ipokrito. Ingitera at ingitero! Mahiya naman kayo. Kung hindi man sa iba, sa sarili ninyo.

  16. manuelbuencamino said: Pacquiao? Pak yow? Pak you too!

    Akala ko magaling na tao itong si manuel buencamino. Bastos pala!

  17. Cat,
    Call it opportunism, but taking advantage “too much” of the situation and also unfairly pricing it still leads to exploitation. Besides the promoters are eyeing here not the whole world but in greater proportion Filipinos living abroad and they have just discovered that this is a very good market with the help of TFC. It is like we are exporting something that ends up being bought and patronized mostly by Filipinos living or working abroad (I believe this is also true with some of our Philippine made products). For one time, we would have been very thankful for these things, but comparing it with other countries, we will find out that there’s some degree of unfairness.

  18. B,
    The promoters do not have Filipinos in mind only. The Hispanic community is ten times bigger than TFC and other cable subscribers because most of the boxers/champions are Hispanic.

    Their cable channels are carried by cable companies for free (except boxing events) unlike the TFC and GMA which require a separate subscription fee because of the limited number of subscribers.

    Re: products exported by the Philippines for Filipinos abroad.

    I am glad that the real Philippine-made products are getting to the US market.

    Up to now, there are products made from Thailand, Vietnam, China that take advantage of the popularity of some Filipino generic brands that they use in their product labels misleading the Filipino consumers that it is from the Philippines. Take for instance Milagrosa Rice. At first glance you may think, it is Filipino product but it isn’t.

    Take for instance the branding of a biscuit in Europe, using Filipino.

    So i think, it is more unfair when other countries make use of the goodwill that the Filipinos abroad have impressed as a consumer.

    Don’t you know that even the chicharon here is popular that I thought it came from the Philippines when I bought one. Disappointedly, it is already prepared and repacked here in the US. I am sure it is not by a Filipino business entity.

  19. Does anyone remember watching the ALi-Leon Spinks fight live here in the Philippines?

    I can’t blame anyone if they can’t because I don’t think it was carried out live nor televised immediately afterwards.

    What I remember was that after a few days, cinema houses started exhibiting the fight for a fee.

    Given a choice between only that scenario and getting to see any fight on a delayed telecast for free; I’d pick the latter.

  20. Ca t,

    My cousin told me that Skyflakes has become the most popular snacks in their hospital specially to non Filipino doctros and nurses. However I remember her telling me that it is being peddled by some Thai co-workers. Maybe I shoudl check if it i still labelled as “Made in the Philippines.”

  21. Most of consumers of these products (from Philippines or other Asian countries) are Filipinos. The sad thing is that Filipinos are buying Philippine made and products from other countries, but our products are being bought only by Filipinos mostly because of the high price. To some extent for example fruits or vegetables are allowed to get rotten rather than being sold cheaper.

  22. I dont know th ebloggers here care to visit the good new section of inq7. Becuas ethere are other world champion that deserves very well our adulation. These are the high school students from FAITH who won the Wolrd Roibotics Championship in China.

    I find it quiet lamentable that we give all our attention to Paqciao. These student, I believe, also deserved the front page just like Manny. But the President and the rest of our leaders and the great majority of the people doesn’t seem to care.

    I remember our representattine to Intel Science and Engineering Fair held annually her in US is pereenial winners in this contests. Ther was even one teacher from Iloilo PHiSci wo won the competition for teachers. But it never ever got the publicity and adulation they deserve unlike pacquio. While the New York city constestants ( not even winners ) never fail to get a front page and a two page feature in all the major daillies here every year……

    If Mrs Arroyo would inspire the whole nation to follow the examples of MAnny Pacquiao, Lara Quigaman, why not these young people?????

  23. The legendary “talangka” syndrome is again at work in this blog, and the virulence of the vitriol spouted by the forces of hate rivals those usually administered on the president of the republic.

    Manny Pacquiao is a simple man who happened to be one of the best internationally in his field. He is acclaimed by the whole world of boxing which, like it or not, brings honor to his country and people. He did not campaign to be a “hero” nor sought political fortune via the world of fantasy and make believe. He did not shoot “bad guys” in the movies with blank ammunitions, nor employed choreographed martial techniques against movie villains.

    In a country where real heroes are hard to come by; where any one who achieve some significant measure of success through genuine competence, hard work, and dogged determination are scrutinized for human flaws and demonized to pull them down back to obscurity; and where politics has become so personalized that one cannot express political preference without being subjected to personal opprobrium by the opposing camp; Manny Pacquiao stands by his own merit and a hero in the eyes of his adoring countrymen, with or without the “haters” and sour-graping non-achievers.

    I, for one, have reason to believe that Pacquiao’s detractors are motivated by extreme exasperation over his support and expression of respect for the President of the Philippines, which he gives unequivocally and consistently in all his major victories. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of these wierdos aberrantly think that Pacquiao is in the payroll of Malacanang.

  24. realist, the entity you referred to as “bastos” is not only that, “it” is also a crap connoisseur (found sh*t delectable).

  25. sometime i just got so excited anticipating your comments on every thread. nakakabore na rin kasi kung isang sid elang lagi ang nabababasa mo eh. keep it up, man!!!

  26. thanks, rego. this blog is a lonely place for people like us. in the context of battle of ideas, it is so hostile, it reminds me of the “tirad pass” (our filipino version of “thermopelae”) where our defenders were outnumbered by the opposition many, many times over.

  27. There are many people who deserve adulation and their achievement are no less but we must face the fact that some endeavours are more exciting than others.

    Just as we celebrated the Filipino conquerors of Everest, a win on a billiard table, the feat of Pacquiao is just more exciting.

    Kung si Michael Jackson nga ay nakagawa ng isang album na naibenta ng milyon milyon ay pinarangalan na ng Presidente ng Amerika.

    How about the Filipino Ship captain who fought for his and his crew rights when their ship suddenly got embargoed on another port when the shipowners failed to meet their other obligations. The new shipowners were so impressed at how the crew handled the case and how they kept the ship in good shape that they were hired by the new shipowners themselves. What they did was remarkable though it is just not as thrilling.

  28. I am for the recognition of the Filipino achievers, in fact I have a blog to memorialize them, Pinoy Kasi. I have been to National Portrait Gallery in Washington DC where portraits of men and women who were considered to have contributed to arts, science, sports, politics, movies, music are enshrined.

    The Philippines ahould come up with another word for “hero” since the term has been identified and used for people who have sacrificed something for the country.

    A title of maharlika or something could be used as a reward for achievemer like UK which bestows the titles LORD and DAME
    to people who have brought honor to England like Sean Connery and Paul Mc Cartney.

    I am not a detractor of Pacquaio. I admire him for giving honors to the country. But I am averse to the idea of exploiting his popularity for political agenda.

  29. Cat said: I am not an admirer of Pacquiao ever since that paternity suit was hushed up and the champion never get to admit that he fathered the child. Now there is another bastard son who could only wish to be recognized by the father in the likes of Fernando Poe’s son Ronian and daughter Lovi.

    Now which is it? Admirer or no admirer?

  30. Manny Pacquiao is a great pinoy boxer. A true champeon. He has not done anything wrong to any of you. He has brought glory to pinas and happines to millions of pinoys that none of you have ever done or could ever do in your lifetime.

  31. Cat: if Pacquiao is being hailed as hero by his countrymen, its not his fault. He did not ask to be treated like one. He just achieved what he aimed for heroically in a spectacular way. He is by no means “cocky”. if anything, one may even observe, he is a reluctant hero, a simple, religious, and devoted family man (not an angel, but a man).

  32. Ben,
    Devoted family ? My foot. Had he admitted his infidelity and recognized the boy as his son, yeah he is a man and not an angel.

    Simple man? A man with a mansion that is worth more than 40 million and flaunted in the TV in the likes of the lifestyle of the rich and famous…

    Simple man? with lots of expensive fighting cocks and a stable of expensive cars? duh

    It is not his fault indeed but the media put him in the pedestal because his news sell.

    San Miguel put him on top as an icon of the drinking male population. Did you ever take a survey of the female population too, if he is regarded as a hero?

    And what is disgusting is when people want to get every piece of him. His trunk alone costs a fortune with all those ads that are
    emblazoned in that “small billboard” of him.

    If the country wants to make a hero of sports people, boxers and athletes that compete in the international tournaments moreso in the Olympics and Asian games,then give them sufficient funds so they could train better.

    Pacquiao’s training is not shouldered by the government.He spends almost 50 per cent of his income for that overhead.

    When the manager of Pacquiao was a Filipino, he claimed he lost a fight worrying for the revenue that he has never gotten and the fear of not being promoted in case he complains. You must not have known that because the case was presided here in the US.

  33. Realist,
    You are entitled to heroworship but don’t push that to other people.

    People can always contribute something to the country in his own little way.

    Pacquiao’s feat is not even noted by the world. It does not even
    merit a simple news from my favorite online newspaper.To boxing fans yet.

    But the pictures of the Filipinos carrying flowers, nuns trying to stop the Army tank were viewed by the world.

    The spirit of EDSA 1 is now a ghost of the past but we have to admit that this cause precedence to freedom-hungry people.This feat had been duplicated in other countries, China, Russia and some Hispanic countries.

    I suggest that you read newspapers other than sports magazine.

    I would take Apl of the Black Eyed Peas anytime . He promotes Filipino song and Filipino talent. He’s not ashamed to promote a Filipino song globally.

  34. Cat, it is you who is doing all the pushing, whatever it is you are pushing. Pacquiao’s feat is not even noted by the world? Get real!

    Why don’t you get laid? Maybe that will give you a more positive view of the world.

  35. Realist,
    You call manuel buencamino, bastos, will I get you a mirror too?
    Sino ang bastos?

    And you do that for an argument about Pacquiao. Isn’t it embarrassing. I get a flak here a lot from pro-opposition because of politics but of all topic just because of Pacquaioa, I will be asked to get laid!!! Yan ang bastos, pikon at walang modong lalaking nakikipagdebate sa babae.

    I could have expected that from my political adversaries for years now but hey, we have mutual respect to each other even they believe that I am in the opposite side of the fence.

    Positive view of the world? Hey, shall I recommend you to get a bigger view world. Boxing world is just a fraction of this damn big world. An ungrateful profession. You must have heroworship the wife beating Navarette too and rapist ex world champion Mike Tyson. Duh.

  36. Cat, more yadayada huh. what are you, a prude? You have been bitching about almost everything, even about things you agree with. I know girls who behaves like you do, always fixing for a fight, craving for attention.

    I say you need a little loving.

  37. I have so much attention in that in my two websites that get lots of traffic.

    I never ride a bandwagon like you do. I have emphasized that I am in the middle so I can see both sides. I do not use a monicker other than my The Ca t. What about you?


  38. Cat, you need it bad, and you know it. You need to make a few changes to make it happen. First and foremost – stop deluding yourself that you are right all of the time. If you do that then things would fall into place. You will be surprised at how much less you’de be bitching.

  39. I do not claim that I am right all the time. I offer my opinion and
    I never call people names nor wish anybody dead because I do not agree in their opinion. What you should change is your outlook. Just because one is popular does not need necesarily mean that he can already be a good public servant.

    The notion that just because he has a world title, he is already known all over the world is wrong. It is only in the world of boxing. And only in California and other Filipino populated states. The rest are fans of the Hispanic boxers who dominate the boxing industry of the Continental US.

    So can you show me a piece of news that he is really popular all over the world?

    And for need of a little loving, my SO does not have the myopic vision of yours, i.e. making a boxer his hero. Hindi siya ganyan kababaw.

  40. Cat, you are hopeless. You will grow old an old maid, never knowing physical bliss. Maybe your SO(whatever that may be) does not have a myopic vision, but you sure do.

    I don’t think pacquiao the issue here. You strike me as someone who can’t get along with men. You always have to compete, always having the last word. What a way to go.

    good luck to you and god bless you. Meow…

  41. Old maid hahahaha.Not because I do not discuss my personal life I am alone by myself. You should know the background of my in-laws.
    O sige hanapin mo sa website ko. Every now and then, I discuss them especially when my MIL died.

    Thank me for giving you attention. The issue here is misplaced values. The issue here is keeping cool while arguing online.
    The issue is here is not being pikon and bastos especially when you are also guilty of it.

  42. Ca t, I think there is no incosistency between being a devoted family man and committing an isolated indiscretion (even if it results in a child being born). We both acknowledged that Pacquiao is a man, not an angel or saint and, therefore, not above committing a sin. If you are looking for a perfect partner (assuming you haven’t already found one, I think you would be dissapointed. Demanding “all or nothing” would certainly get you nothing in terms of relationship.

    Indulging in luxury with his hard-earned money does not detract from his being a “simple” man. He talks the same way, sings the same way, eats the same food, venerates the same God, respects the same President, loves the same country and people, and genuinely cares for his home town, his friends and his fans.

    Don’t confuse disliking the people and media for putting him on a pedestal with hating him for building a mansion for himself and his family, having expensive cars and fighting cocks.

    Whether most of the female population regard him as hero or not, he is a champion and countless men and women admire him for it.

  43. bencard,
    in case your forgot, the synonym of devotion is fidelity, therefore the antonym is infidelity. Where is the consistency?

    That is not an isolated indiscretion. Because there was a son. Ibinahay pa. For women, sometimes the indescretion is forgivable.
    Ang sabi nga huwag mo lang ibahay.

    I do not expect him to be a saint. I just expected him to acknowledge the paternity and ask forgiveness from the wife.

    Excuse me, but I do not hate Manny Pacquaio. The problem with you people is you always look for personal agenda whenever a person speaks her mind out.

    I just thought that making him a hero will inculcate wrong values to the youth.

    And please my personal life has nothing to do with the topic here. If I want to boast about my family and my accomplishments, I could have blogged about that everyday in my networks of blogs.